daily links: october 2022

NBC News—Supreme Court upholds ban on bump stocks that increase the fire rate of semi-automatic weapons
BBC News—UK building world's first prototype commercial nuclear fusion reactor
CNN.com—Supreme Court allows $1.3 billion lawsuit against MyPillow CEO to proceed
ABCnews.com—Kim Kardashian fined $1.26 million for promoting cryptocurrency without revealing that it was a paid sponsorship
USA Today—Elon Musk's private texts revealed in Twitter lawsuit
CBS News—Team of champion fisherman caught cheating in major Lake Eerie fishing tournament

CNN.com—Trump files emergency petition with the Supreme Court, asking his hand-picked biased justices to shield him from an investigation to his theft of classified documents that he took to Mar-a-Lago
CBS News—Elon Musk now says he wants to buy Twitter again at the same price he is under contract to pay for it from his previous offer, all on the condition that the company ceases its lawsuit against him
ABCnews.com—Herschel Walker's oldest son, who previously supported his run for the Senate, codemns his father as a liar, a cheating spouse, and a violent man after it is revealed that the anti-abortion candidate paid for an abortion for one of his mistresses
USA Today—Country music icon Loretta Lynn dies at 90
BBC News—EU passes law that will require all mobile devices to use a USB-C cable for charging starting in 2024
NBC News—New Scooby Doo movie officially outs Velma as a lesbian

USA Today—Federal appeals court deems DACA illegal, but will allow current enrollees to maintain their status
CNN.com—OPEC to drastically cut oil production
ABCnews.com—Hurricane Ian could end up causing $75 billion in damage
CBS News—Michigan town votes to defund its public library over 5 LGBTQ-themed books
BBC News—World's largest Pokemon collection to be sold in a single lot at auction
NBC News—Northwestern mistakenly sends acceptance emails to thousands of law school applicants

CBS News—CDC ending daily reporting of Covid case and death counts
NBC News—Russian court fines TikTok for not deleting LGBTQ content
BBC News—Music venue in Glasgow captures body heat from people on the dancefloor to create renewable energy
USA Today—Female pilot sues Southwestern after she claims a colleague stripped nude and watched porn during a flight
CNN.com—Asteroid that led to the end of the dinosaurs also triggered a global tsunami
ABCnews.com—US to begin screening travelers from Uganda for Ebola

ABCnews.com—Bomb explodes on bridge linking Russia and Crimea, severing critical supply line for Russia's invastion of Ukraine
CBS News—Websites for several US airports knocked offline in apparent pro-Russia hacking attack
NBC News—Vanderbilt to pause gender-affirming surgical procedures for minors
USA Today—Moron files class action lawsuit against makers of Texas Pete hot sauce because the condiment isn't actually made in Texas
BBC News—iPhones are triggering emergency crash detection calls when users ride rollercoasters with their phones in their pockets
CNN.com—Kanye West's Twitter account locked after antisemitic tweet

USA Today—Biden administration shares preview of student loan forgiveness application form
CBS News—NASA's DART probe successfully altered the course of an asteroid by crashing into it
NBC News—Supreme Court declines to hear fetal personhood case
BBC News—Indian village turns off internet and television for all residents for a few hours each day to encourage personal relationship building
ABCnews.com—Facebook unveils $1500 VR headset
CNN.com—Actress Angela Lansbury dies at 96

CNN.com—A Trump employee has confirmed for the FBI that boxes containing presidential documents were moved and hidden after Trump received a subpoena telling him he needed to turn them over to the National Archives, which is also confirmed by surveillance footage
ABCnews.com—Alex Jones ordered to pay hundreds of millions of dollars in damages to Sandy Hook families in second defamation trial
CBS News—ACT scores fall to their lowest level in 30 years in the wake of the pandemic
NBC News—Stanford admits that it limited admissions of Jewish students in the post-war 1950s
USA Today—Bumper crop for hazelnuts sends prices tumbling
BBC News—Lab-grown brain cells have learned to play Pong

CBS News—Jan 6 committee votes to subpoena Trump himself
CNN.com—Supreme Court declines to intervene on behalf of Trump in his fight against the DOJ over the documents he illegally took with him when he left the White House
USA Today—Social Security will see its biggest cost of living adjustment in decades thanks to rising inflation
NBC News—Parkland shooter who murdered 17 people is sentenced to life without parole
ABCnews.com—Netflix will soon offer $7 version of its service supported by ads
BBC News—India facing crisis of antibiotic-resistance superbugs

NBC News—Trump attacks American Jews for not giving him more support
CNN.com—Biden administration officially launches student loan forgiveness application
ABCnews.com—After being banned from Twitter and Instagram for antisemitic posts, Kanye West says he's buying right wing social media site Parler
CBS News—Consumers can now buy hearing aids off the shelf without a prescription
BBC News—Korean pop group BTS to take a two year hiatus so its members can complete their mandatory military service
USA Today—Alabama nearly falls out of the top 10 after losing to Tennessee over the weekend

CNN.com—Oath Keeper testifies that his group was ready to stop the certification of Biden's election win "by any means necessary"
CBS News—Biden vows to codify the right to abortion if Democrats can hold the House and Senate
ABCnews.com—MacKenzie Scott gives $85 million to Girl Scouts
NBC News—Texas schools send DNA kits to parents to help identify bodies in the event of a school shooting
BBC News—British court orders Facebook to sell Giphy
USA Today—Apple unveils new iPads and an updated Apple TV

CNN.com—Federal judge orders Trump lawyer to turn over emails after concluding that the former president knew his claims about the election being stolen were lies
ABCnews.com—IRS adjusts tax brackets and raises deduction amounts in reaction to rising inflation
NBC News—Trump to be deposed under oath in defamation lawsuit brought against him by author E. Jean Carroll
BBC News—Early voting in Georgia is seeing record turnout
CBS News—Circle K gas stations to start selling cannabis products at its Florida stores
USA Today—Some McDonald's will start selling Krispy Kreme doughnuts

CBS News—New UK prime minister Liz Truss resigns after only 45 days in office, making her tenure the shortest in history
NBC News—The National Science Foundation announces that it will not rebuild the Arecibo radio telescope in Puerto Rico
ABCnews.com—Maryland judge strikes down the nation's first tax on digital advertising
USA Today—Chess grandmaster accused of cheating by one of his competitors files a $100 million defamation lawsuit
CNN.com—American Airlines eliminating first class seats on international flights to make more room for business class seats
BBC News—Researchers find that genetic mutations that helped people survive the Black Death centuries ago are also responsible for autoimmune diseases now

CBS News—Criminal trial of Trump Organization begins jury selection
CNN.com—Study finds that people who have side effects from the vaccine also have a stronger antibody response
ABCnews.com—Elon Musk reportedly wants to cut 75% of Twitter's workforce, which would further weaken their ability to moderate harmful content
USA Today—Texas sues Google for collecting users' biometric data without their consent
NBC News—Rishi Sunak elected Britain's next PM after Liz Truss' resignation
BBC News—India forced to destroy 100 million doses of a Covid vaccine because they had expired

NBC News—Jan 6 insurrectionist who dragged a police officer into a hostile crowd is sentenced to 90 months in prision
CBS News—A second woman accuses Herschel Walker of paying for her to get an abortion
CNN.com—Former insiders say Kanye West has long had a fascination with Hitler and that he wanted to name his 2018 album after the mass-murdering fascist dictator
USA Today—Hobby Lobby founder is reliquishing his control and ownership over the company, saying that "wealth is a curse"
ABCnews.com—Powerball jackpot reaches $800 million, the second largest in the lottery's history
BBC News—Facebook shares fall 20% after the social media company announces lower sales and profit

USA Today—Man breaks into Nancy Pelosi's home yelling "Where is Nancy?", then attacks her 82 year old husband with a hammer after discovering the Speaker of the House was not at home
ABCnews.com—More than 150 people killed in crowd crush during Halloween celebration in Seoul
CNN.com—Elon Musk completes his purchase of Twitter and immediately fires several top executives
NBC News—Facebook fined $25 million for violating campaign finance disclosure laws
CBS News—Jerry Lee Lewis dies at 87
BBC News—Far-right presidential candidate in Brazil loses election but refuses to concede

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