daily links: january 2018

CNN.com—All 50 states experienced below-freezing temperatures today, with temperatures far below normal for much of the country
USA Today—Apple will replace batteries in older iPhones for only $29 for all of 2018
CBS News—Hoda Kotb to replace Matt Lauer as anchor of the Today Show
NBC News—Orrin Hatch announces that he is retiring, opening door to possible Senate run for Mitt Romney
BBC News—Gaming addiction to be classified as mental health disorder by WHO
ABCnews.com—Ringo Starr to receive knighthood

CNN.com—Paul Manafort sues the DOJ and Robert Mueller
ABCnews.com—Spotify sued for $1.6 billion for copyright infringement
CBS News—Chinese space station falling uncontrolled back to Earth and could land sometime in March
USA Today—Rap is officially more popular than rock
NBC News—New book about Trump administration alleges that Steve Bannon considered the Trump Tower meeting with Russians to be treasonous
BBC News—Trump shuts down his pointless voter fraud commission

CNN.com—Major security flaws identified in almost every computer chip affect billions of devices
CBS News—Game of Thrones will not air its final season until 2019
USA Today—AT&T plans to roll out its 5G network by the end of this year
NBC News—Jeff Sessions plans to aggressively enforce federal marijuana laws, reversing Obama-era policy that allowed states to legalize it and regulate its sale
ABCnews.com—Trump wants to dramatically expand offshore oil drilling
BBC News—Dow Jones hits 25,000 for the first time

ABCnews.com—Trump wants $18 billion for his border wall. You know, the one Mexico is going to pay for.
CBS News—Male nurse accused of sexually assaulted anesthetized female patients
USA Today—Lawsuit claims that Junior Mints boxes have too much air and not enough product
CNN.com—Jeopardy's Alec Trebek on leave after brain surgery for blood clots
NBC News—Brain implant could help control or eliminate addictive behaviors
BBC News—Zuckerberg vows to fix Facebook in 2018

CNN.com—Trump tweets that he is a "stable genius", proving definitively to any rational person that he is neither
USA Today—Steve Bannon issues apology to the president over Donald Jr. comments. We should change his name from Sloppy Steve to Suckup Steve.
BBC News—John Young, the only astronaut who flew on the Gemini, Apollo, and space shuttle programs, dies at 87
NBC News—Wafer-thin "metalenses" could replace traditional glass lenses in cameras
CBS News—Intel CEO sells $39 million in stocks shortly before major chip flaw revealed to the public
ABCnews.com—The state of Washington to allow nonbinary third option for sex on birth certificates

ABCnews.com—Alabama wins national title over Georgia in overtime
Ars Technica—Copyright rules likely won't be extended again before they run out for important Disney characters next year
NBC News—Trump's lawyers don't want him to be interviewed by Mueller, instead suggesting that he could respond in writing to presubmitted written questions
CNN.com—Lawsuit claims that Google discriminates against white men in its hiring practices
CBS News—Longstanding water dispute between Georgia and Florida headed for the Supreme Court
USA Today—GoPro slashes workforce and hires JP Morgan to help it broker a potential sale

CNN.com—Federal judges rule that NC congressional districts are unconsitutionally partisan
ABCnews.com—Steve Bannon steps down from Breitbart
NBC News—The ozone hole is shrinking thanks to decades of sustained global environmental initiatives
USA Today—Kodak unveils its own cryptocurrency, the KodakCoin. Nope, this is not from The Onion.
BBC News—Disgraced former sherriff Joe Arpaio, who only avoided jail because Trump pardoned him, announces that he is running for the Senate
CBS News—Policeman fired after using racial slurs during his off-duty arrest for DUI

USA Today—Trump sold $35 million in real estate in 2017, most of it to shell companies that could be fronts for entities that are trying to buy influence
CNN.com—Jeff Bezos is the richest person in history
CBS News—Diet Coke unveils new can design and new flavors
NBC News—ICE conducts raids nationwide on 7-11s, arresting 21
ABCnews.com—Judge says Trump can't end DACA until after courts resolve the lawsuits around the program
BBC News—Pfizer announces that it will no longer conduct research on drugs for the treatment of Alzheimer's

NBC News—Trump administration making it possible for states to impose work requirements on Medicaid recipients
BBC News—Florida retirement village to roll out fleet of self-driving taxis for residents next year
USA Today—Scientists discover 200 million year old butterfly fossils
CBS News—Peloton unveils $4000 treadmill
CNN.com—Walmart raises its minimum wage to $11 per hour and hands out bonuses of up to $1000
ABCnews.com—Gillian Anderson says she won't return to the X-Files

ABCnews.com—In immigration reform meeting, Trump says we shouldn't let in people from "shithole" countries (in other words, countries with primarily black populations)
CBS News—Former postal worker reveals that he burned mail for months instead of delivering it
USA Today—Judge orders Amish family to connect their house to the municipal sewer system
BBC News—Scientists working on once-a-week pill to treat HIV
NBC News—Huge reserves of water ice found on Mars
CNN.com—Eric Clapton reveals that he is going deaf

CBS News—Steve Bannon subpoenaed by Mueller's team
USA Today—Residents of rural, non-coastal parts of California want to create a new state called New California using the same process that was used to create West Virginia
ABCnews.com—Typically presidents do volunteer work on MLK day; Trump went golfing on one of his private courses
CNN.com—Nestle selling US candy brands to maker of Nutella
BBC News—McDonald's wants all its packaging to be from sustainable sources and to be recyclable by 2025
NBC News—Cranberries singer Dolores O'Riordan dead at 46

NBC News—House passes short-term funding bill to prevent government shutdown, but it faces dim prospects in the Senate
CNN.com—Consumer Financial Protection Bureau asking for zero dollars in funding under Trump administration
USA Today—Amazon announces 20 finalists for its second headquarters, but three of the locations are in the DC metro area
ABCnews.com—Feds test cell phone jamming system in Maryland prison
BBC News—Scientists closing in on universal blood test to detect eight of the most common kinds of cancer
CBS News—Apple says it will create 20,000 new jobs in the US and invest $350 billion in the economy over the next five years

BBC News—Adolescence used to be considered to last from age 14 to 19, but some scientists now say it lasts from 10 to 24
CBS News—Delta imposes new documentation requirements for service animals after an increase in incidents involving animals
NBC News—Dutch consortium wants to build an artificial island to host the world's largest wind farm
CNN.com—Twitter to inform nearly 700,000 users that they interacted with Kremlin-linked trolls during the 2016 presidential election season
ABCnews.com—Astronaut who would have been first African-American to live on the space station is replaced on the June mission for undisclosed reasons
USA Today—Coroner's report reveals that Tom Petty died of an accidental drug overdose

CNN.com—Congress ends government shutdown without a plan for how to handle DACA
USA Today—The three richest individuals in America have as much as the bottom 50% of the rest of the country
CBS News—Pennsylvania Supreme Court rules that Congressional districts are unconstitutionally gerrymandered
BBC News—Netflix subscriber base surges despite price hike
NBC News—Satanic church sues Missouri over abortion law
ABCnews.com—Patriots and Eagles headed to the Super Bowl

CNN.com—Leaks reveal that Mueller has interviewed Sessions and Comey and now wants an interview with Trump himself
BBC News—Facebook invents a new unit of time called a Flick that is shorter than a nanosecond
ABCnews.com—Noted sci fi and fantasy writer Ursula K. Le Guin dies at 88
CBS News—Neil Diamond announces that he is retiring from touring due to his recent Parkinson's diagnosis
USA Today—Trump administration puts a 30% tariff on imported solar panels
NBC News—Tammy Duckworth will be first US Senator to give birth while in office

CNN.com—Trump tells press that he will testify under oath to Mueller
USA Today—Chipper Jones elected to baseball Hall of Fame
CBS News—Chinese scientists are first to clone a monkey
BBC News—Grumpy Cat wins over $710,000 in copyright lawsuit
NBC News—Gymnastics doctor who sexually molested dozens of girls will spend the rest of his life in prison
ABCnews.com—China's birthrate has dropped despite new family planning policies that allow couples to have two children

CBS News—Trump releases a plan to give 1.8 million Dreamers a pathway to citizenship in exchange for his wall
BBC News—Rapper 50 Cent discovers he owns a stash of Bitcoin now worth millions
ABCnews.com—David Copperfield accused of sexual assault
CNN.com—Google launches cybersecurity firm
USA Today—Some Ford Explorer owners claim the vehicle is making them sick
NBC News—Jack White wants to ban cellphones at all concert dates on his upcoming tour

NBC News—Trump considered firing Mueller last summer, but held off after his counsel threatened to quit if he did
USA Today—Researchers create projected 3D image that's the closest we've come to a hologram
CBS News—Michigan State's president and athletic director both resign in wake of Nassar sexual abuse scandal
BBC News—New fossil evidence reveals that modern humans left Africa much earlier than previously believed
ABCnews.com—Lego enthusiastic starts business to sell people Lego replicas of their homes
CNN.com—CBS is bringing back Murphy Brown is returning with original star Candace Bergen

NBC News—Republicans in House intelligence committee vote to release classified memo that they wrote to the public, but will not allow the Democratic response to be shared
ABCnews.com—Andrew McCabe, deputy director of the FBI, resigns after repeated criticism from Trump and his cronies
USA Today—Software company VMware could buy hardware maker Dell—even though it is currently owned by Dell
CBS News—Dating service uses DNA to identify your perfect matches
CNN.com—Cleveland Indians dropping Chief Wahoo, a caricature of an Indian who has become their mascot, from their uniforms in 2019
BBC News—Meryl Streep wants to trademark her name

CNN.com—Trump's FBI director has "grave concerns" about the factuality of a classified memo that Republicans wrote and want to release publicly
USA Today—Amazon, JP Morgan, and Berkshire Hathaway create new joint company to tackle health care costs
NBC News—Trump's CDC director steps down after it is revealed that she bought shares in a tobacco company shortly after taking over leadership of the agency
BBC News—Samsung making chips specially designed to mine cryptocurrency
ABCnews.com—House of Cards resumes production without Kevin Spacey
CBS News—Tom Hanks to play Mister Rogers in biopic of the childrens television star

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