daily links: january 2015

CNN.com—ESPN's Stuart Scott dies at 49 after years of battling cancer
CBS News—Yahoo reportedly mulling purchase of CNN
NBC News—Russian company wants to build mining base on the moon
Fox News—Man spends nearly $500 to save constipated pet goldfish
BBC News—World of Warcraft creator argues that video game competitions should be in the Olympics
USA Today—Apple sued over growing size of iOS

Fox News—Connecticut forcing teen to undergo chemo treatments
CNN.com—CBS reporter suing US government for illegally hacking her computer
ABCnews.com—Photo released by Arizona Department of Transportation shows what appears to be family of sasquatches
CBS News—Dish Network to offer new streaming service that does not require you to use their dish hardware
USA Today—Saved by the Bell actor charged in stabbing incident
BBC News—Toyota makes thousands of patents on hydrogen fuel cells royalty-free

ABCnews.com—Gunmen storm offices of satirical newspaper in Paris and murder at least a dozen
CNN.com—Man wins $500,000 on scratch-off ticket, but lottery commission says it was just a misprint
CBS News—Couple married for 69 years die only hours apart
NBC News—FSU quarterback Winston to enter the NFL draft, according to his father
Fox News—Sony announces $1120 luxury Walkman
USA Today—AT&T to start rolling over unused data for its customers

Fox News—Honda fined $70 million for not reporting hundreds of consumer complaints about safety issues
NBC News—Republican congress attempting to legally redefine the work week in an effort to gut the ACA and shift the burden of healthcare coverage away from corporations and back to taxpayers
CNN.com—Federal judge overturns California's ban on foie gras
USA Today—San Diego lawyer arrested for hosting Playboy-themed party for his daughter's 18th birthday
CBS News—Former star pitcher Curt Schilling says he wasn't voted into baseball's Hall of Fame because he is an outspoken Republican
ABCnews.com—UVA now requires "sober monitors" at all frat parties

CNN.com—Obama wants to make community college free for people willing to work for it
CBS News—US government considers using digital tools for 2020 census
ABCnews.com—NASA and Nissan to work together on self-driving cars
NBC News—Man finally fired after not showing up for work for 24 years
USA Today—Google to launch auto insurance comparison site
BBC News—Charlie Hebdo's remaining staff members say they will publish a new issue next week

CBS News—Charlie Hebdo to feature Mohammed cartoon on its next cover
USA Today—Denver parts ways with coach John Fox despite four consecutive division titles and a 46-18 record under his leadership
CNN.com—Government gives special permission to CNN to use aerial drones for reporting
Fox News—Researchers think Beethoven had an irregular heartbeat after analyzing his compositions
BBC News—New class of antibiotics shows promise in fighting drug-resistant strains of bacteria
NBC News—Stephen Colbert to begin his Late Show run on September 8

ABCnews.com—Scientists think they are close to developing a universal flu shot
CNN.com—Donald Trump sues Palm Beach County, claiming that the airport is deliberately sending air traffic over his beachside estate
CBS News—Facebook to start sending Amber Alerts to your news feed
USA Today—Amazon original series Transparent wins two Golden Globes
Fox News—College football championship game gives ESPN the highest ratings in the history of cable
NBC News—Cadbury changes recipe for its Creme Eggs

ABCnews.com—Daily low dose of aspirin may not prevent heart attacks and strokes after all
BBC News—Avatar sequel pushed back to 2017
USA Today—Atlanta Falcons share 3D flythrough of the new stadium they're in the process of building
CBS News—Pizza Hut and Coors set to roll out gluten-free pizza and beer
Fox News—BlackBerry's social media team caught sending tweets using an iPhone
CNN.com—Gas is less than $2 a gallon across most of the US

NBC News—Emory University collecting as much blood as they can from Ebola survivors
Fox News—Army will now allow women to train to become elite Rangers
CBS News—Obama pushing for expanded sick leave and maternity leave benefits for workers
CNN.com—Original Marlboro Man dies at 85
ABCnews.com—Target shutting down operations in Canada
USA Today—Indianapolis Colts player will not play in this weekend's playoff game after being accused of rape

NBC News—Southwest fined for runway delay violations
Fox News—Google stops sales of Google Glass and revamps the project team
BBC News—Rare video game cartridge could sell for more than $100,000 at auction
USA Today—Microsoft extends holiday promotional pricing for Xbox One indefinitely
CNN.com—2014 was the hottest year on record
CBS News—2015 Oscar nominations revealed

Fox News—Amazon says it will release 12 original feature-length films a year
Fox News—Google stops sales of Google Glass and revamps the project team
NBC News—NFL investigating New England Patriots for using deflated balls during the AFC championship game
ABCnews.com—Photographer knocks out Tiger Woods' front tooth
CBS News—TLC using Kickstarter to fund new album
CNN.com—Man dies after playing video games for three days straight

Fox News—Chinese company using enormous 3D printer to build houses and apartment buildings
USA Today—Legendary game designer Sid Meier unveils new space-based game
CNN.com—American gun manufacturer to start making Russian-designed AK-47s
ABCnews.com—Google investing $1 billion in SpaceX effort
Fox News—Mystery buyer sets new record by spending over $100 million on a penthouse in Manhattan
CBS News—Judge rules that chef Gordon Ramsay is personally liable for $1 million in back rent for a restaurant that he claims was leased using a forged signature

NBC News—Supreme Court rules in favor of TSA whistleblower
ABCnews.com—Marvel to hit the reset button on its alternate universes in May
BBC News—Controversial Sony film The Interview to air on Netflix this weekend
CBS News—Viacom fined for using emergency alert tones in movie ad
CNN.com—Microsoft unveils Windows 10
Fox News—European safety organization finds that BPA does not pose a health threat to people, even to children

NBC News—New study finds that vaping may be more harmful than smoking real cigarettes
CBS News—NASCAR star Jeff Gordon to retire after this season
Fox News—Patriots coach and quarterback both deny that they know anything about how their footballs got deflated after the referees inspected them, even though the quarterback has said publicly that he prefers underinflated balls
CNN.com—Tootsie Roll names the 83 year old widow of its previous CEO its new CEO
USA Today—King of Saudi Arabia dies at 90
ABCnews.com—Monopoly turns 80

CBS News—Mr. Cub, Ernie Banks, dies at 83
CNN.com—Bob Dylan giving his album for free to AARP members. Seriously, I'm not kidding.
USA Today—First legal Bitcoin exchange in the US opens for business
NBC News—Patriots owner says he expects an apology from the NFL over Deflategate despite increasing evidence that his team intentionally tampered with game balls
ABCnews.com—Law enforcement agencies want to disable Waze, saying it could be used to track police for malicious purposes
Fox News—New California law makes it harder to opt out of vaccinating your kids

NBC News—Alabama judge says that federal rulings on same sex marriages are "tyranny"
Fox News—Koch brothers plan to spend nearly $1 billion influencing the 2016 elections
CBS News—Vanderbilt football players convicted of raping a female student on campus
CNN.com—Apple beats analyst expectations and posts best quarter in its history
USA Today—KFC unveils Double Down Dog, a hot dog that uses two fried chicken breasts as the bun
BBC News—Sam Smith gives co-writing credit to Tom Petty after Smith (unwittingly, he says) rips off popular 25 year old song

BBC News—Rare Boba Fett action figure sells for more than $25,000 at auction
USA Today—Delaware introducing digital driver's licenses
CBS News—Vanderbilt football players convicted of raping a female student on campus
ABCnews.com—McDonald's CEO resigns after five disappointing quarters
CNN.com—All-female cast of Ghostbusters reboot revealed
Fox News—Apple announces release date for its smartwatch

ABCnews.com—Mexican state changes its time zone from Central to Eastern to better accomodate tourists
Fox News—College bans the use of gender-specific salutations like Mr. and Ms.
CBS News—Amazon launching email service
CNN.com—Rap mogul Suge Knight involved in fatal hit and run accident
BBC News—Office in Sweden microchipping its employees hands so they can automatically open doors and use photocopiers
NBC News—FDA approves pacemaker that helps control your appetite

BBC News—Scientists say the Ebola virus is mutating
Fox News—Woman says that doctor stole one of her kidneys during an operation that was supposed to treat her colon cancer
CBS News—Excessive soda consumption may lead to early puberty in girls
NBC News—Saudi prince says that oil will never again reach $100 a barrel
CNN.com—Size of average 401(k) hits new high in 2014
ABCnews.com—Jay-Z makes $56 million bid for streaming music service

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