The Charlatans
Tellin' Stories


The Charlatans have always been a great, if underrated, band, and this album just might be their best effort yet. Lost in the shadows of the Happy Mondays and the Stone Roses in the "Madchester" scene of the late 80s, they went on to show more growth and originality than any of their peers. From the pop hooks of their first two records to the gutsy, blues inspired rock of their last two outings, they have always managed to explore new musical territory without ranging too far from their unique style.

This is probably their best record yet, despite losing keyboardist Rob Collins in a tragic car accident (this might not be a major blow to most non-techno bands, but Collins managed to make the keyboards an integral part of the Charlatans sound without having them dominate it). Songs like "Tellin' Stories," "How Can You Leave Us," and "Get On It" eulogize their lost friend with warm memories, while "One to Another," "North Country Boy," and "Two of Us" showcase the band's pop sensibilities. Give these guys a chance if you've never heard them before; they won't disappoint.

Chris Pace

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