daily links: march 2021

NBC News—Stock market surges after third vaccine is approved for use in the US and the House passes the massive Covid stimulus bill
ABCnews.com—Evanston, IL, to become first city to issue reparations to black residents for slavery
CBS News—Warren Buffett's annual newsletter to shareholders reveals that his investment firm has made $100 billion off its investment in Apple stock
CNN.com—A Trader Joe's worker was fired after writing directly to the CEO with concerns about inadequate safety precautions in his store
USA Today—New York governor Andrew Cuomo accused by multiple women of sexual harassment
BBC News—Massive iceberg breaks of Antarctic shelf

ABCnews.com—Biden says that there will be enough vaccines to innoculate all American adults by the end of May
CNN.com—Dr. Seuss Enterprises says it will no longer publish six of the author's titles because they portray people, particularly ethnic minorities, in ways that are hurtful and wrong
CBS News—In testimony before Congress, FBI Director Christopher Wray calls the Capital rioters domestic terrorists
USA Today—Republican governors in Mississippi and Texas are lifting Covid restrictions, including mask mandates, despite the CDC saying that it's too early to do so safely
BBC News—Angelina Jolie sells rare painting by Churchill for $10 million at auction
NBC News—Scientists discover deep sea sharks that glow in the dark

USA Today—Congress cancels March 4 session (the day when presidents used to be sworn into office) after intelligence agencies warn of credible threats to breach the Capitol
ABCnews.com—Under new order from Biden, teachers and child care staff are eligible to sign up for vaccines nationwide
CNN.com—DoD internal watchdog finds that former White House physician and current Congressman Ronny Jackson made sexually inappropriate comments to colleagues and drank and took Ambien while on the job
CBS News—South Carolina bill would expand execution options to include firing squad and the electric chair
NBC News—Former NFL star Kellen Winslow sentenced to 14 years in prison for multiple charges of rape and assault
BBC News—Rare Ming Dynasty bowl purchased for $35 at yard sale could sell for up to $500,000 at auction

USA Today—In an effort to stall passage of the Covid relief bill, GOP senator Ron Johnson requires the entire bill to be read aloud by senate clerks, which will likely take more than ten hours
ABCnews.com—Google says it will no longer sells ads based on individual web tracking data
CBS News—The House passes sweeping police reform and election rights bills
CNN.com—Amy Coney Barrett's first majority opinion was supported 7-2 and limits the reach of FOIA requests
BBC News—The US suspends tariffs on single malt Scotch whiskey
NBC News—Latino groups condemn Goya CEO for referring to Trump as the "actual president" and perpetuating false claims of election fraud

BBC News—Perseverance rover takes its first drive on Mars
CNN.com—A political appointee in Trump's State Department charged with participating in the Capitol riot, specifically with attacking police officers
ABCnews.com—Detroit mayor turns down the city's allotment of J&J vaccine doses, saying they have enough already to meet demand and that the Moderna and Pfizer are better
CBS News—Stockton experiment with Universal Basic Income, which gave randomly selected residents guaranteed income for two years no matter what their current financial status, appears to be a successful proof of concept
NBC News—NYC woman discovers an entire unfinished, unoccupied apartment on the other side of a hole behind her bathroom mirror
USA Today—California says that Disneyland will be allowed to reopen on April 1

NBC News—Georgia's GOP-dominated state legislature passes a raft of "election integrity" bills that are really meant to suppress voting, especially among black voters
CNN.com—CDC issues guidance for what fully vaccinated people should and should not do
BBC News—The Dalai Lama gets his first vaccine dose
USA Today—Antivirus software creator John McAfee charged with misleading investors by promoting cryptocurrencies on his Twitter account without revealing that he had a stake in them
CBS News—California bill would eliminate boys and girls sections for toys in big box retail stores
ABCnews.com—Jeff Bezos' ex-wife MacKenzie Scott, who is worth tens of billions, marries a Seattle science teacher

BBC News—NASA has completed assembly of the two boosters to be used in its massive new SLS launch system
CBS News—Twitter sues Texas AG, claiming that he initiated a retaliatory investigation after the social media platform permanently banned Trump
CNN.com—Arkansas governor signs near-total abortion ban into law
USA Today—Two species of sea slugs can regenerate a whole new body after being decapitated
NBC News—Unilever will remove the word "normal" from its packaging on beauty products
ABCnews.com—Biden family dogs sent back to Delaware after incidents of aggression at the White House

CNN.com—House passes Senate version of $1.9 trillion Covid relief bill, which will now head to Biden's desk
CBS News—Senate confirms Merrick Garland as Attorney General
ABCnews.com—Bridgestone offers employees $100 bonus for getting vaccinated
USA Today—Two species of sea slugs can regenerate a whole new body after being decapitated
USA Today—Former MLB star Johnny Damon arrested for DUI
NBC News—Biden announces plans to purchase an additional 100 million doses of the J&J one-shot vaccine

NBC News—Purely digital artwork authenticated with an NFT sells at Christie's for $69 million
CBS News—Over one third of Republicans say they won't get a Covid vaccine, compared to just 10% of Democrats
CNN.com—Minneapolis city council approves $27 million settlement to George Floyd's family
USA Today—FAA fines JetBlue passenger $14,500 after he refused to follow the orders of flight attendants, refused to wear a face mask, and caused the plane to return to its airport of origin
ABCnews.com—Netflix testing feature meant to limit password sharing
BBC News—Amazon removes book that frames gender identity as a mental illness

BBC News—YouTube deletes 30,000 vaccine misinformation videos
NBC News—A cryptocurrency investor who uses the pseudonym as Metakovan is identifed as the purchaser of a $69 million NFT work of digital art
USA Today—Lou Ottens, the inventor of the cassette tape, dies at 94
ABCnews.com—Coors says a cyberattack is impacting its brewing operations
CNN.com—Theranos founder Elizabeth Holmes is pregnant, which will likely delay her criminal trial
CBS News—Idaho leaving the Powerball lottery because Britain and Australia are joining

CNN.com—The Pope announces that the Catholic Church will not bless same-sex unions and calls homosexuality a "sin" and a "choice"
ABCnews.com—Two men charged with assaulting the Capitol Police officer who later died from his injuries
BBC News—Elon Musk changes his title at Tesla to "Technoking"
NBC News—Quarterback Drew Brees announces his retirement from football after 20 years and says he will now work for NBC as an analyst
USA Today—Miami police user pepper balls to disperse unruly spring break crowds
CBS News—Facebook announces new tools to help users find vaccine appointments

CNN.com—Deb Haaland becomes first Native American cabinet member after Senate confirmation
USA Today—US intelligence agencies find that Russia tried to influence the presidential election in 2020 on behalf of Trump just like it did in 2016
ABCnews.com—Moderna to start vaccine trials on children as young as six months old
CBS News—Astronomers discover supermassive black hole wandering untethered through space
BBC News—Pennsylvania mom used deepfake technology to try to frame her daughter's cheerleading rivals and get them thrown off the team
NBC News—Tom Brady shares what he says is his cellphone number on social media and invites fans to text him directly

CNN.com—Man in custody after killing 8 people at three different massage parlors in Georgia
NBC News—House votes to remove deadline for ERA amendment
CBS News—IRS to delay tax filing deadline until May 17
ABCnews.com—Amazon to start offering telehealth services
USA Today—Army denies medals to soldier pardoned by Trump who was accused of murdering civilians in Afghanistan
BBC News—Spirit Airlines removes four year old boy with autism from a flight because he could not wear a mask

BBC News—US to send 4 million vaccine doses to Mexico and Canada
CNN.com—Man found guilty of keeping live sharks in his pool and offering them for sale online
CBS News—New bill would limit how much a CEO could be paid compared to the median pay of workers
USA Today—NFL reaches new 11 year deal with broadcasting partners with an emphasis on streaming
ABCnews.com—Ford says 30,000 employees can continue to work from home even after pandemic restrictions have been lifted
NBC News—Houston Texans quarterback Deshaun Watson facing three allegations of sexual misconduct

NBC News—Biden promised 100 million Covid vaccine shots in his first 100 days; he hit that mark in under 60
BBC News—Contemporary viral rendition of a 19th century sea shanty goes to number 1 on the UK music charts
USA Today—Trump's home/country club Mar-a-Lago closed due to Covid outbreak
CNN.com—Avatar reclaims title of world's highest grossing movie after being re-released in China
ABCnews.com—Restaurant owner in Michigan jailed after ignoring Covid restrictions for months and continuing to serve customers after her food license was revoked
CBS News—Wilco frontman Jeff Tweedy says he will donate 5% of his songwriting royalties to social justice causes

ABCnews.com—Multiple people killed after gunman opens fire in grocery store in Colorado
CNN.com—In rebuttal to lawsuit from Dominion Voting Systems, Trump lawyer Sidney Powell says that no reasonable person would have believed her claims of election fraud
USA Today—Former intelligence official says that upcoming government report on UFOs will reveal many more incidents and contain things that are not easy to explain
BBC News—Supreme Court to hear case that could reinstate the death penalty against the Boston Marathon bomber
CBS News—Olympic hopeful surfer killed by lightning while training
NBC News—Six more women allege sexual misconduct by Houston Texans quarterback Deshaun Watson, bringing the current total to 13

USA Today—Biden calls for Congress to ban assault weapons and close background check loopholes in the wake of the Atlanta and Boulder mass shootings
CNN.com—Trump-appointed Postmaster General—who cannot be directly fired by Biden—wants to lengthen delivery times and reduce post office hours
CBS News—Citibank bans Zoom meetings on Fridays, with CEO citing video fatigue from the pandemic virtual workplace
NBC News—Prince Harry to start working for a Silicon Valley startup
ABCnews.com—Regal Cinemas in the US to reopen in April
BBC News—Twitter founder Jack Dorsey sells his first tweet as an NFT for $2.9 million

BBC News—Suez Canal blocked by massive container ship that has run aground
CNN.com—Atlanta police detain man who entered a supermarket with five guns and body armor
CBS News—Zoom paid zero federal taxes on $670 million in profits for 2020
ABCnews.com—California bill would require individual identifiers on all bullet casings that would be imprinted by the gun at the time of firing
USA Today—Virginia abolishes the death penalty
NBC News—Navy destoyers followed by mysterious military-grade drones off the coast of California

ABCnews.com—Cargo ship that blocked the Suez Canal for nearly a week is finally freed
CNN.com—Federal appeals court rules in favor of Ohio professor who refused to use a transgender student's preferred pronouns
BBC News—Prosecutors add new sex trafficking charges against Jeffrey Epstein paramour and co-conspirator Ghislaine Maxwell
NBC News—Intel to invest $20 billion in two new chip plants in Arizona
CBS News—Nike sues musician Lil Nas X over modified Nike shoes he released in collaboration with a New York art collective
USA Today—Disney+ raising the price of its monthly subscription by $1

NBC News—Georgia faces growing number of legal challenges to its hastily passed package of voter suppression laws
ABCnews.com—NFL owners approve a proposal that adds a 17th regular season game and reduces the preseason to 3 games
BBC News—Game of Thrones theater production coming to both Broadway and the West End
CNN.com—New state holiday in Arizona will honor Navajo code talkers who served in WWII
USA Today—The 2021 Cadbury Bunny is a frog named Betty
CBS News—Childrens author Beverly Cleary dies at 104

CNN.com—DOJ investigating GOP rep Matt Gaetz as part of larger sex trafficking probe
ABCnews.com—Two Capitol Police officers suing Trump for inciting the Jan 6 riot that resulted in physical and emotional injuries
CBS News—Pentagon announces they are reverting to the 2016 policies regarding trans people serving in the military after Biden overturned Trump's anti-trans executive order in January
USA Today—Delta CEO condemns Georgia's restrive new voting laws
NBC News—New York becomes latest state to legalize the recreational use of cannabis, and it will also start expunging the records of people convicted of certain cannibis-related offenses
BBC News—Watergate scandal perpetrator G. Gordon Liddy dies at 90

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