daily links: january 2001

Salon.com—Brand Camp, the new focus group (and latest sign of the apocalypse)
BBC News—Intelligent clothes may be in our future
ZDNet—Authors upset over new used-book service at Amazon.com
ABCnews.com—Five Brits held on suspicion of smuggling alcohol into Saudi Arabia
MSNBC—Y2K bug hits Norway trains on 12.31.00
CNN.com—French company unveils newest virtual person

ABCnews.com—Yahoo! ban auctions of Nazi memoribilia on their site
Wired News—Security bug causes "death" of several prominent characters in the Diablo II online world
ZDNet—Microsoft employees allege racial discrimination
Salon.com—Woman made to strip down and walk home for failing sobriety test
CNET—Starbucks and Microsoft team up to provide wireless connectivity with your coffee
USA Today—Russians moving tactical nuclear weapons back to the Baltics

Astronomy Picture of the Day—Some really cool images, along with an explanation by a scientist
Wired News—Free weblog service asks for contributions from its members to upgrade equipment
New Scientist—East German agents used radioactive tags and vibrating geiger counters to trail dissidents
Who Would Buy That?—Weird stuff up for auction
ZDNet—Will other free services follow Yahoo!'s lead and begin to charge fees?
CNN.com—eBay back up after hours-long outage

Wired News—eToys to slash workforce, close European offices
ABCnews.com—Giant bluefin tuna sells for record $173,000
Salon.com—Barnes & Noble create e-book publishing division
The People's Photos—Images of photos found on sidewalks, etc.
MSNBC—Y2K bug hits 7-Eleven stores
Forbes.com—Dutch company develops smart pen

ABCnews.com—Tiny shrimp wreaking havoc on aquarium
Wired News—One-handed keyboard to be unveiled at Macworld
ZDNet—Gates unveils the Xbox in Las Vegas
Space.com—New theories about dark matter galaxies
Washington Post—Dollar coins still hard to find
sunspot.net—Abandoned spy station now used by astronomers

Space.com—Scientist has invented a bot that can digest sugar for energy
George W. Chimp—A collection of images demonstrating the uncanny resemblance between our new president and our closest genetic relatives
Wired News—Gamers who still don't have a PS2 might wait now to compare the system to Microsoft's Xbox
Beliefnet—The Simpsons is high on religious content compared to other shows
ABCnews.com—Supercluster of quasars and galaxies is the largest visible structure in the known universe
New Scientist—Most stones in Stonehenge have been moved in the 20th Century

ABCnews.com—Are light bulbs on the way out?
Discovery.com—A webcam of the new pandas at the National Zoo
Wired News—Scientists discover 2 new planetary systems
ZDNet—Hitachi unveils DVD-RAM camcorder
Salon.com—Mysterious new invention called "Ginger" poised to change our lives
Nando—Copyright your DNA

USA Today—Nano fabrics could revolutionize clothing
New Scientist—Virus engineered to kill mice could be first step towards a bioweapon that could be used against humans
Space.com—Old mineral could challenge ideas about how old life on earth is and how the moon was formed
Gallup—Poll gives us frightening insight into our collective knowledge base
ABCnews.com—DNA taken from skeleton in Australia challenges the theory that all current human life on earth is descended from a single African ancestor
Salon.com—Lego to develop games for Microsoft's Xbox

American Memory—The Library of Congress' online collection of over 5 million American images
ZDNet—Rumors swirl about the secret "Ginger" invention
Space.com—Scientist may have found evidence of black hole, the first direct proof that black holes actually exist
ABCnews.com—NASA will attempt to land a spacecraft on an asteroid
Wired News—Quantum computers could reduce computational errors to virtually zero
Philadelphia Inquirer—Theories as to why the higher in the org chart you are, the worse your email skills seem to be

Salon.com—The sport of urban exploration or infiltration is growing thanks to the web
Wired News—More speculation about Dean Kamen's "Ginger" invention
New Scientist—Green farming movement is growing worldwide
IEEE Computer Society—Article about the inner workings of SETI@home, the massive distributed computing project
MSNBC—Combining a scanning probe microscope with virtual reality technology allows scientists to feel and manipulate objects as small as a nanometer
Plastic.com—Moderated weblog from Suck.com

Wired News—Custody battle begins over set of twins who were sold over the internet to 2 different sets of parents
Salon.com—Is the boy band era coming to a close?
ABCnews.com—NC State professor finds that the 12 most commonly used science textbooks are riddled with factual errors
Village Voice—Fake news stories with authentic-looking URLs are becoming more common on the internet
ZDNet—Will anti-piracy measures taken by software developers unduly restrict legal purchasers of software from using it the way they want?
Space.com—NASA to destroy comet with copper projectile

Space.com—North Carolina site named as emergency landing site for ISS shuttle missions
ZDNet—In an effort to curb spam being sent from its servers, Hotmail is inadvertently filtering legitimate messages from users
New Scientist—Scientists show that they can stop light, the first step towards quantum computers
MSNBC—American Library Association to sue over federal law requiring content filters on internet-enabled library computers
Lego Porn—There have been plenty of warped things on the internet before, but this one is truly bizarre
Asciimation—A startlingly detailed (though unfinished) version of Star Wars created with ASCII art

Wired News—Nintendo sues over use of word "Pokemon" in the meta-tag of a personal site
Salon.com—Pillsbury sues techies over use of the phrase "bake-off"
New Scientist—Scientists may have found a way to let cells live forever
ZDNet—Hackers edit DNS entries and hijack traffic from Yahoo and Microsoft sites
USA Today—Antarctica becoming tourist destination
MSN—An addictive little online game

Wired News—Some astronomers rescinding Pluto's status as a planet
MSNBC—Are we hard-wired for religious belief?
Salon.com—Muslim girl flogged for having premarital sex
BBC News—New tricks help web site operators get undeservingly high rankings on search engines
CNN.com—Controversial religious theme park to open in Orlando soon
Yahoo! News—Letter "W" missing from White House keyboards in a prank by Clinton staffers

USA Today—Sega considering dropping the Dreamcast and focusing on games
Wired News—US military wants to develop full body armor for ground troops
New Scientist—A new telescope will attempt to pick up laser signals from other civilizations
MSNBC—Sill haven't seen a PS2 in the stores? Sony's already talking up its successor, PS3.
CNN.com—Family claims art on display at Yale was stolen from them by Nazis
Salon.com—Holocaust survivors sue Yahoo! for 1 franc

Excite News—Islamic men in Afghanistan want their hair cut like Leo's in Titanic; Islamic officials punish barbers
ABCnews.com—Is village in Japan final resting place of Jesus?
Wired News—Young entrepreneur hopes to make money delivering porn to handheld devices
ZDNet—Microsoft domains hacked
CNN.com—Meteorite offers new clues about water on Mars
Salon.com—Teen found guilty of murder despite pro-wrestling defense

Salon.com—Bill Gates pledges $100 million to fight AIDS
ABCnews.com—Sea piracy on the rise
New Scientist—Rice genome completely sequenced
ZDNet—Next generation of Palms to be ultra-light
CNN.com—Sega responds to Dreamcast rumors
Business 2.0—Adobe, Macromedia sue individual software pirates

ABCnews.com—KFC says recipe found in attic is not the Colonel's secret recipe
Wired News—Napster to become pay service starting in June
Salon.com—Disney to shut down Go.com
ZDNet—Beta copies of IE6 are leaking onto the web
MSNBC—Sega to release new set-top console that will download Dreamcast games
CNN.com—Scientists name new dinosaur species after Dire Straits guitarist

Wired News—Cell towers help historic sites stay open, but may harm visitors
Jesus.com—Get a date with Jesus!
USA Today—Sega ceasing production of Dreamcast consoles, but will continue to produce games
ZDNet—Remaining portal sites fighting for life
New Scientist—A few atoms out of place could be the reason for the high clone death rate
Space.com—Debates raging over where to land the next Mars explorers
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