daily links: november 2022

CNN.com—Supreme Court denies Lindsey Graham's request to block a grand jury subpoena in the Georgia election fraud case, meaning he will have to appear and testify
BBC News—Kansas woman who led all-female ISIS battalion sentenced to 20 years in prison
NBC News—Judge blocks merger of Penguin Random House and Simon & Schuster
ABCnews.com—Migos rapper Takeoff fatally shot in Houston
CBS News—RSV vaccine for pregnant women also protects their children when they are born
USA Today—Swiss passenger train that is over 1 mile long completes record-setting journey through the Alps

BBC News—Pennysylvania court orders that some mail-in ballots should be thrown out if they are improperly dated
CNN.com—The Fed raises interest rates again in the hopes of lowering inflation, but it could also produce a recession
CBS News—Planet killer asteroids found hiding in the glare of the sun
USA Today—1.1 million hens to be destroyed after bird flu discovered at Iowa egg facility
ABCnews.com—Mayor of small town in Oregon arrested for attempted murder in road rage incident
NBC News—Nationwide catalytic converter theft ring made hundreds of millions of dollars

NBC News—DOJ grants immunity to Trump staffer to compel his grand jury testimony in the Mar-a-Lago documents investigtation
BBC News—FBI announces credible threats to New Jersey synagogues
USA Today—Former Apple employee pleads guilty to defrauding the company of $17 million
CBS News—Judge appoints Trump Org financial monitor to prevent the movement of funds while the organization deals with criminal and civil lawsuits
ABCnews.com—New York Marathon runners could face record high temperatures and humidity this year
CNN.com—Amazon announces that it will pause corporate hiring for a few months

ABCnews.com—DOJ sends voting rights monitors to 24 states ahead of election day
BBC News—A single does of a drug based on a compound found in psychedlic mushrooms can relieve severe depression for up to 12 weeks
USA Today—Facebook planning large-scale layoffs later this week
CNN.com—White University of Kentucy student arrested after drunkenly yelling a racial slur at a Black student and assaulting a campus employee
CBS News—Major glaciers could disappear by 2050 due to climate change
NBC News—Tyson Foods CFO (and fourth generation member of the Tyson family) arrested after drunkenly entering a stranger's home and falling asleep in their bed

ABCnews.com—Georgia's Senate race will move to a runoff on Dec 6 after no candidate receives more than 50% of the vote
CBS News—Although GOP may eventually gain slim control of the House and/or the Senate, the predicted "red wave" did not materialize
BBC News—Clinical human trials start for lab-grown blood
NBC News—Theranos founder Elizabeth Holmes is denied her request for a new trial
CNN.com—Elon Musk briefly rolls out a grey checkmark for official sources on Twitter before changing his mind a few hours later
USA Today—Man sets Guinness World Record by eating 10 Carolina Reaper peppers in 30 seconds

BBC News—Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen's art collection sells for record $1.5 billion at auction
NBC News—Alex Jones ordered to pay an additional $473 million to Sandy Hook families, in addition to the $965 million he is already liable for from previous lawsuits
CNN.com—Trump Org controller says he was ordered by senior executives to hide fringe benefits and bonuses and not report them to tax authorities
ABCnews.com—Elon Musk tells already-beleaguered Twitter employees that they must be in the office at least 40 hours a week, the complete opposite of the company's previous "work from home forever" policy
USA Today—San Diego megachurch leader accused of torturing and murdering her 11 year old daughter
CBS News—Oscar-winning director Paul Haggis ordered to pay $7.5 million in damages to publicist who accused him of rape

CNN.com—Democrats will keep control of the Senate
CBS News—Dolly Parton receives $100 million grant from Jeff Bezos
BBC News—Crypto exchange FTX, worth $32 billion at its peak, files for bankruptcy
ABCnews.com—Elon Musk's $56 billion compensation package as CEO of Tesla is challenged in court by shareholders
NBC News—White middle school teacher in Texas is fired after telling Black students that he believed his race was the superior race
USA Today—Jay Leno hospitalized after receiving burns to his hands and face

CNN.com—Trump announces that he will again run for president in 2024
ABCnews.com—Georgia judge overturns the state's six week abortion ban, saying it is not legal under the state's constitution
CBS News—Mormon church announces that it will back legislation that will protect same-sex marriage
BBC News—Google to pay $391 million to settle data privacy lawsuit
NBC News—Jeff Bezos says he intends to give away most of his $124 billion fortune before he dies
USA Today—Steve Jobs' well-worn Birkenstock sandals sell for $220,000 at auction

CBS News—GOP narrowly wins control of the House
NBC News—Class action lawsuit against failed crypto exchange FTX names Tom Brady, Larry David, and other celebrity endorsers as defendants
CNN.com—FBI says a single juvenile is responsible for racist threats made against dozens of HBCUs
BBC News—NASA's Artemis moon rocket has successful debut test launch from Cape Canaveral
USA Today—FBI director says TikTok poses a national security threat
ABCnews.com—Kevin Spacey to face seven additional sexual assault charges in the UK

BBC News—FDA says lab-grown chicken is safe for human consumption
CNN.com—Nancy Pelosi announces that she will not seek reelection for House Democratic leadership
NBC News—Arizona communities that depend on water being trucked in may have no water by year's end after new drought-related water restrictions are implemented
CBS News—Trump-supporting election denier Kari Lake refuses to concede that she lost the Arizona governor's race
ABCnews.com—Electric air taxi company Archer will spend nearly $120 million to build a manufacturing facility in Georgia
USA Today—Man dancing on top of moving 18 wheeler dies after it goes under a bridge and knocks him off

CNN.com—Five people killed and 19 others wounded after gunman opens fire at gay nightclub in Colorado
CBS News—Theranos founder Elizabeth Holmes sentenced to more than 11 years in federal prison
USA Today—Major rail union rejects new collective bargaining agreement, risking a significant rail strike before the holidays
ABCnews.com—Elon Musk reinstates fomerly permanently banned Twitter accounts for Donald Trump and Marjorie Taylor Greene
NBC News—Bob Iger returns at Disney's CEO two years after he retired from the role
BBC News—USA plays Wales to a draw in the first round of group play in the World Cup

CNN.com—Supreme Court rules that Congressional committee can have access to Trump's tax returns, which he has desperately tried to hide from public scrutiny for years
USA Today—Metric system adds new prefixes to describe incredibly large and incredibly small numbers
CBS News—Street artist Banksy calls on people to shoplift from Guess clothing stores after he accuses the chain of using his artwork without permission
ABCnews.com—Iowa jury awards $27 million to man whose bacterial meningitis was misdiagnosed as the flu
BBC News—Penguin abandons bid to buy rival Simon & Schuster after US court blocks the acquisition
NBC News—Meteorologist and pilot killed in helicopter crash in North Carolina

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