daily links: march 2022

USA Today—Putin's invasion of Ukraine continues as he tries to take control of the capital along with the nation's second-largest city
CBS News—Russia under economic siege for invading Ukraine after many global companies terminate their services in the country
ABCnews.com—MLB's opening day will be delayed as owners continue their lockout in an attempt to break the players' union
BBC News—Russian conductor and supporter of Putin dropped by Munich orchestra after he would not publicly condemn the premeditated and unprovoked invasion of Ukraine
CNN.com—Steve Wozniak invests in new company dedicated to tracking orbital debris
NBC News—Former NC police chief who faked his own death after being charged with 70 felonies is found hiding out in SC

NBC News—Texas removing all links to suicide prevention resources for LGBTQ teens from state websites
ABCnews.com—China says it will not join Europe and the US in imposing financial sanctions on Russia for its invasion of Ukraine
CBS News—Russian billionaire to sell his Premiere League Chelsea football club and donate the proceeds to Ukraine
BBC News—Tiger Woods awarded $8 million by the PGA for generating media interest in the sport of golf despite playing in only one tournament last year
CNN.com—Fitbit recalls 1.7 million devices due to a potential burn hazard from defective batteries
USA Today—Court declares Kim Kardashian legally single after Kanye West refuses to grant her a divorce

ABCnews.com—Second round of talks between Ukraine and Russia do not end with a ceasefire agreement
CNN.com—Biden signs law that will empower victims of sexual harassment in the workplace
USA Today—Trump Jr.'s fiancee is subpoenaed by Jan 6 committee
NBC News—EpiPen maker settles lawsuit for $264 million after it dramatically raised prices for its lifesaving product
CBS News—Iowa governor signs bill that bans all transgender women from participating in women's sports
BBC News—US Navy recovers $100 million stealth fighter jet that crashed in the South China Sea

NBC News—There is increasing evidence that Putin is using banned weapons in his illegal invasion of Ukraine
ABCnews.com—Jan 6 insurrectionist given four years in prison for assaulting police officers with a pipe
CBS News—Russian stocks being removed from the Dow Jones and S&P indices
BBC News—Supreme Court reinstates death sentence for Boston Marathon bomber
USA Today—Disney to launch cheaper, ad-supported version of its Disney+ streaming service
CNN.com—Stanford University star soccer player commits suicide in her dorm room

USA Today—Visa and Mastercard joining dozens of other major corporations suspending operations in Russia
CNN.com—Supreme Court denies GOP challenges to Congressional maps in NC and Pennysylvania
ABCnews.com—Online university fined $22 million for misleading students about the cost of their education
CBS News—Falcons star wide receiver Calvin Ridley suspended for at least a year for betting on NFL games
NBC News—Lead from gasoline could have blunted the IQs of up to half of the US population
BBC News—Shell admits to continuing to buy Russian crude oil even after its invasion of Ukraine, but says it will donate the profits Russian oil to a fund for the people of Ukraine

CNN.com—With bipartisan support, Biden bans Russian energy imports
CBS News—Proud Boys leader charged with conspiracy related to his role in the Jan 6 insurrection
BBC News—McDonald's, Coke, Pepsi, and Starbucks say they will stop doing business in Russia
NBC News—The Batman becomes the first big hit of 2022, pulling in nearly $130 million in its opening week in the US
USA Today—Man dies after ingesting caffeine powder that was equivalent to 200 cups of coffee
ABCnews.com—Seahawks trade quarterback Russell Wilson to the Denver Broncos

USA Today—Russians are increasingly striking civilian targets in their invasion of Ukraine, including a children's hospital
NBC News—Colorado GOP county clerk indicted for tampering with election equipment. She is currently running for secretary of state where she would oversee all state elections.
CNN.com—OPEC may increase production to offset the loss of banned Russian oil in the market
ABCnews.com—Explorer Ernest Shackleton's ship Endurance found well-preserved more than a century after it sunk
CBS News—First person to receive genetically modified pig heart transplant dies two months after the operation
BBC News—Abandoned rocket crashes into the moon

USA Today—Biden signs executive order on cryptocurrency which could lead to the creation of a official digital currency for the US
ABCnews.com—MLB owners and players union agree on new collective bargaining agreement, ending the owners' lockout and preserving the full 162 game season for 2022
CNN.com—Russia considering seizing assets of Western companies that have stopped doing business in Russia after its invasion of Ukraine
CBS News—TSA extends mandate for mask usage on public transportation until at least April 18
BBC News—Black Panther director Ryan Coogler detained in Atlanta as a suspected bank robber after trying to legally withdraw a large amount of cash from his own account
NBC News—Charles Entenmann, who turned his family's bakery into a household name, dies at 92

NBC News—Biden will remove Russia from Most Favored Nation status as Putin increases his attacks on Ukraine
BBC News—Researchers find that Covid caused up to three times as many deaths more than official reports
USA Today—Quarterback DeShaun Watson will not face criminal charges for allegations of sexual misconduct after a grand jury declines to indict him
CNN.com—EU and US sanctions could soon cripple Russia's domestic commercial airline industry
CBS News—Camel escapes from petting zoo enclosure and kills two people in Tennessee
ABCnews.com—Unvaccinated MLB players will not be allowed to travel to Canada for Blue Jays games, and they won't be paid for the games they miss

NBC News—Far right media in the US is repeating Russian propaganda about the invasion of Ukraine
CNN.com—Foxconn temporarily halts operations in China as the country goes into regional lockdowns to combat Covid outbreak
BBC News—A masked gunman has shot five homeless people in nine days in NYC and DC, killing two
USA Today—Dolly Parton declines to be considered on this year's Rock and Roll Hall of Fame ballot
ABCnews.com—Trump accused of violating campaign finance laws by raising and spending money for a 2024 campaign without officially filing his candidacy
CBS News—SNL comedian and current Kim Kardashian beau Pete Davidson will be one of five people on the next Blue Origin flight to space

BBC News—Russian journalist interrogated for 14 hours before being fined and released after interrupting a live news broadcast with an anti-war message
CBS News—Senate passes bill that would make Daylight Saving Time permanent starting in 2023
ABCnews.com—Amazon to invest $120 million to build affordable housing near transit stations in DC and Seattle
CNN.com—Starbucks wants to ditch its iconic single-use cups for more sustainable options
NBC News—Pfizer to seek authorization for a second booster shot for people 65 and older
USA Today—Rare first edition Pokemon card sells for over $300,000 at auction

USA Today—The Fed raises interest rates for the first time in three years, and says it could raise rates up to six more times in 2022 to fight inflation
NBC News—SXSW music festival is back for the first time since 2019
ABCnews.com—Former television news anchor Chris Cuomo suing CNN for $125 million over what he claims was an unlawful firing
CNN.com—US overdose deaths spike, driven by a surge in fentanyl use
CBS News—Uber and Lyft instituting fuel surcharges in light of rising gas prices
BBC News—Germany warns its citizens against using anti-virus software made in Russia

USA Today—Small asteroid hits Earth only two hours after it is first spotted by astronomers
ABCnews.com—Former Michigan governor says he will plead the Fifth if called to testify in civil lawsuit over the Flint water crisis
BBC News—Australia sues Facebook over advertisements that feature fake celebrity endoresements
NBC News—Tesla says it will continue to pay its Ukrainian employees for up to three months if they are conscripted to fight against the Russian invasion
CBS News—Many hotels ditching daily housekeeping services due to staffing shortages and social distancing concerns in the Covid era
CNN.com—New armored dinosaur species discovered in China

ABCnews.com—Western Ukraine city of Lviv, which is only 50 miles from the Polish border, is hit by Russian missiles
BBC News—NASA gives public preview of its new SLS Moon rocket during practice countdown for a planned debut launch this summer
CBS News—More Americans leaving full-time jobs for freelance work
CNN.com—13 year old boy was driving the pickup truck that hit a van head on, killing six members of a university golf team and their coach
NBC News—Rep. Don Young, the longest-serving member of Congress, dies at 88
USA Today—Houston Texans trade embattled star quarterback DeShaun Watson to Cleveland

CNN.com—Confirmation hearings begin for Ketanji Brown Jackson, who will become the first Black woman on the Supreme Court if confirmed
NBC News—NATO official believes Russia's invasion of Ukraine is entering a stalemate
CBS News—Justice Clarence Thomas hospitalized with flu-like symptoms but says it's not Covid
USA Today—McDonald's bringing back its Szechuan McNugget sauce, made popular by Rick and Morty, for a limited time
ABCnews.com—DC sues Grubhub over deceptive trade practices
BBC News—SpaceX rockets to be used to fly competitor's satellites to space

BBC News—US rolls back Trump-era tariffs on UK steel
NBC News—Howard University adjunct faculty plan strike if their union negotiations for higher wages are not successful
CNN.com—Jeff Bezos' ex-wife MacKenzie Scott donates $436 million to Habitat for Humanity
USA Today—Former Google employee suing the tech giant, alleging that it engages in discriminatory practices against Black people
ABCnews.com—Tesla opens its first European Gigafactory outside of Berlin
CBS News—26 year old woman charged after an unprovoked shoving of an 87 year old woman led to the older woman's death

CNN.com—US formally declares that it believes Russia has committed war crimes in Ukraine
ABCnews.com—Madeleine Albright, the first female secretary of state for the US, dies at 84
CBS News—The Taliban extends ban on girls going to school. Spoiler alert: they are never going to let girls go back to school.
USA Today—Hotel owner in South Dakota says they are banning Native Americans from the property
BBC News—Suspect in Jan 6 insurrection flees to Europe and is given asylum in Russia-friendly Belarus
NBC News—MacKenzie Scott makes $275 million donation to Planned Parenthood

CNN.com—US formally declares that it believes Russia has committed war crimes in Ukraine
ABCnews.com—Biden says the US will accept up to 100,000 refugees from Ukraine
CNN.com—Trump sues Hillary Clinton, the DNC, and 26 others, alleging a conspiracy to falsely tie his 2016 to his Russian backers. You know, dummy, you can't sue someone for saying something that is true.
CBS News—Ginni Thomas, wife of Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas, repeatedly texted Trump's chief of staff Mark Meadows pressuring hiim to find any way to overthrow the election results in the months leading up to Jan 6
NBC News—Uber will now allow NYC taxi drivers to be listed on their app
USA Today—Arizona becomes the first state that allows you to store a digital copy of your driver's license in your Wallet on your iPhone

CNN.com—Judge finds that its more likely than not that Trump and his inner circle tried to block votes from being counted on Jan 6
USA Today—Biden proposes new tax on American households worth more than $100 million
NBC News—12 year old and 14 year old killed while livestreaming while playing with a loaded gun
BBC News—Russian oligarch and two Ukrainian negotiators suffer suspected poisoning after meeting with Russian negotiators
ABCnews.com—Will Smith slaps Oscars host Chris Rock on live television after Rock made a joke about Jada Pinkett-Smith, Will Smith's wife
CBS News—Walmart to end cigarette sales in some locations

CBS News—Trump phone logs that were handed over to the Jan 6 committee have a seven hour gap on the day of the insurrection
NBC News—ALS drug that was funded by the ice bucket challenge to receive FDA review
ABCnews.com—Florida governor signs bill into law that prevents educators from discussion sexual orientation or gender identity with students in kindergarten through third grade
CNN.com—FDA authorizes second booster shot for adults age 50+
BBC News—Men who plotted to kidnap Michigan's Democrat governor tried to buy bombs from an undercover FBI agent
USA Today—NFL changes overtime rules for playoff games

BBC News—Hubble finds star that is 12.9 billion light years from Earth, the farthest star from us so far detected
CNN.com—Judge holds Alex Jones in contempt of court for refusing to appear for Sandy Hook depositions
USA Today—Facebook hired GOP consulting firm to smear tech rival TikTok
NBC News—MIT reinstates ACT or SAT testing requirement as part of its admission process
CBS News—The Academy says it asked Will Smith to leave the Oscars after he slapped Chris Rock on live television, but he refused
ABCnews.com—CDC removes Covid warning about traveling on cruise ships

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