daily links: september 2017

USA Today—US government to release 1 million barrels of oil from strategic reserve to help control gas prices in the wake of Harvey
NBC News—Pages that post fake news on Facebook will be banned from advertising on the social media site
ABCnews.com—Maryland private school bans students from wearing Washington Redskins gear on campus
CNN.com—Apple to host product announcement event on September 12, when it will likely unveil a new iPhone
BBC News—27 year veteran composer for The Simpsons is fired
CBS News—Game of Thrones season 7 finale sets viewership record for HBO

CNN.com—Nurse who was following hospital procedures and protecting a patient's rights was arrested by a bully of a cop when she wouldn't let him draw blood without the patient's consent
CBS News—North Korea appears to have conducted another successfuly nuclear test
BBC News—Trump threatens to end DACA program, which grants amnesty to children of undocumented immigrants
ABCnews.com—Astronaut Peggy Whitson sets American record for time in space and world record for women
NBC News—Triceratops skeleton unearthed at construction site in Colorado
USA Today—Roku files for IPO, hoping to raise $100 million

CNN.com—Trump ends DACA program, but Congress has six month window to craft legislative replacement
USA Today—Amazon sued for selling faulty eclipse glasses
NBC News—Voyager 1 celebrates 40 years in space
CBS News—New York Daily News sold for $1
ABCnews.com—Man dies after jumping into fire at Burning Man
BBC News—Lego to cut 1400 jobs

CNN.com—Trump sides with Democrats in deal to extend the debt ceiling and fund the government through December
USA Today—Facebook internal investigation reveals that $100,000 in election ads on the social media site were purchased by hundreds of fake accounts linked to Russia
ABCnews.com—Judge rules that public school district must pay private school tuition for girl who was raped at school when she was 13
CBS News—eHarmony app coming to Amazon's Alexa
BBC News—Red Sox accused of stealing signs using Apple Watch
NBC News—Disney looking for new director for Star Wars Episode IX

BBC News—Hurricane Irma is one of most powerful storms ever recorded, and it's heading for Florida
CBS News—Largest solar flare in a decade causes widespread radio blackouts
NBC News—New probe can detect cancer in seconds without cutting into the skin
CNN.com—Amazon wants to open second headquarters in the US
USA Today—Equifax says security breach could have exposed the information of more than 140 million consumers
ABCnews.com—Kohl's to allow Amazon to put pop up shops inside their stores

when the walls fell

BBC News—Apple reveals new iPhones, including new special 10th anniversary model
ABCnews.com—Hurricane Irma brings widespread devastation to Florida and the southeast
USA Today—Golden State Warriors will receive $20 million a year for three years to watch a uniform patch featuring the logo of a Japanese tech company
CNN.com—J.J. Abrams will return to direct Star Wars: Episode IX
CBS News—US News releases their annual college rankings
NBC News—Horror movie It, based on a Stephen King novel, breaks records for biggest opening weekend for a horror film and biggest opening weekend in September

CNN.com—Democrats say they have reached a deal with Trump to enhance border security (but no wall) and to restore DACA
USA Today—Indians tie record for consecutive wins with their 21st in a row
NBC News—Pharma CEO and all around scumbag Martin Shkreli goes to jail after his bail is revoked when he urged social media followers to assault Hillary Clinton on her book tour
CBS News—California city declares state of emergency due to the number of homeless people
ABCnews.com—Woman hit by falling tree in Central Park planning to sue NYC for $200 million
BBC News—Tesla set to unveil electric commercial-grade semi truck in October

NBC News—To absolutely no one's surprise, Trump walks back on immigration deal reached with Democrats
BBC News—Trump blocks sale of US tech company to Chinese buyer
ABCnews.com—Class action lawsuit filed against Google over gender pay gap
CBS News—Jane Austen is tne new face of the British ten pound note
CNN.com—Polaroid's 28 year old CEO is relaunching the brand with a new instant camera
USA Today—Equifax hack resulted from unpatched server software for a known vulnerability

ABCnews.com—Attempted terrorist attack in London subway injures dozens
NBC News—Teacher suspended after assaulting a middle school student who refused to stand for the Pledge of Allegiance
BBC News—Lady Gaga hospitalized
CBS News—Indians win their record 22nd straight game in extra innings
USA Today—Trump administration refuses to release Mar-a-Lago visitor logs
CNN.com—Vice president's pet rabbit lands a book deal

USA Today—Jared Fogle's ex-wife claims that Subway hid his misconduct in order to protect their image
ABCnews.com—Another very strong hurricane heads for the Caribbean
NBC News—Rolling Stone owner Jann Wenner says the entertainment magazine is for sale
CNN.com—Georgia Tech campus police shoot and kill a suicidal student who called them for help
CBS News—Merriam-Webster adds 250 new words to its dictionary
BBC News—Toilets in Geneva clogged by mystery person flushing away 500 euro notes

CNN.com—Mexico is hit by another major earthquake
CBS News—Paul Manafort, Trump's campaign manager, was wiretapped by the FBI starting in 2014 up through his time working on the Trump campaign
ABCnews.com—Three members of Congress arrested at Trump Tower protest
BBC News—Toys R Us files for bankruptcy
USA Today—Doctors warn that Nerf guns are powerful enough to cause serious eye injuries
NBC News—Apple releases iOS 11

CNN.com—Despite some recent gains, average US salary is stiill lower than it was in 1999
CBS News—MacArthur Foundation will give $100 million to group with best ideas to improve humanity
USA Today—Paper ballots making a comeback in wake of election tampering
CNN.com—New investment values Slack at $5 billion
BBC News—UK and US enter into new deal to make it easier to share scientific research
ABCnews.com—California condors returning from the brink of extinction

ABCnews.com—Police shoot and kill deaf man who couldn't hear their commands even though neighbors were telling them that he was deaf
CBS News—Federal court rules that tracking phones without a warrant is unconstitutional
NBC News—CVS to limit opioid prescriptions to a seven day supply
BBC News—It may be months before power is fully restored to Puerto Rico in the wake of Hurricane Maria
CNN.com—Republican Congressman tells flood victims that their misfortune is a message from god
USA Today—BYU will now sell caffeinated sodas on campus even though they are prohibited for Mormons

CNN.com—McCain says he will not vote for the latest attempt to repeal the ACA, likely dooming the bill
USA Today—Two transgender students kicked off sex-segregated school bus for choosing to sit with their self-identified gender
NBC News—Uber now forbidden to operate in London
CBS News—Police officer charged with sexual assault after DNA proves that he is the father of a child birthed by a 15 year old girl
BBC News—Scientists edit the DNA of a human embryo to better understand the earliest stages of life
ABCnews.com—Atlanta testing self-driving vehicle on one of the busiest downtown streets

NBC News—New research suggests that cosmic rays come from other galaxies
CNN.com—A third Republican says they will vote no on the latest ACA repeal, effectively killing the bill
USA Today—Trump to direct $200 million towards educational programs that will teach students how to code
ABCnews.com—Mercedes to invest an additional $1 billion in its Alabama plant and create 600 new jobs
CBS News—CEO has his bonus cut by 25% after profanity-laden tirade against comedian Kathy Griffin
BBC News—Australia to create its own space agency

ABCnews.com—Republicans say they won't even bring their latest attempt at ACA repeal to a vote
BBC News—Dyson to start selling electric cars in 2020
CNN.com—Republican Congressman calls his female colleagues "eye candy" during press conference
NBC News—Four college basketball coaches and Adidas charged in bribery scheme
CBS News—Equifax CEO steps down in wake of data breach scandal
USA Today—Facebook inks multiyear deal with NFL to air game recaps

NBC News—US and Russia teaming to build manned lunar spaceport that would orbit the moon
ABCnews.com—Ireland to vote on ending abortion ban in 2018
BBC News—Boeing will award $2 million to group that can build the best personal jetpack
USA Today—Tiger Woods unsure if he will ever play golf professionally again
CNN.com—Twitter to double its character limit
CBS News—Missing tourist in Greece likely devoured by a pack of wolves

NBC News—Washington state sues OxyContin manufacturer for its part in creating the opioid addiction epidemic
CBS News—Playboy founder Hugh Hefner dies at 91
ABCnews.com—Toddler shoots two other children at home daycare facility
USA Today—Julia Louis-Dreyfus reveals that she has been diagnosed with breast cancer
BBC News—Chinese scientists experiment with "DNA surgery" to remove inherited disease from embryos
CNN.com—Ikea is buying TaskRabbit

CNN.com—HHS secretary Tom Price resigns in wake of scandal where he used public funds to pay for private jets
CBS News—Elon Musk hopes to have spacecraft traveling to Mars by 2022 and astronauts visiting the planet as early as 2024
USA Today—Iowa mom leaves four children under 13 to fend for themselves while she took a two week trip to Germany
BBC News—Blogger fined after admitting to making up cancer diagnosis and cure
ABCnews.com—US pulls all but critical embassy workers from Cuba and warns citizens not to visit the country in the wake of mysterious attacks on diplomatic staff
NBC News—King-sized wind turbines in development

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