daily links: july 2017

CNN.com—In what may be a world first, a Canadian baby is given a government identity card without a sex designation
USA Today—Photo discovered in the National Archives leads to theory that Amelia Earhart was captured by the Japanese and died while their captive
BBC News—Trump administration threatens military force after North Korea launches test ICBM on July 4
ABCnews.com—Volvo says that all cars made after 2019 will either be solely or partially electric
NBC News—44 states so far are refusing to comply with Trump's voter fraud commission
CBS News—Court rules that Trump's EPA head overstepped his authority when he tried to delay implementation of a new emissions rule

BBC News—EU enters into free trade pact with Japan
CBS News—Women make two thirds of what men do in the Trump White House
USA Today—Microsoft cutting thousands of jobs
CNN.com—Hobby Lobby to pay $3 million fine and return over 5,000 artifacts that were looted from Iraq
NBC News—NASA testing fission reactors that may one day power Mars colonies
ABCnews.com—AGs in 18 states and DC sue Betsy Davos for delaying implemenation of rules meant to protect student loan borrowers

BBC News—Researchers in Japan capture cancer spreading around the body on video
ABCnews.com—Qualcomm sues Apple, claiming that the iPhone infringes on six of its patents
NBC News—Some colleges now offering scholarships for esports players
CBS News—QVC buys HSN for $2.6 billion
CNN.com—Corning shows off concept car that has a dashboard made up entirely of LCD panels behind Gorilla Glass
Fox News—Breitbart editor sues Simon & Schuster for $10 million after they cancel his book deal

NBC News—Trump Jr. sucked into Russia probe after secret meeting with Kremlin lawyer during the campaign is revealed
CBS News—Congress wants to create new branch of the military focused on space
USA Today—New species of toad discoverd in two mile square area near thermal springs in Nevada
CNN.com—Warren Buffett makes another massive donation to the Gates Foundation
NBC News—NASA testing fission reactors that may one day power Mars colonies
Fox News—Curb Your Enthusiasm will return for its ninth season this fall after a five year hiatus

CNN.com—Emails released by Donald Trump Jr. confirm that he was engaged in illegal and possibly treasonous collusion with Russian government during the presidential campaign
USA Today—Microsoft wants to bring more broadband to rural America by tapping into unused portions of the spectrum set aside for broadcast television
ABCnews.com—Pope Francis adds a new pathway to sainthood
NBC News—McConnell delays that start of the August recess by two weeks in the hopes that he can cajole his party into passing something—anything—in the way of substantial legislation
CBS News—Teen electrocutes herself while playing with a plugged-in smartphone in the bathtub
Fox News—Michael Phelps to race a great white shark during Discovery's Shark Week

USA Today—Mapmakers have to update their charts after massive 1 trillion ton iceberg breaks off of Antarctica
CNN.com—Amelia Earhart photo that was subject of a recent documentary is debunked by bloggers, who date it to 1935, prior to Earhart's disappearance
CBS News—Juno gives us our best look yet at Jupiter's Great Red Spot
ABCnews.com—Trump administration wants to take face scans of all US citizens traveling abroad
NBC News—New gene therapy technique shows promise in fight against cancer
Fox News—Kid Rock considering senate run

CBS News—Senate Republicans release yet another stab at repealing the ACA
USA Today—Microsoft wants to bring more broadband to rural America by tapping into unused portions of the spectrum set aside for broadcast television
ABCnews.com—North Carolina police officer charged with killing a pedestrian with his car while on duty
USA Today—Parents say online Blue Whale Challenge led their son to accidentally kill himself
NBC News—Visa offering $10,000 to restaurants if they go completely cashless
Fox News—Director of next Batman movie says he threw out Ben Affleck's script and will write his own

CBS News—More Russians were in Trump Jr/Kushner meeting than was originally disclosed
CNN.com—EU says employers must warn job applicants before viewing their public social media acounts
USA Today—Jimmy Carter taken to hospital for dehydration after working on a Habitat for Humanity construction project
ABCnews.com—The only woman to win the biggest prize in mathematics dies at age 40 from cancer
NBC News—Airbnb host who denied rental to Asian American woman ordered by judge to pay a $5000 fine and take an Asian American studies class
Fox News—Album that John Lennon signed for his killer shortly before he was murdered on sale for $1.5 million

CNN.com—Republican senators delay vote on health care bill due to John McCain's emergency surgery
ABCnews.com—Trump's approval rating at a record low for a new president six months into their tenure
CBS News—Two DC pastors sue Coca-Cola for deceiving the public about the health risks of sweetened beverages
USA Today—Blizzard announces esports league based around its Overwatch team-based video game
NBC News—Roger Federer sets record by winning his eighth Wimbledon title
Fox News—Walking Dead stuntman dies after accident on set

NBC News—Judge rules that Trump must release Mar-A-Lago visitor logs
ABCnews.com—O.J. Simpson up for parole
CBS News—Doctor finds 27 contact lenses in woman's eye
CNN.com—US Navy has a laser that can shoot down drones
USA Today—Disney planning big makeover for Epcot
Fox News—Martin Landau dies at 89

ABCnews.com—Eighth person who attended Trump Jr. meeting with Russian lawyer finally identified
CBS News—Saudi woman arrested for wearing miniskirt
CNN.com—Even though McConnell says he's not giving up, it appears that health care reform in the Senate is done for the time being
USA Today—Pizza Hut planning to hire 14,000 more delivery drivers by the end of this year
NBC News—Novovirus leads to closing of Virginia Chipotle
BBC News—Google Glass coming back after being canceled two years ago

CNN.com—Putin and Trump had second secret meeting at the G20 talks, which included no one else from the American delegation
ABCnews.com—Rare form of mad cow disease found in Alabama. Insert incest joke here.
CBS News—Police identify another victim of John Wayne Gacy
USA Today—New book about Bannon reveals that he leveraged World of Warcraft to help build his political base
NBC News—Swiss couple who disappeared 75 years ago found in melting glacier in the Alps
BBC News—Longtime Kermit the Frog voice actor fired for "unacceptable business conduct"

USA Today—John McCain diagnosed with brain cancer
CNN.com—Body camera video shows Baltimore police planting evidence
NBC News—O.J. Simpson granted parole after nine years in prison
ABCnews.com—Maryland threatens to sue the EPA if it doesn't enforce the rules of the Clean Air Act
CBS News—Amazon prepares to compete with Hello Fresh and Blue Apron by offering ready-to-cook meal kits
Fox News—Linkin Park lead singer commits suicide at age 41

BBC News—Wisconsin company offers to microchip workers, allowing them to open security doors and login to computers without passwords or swipe cards
NBC News—Moon's interior may hold more water than originally estimated
CBS News—A sample collection bag that went to the moon with Neil Armstrong sells at auction for $1.8 million
CNN.com—Microsoft's iconic Paint application being deprecated after 32 years
USA Today—The next James Bond movie will be released in November of 2019
Fox News—Linkin Park lead singer commits suicide at age 41

CNN.com—Pence casts tie-breaking vote on deadlocked Senate motion to begin debate on a healthcare bill that no one has seen
CBS News—The House passes package of bills that increase sanctions against Russia
USA Today—Adobe to end the once-popular Flash video plugin by 2020
ABCnews.com—Amazon launching new social network modeled on Pinterest
NBC News—Elon Musk wants to build human outpost on the moon
Fox News—The Simpsons creator Matt Groening plans new animated series for Netflix

CBS News—Scientists building new DNA from scratch
BBC News—China wants to create unhackable internet using quantum cryptography
NBC News—Cold spot in our universe could support the multiverse theory
CNN.com—Chinese manufacturing firm and Apple partner Foxconn to invest $10 billion new factory in Wisconsin
ABCnews.com—Keith Richards says the Rolling Stones will begin recording a new album soon
Fox News—Voice of Rocky and Natasha from Rock and Bullwinkle Show dies at 99

CNN.com—Trump fires his new communications director 10 days after hiring him
USA Today—Los Angeles will host 2028 Summer Olympics
BBC News—Actor and playwright Sam Shepard dies at 73 after fighting ALS
CBS News—Russia says over 700 US diplomats will be removed by the end of the year in retaliation for recently-passed sanctions bill
ABCnews.com—Yellowstone grizzlies removed from threatened species list
Fox News—Lawsuit claims that NBC only wants to hire good looking employees

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