daily links: july 2018

NBC News—Former Fox News president who resigned in the wake of multiple sexual harrassment scandals at the network is being considered for White House communications role
CBS News—LeBron James signs four year, $154 million deal with the Lakers
ABCnews.com—Kroger to test grocery deliveries using driverless cars
USA Today—Dell to once again become a public company
CNN.com—Boeing working on hypersonic commercial passenger plane
BBC News—Image of still-forming planet captured for the first time

CBS News—Anthony Kennedy annoucnes retirement from the Supreme Court
USA Today—Trump's tariffs could raise price of cars by thousands of dollars, even for cars made in the US
ABCnews.com—Trump rolls back Obama-era guidance on using race as a factor in college admissions
CNN.com—Barnes & Noble fires CEO for unspecified violation of company policy
NBC News—FAA declines to require airlines to provide more legroom for passengers
BBC News—Google reveals that they do not read your Gmail messages, but they allow some third parties to do so

CNN.com—Trump's scandal-ridden EPA chief resigns; agency now to be run by former coal lobbyist
NBC News—Facebook AI mistakenly flags part of the Declaration of Independence as hate speech
CBS News—Poachers who snuck onto a game reserve to kill rhinos are eaten by lions
BBC News—Claude Lanzmann, director of the landmark Shoah documentary, dies at 92
ABCnews.com—Two more people in the UK poisoned by Russian nerve toxin
USA Today—Amazon plans printed holiday toy catalog to replace the one usually sent by the now-bankrupt Toys R Us

NBC News—Immigration authorities have lost track of the parents of dozens of children under 5 who were separated from their families at the border
ABCnews.com—Neighbor calls 911 on black female politician who was going door to door campaigning in the district that she represents
USA Today—Mark Zuckerberg is now the world's third richest person, behind only Bill Gates and Jeff Bezos
CBS News—USPS ordered to pay sculptor of Las Vegas Statue of Liberty $3.5 million after it used his version on a stamp
CNN.com—Elvis Costello reveals cancer diagnosis
BBC News—Family in France living in world's first 3D printed home

CNN.com—Stockton, CA, will be the first American city to test Universal Basic Income
CBS News—Hyatt and Starbucks join growing list of companies who will no longer use plastic straws
ABCnews.com—Michael Cohen's attorney hints that the information Cohen has on his former client Trump will be harmful to the president
USA Today—Groupon is looking for a buyer
NBC News—Twitter has purged over 70 million accounts in the past two months
BBC News—Two year old Texas boy fatally shoots himself with gun that was left unsecured in his home

ABCnews.com—Trump announces his pick to replace Anthony Kennedy on the Supreme Court
CBS News—Thai youth soccer team all successfully rescued from flooded cave where they had been trapped for two weeks
BBC News—Trump plans to escalate his pointless and consumer-punishing trade war with China
USA Today—Groupon is looking for a buyer
USA Today—Joaquin Phoenix to star in Joker origin film
CNN.com—Southwest Airlines announces that it will stop serving peanuts on flights

NBC News—Croatia defeats England in World Cup semifinals and will face France in the title game
USA Today—Judge rules that lawsuits against Roundup weed killer for causing cancer can proceed
CNN.com—Papa John's founder John Schnatter apologizes for using the N-word on a corporate conference call
BBC News—HIV vaccine shows promise in human trials
CBS News—New game show will pay off winners' student loan debts
ABCnews.com—Apple's app store turns 10

NBC News—Woman charged with attempted murder after beating a 92 year old man with a brick and telling him to go back to his own country
USA Today—DOJ is appealing the approval for the AT&T/Time Warner merger
CBS News—Ancient sarcophagus found at a construction site in the Egyptian city of Alexandria
BBC News—California company called BlackFly says it has invented a flying car that anyone can pilot
CNN.com—Disney signs deal for tv rights to Overwatch eSports league
ABCnews.com—California meets reduced emissions goal years ahead of schedule

BBC News—Facebook says it will not remove fake news posts even after they have been idenfied as such, but it will not promote them as much. Great.
USA Today—British woman admits that she murdered her father 12 years ago after finding his stash of child pornography that included graphic images of herself as a child
ABCnews.com—Mueller indicts 12 Russian intelligence officers for campaign meddling, specifically for hacking Democrat email accounts and servers
CNN.com—After two Alaska stores close, there is only a single Blockbuster Video store left in America
CBS News—Bus driver fired after refusing to pick up a black passenger because of his race
ABCnews.com—California meets reduced emissions goal years ahead of schedule

CNN.com—During press conference to recap "summit" with Putin, Trump denounces the US intelligence community and sides with Russia in election hacking scandal
CBS News—Woman charged with homicide after her baby dies from ingesting pain killers through her breast milk
BBC News—Rolls Royce working on propulsion system for flying taxis
NBC News—Amazon website suffers technical issues shortly after launch of Prime Day
ABCnews.com—Flying chunk of lava injures 23 on tour boat in Hawaii
USA Today—Netflix shares drop sharply after missing subscriber growth targets

ABCnews.com—Trump reads a prepared statement attempting to walk back some of his remarks at his press conference with Putin, but then negates the who thing by adding an unscripted qualifier
NBC News—Owner of Mandalay Bay hotel sues victims of the deadly mass shooting in Las Vegas
CNN.com—Mueller seeking immunity for five unnamed witnesses against former Trump campaign manager Paul Manafort
CBS News—Papa John's founder and former CEO now says his recent resignation was a mistake
USA Today—British tourist impaled by umbrella at New Jersey beach
BBC News—The UK's first spaceport will be built in a remote part of Scotland

CNN.com—Trump's Supreme Court pick said in 2016 that he would work to overturn the regulations regarding the legality of an independent special counsel like Robert Mueller
ABCnews.com—Lifelong Republican James Comey urges all voters to support the Democrats this fall. But let's not forget the prominent role that Comey himself played in giving us a Trump administration.
USA Today—EU fines Google $5 billion for anticompetitive behavior
NBC News—Scientists discover 12 more moons orbiting Jupiter
BBC News—Geologists give an official name to the last 4200 years of the Earth's history
CBS News—Indictments reveal that Russians relied on Bitcoin to finance their hacking of the 2016 US elections

CNN.com—Trump doubles down on his anti-America, pro-Russia global view by inviting Putin for another summit—this time at the White House
USA Today—Comcast drops its bid for Fox, clearing the way for Disney to buy the company
NBC News—Chance the Rapper buys Chicago news website
BBC News—Zuckerberg says Facebook should allow pages for Holocaust deniers to have a voice, claiming that these people are not "intentionally" getting their facts wrong
ABCnews.com—State of New York opening probe into Trump's nonprofit foundation
CBS News—Deadliest Catch star pleads guilty to sexually touching a 16 year old girl

CNN.com—Trump's former lawyer Michael Cohen reportedly has audio recordings of the president discussing hush money payoff to Playboy model
BBC News—Microsoft says it has evidence that the 2018 elections are already being actively hacked
ABCnews.com—Andrew Lincoln, who plays the lead in The Walking Dead, is reportedly leaving the show after this season
NBC News—Fortnite, a free-to-play video game, has made over $1 billion
USA Today—AT&T announces three more cities that will get 5G service this year
CBS News—Krispy Kreme buys stake in cookie company

ABCnews.com—Guardians of the Galaxy director James Gunn fired over past tweets
CNN.com—Judge grants immunity to five unnamed witnesses against Paul Manafort
BBC News—New 3D xray machines could end restrictions on liquids for carryon luggage
NBC News—Half of Daily News staff fired in a meeting that lasted less than a minute
USA Today—Uber fires driver who livestreamed passengers without their knowledge or consent
CBS News—Swimmer Ryan Lochte suspended for more than a year for using an IV to inject vitamins

NBC News—GOP lawmaker from Georgia drops his pants and repeatedly yells the N-word in segment on Sacha Baron Cohen's new show
BBC News—Trump to give $12 billion to US farmers to offset the impact from his tariffs
CBS News—Yelp adding health inspection reports for restaurant listings
USA Today—Downloadable plans for 3D printed guns will become legal on August 1
CNN.com—Ivanka Trump to shut down her fashion company
ABCnews.com—New species of dinosaur discovered in China

NBC News—Liquid water found in lake a mile below the surface of Mars
CBS News—Judge allows emoluments case against Trump to move forward
USA Today—Most recent Triple Crown winner Justify won't race again
CNN.com—AMC reinstates Chris Hardwick as host of Talking Dead after investigation into sexual misconduct allegations from a former girlfriend
ABCnews.com—Man with a pickaxe destroys Trump's star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame
BBC News—European court declines to grant trademark to Nestle for the shape of a Kit Kat

CBS News—Greek officials believe arson is the cause of the massive forest fire that has killed dozens
BBC News—YouTube removes Infowars videos for containing hate speech
USA Today—Zuckerberg loses $15 billion in a single day as Facebook shares lose 20% of their value
NBC News—Virgin Galactic's spaceplane ascends to 32 miles from the Earth in latest successful test flight
CNN.com—John Schnatter, who resigned from Papa John's after using a racial slur, is now suing the company, which he still owns 30% of
ABCnews.com—CBS considering a revival of Frasier

CNN.com—Michael Cohen says Trump knew of and approved the meeting between his top campaign officals and Russian operatives in Trump Tower
ABCnews.com—Off-duty cop in Miami kicks pregnant woman in the stomach, causing her to go into labor
CBS News—New species of sea mammal discovered near Hawaii is a hybrid between a dolphin and a whale
NBC News—CBS CEO Les Moonves accused of sexual misconduct
BBC News—Cast of Episode IX includes Carrie Fisher, whose scenes will be created using unseen footage shot during Episode VII
USA Today—Disney shareholders approve acquisition of Fox assets

ABCnews.com—Two NC police officers, including the chief, arrested for driving commercial trucks while on duty
USA Today—Coca-Cola says it is raising prices on soda because of Trump's tariffs on aluminum
NBC News—Trump once again threatens to shut down the government if he doesn't get his way on immigration
BBC News—London Spitfire win first Overwatch League Championship
CBS News—Canada Dry sued over lack of real ginger in their ginger ale
CNN.com—Dunkin Donuts introduces its first gluten free pastry

USA Today—Paul Manafort's trial begins
BBC News—Uber shuts down its self-driving trucks unit
ABCnews.com—Woman killed by carbon dioxide poisoning after driving a car with dry ice in the trunk
NBC News—Town's entire police force resigns, citing safety concerns
CNN.com—MoviePass increasing prices and limiting access to blockbusters in a desperate bid to stay afloat
CBS News—Alan Alda reveals Parkinson's diagnosis

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