daily links: may 2018

USA Today—Mueller considers subpoena of Trump if he does not agree to be interviewed voluntarily
BBC News—Trump delays implementation of steel and aluminum tariffs
CBS News—Facebook launching dating service
CNN.com—Gibson Guitars files for bankruptcy
NBC News—Trump's former doctor says the president's personal bodyguard and a lawyer showed up unannounced and seized all of Trump's medical records without his consent
ABCnews.com—Schools installing special sensors to try to prevent students from vaping

CBS News—The Boy Scouts will change their name to Scouts BSA since girls will soon also be allowed to join
USA Today—Trump's former doctor says the now-president wrote his own health assessment that was shared with the public during the 2016 campaign
CNN.com—Cambrigde Analytica shutting down in wake of Facebook data scandal
CBS News—Trump's lead lawyer in the Russia investigation is retiring and will be replaced by an attorney who represented Bill Clinton during his impeachment proceedings
BBC News—Stephen Hawking's final paper endorses the multiverse theory and suggests ways to prove it empirically
ABCnews.com—Law & Order actress running for Congress in New York district

CNN.com—Giuliani tells Fox News that Trump repaid Michael Cohen the Stormy Daniels hush money, exposing months of lies from Trump, his lawyer, and the White House
USA Today—Court orders man to pay child support for a child conceived via IVF by his ex-wife even though she forged his signature on the IVF authorization forms
NBC News—Scientific analysis reveals new text on Dead Sea Scroll fragments that are invisible to the naked eye
ABCnews.com—NYC mayor supports plan to open supervised injection sites for drug addicts
BBC News—Bill Cosby and Roman Polanski expelled from the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences (the group that gives out the Oscars)
CBS News—Teen's Apple Watch helps identify heart rate abnormality that was a sign of her undiagnosed kidney failure

CBS News—Iowa governor signs the nation's strictest abortion ban into law
CNN.com—6.9 magnitude quake rocks Hawaii as volcano rumbles and shows signs that it could erupt
USA Today—Mother of student on college campus tour calls police on two Native American teens who were also on the tour because they made her nervous
NBC News—Unemployment is down and profits are up, but wages remain flat
BBC News—Apple shares hit record high after Warren Buffett raises his stake in the iPhone maker to 5%
ABCnews.com—Arizona teachers to get 20% raise after six day walkout

NBC News—Jeff Sessions announces that he will order children to be separated from their parents if their families cross the border illegally
USA Today—Tesla and SpaceX founder Elon Musk tweets that his next venture will be a candy company
BBC News—Melania Trump unveils "Be Best" campaign to combat negativity on social media. Start with your husband, lady.
CBS News—Game of Thrones actor wins World's Strongest Man contest
CNN.com—The iconic iMac that started Apple's turnaround in the 90s turns 20
ABCnews.com—Jeffery Tambor will return for a fifth season of Arrested Development despite sexual harrassment allegations that got him fired from Transparent

CBS News—Trump announces that he is withdrawing the US from the Iran nuclear deal
USA Today—Walmart will start limiting the number of opioid pills it will provide to customers per refill
CNN.com—Uber partnering with NASA to make flying cars
ABCnews.com—New York AG resigns amid allegations of physical and sexual abuse from four women
BBC News—Researchers train AI to make new, original Doom and Super Mario levels
NBC News—Comcast trying to outbid Disney for Fox assets

CBS News—Dozens of Palestinian protesters killed as US opens Israeli embassy in Jerusalem
USA Today—Supreme Court decision makes betting on sports legal nationwide
NBC News—Rule that aimed to protect transgender prisoners is rolled back
BBC News—Xerox cancels $6 billion sale to Fujifilm
ABCnews.com—Experimental Ebola vaccine approved for use in the Congo
CNN.com—Margot Kidder dead at 69

NBC News—North Korea walks away from high level talks with South Korea and puts the summit with the US in doubt
BBC News—Author Tom Wolfe dies at 88
USA Today—Rockport shoe company files for bankruptcy
ABCnews.com—Seattle star Cano suspended 80s games for violating MLB's drug policy
CNN.com—Tesla's Model X SUV earns Guiness World Record for towing airplane
CBS News—Illinois governor wants to reinstate the death penalty

CNN.com—Trump's financial disclosure forms reveal that he reimbursed Michael Cohen for the Stormy Daniels payoff after Trump previously claimed that he had no knowledge of it
USA Today—Senate votes to keep Obama-era net neutrality rules in place
CBS News—Michigan State will spend $500 millino to reimburse victims of Larry Nassar's sexual abuse
NBC News—Trump eliminates cybersecurity czar position; Democratic lawmakers respond by immediately introducing legislation to restore it
ABCnews.com—Man threatens to call immigration on fellow restaurant patrons for speaking Spanish to one another
BBC News—Stan Lee sues his business partners for $1 billion

CNN.com—Volcano on Hawaii's big island erupts
ABCnews.com—Senate confirms known torturer and destroyer of evidence as first female CIA director
BBC News—YouTube unveils streaming music service
NBC News—Lawyer for Stormy Daniels claims to have knowledge of at least two more women who were paid off by Trump to cover up affairs
CBS News—Woman mauled to death by pack of seven small dogs
USA Today—NYC condo listed for $85 million also comes with a yacht, several luxury cars, and a trip to space

CNN.com—Another school shooting leaves 10 dead and 10 more wounded
USA Today—Commercial airliner crashes outside Havana, killing more than 100
CBS News—Trump wants the Postmaster General to double shipping rates for Amazon
BBC News—PayPal acquires Swedish payment firm for $2.2 billion
ABCnews.com—California may require solar panels on all new homes constructed after 2020
NBC News—Hasbro trademarks the scent of Play-Doh

NBC News—Trump cancels much-hyped summit with North Korea, mostly because he was afraid Kim Jong Un would cancel it first
BBC News—Netflix briefly eclipses Disney to become the world's most valuable media company
ABCnews.com—At the urging of Sylvester Stallone, Trump posthumously pardons boxing legend Jack Johnson
CNN.com—Users who want to buy ads related to certain political topics will have to provide proof that they live in the US. This won't solve the election manipulation and fake news, by the way.
CBS News—Opioids found in the tissues of mussels off the coast of Seattle
USA Today—Harvey Weinstein will surrender to authorities on Friday to face rape and sexual assault charges

USA Today—Sandy Hook families suing Alex Jones for promoting false conspiracy theories
ABCnews.com—New EU privacy law goes into effect
CNN.com—GOP congressman says it's okay not to sell homes to gay people
BBC News—Danny Boyle to direct next James Bond film
CBS News—USC president steps down amid sexual abuse scandal
NBC News—A judge rules that it's unconstitutional for Trump to block people on Twitter

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