daily links: september 2018

CNN.com—New Bob Woodward book on Trump White House reveals that aides steal papers off his desk to keep him from signing them
NBC News—Confirmation hearings begin for controversial Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh
USA Today—Amazon becomes the second company (after Apple) to reach a $1 trillion market cap valuation
CBS News—Musician Neil Young marries actress Daryl Hannah
ABCnews.com—Stolen ruby slippers from The Wizard of Oz recovered after 13 years
BBC News—Colin Kaepernick revealed as the face of Nike's 30th anniversary "Just Do It" campaign

CNN.com—Senior Trump official writes anonymous op-ed for NY Times saying that he is one of many members of the administration who have to actively sabotage Trump to keep things from being even worse
USA Today—First major gene editing trial shows promise for being able to one day permanently end genetic diseases
CBS News—Study finds that 26% of Facebook users have deleted the app from their mobile devices in the past year
NBC News—In his second day of hearings, Kavanaugh dodges questions on Roe, whether Trump can be subpoenaed, and whether Trump can pardon himself
ABCnews.com—NASA offeres $1 million prize for process that can change carbon dioxide to glucose as part of its plans for manned missions to Mars
BBC News—Leak in the Soyuz module of the ISS was made by a drill and appears to have been deliberately by one of the crew members

BBC News—Emails from Kavanaugh reveal that, contrary to his confirmation hearing testimony, he does not regard Roe as settled law
NBC News—Twitter finally bans Alex Jones and InfoWars
USA Today—Burt Reynolds dead at 92
CBS News—More restaurants are banning cell phone use by patrons
ABCnews.com—Teen dies at Yosemite after falling off a cliff while trying to take a selfie
CNN.com—The Oscars will not feature a new popular film category this year after all

BBC News—Female astrophysicist will donate the entirety of her multimillion dollar prize money for her discovery of radio pulsars to a fund to help women and underrepresented students become physics researchers
NBC News—One year after launching the search for HQ2, Amazon still hasn't made a decision. My guess: they're waiting for the results of the 2018 elections, particularly in the Georgia governor's race.
CNN.com—Uber says its app will soon be able to detect crashes and unexpected stops
CBS News—Nike sales surge after Kaepernick ad campaign despite controversy
ABCnews.com—First species of omnivorous sharks identified by scientists
USA Today—Former Browns linebacker Kendricks, who was released by the team after he was charged, pleads guilty to insider trading

CNN.com—College football player loses foot after being run over by a train
CBS News—North Carolina in the crosshairs of massive Hurricane Florence
ABCnews.com—Ship leaves on mission to clean up the Great Pacific Garbage Patch, which has grown to twice the size of Texas
NBC News—Although CBS's Les Moonves will no longer be chairman in the wake of multiple sexual harassment allegations, he will remain as an advisor and receive a $120 million payout
BBC News—Texas police officer goes into the wrong apartment thinking it was her own residence and kills the man who lived there thinking he was an intruder
USA Today—Study finds that hand dryers in restrooms spread germs and bacteria

when the walls fell

USA Today—Georgia charter school announces that it will use paddling as a form of discipline
ABCnews.com—Automated boat becomes first unmanned sailboat to cross the Atlantic
CNN.com—Apple reveals 3 new iPhones and a revamped Watch
CBS News—Despite strong economic numbers, full-time workers in the US are earning less than they did last year
BBC News—British hospitals ask doctors to avoid jargon use plain English when communicating with patients
NBC News—Reddit bans Qanon subreddits

NBC News—Jeff Bezos invests $2 billion in charity fund
CBS News—7 states now have obesity rates higher than 35%
BBC News—Volkswagen will stop making the iconic Beetle next year
ABCnews.com—The EU plans to levy heavy fines against internet companies that do not remove extremist content within one hour of it being reported
USA Today—M&Ms announce three new peanut-based flavors: toffee, jalapeño, and thai coconut
CNN.com—Tesla drops two color choices from its lineup to simplify the manufacturing process

CNN.com—Paul Manafort pleads guilty and agrees to cooperate with Mueller investigation to avoid second trial in DC after being found guilty in Virginia trial last month
ABCnews.com—Hurricane Florence makes landfall in North Carolina
USA Today—SpaceX will take first private commercial passenger on an orbit around the moon
BBC News—Kavanaugh accused of sexual misconduct
NBC News—Coast Guard serviceman removed from duty after flashing white power symbol in background of live tv interview
CBS News—Texas radio host admits to sexually abusing children and paying $45,000 to have prosecutor killed

USA Today—Florence death toll already stands at 20 with more likely as floods will persist for days or weeks longer
CBS News—IBM accused of age discrimination after more than 20,000 workers over the age of 40 fired over the past five years
ABCnews.com—Manafort gave up more than $22 million in assets as part of his plea deal with Mueller
CNN.com—Founder of Salesforce.com buying Time Magazine for $190 million
NBC News—Trump administration will reduce number of refugees granted access to the US to only 30,000 next year, the lowest number in nearly four decades
BBC News—Elon Musk sued by Thai cave diver he accused of being a pedophile on social media

NBC News—ACLU accuses Facebook of enabling discriminatory ad practices
ABCnews.com—Japanese billionaire who has signed up for SpaceX's first commercial moon orbit flight wants to bring artists with him on the journey
BBC News—Doctor and his wife are suspected of drugging and raping multiple women, and the victim count could be in the hundreds
CBS News—Top amateur female golfer murdered by a homeless man as she played a solo practice round at her university
CNN.com—Risks may outweigh benefits from daily low dose aspirin regimen
USA Today—Gilette using crowdfunding to test heated razor

USA Today—Proponent of 3D printed guns wanted for paying to have sex with an underage girl
BBC News—Alibaba CEO says Trump's tariffs will prevent him from creating 1 million new jobs in the US
CBS News—Delta follows lead of other carriers and increases checked bag fee to $30
NBC News—Sony to release PlayStation Classic preloaded with 20 games
ABCnews.com—45 year old man threatens to shoot 11 year old who beat him in Fortnite
CNN.com—LeBron James to start in Space Jam sequel

CBS News—Two women drown in the back of a police van while being transported by deputies through a flooded roadway
CNN.com—Female shooter kills 3 and wounds several others in Maryland
ABCnews.com—Pentagon working on a two-way radio that can be clipped to a tooth
NBC News—John Hancock to stop selling traditional life insurance policies and only offer interactive ones that require the use of fitness tracking devices
BBC News—Newly discovered fossils show us what the earliest animals so far discovered looked like
USA Today—Amazon revamps their Echo products

ABCnews.com—Desmond Tutu lobbies for regulated euthanasia
CBS News—Nike's stock has soared since the Kaepernick campaign kickoff, adding $6 billion in value
NBC News—Ticketmaster accused of colluding with scalpers
USA Today—Under Armour cutting 400 jobs
CNN.com—China blocks streaming service Twitch
BBC News—South Africa becomes first country to legalize marijuana use

ABCnews.com—Second woman accuses Kavanaugh of sexual assault while they were both students at Yale
USA Today—PayPal boots InfoWars and Alex Jones
CNN.com—SiriusXM buying Pandora for $3.5 billion
CBS News—Tiger Woods wins his first tournament since 2013
NBC News—Convicted sex offender walks into police station and confesses to four year old cold case murder
BBC News—Weight Watchers changing its name to WW

CNN.com—Bill Cosby sentenced to 3-10 years in prison and will be classified as a sexually violent predator
ABCnews.com—Republicans set Friday as date to vote on Kavanaugh before they've even heard the testimony from his accuser and other witnesses who may eventually need to be called
NBC News—Trump's new presidential limo cost $1.5 million and includes a refrigerator stocked with the president's blood type
BBC News—Instagram founders resigning from the Facebook-owned company due to Zuckerberg's increasing meddling
USA Today—Dunkin' Donuts drops "donuts" from its name. What?
CBS News—Michael Kors buying Versace for $2 billion

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