daily links: january 2003

USA Today—Baltimore hopes its connection with the hit musical Hairspray will bring tourists to the city
ABCnews.com—Man who legally changed his name to Jack Ass in 1997 sues Viacom over MTV's Jackass tv show, saying the show has defamed him
Space.com—Bush exempts Area 51 from environmental laws
Wired News—Researchers are developing robots that can guess at human's emotional states and react accordingly
Fox News—Pilot arrested at airport for having knife in his carry-on bag
MSNBC—High-speed maglev train debuts in China

Ticketstubs—Site where you can upload an image of a ticket stub and a story to go along with it
Willamette Week—Reporters in Oregon use their town's policy of having the police go through people's garbage for evidence to investigate the mayor, the police chief, and the DA
Working for Change—The 10 most overhyped and 10 most underreported stories of 2002
CNN.com—Theft of hard drives from government contractor means that theives may have access to critical personal data on half a million military personnel and their families
Guardian Unlimited—British channel planning to air show which includes footage of performance artist eating the flesh of a dead human baby
Fox News—Turkish group wants bones of St. Nicholas returned to their country

Wired News—Top 10 vaporware titles of 2002. Number one is no big surprise: Duke Nukem Forever, the same as last year.
CNN.com—Lawyer for soldier accused in friendly fire deaths says his client was forced by the Air Force to take amphetamines which impaired his judgement
MSNBC—Alleged clone baby may never be tested to see if she is a DNA match with her mother
USA Today—Maryland police testing new smart car with voice activated systems and a heads up display
ABCnews.com—Woman who was fired for refusing to wear pants at work for religious reasons wins $30,000 settlement and is given her job back
New Scientist—China plans manned spaceflight this year

Wired News—Conservatives more likely to vote in online polls, skewing the results
Roanoke Times—Compelling editorial on the transformation of America into a more totalitarian state since 9.11
Penn And Teller—Penn's account of being manhandled at an airport security checkpoint
USA Today—Residents of a high-rise building in Honolulu says a 747 flew within 30 feet of their building, but the FAA says that plane maintained a safe distance
New Scientist—Genetically modified protein-enriched potato part of plan to combat malnutrition in India
ZDNet—Virus hoaxes can cause as many problems as viruses themselves

AlterNet—Top 10 conspiracy theories of 2002, most having to do with the war on terror and at least half of which I'd be willing to bet are true
The Register—Only a week into the new year and we've already got our first major lawsuit against Microsoft filed by one of their competitors/partners
ZDNet—Ask Jeeves will no longer sell banner ads on its site, relying on more targeted advertising for revenue
CNN.com—The LightWedge is a new alternative to the classic booklight
C|NET—Cleveland library to use eBook system that will let patrons downloads books to their PDAs and laptops
MSNBC—MSN Messenger system suffers six hour long worldwide outage

The Guardian—Scholar claims that Jesus used cannabis extract mixed with oil to perform his miraculous healings
C|NET—eBay sellers who make their living from the site will now be able to obtain group health care coverage
USA Today—Avril Lavigne, the idiot faux punk who would have been aping Britney three years ago, mispronounces David Bowie's name during Grammy nominations
MSNBC—Apple releases its own web browser, Safari, optimized for Mac OS X 10.2
New Scientist—New experiment indicates that Einstein's theory about the speed of gravity was correct
CNN.com—German family has kept pet eel in the bathtub for 33 years

BBC News—Study shows that feeling drunk is partly in the mind
Fox News—Two female pot dealers are arrested after the teller at their bank noticed that their cash smelled like marijuana. Now how would she know that?
Salon.com—The new Republican House may delay implementation of a national do-not-call list for telemarketers, or they may just get rid of it altogether
USA Today—New school in England will use retinal scans on students in the cafeteria and library
CNN.com—Error in coding in hospital billing system mistakenly lists thousands of living patients as deceased
ABCnews.com—A now-defunct secret court at Harvard once expelled homosexuals from the university

ABCnews.com—Yikes. Korea formally withdraws from nuclear nonproliferation treaty.
Modern Ruins—Nice photography site of recently abandoned large structures
New Scientist—Patent filing by Sony may give clues about Playstation 3
The Smoking Gun—Mug shots of the rich and famous
Benedict.com—A good site on the current state of copyright law
BBC News—Polar bears could be extinct within 100 years if global warming trends continue

Mondrian Machine—Make your own Mondian copycat work of art
Wired News—Digital rights activist and sci-fi author will make his first novel available with few copyright restrictions
Salon.com—Raids on a piracy ring in the Netherlands recover 500 tapes from the Beatles that were lost during the 70s, including some unreleased material
CNN.com—eBay halts auction of family who wanted to sell themselves for a minimum bid of $5 million
ZDNet—The Electronic Frontier Foundation says that the Digital Millenium Copyright Act has been applied to cases far outside of its original intention and has had a chilling effect on free speech
GiveBoobs.com—Woman is soliciting donations for her breast augmentation surgery

BBC News—Iraq blocks incoming email after recent email propaganda campaign by the U.S.
San Francisco Chronicle—African email scams still pulling in millions
New Scientist—New closeups from lunar crater reignite controversy over 50 year old photo
ABCnews.com—Judge rules that an ABC reality show is not substantially similar to rival CBS's Survivor
CNN.com—Pete Townsend arrested on child pornography charges
Salon.com—Oregon city bans smelly people from its public transit system

USA Today—Bottle that washed ashore with mystery message inside up for auction on eBay
CNN.com—Having a "white" sounding first name might help you in your job search
Fox News—Paris's Sacre Coeur evacuated after explosive device is found
C|NET—In light of new camera-equipped cell phones, some gyms are banning phone use altogether in sensitive areas like locker rooms
ZDNet—Despite how much people hate pop-up ads, the click-through rates suggest that many nevertheless respond to them
ABCnews.com—Bank robber in California refuses $600 in $1 bills

Wired News—Mickey is safe for another 20 years: the Supreme Court upholds copyright extensions
Salon.com—Australian miner has his deceased father's tatooed skin hanging on his dining room wall
MSNBC—Next Harry Potter book will be released on June 21 and will be almost a third longer than the gargantuan Goblet of Fire
C|NET—Easter Egg in TiVo lets users skip ads more easily
Frodo Has Failed—If you think Bush is dumb and evil, this might be good for a laugh. Otherwise, don't bother.
ABCnews.com—Some airlines will begin offering higher-quality meals with larger portions for an extra cost

BBC News—Bananas could be extinct within a decade if scientists can't find a solution to the blight problem
USA Today—League winner of All-Star game will now have home field advantage for World Series
New Scientist—First truly artificial organism engineered by scientists in California
CNN.com—Song recorded for a Target commercial is nominated for a Grammy
Salon.com—1500 surgery patients have a tool or a sponge left in them every year
C|NET—Microsoft issues first ever dividend

BBC News—Scientists may have a natural explanation for mysterious stone circles in the arctic
CNN.com—The Simpsons is renewed for two more seasons
ABCnews.com—A large hole in the middle of an ice-covered lake in Minnesota has researchers and locals puzzled
Sydney Morning Herald—Yacht captain claims his ship was attacked by a giant squid
Salon.com—Advance orders for the new Harry Potter book are already breaking the records set by its predecessor
Fox News—Man kills another person with a machete after a traffic accident, then drinks weed killer before being hospitalized

ABCnews.com—Fifth graders in Denver tried to poison classmate
Wired News—In a decision that belies its tech-friendly image, San Francisco outlaws Segways
Time.com—New secret weapon could play key part in war on Iraq
CNN.com—50 year old Florida man is suing American Idol producers because they would not allow his to audition for the show
Maddog—Dutch toilet designers have hit upon an ingenious way to encourage men to improve their aim at urinals
MSNBC—Talk about easy targets: Dateline will focus on the changes in Michael Jackson's face in a sweeps episode

Squares—A fun little Flash game
CNN.com—Hispanics are now the largest minority group in the U.S.
ABCnews.com—Office building in Las Vegas is home to a wealth of data on UFOs
New Scientist—NASA wants to develop nuclear propulsion system for spacecraft within the next ten years
Wall Street Journal—Judge in tariff dispute declares that Marvel's X-Men are not human
Mark Romanek—Video for Johnny Cash's cover of Nine Inch Nails' "Hurt"

Salon.com—Well, at least there's a little sanity left in our judicial system: a judge dismisses the McDonald's obesity suit
CNN.com—Wow, another one: Supreme Court refuses to hear an appeal in a case that attempts to blame violent movies and video games for school shootings in Kentucky
GE: Imagination at Work—Fun!
USA Today—Second Harry Potter film to be released in April with 19 scenes not included in the theatrical release
ZDNet—Tech firm SBC claims it owns the patents for HTML frames and it wants royalties from sites using them
ABCnews.com—Second helping of American Idol pulls in monster numbers

Wired News—The Senate blocks funding for the Total Information Awareness project
BBC News—Taking the Pill may alter a woman's taste in men
MSNBC—eBay to debut syndicated show later this year in a joint venture with Sony
USA Today—Lee Majors sues Universal over Six Million Dollar Man residuals
CNN.com—Nintendo announces that it is already in development of its next-generation console, due in 2005
New Scientist—Study of twins seems to affirm marijuana's role as a gateway drug

Salon.com—Painting of George Washington crossing the Delaware defaced
C|NET—AT&T's online service disables a new spam filter after only one day because it was deleting legitimate emails
Houston Chronicle—U.S. could use nuclear weapons in Iraq war
Wired News—Phish will make soundboard recordings of its live shows available to fans as soon as two days after a concert
ZDNet—Houston will replace Microsoft Office with a web-based suite of tools from a local development firm
BBC News—Top 10 most annoying spam messages of 2002

New Scientist—A new stadium reduces a sports team's home field advantage
MSNBC—Melting ice in the Arctic could open up new shipping route
CNN.com—Gary Kasparov takes first game in latest man vs. machine chess challenge
Wired News—Campaign to nominate Steve Jobs for President ends quickly
Salon.com—Supreme Court rejects suit by Mattel over Barbie trademark
Fox News—Raiders fans go on vandalism spree after Super Bowl loss

C|NET—Microsoft, which failed to follow its own recommendations and apply patches to its own SQL servers, is hit hard by the new Slammer worm
CNN.com—Marines say they gave no special treatment to American Idol contestant after his mother tells the press that he was exempted from serving in the Persian Gulf because
Wired News—Open source, web-based free encyclopedia Wikipedia publishes 100,000th article
ABCnews.com—Prominent corporations are quietly making bucketloads of money in the porn industry
BBC News—Britain is being flooded with pirated copies of second Lord of the Rings movie made from DVD distributed to Oscar voters
Fox News—After commuter plane crash in Charlotte, FAA starts test program to weight passengers before they board small commercial aircraft

BBC News—Program in South Africa uses text messages sent to cell phones to remind patients when to take critical medications
Wired News—New bill in California would limit the use of the SSN as a personal identifier in an effort to combat the growing problem of identity theft
C|NET—Sims Online not selling as well as expected
Fox News—Teacher fired after telling class she opposed mixed-race relationships
Salon.com—Contestant on Joe Millionaire starred in bondage and fetish films
USA Today—Amazon.com does not have to honor a low price mistakenly published on its web site

ABCnews.com—Navy is training sea lions to help protect American ships
MSNBC—After a win and a draw, Kasparov loses third game to Deep Junior
Wired News—Six University of Maryland students are accused of cheating on exams using the text messaging feature on their cell phones
Salon.com—Ireland wants to ban smoking in pubs. I'm sure there will be little resistance from the drunken hordes.
Fox News—Texas biology professor refuses to write letters of recommendation for students who don't believe in the theory of evolution
New Scientist—New technique uses ultrasound to destroy hard to treat cancers
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