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NBC News—7.0 magnitude earthquake hits Alaska
USA Today—Marriott reveals that as many as 500 million customer accounts may have been compromised in data breach
CBS News—Kansas City Chiefs cut star running back Kareem Hunt after video shows him pushing and kicking a woman
ABCnews.com—Scientists reveal method for making fruit flies transparent
CNN.com—Netflix cancels Daredevil despite the critical acclaim for its recently released third season
BBC News—Boxer and music producer fined by SEC related to their promotion of cryptocurrencies

ABCnews.com—Trump's former lawyer Michael Cohen pleads guilty to lying to Congress as part of his plea agreement with Mueller
CNN.com—GOP senator announces he won't support a controversial judicial pick, effectively ending his nomination
CBS News—Columbia University professor's office vandalized with swastikas
USA Today—Southwest apologizes to woman after gate agents made fun of her daughter's name, Abcde
BBC News—Starbucks to ban access to porn sites over the free wifi networks it provides for customers
NBC News—$1.5 billion project will try to keep the Dead Sea from disappearing

CNN.com—Trump says he won't rule out a pardon for Paul Manafort
ABCnews.com—Study finds that ants turn carnivorous when salt is in short supply
BBC News—The EU wants to be climate neutral by 2050
CBS News—Outdoor clothing brand Patagonia says it will donate the entirety of the money it saved from Trump's tax cuts—$10 million—to environmental groups
USA Today—Google makes its Google Fi mobile service available to iPhone users
NBC News—Researchers testing a contraceptive gel for men

USA Today—Jeep working on its first pickup truck which will be called the Gladiator
CNN.com—Trump threatens to cut all federal subsidies to GM after they announce massive layoffs and plant closures
CBS News—Spongebob Squarepants creator Stephen Hillenberg dead at 57 after battle with ALS
BBC News—Global CO2 emissions rose in 2017 for the first time in four years
ABCnews.com—Massive Arizona wildfire was sparked by stunt at gender reveal party for border patrol agent
NBC News—Driver tells police that her GPS instructed her to drive on railroad tracks

ABCnews.com—Mueller says Manfort has breached his plea agreement by lying to the FBI and the special counsel after signing the plea deal
USA Today—NASA's InSight lander touches down on Mars
BBC News—Federal climate change report warns of serious impacts on the US economy and way of life if we don't take action to reduce CO2 emissions
NBC News—Chinese scientist claims he edited the DNA of recently born twins while they were still embryonic
CNN.com—GM announces that it will no longer make these six car models due to lackluster consumer demand
CBS News—Bank of America ATM mistakenly dispenses $100 bills instead of $10 bills

CNN.com—Ivanka Trump used personal email accounts to conduct government business while a member of the White House staff—the same thing President Trump said Hillary Clinton should be jailed for during the 2016 election
CBS News—Trump's legal team submits answers to Mueller's written questions
USA Today—Stocks continue to plummet, erasing all previous gains for 2018 on the Dow and the S&P 500
ABCnews.com—CDC issues E. coli nationwide warning about romaine lettuce
NBC News—Amazon attempting to buy one or more regional sports networks
BBC News—Google halts work on glucose-sensing contact lens

NBC News—Snap being investigated by SEC for "growth hacking" and misleading investors
CNN.com—E-cig maker Juul to stop selling flavor products at retail in an effor to curb use by minors
BBC News—Huge impact crater found under Greenland's ice
CBS News—SpaceX launches communications satellite for Qatar
ABCnews.com—Warren Buffett drops Walmart and invests instead in JP Morgan Chase
USA Today—Roy Clark, country music star and Hee Haw host, dies at 85

NBC News—Facebook announces new content oversight board
CBS News—FDA proposes ban on menthol cigarettes and new restrictions on vape flavors
BBC News—Uber reports a $1 billion loss in its most recent quarter
CNN.com—Three Dartmouth professors accused of a years-long pattern of getting female students drunk in order to sexually assault them
ABCnews.com—A married couple and a homeless man accused of conspiring together to make up a story that ended up going viral and netting them $400,000 from a GoFundMe campaign
USA Today—Sour Patch Kids candy being made into a cereal. Gross.

CNN.com—GOP senator who is retiring after this term threatens to block Trump's judicial nominees if the Senate is not allowed to vote on a bill that would protect the Mueller investigation
BBC News—Planet found orbiting around one of the closest stars to our sun
CBS News—Tulsa, OK, will pay people $10,000 to move there, but only if they are able to work remotely at a job based in another state
NBC News—Disney annual passholder permanently banned from all of the company's parks after repeatedly displaying Trump banners during his visits
USA Today—Keurig unveils pod-based cocktail machine
ABCnews.com—Pearl pendant owned by Marie Antionette sells for $32 million at auction

ABCnews.com—New methodology to be used to determine the precise mass of a kilogram
CNN.com—Amazon officially names NYC and Northern Virginia as the sites for its HQ expansions
NBC News—CNN files lawsuit against Trump and other administration officials after White House corredspondent's press credentials are revoked
CBS News—Maryland files legal challenge to Trump's appointment of acting AG Whitaker
USA Today—Petco to stop selling dog and cat food that contains artificial preservatives, flavors, and colors
BBC News—Edward Hopper painting sells for record $92 million at auction

CNN.com—Marvel Comics legend Stan Lee dead at 95
NBC News—Judge orders Amazon to turn over Echo recordings from a private home where a double homicide was committed
BBC News—Russia accused of jamming GPS signals during NATO war games in Finland
CBS News—Thai businessman buys Fortune magazine for $150 million
ABCnews.com—60 male high school students in Wisconsin pose for prom photo while making the Nazi salute
USA Today—KFC adding chicken and waffles dishes to menu

NBC News—Trump revokes CNN reporters White House press credentials after he asked a series of challenging questions during a Trump press conference
USA Today—FDA approves an opioid painkiller that is a thousand times stronger than morphine
CBS News—Trump's newly appointed acting AG has ties to a company being investigated by the FBI for scamming inventors
ABCnews.com—Federal judges orders a halt on Keystone XL pipeline construction
BBC News—Peter Hook selling guitars and other memorabilia from his Joy Division and New Order days
CNN.com—Meg Ryan and John Mellencamp are engaged

CBS News—Ruth Bader Ginsburg hospitalized after fracturing three ribs in fall
CNN.com—12 people dead after mass shooting at California bar
NBC News—Disney's streaming service will be called Disne+ and will launch late next year
ABCnews.com—Appeals court ruling prevents Trump administration from ending DACA
BBC News—Telsa names new chair to replace founder Elon Musk
USA Today—Disney working on live action tv show that will serve as a prequel to the Rogue One movie

CBS News—Trump fires AG Jeff Sessions and replaces him with a man who has criticized the Mueller probe (which he will now oversee)
NBC News—Democrats retake control of the House in the midterm elections
USA Today—Cave paintings discovered in Indonesia are at least 40,000 years old
CNN.com—Girl Scouts sue Boy Scouts over the latter's recent name change
ABCnews.com—New treatment could allow people with celiac disease to eat gluten
BBC News—Samsung demos smartphone with foldable screen

BBC News—Antibodies found in llama blood could hold the keys to defeating the flu
NBC News—Elon Musk previews new two mile tunnel underneath Los Angeles
CBS News—Doctors warn that spanking children offers no benefits and can lead to long term harm
ABCnews.com—UN says the ozone layer is healing
CNN.com—Papa John's still struggling to win back customers after ousting its racist CEO and founder
USA Today—Pornhub partners with landscaping service to offer free leaf removal for residents of NY county

CNN.com—Amazon offers free shipping on all holiday orders, even for non-Prime customers
USA Today—Californians to vote on better conditions for farm animals
ABCnews.com—Island nation of Palau banning many types of sunscreen in an attempt to preserve its coral reefs
BBC News—Even though his character will no longer appear on the television series, Andrew Lincoln will play Rick Grimes in three Walking Dead spinoff movies
NBC News—Amazon's HQ2 may actually be HQ2 and HQ3
CBS News—San Francisco couple fined $2.25 million for illegal Airbnb rentals

CNN.com—Pentagon rejects Trump's illegal request to use troops as law enforcement at the southern border
CBS News—Supreme Court refuses Trump's request to delay the trial on whether citizenship can be a question on the 2020 census
NBC News—Trump's former lawyer says he made racist comments in their private conversations
ABCnews.com—Alec Baldwin charged with assault in fight over parking spot
USA Today—Tesla planning futuristic pickup truck
BBC News—New UK £50 note will feature a scientist

CNN.com—Starbucks planning to open 2100 new stores around the world in the next year
USA Today—Uber offers monthly subscription service that will allow frequent riders to avoid surge pricing
NBC News—Scientists discover underwater chain of volcanoes off the coast of Tasmania
BBC News—UK university will use holograms to host guest speakers
ABCnews.com—Amazon wants to teach 10 million kids to code every year
CBS News—Google employees stage worldwide walkout to protest the company's handling of sexual misconduct scandals

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