daily links: may 2021

BBC News—Biden raises cap on refugee admissions to the US
CBS News—A growing number of sports venues will require proof of vaccination as they return to full capacity
CNN.com—Warren Buffett names his successor at Berkshire Hathaway
NBC News—Verizon sells off AOL and Yahoo for $5 billion, about half of what it paid for them
USA Today—Marvel reveals official title and release date for Black Panther 2
ABCnews.com—Amazon will air Thursday Night Football starting in 2022

NBC News—FDA could approve Pfizer vaccine for 12-15 year olds as soon as next week
CBS News—Biden sets goal to have at least 70% of US adults with at least one vaccine shot by July 4
USA Today—17 year old girl who tried to rig her school's homecoming queen election to be tried as an adult and could face 16 years in prison
CNN.com—Conan O'Brien will end his nearly 30 year run in late night television next month
ABCnews.com—Caitlyn Jenner wants to be governor of California
BBC News—Pandora, the world's largest jeweler, says it will no longer use mined diamonds and will switch exclusively to lab created versions

CNN.com—Biden administration says it will support vaccine patent waivers in order to increase global manufacturing and supply
ABCnews.com—Texas senate passes bill that would allow people to buy handguns without a license, training, or a background check
BBC News—Jeff Bezos' Blue Origin spaceflight company will start manned flights in July
USA Today—California bar owner faces felony charges for selling fake vaccine cards
CBS News—Facebook Oversight Board upholds Trump's ban from the social media platform
NBC News—Peloton recalls treadmills over safety concerns after one child is killed and several other are injured

NBC News—New Jersey university offering up to $1000 off of tuition and housing fees if students provide proof of Covid vaccination
CNN.com—Florida governor signs voter suppression bill into law
BBC News—Two US students found guilty of killing a policeman in Italy
CBS News—Japanese town uses $230,000 in funds that were supposed to be used for Covid relief to instead build a giant statue of a squid
ABCnews.com—Broadway set to return at full capacity starting in September
USA Today—Angels drop future hall of famer Albert Pujols from their roster

BBC News—China's greenhouse emissions are more than all other industrialized nations combined
ABCnews.com—California's population declines for the first time in history
CBS News—Atlanta mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms announces that she will not seek a second term
USA Today—Businesses urge federal government to end $300 unemployment boost
CNN.com—Microsoft updating some Windows icons that were first introduced 26 years ago with Windows 95
NBC News—Ohio state senator caught driving while on a Zoom call where he was discussing a bill on distracted driving

CNN.com—FDA authorizes Pfizer vaccine for use by children from ages 12-15
ABCnews.com—Georgia governor signs repeal of Civil War-era citizen's arrest law
CBS News—Horse that won the Kentucky Derby fails post-race drug test
USA Today—FBI says that Russian hackers are responsible for ransomware attack on major US pipeline
BBC News—eBay reveals new tools that will allow regulators to remove certain listings without getting clearnce from the company first
NBC News—NBC says it will not air the Golden Globes ceremony next year, in large part because of the lack of racial diversity among its voting members

CNN.com—Texas judge dismisses the NRA's bankruptcy petition, which in turn allows a lawsuit against the group by the NY AG to move forward
NBC News—University president caught plagiarizing his commencement speech
ABCnews.com—Prosecutor to seek hate crime charges and the death penalty in the Atlanta spa shootings
CBS News—Biden administration will allow DACA students to access pandemic aid
BBC News—NASA spacecraft that collected dust samples from 4.5 billion year old asteroid begins its journey back to Earth
USA Today—Oakland A's threaten to relocate if the city does not build them a new stadium

USA Today—House GOP votes to remove Liz Cheney from her leadership role for being insufficiently loyal to Trump and for refusing to accept his lies about the election
CBS News—Ohio introduces vaccine lottery incentive program that will give five random vaccinated people $1 million each
NBC News—2021 Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductees revealed
CNN.com—Tesla will no longer accept Bitcoin for payment despite CEO Elon Musk's longtime hyping of the cryptocurrency
ABCnews.com—Facebook renames its digital currency project and repositions it as a stablecoin tied to the US dollar
BBC News—Colonial Pipeline resumes operations, but says it will take several days for the delivery supply chain to return to normal

CNN.com—Updated CDC guidance says that fully vaccinated people do not need to use a mask indoors or outdoors, even if they are in large, non-socially-distanced groups
CBS News—Active duty Marine arrested for participating in the Capitol insurrection
USA Today—Paralyzed man uses microchips implanted in his brain to communicate
BBC News—Ellen DeGeneres to end talk show after 19 years
NBC News—Dunkin' employee charged with manslaughter after punching man who called him the n-word
ABCnews.com—Inventor of Post-It Notes dies at 80

ABCnews.com—Top House Republican Kevin McCarthy trying to block bipartisan commission on the Jan 6 insurrection
CNN.com—Actor Charles Grodin dead at 86
NBC News—AT&T to spin off WarnerMedia into new company that will merge with Discovery Communications
CBS News—Bank of America will raise its minimum wage to $25 per hour by 2025
USA Today—Amazon in talks to buy MGM
BBC News—Study finds that just 20 companies are responsible for half of worldwide single-use plastic products

CNN.com—NY AG announces that investigation into Trump Organization is now looking at criminal as well as civil violations of the law
NBC News—NC judge accused of trying to hit protester with his car during an anti-police brutality rally
BBC News—China's Mars rover sends back its first images
USA Today—Burger King joining the chicken sandwich wars
CBS News—Comedian Paul Mooney dead at 79
ABCnews.com—Tesla in Autopilot mode crashes into parked police car

CNN.com—Israel and Hamas agree to a ceasefire
USA Today—Biden signs bill into law that makes racial attacks on Asians a hate crime
NBC News—Fauci says many people are misinterpreting the CDC's latest guidance on masks. Wow, if only we had some way of seeing that coming...
ABCnews.com—House approves $1.9 billion to bolster security at the US Capitol
CBS News—YouTube removes channel that was promoted false information about vaccines
BBC News—Microsoft to permanently retire Internet Explorer in 2022

BBC News—ESA plans to build satellite navigation and telecommunication network for the moon
ABCnews.com—Wyoming state senator who plans a primary challenge of Liz Cheney next year admits to committing statutory rape and impregnating a 14 year old girl when he was 18
NBC News—Seven healthcare professionals who tended to soccer star Diego Maradona before his death charged with involuntary manslaughter
CNN.com—Australian towns being swarmed by millions of mice
CBS News—Newark will test a guaranteed basic income program with 400 residents living below the poverty line over the next two years
USA Today—New budget airline founded by former JetBlue CEO will offer nonstop flights between small cities

USA Today—Belarus military forcibly diverts a commercial jet to one of its airports and then has its KGB arrest a dissident who was traveling from Athens to Lithuania
BBC News—Florida governor signs bill that would prevent social media companies from banning users who violate the terms of service, which is highly likely to be challenged in court and deemed an illegal law
CNN.com—Covid cases in Japan spiking as start date for Tokyo Olympics nears
ABCnews.com—NYC says that it will not offer remote learning options in public schools next year
CBS News—NASA traces fast radio bursts to their sources in neighboring galaxies
NBC News—Early viral video is deleted from YouTube after selling for over $750,000 as an NFT

CNN.com—Manhattan DA convenes grand jury to consider criminal charges against Trump
ABCnews.com—Half of all adults in the US are now fully vaccinated. I would amend that to say that all real adults are vaccinated, but selfish children masqurading as grown ups are not.
CBS News—Moderna says its vaccine is safe and effective in children from 12-17
BBC News—Blind man's vision partially restored using light-sensing proteins found in algae
NBC News—The new Popemobile will be an electric vehicle
USA Today—John Cena apologizes to China for referring to Taiwan as a country

ABCnews.com—Dutch court orders Shell to cut its carbon emissions by 45% by 2030
CNN.com—Amazon buys MGM for $8.45 billion
BBC News—Iran bans cryptocurrency mining for four months after its energy usage leads to blackouts
CBS News—Mass shooter kills 8 people in San Jose
NBC News—Howard University to name its fine arts college after Chadwick Boseman
USA Today—Angels fire pitching coach after sexual harrassment investigation

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