daily links: january 2016

CNN.com—Armed militia members occupy federal building in Oregon and encourage others to bring their weapons and join them
CBS News—Saudi Arabia cuts ties with Iran
Fox News—Major methane leak in Los Angeles will take months to fix
USA Today—Gas prices expected to remain low throughout 2016
NBC News—The Force Awakens becomes second highest grossing film in the US after only three weeks of release
ABCnews.com—Powerball jackpot expected to exceed $400 million this week

CNN.com—Obama signs ban on plastic microbeads into law
ABCnews.com—General Motors invests $500 million in Lyft to develop driverless cars
CBS News—Motorhead frontman Lemmy dead at 70
BBC News—Actor who was original voice of Boba Fett dies at 95
NBC News—Author George R.R. Martin confirms that the sixth book in the Game of Thrones series will not be completed before the sixth season of the HBO show airs
USA Today—Four new elements discovered by scientists in Japan, Russia, and the US, filling the seventh row of the periodic table

CNN.com—North Korea conducts successful hydrogen bomb test
USA Today—Trump questions Ted Cruz's citizenship and his eligibility to be president
ABCnews.com—Bernie Sanders says he will break up the big banks in his first year in office
NBC News—Fitbit reveals direct competitor to the Apple Watch that will sell for about half of the cost of the Apple device
CBS News—Twitter CEO hints that the 140 character limit for the service may soon be abolished
Fox News—Under Armour unveils HealthBox, its first entry into the fitness tracking market

CBS News—Alabama's chief justice continues to defy Supreme Court ruling and tells judges in the state not to issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples
CNN.com—Powerball jackpot hits record $700 million with plenty more tickets still to be sold before the next drawing on Saturday
Fox News—Bristol Palin, who has earned hundreds of thousands of dollars preaching abstinence as the best form of birth control, gives birth to second child, and both children were born out of wedlock to different fathers
ABCnews.com—Adam Sandler original comedy movie for Netflix is the site's most-watched opening month for its original feature films
USA Today—Missouri bill defines sex between lawmakers and lobbyists as "gifts" that must be disclosed
BBC News—The Force Awakens is officially the biggest film in US history, surpassing Avatar's total after only three weeks in release

CNN.com—Mexican government says it has captured notorious drug lord El Chapo
CBS News—Philadelphia ambushes cop with hail of bullets in the name of ISIS and Islam
Fox News—Uber driver in Athens, GA, accused of sexually assaulting and burglarizing a passenger
USA Today—Apple registers several web domains related to cars, adding to speculation about their entry into the automobile market
NBC News—Free wi-fi to be available in every NYC subway station by the end of 2016
BBC News—Panel of scientists believe that we have entered a new geological epoch based on the human race's impact on the planet

CNN.com—David Bowie dies from cancer just days after releasing his final album on his 69th birthday
ABCnews.com—Ringling Bros. announces that it is removing all elephants from its circus and will retire them to a 200 acre park in Florida
CBS News—Monk robbed while buying lottery tickets in Philadelphia
USA Today—Carly Fiorina and Rand Paul not invited to next prime time GOP debate
Fox News—Microsoft ceasing support for IE versions 8, 9, and 10
NBC News—Playboy mansion on the market for $200 million, but there's a catch: you can't move in until Hugh Hefner dies.

Fox News—10 US sailors being held by Iran after their boats experience mechanical problems, but Iran says they will be released soon
NBC News—Alabama wins NCAA football championship, the fourth for the team under Nick Saban
USA Today—Fitbit shares fall below IPO price
CBS News—MLB requiring all teams to have Spanish translators for the 2016 season
CNN.com—Rupert Murdoch marrying Mick Jagger's ex, Jerry Hall
BBC News—Researchers have found a way to make incandescent bulbs as efficient as LEDs or CFLs

CNN.com—Tonight's Powerball drawing will be the largest in history by far at over $1.5 billion
ABCnews.com—FDA approves GM potato for sale in the US
USA Today—NFL owners vote to move the Rams back to Los Angeles from St. Louis
NBC News—Arizona to publicly shame deadbeat dads on Facebook and Twitter
CBS News—NCAA rule change will allow smaller conferences to hold football championship games
Fox News—Ted Cruz goes hunting with Duck Dynasty reality show star and gets his endorsement

CBS News—Harry Potter star Alan Rickman dies at 69
USA Today—ESPN to start covering eSports in a new online site
CNN.com—Three people matched the winning numbers in last night's historic Powerball drawing
NBC News—The average age of first-time mothers in the US reaches an all-time high
Fox News—Handgun made from a meteorite priced at $1 million
BBC News—Eating potatoes increases a woman's risk of pregnancy-related diabetes

CNN.com—Anglican church suspends the Episcopal Church for its recent decision to allow same sex marriage and openly gay clergy members
ABCnews.com—Netflix says it will start cracking down on users who use IP-masking services to view content from countries outside their home region
CBS News—All Chipotle locations in the US to close on Feb 8 for E. coli training
USA Today—GE sells off its appliances division to Chinese company
Fox News—Call of Duty: Black Ops III was best selling video game of 2015
NBC News—Texas lawyer files suit against Ted Cruz claiming the senator is not a natural born citizen and is therefore not eligible to run for president

Fox News—New printer will automatically order ink from Amazon when it is running low
USA Today—Millenials forgoing driver's licenses and car ownership due to the rise in ride sharing services and the ability to hang out with their friends virtually
ABCnews.com—Teen charged with involuntary manslaughter after allegedly encouraging her boyfriend in his successful suicide attempt
CBS News—Sarah Palin endorses Trump
CNN.com—McDonald's to start serving fries drizzled with chocolate in Japan
NBC News—Microsoft announces version of Minecraft made especially for the classroom

USA Today—Star Wars Episode VIII moved back six months to December 2017
CNN.com—Former WWII concentration camp in Montenegro to be turned into luxury beach resort
CBS News—Astronomers find evidence of massive ice planet at the outer reaches of our solar system
Fox News—Netflix to raise prices for all steaming subscribers who are still on the $7.99 price point
NBC News—Global warming could delay next ice age by tens of thousands of years
BBC News—Largest prime number yet discovered is 22 million digits long

NBC News—Adele's Hello reaches one billion views on YouTube in record time
Fox News—Oscar host Chris Rock urged to boycott the awards ceremony
BBC News—Foxconn makes $5 billion bid for Sharp
CBS News—Russian ruble hits record low
CNN.com—The Eagles' Glenn Frey dies at 67
USA Today—Uber starts service at LAX

Fox News—Cough syrup recalled after it is found to contain morphine
CNN.com—Drunken man accidentally shoots a stranger after playing with his gun in a movie theater
ABCnews.com—Thousands of flights canceled after major snowstorm hits east coast
CBS News—Georgia lottery winner murdered during home invasion
USA Today—Apple CEO Tim Cook meets with Pope Francis
NBC News—Beatles set Spotify record for most simultaneous streams two days after making their debut on the service

CNN.com—Planned Parenthood cleared of any wrongdoing by Texas DA, but accusers to be indicted for their illegal actions
ABCnews.com—McDonald's US sales have grown by nearly 6 percent since introducing all-day breakfast
USA Today—Bosch introduces gas pedal with haptic feedback to help you create a driving style that conserves gas
BBC News—England to allow electric cars to use bus lanes in an effort to boost ownership of low emission vehicles
Fox News—Donald Rumsfeld has a solitaire app for some reason
CBS News—Atari to release 100 classic games on Steam

USA Today—Trump says he's not planning to attend this week's GOP presidential debate
NBC News—Boeing building most powerful rocket in history to get astronauts to Mars
CNN.com—Shots fired during arrest of Ammon Bundy and his followers, who had taken over a federal facility in Oregon
ABCnews.com—Apple announces that it now has 1 billion active devices worldwide
CBS News—Actor Abe Vigoda dies at 94
Fox News—More vitamin D new training fad among elite athletes

CBS News—FTC accuses DeVry University of false advertising
CNN.com—White British actor cast to play Michael Jackson
BBC News—My Little Pony sued over illegal use of a font
NBC News—Google AI computer beats human master player at Go
USA Today—DeLoreans are back in production
Fox News—Apple says it expects iPhone sales to decline next quarter for the first time in the history of the device

CNN.com—Warren Buffett to be one of the cohosts of next season's Celebrity Apprentice
ABCnews.com—Today is the 30th anniversary of the Challenger tragedy
CBS News—New Colorado law sends people to prison with a felony if they are arrested 10 times for DUI
USA Today—Xerox planning to split into two separate companies
Fox News—Nintendo working on a new handheld gaming device that will launch this year
NBC News—Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg now worth more than the Koch brothers

BBC News—Proton beams used for cancer treatment seem to be as effective as traditional radiation treatment with fewer side effects
ABCnews.com—Pepsi to open trendy eatery in NYC in an attempt to make soda cool again. This is totally going to work, right?
CNN.com—Lunar rocks from the Apollo missions provide new clues as to the origin of the moon
Fox News—Japan unveils its first homegrown stealth jet
USA Today—Facebook and Instagram ban private gun sales conducted on the social media sites
NBC News—Walmart whistleblower who was fired by the company after reporting safety violations awarded $31 million by jury

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