daily links: april 2022

CNN.com—Biden introduces new gun regulations and names nominee to head the ATF
CBS News—Jury convicts former Virginia police officer on six counts for his role in the Jan 6 insurrection (he was an active member of his police force on Jan 6)
USA Today—Texas prosecutor tries to charge a woman with murder after a self-induced abortion, but a judge dismisses the case
BBC News—Elon Musk will not join Twitter board despite buying 9.2% of the company, but this could be a temporary move that signals his desire to buy an even larger stake in the social media company
ABCnews.com—Philadelphia reinstating indoor mask mandate in response to rising Covid cases
NBC News—Playwright David Mamet goes on Fox News to claim that teachers "are inclined" towards pedophilia

CNN.com—Unknown person throws a smoke bomb on an NYC subway car and then opens fire on the other passengers, causing injury to at least 20 people
CBS News—Georgia governor signs bill that allows anyone to carry a concealed handgun in public without a license, training, or a background check
USA Today—California considering law that would cap a normal workweek at 32 hours before overtime would start to toll
NBC News—Jan 6 defendent argues that he didn't do anything illegal because the insurrection was authorized by Trump
BBC News—Subatomic particle that has more mass than expected could revolutionize particle physics
ABCnews.com—Comedian Gilbert Godfrey dead at 67

CNN.com—NYC subway shooter apprehended
USA Today—Truckers block US/Mexico border trade routes in protest after Texas governor orders additional inspections that result in delays of up to 10 hours
ABCnews.com—Alyssa Nakken becomes first woman to coach on the field during an MLB game
CBS News—CDC extends mask requirement on public transportation and planes until at least May 3
BBC News—Astronomers discover new comet which is the largest so far detected
NBC News—Maryland man who kept over 100 snakes in his house is found dead after being bitten by one of his pets

NBC News—Ukraine claims it was responsible for the sinking of one of Russia's most important battleships
CNN.com—Republican National Committee withdraws from the commission that sponsors and organizes presidential debates. I mean, when you have no platform and no cogent arguments other than racism and white nationalism, what's the point in participating in a debate about real issues, right?
ABCnews.com—Mortgage rates in the US rise to 5% for the first time in a decade
CBS News—Elon Musk offers to buy Twitter outright for $43 billion and turn it into a private company
USA Today—Virginia passes law making it illegal to send someone unsolicited nude images and imposing a $500 fine for each violation
BBC News—Man tries to resell NFT he paid $2.9 million for and is offered only $6200 for it

CBS News—FDA approves breathlyzer test that can detect Covid and return results within three minutes
ABCnews.com—Death row inmate in South Carolina chooses to be executed by firing squad, the first prisoner to do so since a new law made that an option
ABCnews.com—Twitter board adopts poison pill measure to thwart possible hostile takeover by Elon Musk
USA Today—Arizona man arrested after 183 animals found in his freezer (including birds, dogs, lizards, mice, snakes, turtles, rabbits and rats), some of which he confessed were still alive when he froze them
BBC News—North Korean hackers implicated in $600 million crypto heist
NBC News—Kentucky legislature overrides governor's veto and passes 15 week abortion ban into law

CBS News—Alec Jones' Infowars files for bankruptcy in an attempt to avoid paying judgments for spreading lies about the Sandy Hook massacre
ABCnews.com—Biden will allow the government to once again offer oil and gas leases on public lands in order to boost oil production
CNN.com—Judge overrides CDC's latest mask mandate for public transportation
BBC News—Man wins $450k lawsuit after he claims that a surprise birthday party from his office colleagues triggered a series of panic attacks
NBC News—California man dies in car wash after he exits his vehicle while the machinery is running
USA Today—Kendrick Lamar announces that his first new album in five years will be released in May

CBS News—Biden administration announces further debt forgiveness measures for student loans that could bring millions of people out of debt
ABCnews.com—Biden announces that he will require US-made steel for all infrastructure projects financed with federal dollars
CNN.com—Netflix stock tanks in after-hours trading after reporting its first quarterly subscriber losses after years of growth
NBC News—Trump-backed candidate for the House from Tennessee is removed from the ballot by that state's arm of the GOP
BBC News—New Covid vaccine that is manufactured in a more traditional way (like the flu vaccines) is authorized for use in the UK
USA Today—Taco Bell bringing back Mexican pizza to its permanent menu in May

BBC News—Late spring snowstorm in the northeast leaves hundreds of thousands without power
USA Today—CDC says masking on public transport is still required, triggering the DOJ to appeal the ruling by an unqualified Trump judge in Florida that struck down the mandate
ABCnews.com—Chicago expunges 15,000 convictions related to cannabis
NBC News—Bill O'Reillyl caught on camera berating an airport worker because his flight was delayed
CNN.com—Uber and Lyft will no longer require masks for passengers or drivers
CBS News—Two-thirds of Americans think cannabis should be legal nationwide

NBC News—FAA says that YouTuber who filmed himself parachuting out of a plane purposely crashed it as a stunt to gain viewers
BBC News—Scientists exploring the use of psilocybin as a treatment for long-term depression
ABCnews.com—US military to build prototype mobile nucelar microreactor
CNN.com—In an 8-1 decision, the Supreme Court rules that Puerto Rican citizens do not have constitutional right to certain federal benefits
CBS News—Caterer and bride arrested after lacing a wedding reception dinner with cannabis
USA Today—Tesla earns over $3 billion in profit in their first quarter of 2022

NBC News—Former White House official says that Trump's chief of staff was given intelligence that the Jan 6 rally could turn violent
ABCnews.com—Person sets themself on fire on the Supreme Court plaza
CBS News—Twitter bans ads that deny climate change science
CNN.com—Game wardens confiscate hundreds of illegal shark fins from seafood restaurant in Texas
BBC News—Florida legislature and governor strip Disney of its special governance status
USA Today—A black cat named Jinx will serve as mayor of the town of Hell, Michigan, for one day

CNN.com—Twitter's board agress to sell the social media platform to Elon Musk for $44 billion
ABCnews.com—Trump held in contempt of court for refusing to provide documents to the NY AG. But no prison - just a $10,000 per day fine that he inevitably won't have to pay.
CBS News—Mississippi is the last state to pass an equal pay law
USA Today—Finland and Sweden reportedly want to formally join NATO after Russia's invasion of Ukraine
BBC News—Nissan will no longer produce cars under the Datsun brand name
NBC News—World's oldest person dies at 119

BBC News—Beijing forces mass testing after spike in Covid cases
ABCnews.com—Americans who have avoided getting Covid are now in the minority
CBS News—GOP congressman with long history of driving offenses is cited for trying to bring a loaded handgun through airport security
CNN.com—Biden reverses a Trump-era rule about lightbulbs that was itself a reversal of an Obama policy
NBC News—Arby's manager in Alabama charged with first degree assault after throwing hot grease on a customer and causing severe burns
USA Today—Princess Bride star Cary Elwes hospitalized after being bit by a rattlesnake

NBC News—Russia cuts off gas supply to Poland and Bulgaria
ABCnews.com—Oklahoma passes law that makes non-binary gender options on birth certificates illegal
CNN.com—New York's highest court rules that new congressional map drawn by Democrats is unconstitutional due to gerrymandering
BBC News—After Musk announces Twitter buyout offer, Tesla shares lose more than twice as much value in a single day than what Musk will pay for Twitter
USA Today—14 year old arrested for the sexual assault and murder of a 10 year old neighbor
CBS News—Newly discovered millipede named after Taylor Swift

USA Today—US economy shrinks for the first time since 2020
ABCnews.com—Job postings in NYC will now be required to post a salary range
CNN.com—Amazon stock crashes after the company reports a $4 billion loss for this quarter
CBS News—Disney says Florida cannont dissolve its special tax status without first paying of the district's bond debt, which is over $1 billion
NBC News—Son of novelist Paul Auster found dead on subway platform days after being charged with manslaughter in the overdose death of his infant daughter
BBC News—Bitcoin becomes an official currency in the Central African Republic

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