daily links: july 2021

ABCnews.com—Trump Organization and its CFO charged with multiple felony tax fraud charges by Manhattan DA
CBS News—Supreme Court conservatives continue to gut the Voting Rights Act
USA Today—Nancy Pelosi announces committee to investigate the Jan 6 insurrection that will include Republican Liz Cheney
NBC News—Jeff Bezos announces that 84 year old pioneering female pilot Wally Funk will accompany him into space on July 20
CNN.com—Mostly-white HS basketball team stripped of their championship title after their fans throw tortillas at mostly-Latino opposing team
BBC News—130 countries agree to global minimum tax on large corporations

BBC News—Richard Branson announces that he will go into space on July 11, beating his fellow billionaire Jeff Bezos by just a few days
USA Today—New bill proposes to move control of your credit score from three private companies to a single government agency
ABCnews.com—Dodgers star pitcher Trevor Bauer suspended by MLB after allegations of a physical assault during a sexual encounter
CNN.com—Elsa becomes this year's first hurricane
NBC News—Consumer investing app Robinhood fined $70 million for promoting false information service outages that prevented their customers from trading during market volatility
CBS News—Airlines that deliver bags late will be required to refund fees

ABCnews.com—Pentagon cancels $10 billion cloud contract with Microsoft after Amazon alleges it was awarded by the Trump administration without proper competitive bid review
CNN.com—Georgia golf pro murdered after investigating pickup truck that drove onto one of his course's greens
BBC News—Russia declares that only local producers can label their sparkling wine as champagne, and wants even genuine champagne makers from that region of France to label their products as sparkling wine
CBS News—Researchers declare four-day workweek trial in Iceland an overwhelmging success
NBC News—Bitcoin farm owned by a private equity firm is raising the temperature of a glacial lake in upstate New York
USA Today—Nintendo will launch upgraded Switch in October

USA Today—New book claims that Trump praised Hitler to his then-chief of staff while on a presidential trip to Europe in 2018
ABCnews.com—Haiti's president assassinated in his private residence after it was invaded by a group of attackers
BBC News—NY governor Andrew Cuomo issues executive order declaring a state of emergency over gun violence
CBS News—Trump sues Facebook and Twitter for banning his accounts
CNN.com—Fort Lauderdale to allow Elon Musk's Boring Company to build a tunnel connecting its downtown to the beach
NBC News—The container ship that blocked the Suez Canal for nearly a week is back in service

CBS News—Biden says US will complete its military mission in Afghanistan by Aug 31 of this year
ABCnews.com—Pfizer likely to recommend a Covid booster shot administered 6-12 months after the final dose of its two-shot protocol
NBC News—Toyota says it will halt corporate donations to Republicans who voted against certifying the 2020 election for Joe Biden
CNN.com—Stormy Daniels' former lawyer Michael Avenatti sentenced to two and a half years in prison for trying to extort Nike
BBC News—Leonardo sketch of bear's head sells for over $12 million at auction
USA Today—Oreo announces two new flavors

USA Today—Illinois becomes the first state to mandate the teaching of Asian American history in public schools
CNN.com—Biden fires the Trump-installed head of the Social Security Administration after he refuses to submit his resignation voluntarily
ABCnews.com—Charlottesville to remove Conferderate statues after years-long legal battle
CBS News—Biden bars ICE from detaining pregnant or nursing women
NBC News—Louisiana teen becomes the first African American to win the Scripps National Spelling Bee
BBC News—China says that giant pandas are no longer an endangered species

CNN.com—Texas House Democrats leave the state to prevent the passing of extremely restrictive voter repression laws
ABCnews.com—Four people arrested in Denver after housekeeping finds 16 guns, body armor, and over 1000 rounds of ammunition in downtown hotel room just days before the MLB All-Star Game
CBS News—FDA issues warning about J&J Covid vaccine, saying that it could pose a small risk of triggering a rare autoimmune disorder
USA Today—Millions of mussels and clams cooked in their own shells during recent Pacific Northwest heat wave
NBC News—Black Widow sets pandemic-era box office record with a first week global take of over $200 million, including $60 million in streaming revenue
BBC News—Richard Branson successfully completes a flight to space in his commercial Virgin Galatic space plane Unity

USA Today—Under pressure from GOP state lawmakers, Tennessee fires its top vaccine official for doing her job: trying to educate the public about the safety and benefits of the Covid vaccines
ABCnews.com—Norwegian Cruise Lines is suing Florida over its vaccine passport ban, saying it cannot resume sailings unless it can verify that all crew and passengers are vaccinated
CNN.com—Cornel West resigns from Harvard after tenure dispute
NBC News—Four Iranians arrested for plotting to kidnap Brooklyn journalist and author
CBS News—Some McDonald's franchises will start offering child care and tuition benefits
BBC News—Unopened Super Mario game from 1996 sells for record $1.5 million at auction

USA Today—Thanks to deforestation for the raising of cattle, some parts of the Amazon rainforest are now emitting more CO2 than they absorb
ABCnews.com—Jeff Bezos donates $200 million to Smithsonian Air and Space Museum
NBC News—Woman in Utah charged with hate crime for stepping on a pro-police yard sign
CNN.com—NFL star Richard Sherman arrested for domestic violence
CBS News—Some cruise lines are requiring unvaccinated passengers to carry travel insurance
BBC News—Gun manufacturer facing criticism for selling a real gun that is designed to look like a Lego toy

NBC News—New book reveals that top generals were concerned that Trump would attempt a coup after he lost the 2020 election
USA Today—Chuck Schumer to introduce bill that would federally legalize cannabis
CNN.com—US is suing Amazon to get them to stop allowing third party sellers to sell hazardous goods on the platform
CBS News—600,000 flags to be planted on National Mall to honor those who died of Covid
ABCnews.com—Netflix may offer video games to its streaming platform
BBC News—NASA will attempt to fix the malfunctioning Hubble telescope by switching systems over to backup modules

CNN.com—California will require all healthcare workers and state employees to be vaccinated or undergo weekly Covid testing and wear masks at all times
CBS News—Weightlifter becomes the first representative from the Philippines to ever win a gold medal at the Olympics
ABCnews.com—BioNTech to use mRNA technology behind some Covid vaccines to create a malaria vaccine
BBC News—Record vehicle deliveries lead to Tesla's first billion dollar quarter
NBC News—Man who was an outspoken Covid denier and antivaxxer dies from Covid after being hospitalized with the disease for weeks
USA Today—FAA changes the definition of an astronaut so that neither Bezos nor Branson can claim the distinction after their recent sub-orbital flights

ABCnews.com—Due to surge in Covid cases thanks to the delta variant and the percentage of people who still have not gotten vaccinated, the CDC now recommends that even vaccinated people should go back to wearing masks in public indoor spaces
BBC News—US Capitol Police officers testify in Jan 6 hearings
NBC News—US sells one-of-a-kind Wu Tang album owned by Martin Shkreli as part of effort to pay off his debts and fines
USA Today—Alexa gets a new wake word and a new voice
CNN.com—Hobby Lobby ordered to forfeit Middle Eastern artifact it purchased for $1.6 million after a court finds that it entered the US illegally
CBS News—California sues game maker Activision over frat boy work culture

BBC News—Gun manufacturer Remington offers $33 settlement to the families of nine of the victims of the Sandy Hook school shooting
CBS News—NASA detects water vapor on Ganymede, Jupiter's largest moon
USA Today—Google mandates vaccines for all its employees and delays a return-to-office date as cases of Covid surge
NBC News—Twitter testing feature that would allow consumers to shop directly from a brand's Twitter profile
CNN.com—ZZ Top bassist Dusty Hill dead at 72
ABCnews.com—Woman in Germany carried lottery ticket worth $39 million in her purse for weeks without realizing it was a winning ticket

CNN.com—Biden announces that all federal employees will be required to get a Covid vaccine
NBC News—Former police officer who was fired after participating in the Jan 6 insurrection is jailed after posting violent messages online and illegally buying $16,000 worth of guns over the internet
USA Today—Two NYPD officers found guilty of raping a 15 year old girl multiple times over the course of several months
CBS News—Multiple college athletes announce endorsement deals in the wake of the NCAA's new NIL policy
ABCnews.com—Powerful 8.2 magnitude earthquake hits Alaska
BBC News—Rick Astley's rickroll YouTube video meme crosses the billion view threshold

CNN.com—DOJ rules that IRS must turn over Trump's tax returns to Congress
CBS News—Broadway theaters to require vaccines for audience members
ABCnews.com—Newly released documents show that Trump tried to pressure the DOJ to declare the 2020 election "corrupt"
USA Today—Massive wave of evictions could be coming as Congress declines to exted the eviction moratorium
BBC News—Scarlett Johansson sues Disney, saying that the streaming release of Black Widow cut into the theater profits that she has a contractual percentage of
NBC News—1 in every 169 workers in the US is now employed by Amazon

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