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CBS News—Moderna CEO says that early data indicates that current vaccines are less effective against Omicron
CNN.com—World's first living robots spontaneously learn to reproduce in a way not seen among other living creatures on Earth
ABCnews.com—Court upholds California's ban on high-capacity gun magazines
USA Today—Television personality Dr. Oz announces that he's running for the US Senate as a member of the GOP
NBC News—FDA panel narrowly approves Merck's antiviral Covid pill for emergency use
BBC News—Three students dead after shooting at Michigan high school

CBS News—WHO announces a new Covid variant of concern, which it has given the name Omicron
ABCnews.com—Twitter co-founder and CEO Jack Dorsey resigning
CNN.com—Tiger Woods announces a semi-retirement, saying he will never be a full-time golfer again
USA Today—Federal judge blocks Biden's vaccine mandate for healthcare workers in 10 states
BBC News—Theatrical composer and songwriter Stephen Sondheim dies at 91
NBC News—Merriam-Webster chooses "vaccine" as the 2021 word of the year

ABCnews.com—Jury acquits Kyle Rittenhouse on all charges after claiming self defense when he crossed state lines with an assault rifle and murdered two protestors and shot another
CNN.com—Kamala Harris becomes the first woman in the history of the US to hold presidential power while Biden was under anesthesia for a routine colonoscopy
CBS News—The House passes the Build Back Better bill that increases taxes on corporations and wealthy individuals in order to strengthen the social safety net for families
NBC News—CDC panel recommends that all adults be eligible for Covid booster shots
BBC News—Deathbed confession leads to renewed search for Jimmy Hoffa's body
USA Today—Rapper Young Dolph shot and killed in his hometown of Memphis

BBC News—Biden considering a diplomatic boycott of the Winter Olympics in Beijing to protest that country's human rights abuses
ABCnews.com—CVS to close hundreds of stores over the next three years
CBS News—Bill Gates is backing a new nuclear power plant in Wyoming
NBC News—Crypto firm buys naming rights to the Staples Center in Los Angeles where both the Lakers and the Kings play
CNN.com—Starting next year, Apple will allow customers to buy parts directly from the company to repair their own devices
USA Today—Long requested by users, Spotify has finally added lyrics to the songs on its streaming platform

ABCnews.com—House votes to censure GOP rep Paul Gosar and strip him of his committee assignments after he posted a violent cartoon video that showed him murdering a Democratic congresswoman
CNN.com—"QAnon Shaman" sentenced to 41 months in jail for his part in the Jan 6 insurrection
NBC News—Moderna asks FDA to approve its Covid booster shot for all adults
BBC News—Activision Blizzard employees call for CEO Bobby Kotick to step down in the wake of numerous allegations of sexual misconduct by senior leaders at the gaming company
USA Today—Biden urges regulators to take a look at recent gas price increases
CBS News—Frida Kahlo self portrait sells for $35 million at auction

BBC News—Pfizer to allow its Covid anti-viral pill to be manufactured by 95 developing countries without paying royalties as long as Covid remains a global health threat
ABCnews.com—Times Square will once again host crowds on New Year's Eve, but only those with proof of vaccination will be allowed to attend
NBC News—Audit finds that GOP governor of Iowa improperly used federal Covid funds to pay for her staff salaries
USA Today—Cleveland Guardians MLB team settles lawsuit brought by a roller derby team of the same name
CBS News—Mayor of Maryland town accused of posting revenge porn on Reddit
CNN.com—McDonald's will sell its Egg McMuffin at its original price of 63 cents to celebrate its 50th anniversary

CBS News—Steve Bannon surrenders to the FBI and will face criminal contempt of Congress charges
CNN.com—Biden signs $1.2 trillion infrastructure bill into law
ABCnews.com—Beto O'Rourke announces he is running for governor of Texas in 2022
NBC News—Judge finds that Alex Jones is liable in case from Sandy Hook families, who sued him for calling the mass shooting a hoax
BBC News—Trump is selling his DC hotel to Hilton, who will rebrand it as a Waldolf Astoria
USA Today—Gucci selling limited edition X Box Series X for $10,000

CNN.com—Federal grand jury indicts Trump crony Steve Bannon for contempt of Congress for ignoring a Congressional subpoena and for refusing to produce documents
NBC News—NASA's next manned moon mission pushed back until at least 2025
CBS News—New Orleans is paying teens $350 per month in a bid to increase financial literacy
ABCnews.com—Johnson & Johnson to split into two companies
USA Today—Former Raiders coach Jon Gruden is suing Roger Goodell and the NFL
CNN.com—Subaru unveils its first all-electric car

NBC News—DOJ files suit against Uber for overcharging users with disabilities
ABCnews.com—IPO for electric automaker Rivian makes it the second most valuable car company in the US, despite not having any products ready to sell to consumers yet
BBC News—Peter Jackson sells his visual effects company Weta for $1.6 billion
USA Today—Bell's Brewery founder Larry Bell to retire and sell the company
CBS News—FDA recalls 2.2 million Ellume home Covid tests for returning too many false positives
CNN.com—Subaru unveils its first all-electric car

NBC News—China and the US issue joint pledge on measures meant to combat climate change
CBS News—Prince Harry says that he warned Twitter CEO that his platform was being used to stage a coup the day before the Jan 6 insurrection
ABCnews.com—General Electric announces that it will split into three separate companies
CNN.com—Newsmax reporter permanently banned from Twitter for repeatedly posting false information about Covid vaccines
BBC News—Wilson volleyball prop from Tom Hanks' Cast Away sells for over $300,000 at auction
USA Today—Arby's making a vodka that tastes like its fries

CNN.com—Judge rules that Trump cannot exert executive privilege over documents related to the Jan 6 insurrection, and that the National Archives will be allowed to send all relevant material to the congressional committee investigating Trump's involvement in instigating the overthrow of the government
USA Today—Gas prices reach seven year high
BBC News—7 million Robinhood users have their personal info exposed in data breach
NBC News—Study finds that its the type of fat, not the amount, that makes in the difference in stroke risk
CBS News—Brian Williams announces he is leaving NBC News and MSNBC when his contract expires in December after a 28 year career with the network
ABCnews.com—Carole Baskin sues Netflix over upcoming Tiger King sequel

CBS News—$1.2 trillion infrastructure bill clears the House and Senate and now heads to the White House for Biden's signature
USA Today—Federal appeals court puts a temporary halt on Biden's vaccine mandates for large privately owned businesses
CNN.com—Surging crowd at Astroworld music festival leaves 8 dead and dozens injured
ABCnews.com—Elon Musk says he'll sell 10% of his Tesla stock—currently worth about $20 billion—after vote by his Twitter followers
BBC News—Full-scale mockups of American warships appear on satellite imagery in Chinese desert
NBC News—Yahoo pulling out of China after a number of its services have been permanently blocked there

BBC News—Greta Thunberg calls COP26 a failure and nothing more than a PR exercise
USA Today—Pfizer releases preliminary data on antiviral pill that reduces Covid deaths by 90%
NBC News—Barstool Sports founder Davd Portnoy accused by multiple women of sexual misconduct
CBS News—Man in Idaho catches rabies from a bat and becomes the first to die from the disease in that state since 1978
ABCnews.com—Green Bay QB Aaron Rodgers says he wasn't able to get a vaccine due to allergies but considered himself "immunized" after taking unproven and unsanctioned homeopathic treatments for Covid
CNN.com—Abba releases their first album in 40 years

USA Today—Unemployment claims are the lowest they've been since the start of the pandemic
CNN.com—Philadelphia bans police from stopping drivers for low-level traffic violations
CBS News—Juror in Kyle Rittenhouse trial removed after making a joke about a police officer shooting a black man
NBC News—Transgender teen sues Tennessee over school sports ban
BBC News—New York's new mayor wants to be paid in Bitcoin
ABCnews.com—Tiger King star Joe Exotic reveals that he has cancer

NBC News—Atlanta Braves defeat Houston Astros in six games to win their first World Series title since 1995
ABCnews.com—GOP candidate projected to win Virginia governor's race
CNN.com—Facebook says it is shutting down its facial recognition algorithm and will delete all data collected by it
USA Today—Unvaccinated Green Bay quarterback Aaron Rodgers tests positive for Covid and will miss Sunday's game
BBC News—Microsoft adding 3D avatars to Teams
CBS News—Las Vegas Raiders star receiver Henry Ruggs III released from the team after crashing his car while under the influence and killing a woman

CBS News—Dow closes above 36,000 for the first time in history
ABCnews.com—Supreme Court declines to hear transgender rights case
BBC News—Netflix's first foray into gaming is five exclusive games for Android phones
CNN.com—Zillow getting out of the home-buying and home-flipping business
NBC News—Christian radio show host sentenced to three life sentencing for fleecing his elderly listeners for millions of dollars
USA Today—Burger King teaming up with Robinhood for cryptocurrency giveaway

BBC News—More than 5 million people have now died worldwide from Covid
CBS News—With Tropical Storm Wanda, this becomes the third year in history that we have used up all the names for storms in a single season. The second time was just last year.
CNN.com—Elon Musk offers to sell some of his Tesla stock if the UN can back up its claims that $6 billion would solve world hunger
ABCnews.com—US will make large firms give paid time off to employees in order to get their Covid vaccinations
NBC News—Southwest Airlines pilot under investigation after signing off his passenger greeting with "Let's go, Brandon", code words in conservative circles for "Fuck Joe Biden"
USA Today—Aaron Beck, the psychologist responsible for cognitive behavioral therapy, dies at age 100

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