daily links: february 2022

USA Today—Former UCLA lecturer arrested after sending 800 page manifesto to the university filled with violent threats
BBC News—Sony buys Destiny developer Bungie for $3.6 billion
CNN.com—Tom Brady retires from the NFL having won more championships as an individual than any franchise in the history of the NFL
ABCnews.com—FDA gives full approval to Moderna's Covid vaccine
NBC News—Coachella selling lifetime passes as NFTs
CBS News—Former Miami Dolphins coach Brian Flores sues the Dolphins and the NFL for a pattern of racist hiring and firing practices in the coaching ranks

NBC News—Lt. Colonel who testified at Trump's impeachment trial sues several Trump allies, including Don Jr., for a retaliatory smear campaign that forced him out of his military career
ABCnews.com—Army starts discharging soldiers who refuse to be vaccinated
CNN.com—CNN president Jeff Zucker resigns after disclosing a consensual sexual relationship with a subordinate that was in violation of the company's rules
BBC News—India announces plans to launch its own digital currency
USA Today—Due to a shortage in delivery drivers, Domino's will give you a $3 credit each time you order online and pick up from the store
CBS News—The Washington Football Team announces its new name: the Commanders

BBC News—International Space Station to be retired in 2031 and crashed into the ocean
NBC News—South Dakota governor signs ban on trans athletes into law
USA Today—Norway bans the breeding of purebred British bulldogs and Cavalier King Charles spaniels due to the genetic abnormalities that are likely to be present and prevent the animals from living healthy lives
CNN.com—Amazon raising the price of its Prime annual membership from $119 to $139
CBS News—A city in the Netherlands will temporarily dismantle a century-old bridge in order to accommodate Jeff Bezos' new megayacht
ABCnews.com—Facebook's stock falls more than 25% in a single day after reporting a decline in profits and fewer daily users on the paltform

BBC News—Pence gives speech countering Trump's false narrative of a stolen election
CBS News—Viginia judge blocks governor's executive order that would allow students to opt out of mask mandates
USA Today—US adds nearly half a million new jobs in January
CNN.com—Lawyer Michael Avenatti, who represented Stormy Daniels in her suit against Donald Trump, is convicted of wire fraud and aggravated identity theft for stealing from his former client
ABCnews.com—Video surfaces from 2019 of current NYC mayor using racial slur when referring to white people
NBC News—Delta wants unruly passengers placed on the federal no-fly list, which would prevent them from flying on any airline

CBS News—Biden says the US will shut down a major gas pipeline that runs from Russia to Germany if Putin invades the Ukraine
CNN.com—Supreme Court allows Alabama election map to stay in place while it considers the issue despite ruling from lower court that the map likely violates the Voting Rights Act
BBC News—Iceland signals that it will end whaling within two years
NBC News—Bipartisan bill want to prevent members of Congress from profiting from insider trading using privileged information they receive
ABCnews.com—Frontier Airlines and Spirit Airlines announce merger plans
USA Today—Build-A-Bears launches collections aimed at adults

BBC News—Electrical implant allows man with severed spinal cord to walk again
NBC News—TikTok bans misgendering and deadnaming of trans people
CNN.com—Feds arrest NYC couple and seize $3.6 billion in cryptocurrency that the government says the pair used in money laundering scheme
CBS News—Johnson & Johnson to halt production of its single-dose Covid vaccine
ABCnews.com—Peloton cuts 2800 jobs and CEO resigns as demand for its bikes and treadmills craters
USA Today—Five female ski jumpers disqualified from the Olympics because of uniform violations

CNN.com—North Carolina election board says it has the power to prevent Trump-supporting GOP congressman from running again due to his role in the Jan 6 insurrection
CBS News—National Archives asks DOJ to investigate Trump for his illegal handling of official presidential records after 15 boxes of material that should have been turned over to the Archives is retrieved from Mar-a-Lago
USA Today—Jeopardy champ Amy Schneider quits her job after her historic wins on the trivia game show
NBC News—The younger DC sniper asks for a reduced sentence because he was a minor at the time he helped murder six people and terrorize an entire region for weeks
ABCnews.com—SpaceX loses at least 40 Starlink satellites after they encounter solar storm in space
BBC News—Billion year old black diamond sells for over $4 million at auction; buyer uses cryptocurrency as payment

BBC News—Crypto firm Binance takes $200 million stake in Forbes
USA Today—Cheer star Jerry Harris pleads guilty in child pornography case
CBS News—Senate passes bill that would forbid forced arbitration in sexual harrassment and assault cases that happen in the workplace
CNN.com—Autopsy finds that Bob Saget was positive for Covid when he died, but rules that the cause of death was blunt head force trauma, likely as a result of an accidental fall
ABCnews.com—Snoop Dogg buys Death Row Records
NBC News—MoviePass plans to relaunch this summer

BBC News—Canadian judge orders end to trucker blockade that has been blocking major US-Canadian border bridge for five days
ABCnews.com—University of Alabama to remove the name of a KKK leader from a campus building and rename it in honor of the university's first Black student
CBS News—Major egg producers are transitioning to cage-free living conditions for their hens in response to pressure from consumers and legislators
CNN.com—FDA approves monoclonal antibody treatment that targets the omicron variant
USA Today—Snoop Dogg being sued for sexual assault and battery by unnamed accuser
NBC News—Trans swimmer Lia Thomas will be allowed to compete in both the Ivy League and NCAA women's swimming championships

CNN.com—Trump's accounting firm says that Trump Org's last ten years of financial statements are unreliable and that it will no longer represent Trump or his company
ABCnews.com—Judge in Sarah Palin's case against the NY Times says he will dismiss her lawsuit even if the jury reaches a different verdict because the defendant failed to show that the paper acted with actual malice
CBS News—Texas sues Facebook for collecting biometric data without the informed consent of users
USA Today—Los Angeles Rams beat Cincinnati Bengals to win Super Bowl 56
NBC News—Canadian PM Justin Trudeau invokes emergency powers to illegal blockades by supposed truckers who want all mask and vaccine mandates in the country eliminated
BBC News—Ghostbusters director Ivan Reitman dies at 75

ABCnews.com—Remington becomes first gun manufacturer to be held liable in mass shooting and will pay $73 to the families of the Sandy Hook victims
BBC News—Prince Andrew settles out of court with a woman who accused him of multiple instances of sexual assault when she was still a minor
NBC News—Cutting edge stem cell treatment appears to have cured a person of HIV for the first time
CNN.com—Jury finds that Sarah Palin failed to prove her defamation case against the NY Times
USA Today—One incorrect word invalidates thousands of baptisms performed by a single Catholic priest
CBS News—Coachella will not require masks, negative Covid tests, or vaccinations this year

CBS News—Biden rejects Trump's claims of executive privilege over White House visitor logs and authorizes their release to the Jan 6 committee
ABCnews.com—Mayor of Columbus, OH, declares gun violence a public health crisis
BBC News—Six year old girl missing since 2019 found in hidden room under the stairs of her grandfather's house
USA Today—NHTSA says automakers can start using adaptive headlights when manufacturing new vehicles
CNN.com—British startup testing autonomous weed-zapping robots for use by farmers
NBC News—24 year old Puerto Rican model becomes first Victoria's Secret model with Down syndrome

CBS News—Judge rules that Trump, Don Jr., and Ivanka must testify in New York's fraud investigation of the Trump Organization
ABCnews.com—Tennessee bill would elevate holders of certain gun permits to law enforcement officers
BBC News—Vaccinated people less likely to developo long Covid even if they are infected
NBC News—Dallas Cowboys pay $2.4 million to settle lawsuit with cheerleaders who say a Cowboys executive filmed them in the locker room while they were changing
USA Today—Virgin Galactic starts selling tickets to space for $450,000
CNN.com—Coca-Cola launching mysterious new flavor called Starlight

CNN.com—Judge rules that civil lawsuits against Donald Trump for his role in the Jan 6 insurrection can move forward
CBS News—National Archives confirms that there were classified materials among the boxes of documents that Trump was illegally hiding at Mar-a-Lago
USA Today—First week of MLB spring training games are canceled as talks between the owners and the players union have stalled
NBC News—Judge orders that Oath Keepers founder should remained jailed until his trial for sedition for his actions on Jan 6
ABCnews.com—Dog fatally mauls 71 year old volunteer at Florida rescue shelter
BBC News—Reduced emissions due to Covid shutdowns linked to record rainfall in China

NBC News—Putin orders troops into eastern Ukraine on a "peacekeeping" mission
ABCnews.com—Boris Johnson announces end to all Covid restrictions in the UK
CNN.com—Medina Spirit's Kentucky Derby win is nullified and his trainer is suspended after a failed drug test
BBC News—Trump launches Twitter-like app called Truth Social
USA Today—University of Alabama VP of student life resigns after being arrested for solicitation of prositution
CBS News—SpaceX launches 46 more Starlink satellites

CNN.com—Supreme Court declines to hear Trump's case attempting to block the Jan 6 committee from seeing White House documents that will shed more light on his activities on the day of the insurrection he instigated
ABCnews.com—Biden announces new sanctions against Russia for sending troops to Ukraine
CBS News—16 year old Indian chess prodigy defeats the player ranked number one in the world
USA Today—US Soccer to pay women's national team $24 million to settle lawsuit alleging unequal pay
NBC News—The three white men who murdered Ahmaud Arbery found guilty of committing a federal hate crime
BBC News—Germany halts Nord 2 pipeline project in response to Russia sending troops to the Ukraine

ABCnews.com—Colorado to allow residents to use cryptocurrency to pay their state taxes
CBS News—Texas governor asks state agencies to investigate gender transition procedures among minors as child abuse
NBC News—Target to lift mask requirements for both shoppers and employees
BBC News—Virgin's Hyperloop project will now focus on transporting cargo, not people
USA Today—Major Slack outage takes the popular business messaging/collabartion app offline for several hours
CNN.com—Pepsi introducing a smoother and creamier version of its soda called Pepsi Nitro

CNN.com—Putin invades Ukraine
CBS News—Russia has reportedly taken control of the Chernobyl nuclear plant
ABCnews.com—Climate activists block the roads leading to Germany's three largest airports
USA Today—Oil prices surge after Russia invades Ukraine
NBC News—Sean Penn is in Ukraine making a documentary about the Russian invasion
BBC News—UK sanctions against Russia focus on banks and oligarchs

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