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ABCnews.com—Government headed for a shutdown after Trump refuses to sign a bill that he previously said he'd sign. Also, he's trying to blame Democrats for it despite saying less than a week ago that any shutdown would be his fault and he would own it.
CNN.com—New Ohio law outlaws procedure commonly used in abortions
CBS News—Ruth Bader Ginsburg has surgery to remove cancerous growths from her lungs
BBC News—Slack banning users who have used the app in countries under sanction by the US
NBC News—New agriculture bill legalizes the growing of hemp
USA Today—Oreo unveils new dark chocolate flavor

CNN.com—Defense Secretary Mattis quits the Trump administration, saying his views aren't aligned with the president's
ABCnews.com—Japan considers leaving the International Whaling Commission so it can resume hunting whales for food
CBS News—Trump's stubborness on wall funding could lead to a government shutdown
USA Today—Wide receiver Josh Gordon once again suspended indefinitely by the NFL
NBC News—Lehigh University student accused of poisoning his roommate
BBC News—A third of rare Scotch Whiskeys are found to be fake

NBC News—The Fed hikes interest rates for the fourth time this year
USA Today—Trump calls for withdrawal of all US troops from Syria despite objections of the military and lawmakers. I guess we know what Putin wants for Christmas!
CNN.com—Staff at a bank in Ohio call police on black man trying to cash his paycheck
ABCnews.com—DC passes bill to allow sports betting
BBC News—MLB reaches deal with Cuba that will allow Cuban players to join the league without defecting
CBS News—FedEx CEO blames "bad political choices" on slowing global economy, likely referencing Brexit and the trade war between China and the US

CNN.com—Penny Marshall dies at 75
ABCnews.com—Judge delays Flynn sentencing, hinting that the former Trump administration member may face prison time despite plea deal
CBS News—Trump Foundation shutting down amid allegations that money from the charitable organization was used for Trump's personal, corporate, and campaign expenses
USA Today—Charter to pay $174 million fine and issue $62 million in refunds after lying to customers about internet speeds
USA Today—MLS announces big changes to its playoff format for the 2019 season
BBC News—Vine and HQ Trivia founder found dead at 34

CNN.com—Giuliani's latest outrageous claim: yes, Trump lied about Russia, but it doesn't matter because he wasn't under oath
CBS News—Google to spend $1 billion on new NYC campus
ABCnews.com—Utah lowers blood alcohol limit to .05, the strictest in the country
NBC News—New report reveals the scope of Russian efforts to use social media to interfere with the election, specifically that they wanted to suppress the African American vote to help Trump
USA Today—MLS announces big changes to its playoff format for the 2019 season
BBC News—Vine and HQ Trivia founder found dead at 34

CNN.com—Federal judge in Texas rules that the entirety of the Affordable Care Act is unconstitutional
BBC News—US soldier admits to mudering Afghan man while deployed abroad during interview for job with the CIA
NBC News—Google invests $335 million in Lime
ABCnews.com—Apple reaches deal to produce new Peanuts content for its streaming service
CBS News—Millenials taking "adulting" classes to learn basic life skills
USA Today—Latest Facebook bug exposed the photos of up to 7 million users without their knowledge or permission

NBC News—Trump inaugural committee under criminal investigation
USA Today—Apple reveals plans to build a new $1 billion campus in Austin
CNN.com—Man who discovered the Titanic's final resting place reveals that the expedition was a cover story for a secret US military mission to recover two lost nuclear submarines
CBS News—Virgin Galactic's rocketplane reaches the edge of space
BBC News—Amazon teams up with police to catch package thieves by leaving dummy parcels with GPS transmitters inside
ABCnews.com—Detroit pastor accused of murdering a transgender woman

CNN.com—Trump's personal attorney sentenced to three years in prison for crimes he committed at the direction of the president
NBC News—UK Prime Minister survives no-confidence vote brought forward by her own party
USA Today—"World Cup" was most Googled phrase in 2018
CBS News—Storage tanks at chocolate factory in Germany overflow, covering surrounding streets with chocolate
BBC News—Woman widely credited with creating the first word processor dies at 93
ABCnews.com—California considering fee for text messages that would finance mobile phones for the poor

CNN.com—Baylor frat president who was charged with four counts of sexual assault reaches a plea deal that allows him to avoid prison
CBS News—Judge orders Stormy Daniels to pay Trump nearly $300,000 for legal fees
NBC News—Delta tightens restrictions on emotional support animals after 84% increase in incidents involving them over a two year period
USA Today—McDonald's wants to remove beef with antibiotics from its supply chain, but it will take years to make this happen
ABCnews.com—Hertz partners with Clear to speed up car rentals by using biometric scans
BBC News—Scientists discover 8 genes linked to red hair

CNN.com—Accused Russian spy agrees to plea deal with federal prosecutors
ABCnews.com—NASA's InSight lander records the sound of Martian winds for the first time
USA Today—Game design legend John Romero to release new levels for the 25 year old Doom in February
CBS News—Two nuns accused of embezzling hundreds of thousands of dollars from a Catholic school to fund Vegas gambling trips
BBC News—Voyager 2 becomes second man-made object to leave our solar system and enter interstellar space
NBC News—Google announces that it will shutter its Google+ social network months earlier than previously announced due to newly discovered security flaw

CNN.com—Federal prosecutors say Michael Cohen broke election laws at the direction of Trump himself
USA Today—Marvel shares title of fourth Avengers movie (Endgame) and shares first trailer
CBS News—Man who intentionally drove his car into a crowd in Charlottesville convicted of first degree murder
BBC News—China launches mission to the dark side of the moon
NBC News—Kevin Hart steps down as Oscars host after old homophobic tweets resurface
ABCnews.com—Tyler Perry spends more than $400,000 paying off layaway items at two Walmarts in Georgia

USA Today—CFO of Huawei, a major Chinese mobile phone maker, arrested in Canada and could be extradited to the US
CNN.com—MoviePass introducing a new, more complicated, geography-dependent price structure. That'll save them!
CBS News—Apple introducing new ECG feature for the Apple Watch
NBC News—Buzzcocks lead singer Pete Shelley dead at 63
BBC News—Brazil woman becomes the first to give birth after a womb transplant from a deceased donor
ABCnews.com—A new way to measure vibrations may eventually help detect gravitational waves

CNN.com—USA Gymnastics files for bankruptcy in the wake of Larry Nassar sexual abuse scandal and its associated lawsuits
ABCnews.com—Lame duck GOP legislature in Wisconsin trying to strip powers from incoming Democratic governor and AG
USA Today—EA removes Kareem Hunt from Madden 19 after he is caught on video pushing and kicking a woman in a hotel hallway
BBC News—Satanic festive statue added to Illinois statehouse alongside holiday decorations from other religions
NBC News—Mueller's team recommends no jail time for Michael Flynn after he provided substantial assistance to the Russia investigation
CBS News—Seven year old boy is YouTube's biggest star, earning $22 million last year for reviewing toys

USA Today—12 million pounds of ground beef recalled over salmonella fears
ABCnews.com—NYPD adding more than a dozen drones to its crime-fighting arsenal
NBC News—Volkswagen says it will no longer make gas-powered autos after 2026 and will focus exclusively on electric cars
BBC News—Handwritten letter from Einstein in which he ponders the nature of religion sells for nearly $3 million at auction
CNN.com—Kevin Hart announced as host of the 2019 Oscars
CBS News—Holiday classic "Baby, It's Cold Outside" being banned by radio stations in the #MeToo era

NBC News—Former president George H. W. Bush dies at 94
CNN.com—IBM buying Red Hat for $34 billion
USA Today—Starting later this month, Tumblr will ban all adult content from its platform
CBS News—UNC Chapel Hill plans to reinstall Confederate statue that was pulled down by students earlier this year, but in a new, less-prominent location
ABCnews.com—NASA's Osiris-Rex meets up with asteroid after two year journey through space
BBC News—Maker of Marlboro cigarettes considering investment in Canadian cannabis firm

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