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USA Today—Texas Democractic legislators stage walkout to prevent passage of draconian voter suppression bill
CBS News—117 unvaccinated healthcare workers sue a Houston hospital after being ordered to get vaccinated or lose their jobs
ABCnews.com—WHO switches to non-geographic naming convention for Covid variants
NBC News—Moderna files for full FDA approval for its Covid vaccine
CNN.com—Braves star outfielder Marcell Ozuna arrested after assaulting and threatening to kill his wife
BBC News—Biden to suspend oil and gas drilling leases in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge that were granted by Trump days before he left office

ABCnews.com—MLB sued by conservative business group for $1 billion for pulling this year's All-Star game from Atlanta
NBC News—National Enquirer ordered to pay $187,000 fine for a hush money payment to a Trump mistress meant to influence the 2016 election
USA Today—Duke's storied basketball coach Mike Krzyzewski will reportedly retire after next season
CNN.com—Trump shuts down his new "social media platform" (basically a blog) after less than a month
BBC News—Russia starts adminstering Covid vaccines to animals
CBS News—West Virginia announces vaccine lottery where prizes include guns, trucks, and cash

CBS News—DOJ says it will prioritize investigating ransonware attacks at the same level as other forms of terrorism
BBC News—NASA plans to launch two missions to Venus by the end of the decade
NBC News—Costco bringing back its food sampling stations
USA Today—Twitter launches subscription service with more featues for users called Twitter Blue
CNN.com—United Airlines plans to offer supersonic jet flights by 2029
ABCnews.com—SpaceX launches resupply mission to ISS; cargo includes tardigrades and baby squid

USA Today—Biden to undo Trump's loosening of regulations around the Endangered Species Act
CBS News—NY bill would allow adult survivors of sexual abuse to sue with no statute of limitations
BBC News—Apple updates AirTags to address privacy concerns
CNN.com—Facebook extends Trump's ban on the platform until at least 2023
NBC News—NC county bans Coca-Cola machines after the Atlanta-based soft drink giant criticizes Georgia's recently-passed voter suppression laws
ABCnews.com—Seven high school football coaches fired after forcing Jewish player to eat pork as punishment for not attending a non-mandatory practice

CNN.com—Rudy Giuliani caught on tape pressuring Ukraine officials to investigate Biden in a quid pro quo arrangement
CBS News—Jeff Bezos announces that he will go to space in July in a New Shepard capsule built by his Blue Origin spaceflight company
BBC News—Federal judge overturns California's ban on assault weapons after extolling the virtues of the AR-15
ABCnews.com—FDA approves new drug meant to slow the progression of Alzheimer's
NBC News—Supreme Court declines to hear lawsuit challenging a male-only military draft
USA Today—Apple announces new features for iOS at WWDC

ABCnews.com—Biden announces that the US will purchase 500 million doses of the Pfizer Covid vaccine and distribute them to poorer nations
USA Today—Houston hospital suspends nearly 200 healthcare workers who have refused to be vaccinated and gives them two weeks to reach compliance or they will be fired
CNN.com—Trump's DOJ secretly obtained the phone and email records of a CNN reporter in an attempt to identify leaks, one of many such actions that have recently come to light
CBS News—Biden administration revokes Trump's attempted ban of TikTok social media platform
NBC News—Pennsylvania man poses as Trump family member to bilk money from the former president's gullible followers. To be fair, since he's a con man, he's already spiritually part of the Trump clan.
BBC News—South African woman reportedly gives birth to 10 children from a single pregnancy

CBS News—El Salvador becomes first country to accept Bitcoin as legal tender
ABCnews.com—New study finds that Covid can cause diabetes
USA Today—Lake Mead at its lowest level since the 1930s after years of drought and record heat
CNN.com—Hackers break into servers of video game maker EA, stealing source code for games and development tools
NBC News—National Geographic officially adds a fifth ocean to its world map, the Southern Ocean that surrounds Antarctica
BBC News—UK to ban sales of halogen light bulbs

ABCnews.com—Trump's justice department obtained personal records and data on dozens of House Dems
USA Today—Disney World will no longer require masks indoors for vaccinated visitors. But of course it's not verifying whether people have had the vaccine or not...
CNN.com—Federal board votes unanimously to rename 16 sites in Texas whose current names include the word "Negro"
CBS News—McDonald's hit by major data breach
BBC News—Lobster fisherman survives 30 seconds in the mouth of a humpback whale before the animal spit him back out
NBC News—Arby's employee fired after writing homophobic slur on a couple's receipt

CNN.com—Grocery store employee in Atlanta shot and killed by customer after she tried to enforce the store's mask policy
NBC News—$1.2 million worth of cocaine found on Florida beach during turtle nesting survey
BBC News—US bans dog imports from over 100 countries over rabies concerns
ABCnews.com—Girl Scouts have millions of boxes of unsold cookies due to low sales during the pandemic
CBS News—Music publishers sue Roblox for $200 million for copyright infringement, alleging that the gaming platform actively encourages users to upload copyrighted material
USA Today—Microsoft to sell Xbox-shaped mini-fridge for the holidays

CBS News—New emails reveal the pressure the Trump administration put on the DOJ to overturn the results of the 2020 presidential election
NBC News—Senate unanimously passes bill that would make Juneteenth a federal holiday
BBC News—The US now has more than 600,000 deaths due to Covid
ABCnews.com—Jeff Bezos' ex-wife MacKenzie Scott announces that she has donated $2.7 billion to 286 organizations
CNN.com—Ticket to go into space with Jeff Bezos sells for $28 million at auction
USA Today—Taco Bell giving free tacos to vaccinated Californians

NBC News—Minneapolis man who intentionally drove into a crowd of protesters charged with murder
CBS News—Federal Reserve says it expects to raise interest rates twice in 2023 after previously saying there would be no increases until at least 2024
CNN.com—Morgan Stanley CEO tells employees that he expects them back in the office full time no later than September
ABCnews.com—Arizona governor signs executive order preventing public universities from requiring students to have a Covid vaccine
BBC News—Airbnb pays $7 million to an Australian woman who was raped by her host while staying in an Airbnb property in NYC
USA Today—Nintendo to release sequel to Breath of the Wild for the Switch in 2022

CNN.com—Juneteenth offcially becomes a federal holiday, the first new federal holiday since MLK Day was created in 1983
ABCnews.com—In a 7-2 decision, the Supreme Court rejects a call from red state AGs to strike down the ACA
CBS News—11 Republican Senators agree to support bipartisan infrastructure deal
NBC News—Biden administration investing $3.2 billion in antiviral pills meant to treat Covid and other future virus threats
BBC News—Fusion plant to be built in UK by company backed by Jeff Bezos
USA Today—Apple awards $5 million Innovation Grants to four HBCUs

CNN.com—Colorado judge finds that Christian baker broke state anti-discrimination laws by refusing to make a cake for a trans woman
NBC News—All members of Portland police crowd control unit resign en masse after one of the officers is indicted for using unlawful force on a protester
CBS News—3 dead and 2 missing after tubers float over the edge of a dam in North Carolina
BBC News—Daredevil Alex Harvill dies after crashing while trying to set a new record for the longest motorcycle jump
ABCnews.com—Two 17th century paintings found in rest stop dumpster in Germany
USA Today—Dead murder hornet found near Seattle for the first time since 2020

BBC News—Supreme Court rules in favor of student athletes in their lawsuit against the NCAA
NBC News—American Airlines forced to cancel hundreds of flights due to lack of staff and maintenance issues
CBS News—Trans female weightlifter will be the first trans athlete to compete in the Olympics
CNN.com—Steven Spielberg's production company signs deal with Netflix
ABCnews.com—Waitress abducted and assaulted by customers after she chased them into the parking lot for not paying their $70 bill
USA Today—Facebook introduces Live Audio Rooms to compete with Clubhouse

CNN.com—Republican Senators block federal voting rights bill that was meant to counter red-state voter suppression bills, because the GOP knows that if everyone who is eligible to vote could easily vote, they'd lose a lot more elections
NBC News—Raiders defensive end Carl Nassib comes out on his Instagram feed and becomes the first active NFL player to be openly gay
BBC News—Signs of geological activity found on Venus
USA Today—Harlem Globetrotters petition the NBA to become an official franchise
ABCnews.com—Frontier airlines adds a Covid Recovery surcharge to its bookings
CBS News—Connecticut legalizes recreational marijuana

USA Today—Biden announces executive actions targeting illegal gun sales and rogue dealers in an attempt to address rising gun-related crime and violence
CBS News—Carl Nassib's jersey becomes a top seller after he becomes the first openly gay active NFL player
ABCnews.com—Supreme Court rules that schools cannot regulate the social media speech of their students when it occurs off-campus
CNN.com—John McAfee, the eccentric and reclusive founder of a large tech company, found dead of apparent suicide in Spanish prison
BBC News—AI used to help restore Rembrandt masterpiece
NBC News—Harrison Ford injured while filming Indiana Jones 5

CNN.com—Rudy Giuliani's law license suspended in New York for promoting election lies on behalf of his client Donald Trump
ABCnews.com—After GOP blocks bipartisan commission to investigate the Jan 6 insurrection, Pelosi announces that she is forming a select committee to carry out the investigation
CBS News—Teamsters planning to unionize Amazon workers across the nation
USA Today—Miami condo building collapses, leaving at least 99 people unaccounted for
BBC News—Microsoft unveils Windows 11
NBC News—BuzzFeed announces plans to go public

CNN.com—Former police officer Derek Chauvin sentenced to 22 1/2 years in prison for the murder of George Floyd
ABCnews.com—DOJ suing the state of Georgia over its new voter repression law, saying it is explicitly designed to deny Black people the right to vote
USA Today—Trump attorney says he expects criminal charges to be filed against the Trump Organization as early as next week
CBS News—Virgin Galactic gets FAA approval to send passengers into space
NBC News—The US government releases its UFO report, which finds that 143 of the 144 documented phenomena have not been able to be explained
BBC News—Chinese scientists reveal details of recently discovered skull that could belong to a previously unknown species of human

USA Today—Toyota is the top corporate donor to members of Congress who would not certify the election
NBC News—Johnson & Johnson agrees to pay $230 million to New York to settle opioid lawsuit
CBS News—Juul to pay North Carolina $40 million to settle vaping lawsuit where the state accused the e-cigarette company of encouraging teens to use their product
CNN.com—French authorities searching for Tour de France spectator who caused massive crash
ABCnews.com—Cops reality show creator John Langley dies of a heart attack at 78 while competing in an off-road race in Mexico
BBC News—Study finds that mixing different vaccines for your first and second dose still provides good protection against Covid

BBC News—United Airlines bets on big post-pandemic travel boom with orders for 270 new planes
NBC News—Nevada pageant winner to become first transgender Miss USA contestant
USA Today—Facebook becomes the fifth US company to pass the trillion dollar valuation mark
CNN.com—Painting that was kept in a dusty corner for generations is discovered to be a centuries-old work by Fragonard worth millions of dollars
ABCnews.com—Most residents who live in a sister building of the collapsed Champlain Towers South are choosing to stay even though their building is the same design built one year later
CBS News—Seattle Mariners pitcher becomes first player to be suspended for violating new foreign substance enforcement

CNN.com—Bill Cosby released from prison after Pennsylvania Supreme Court overturns his conviction
CBS News—NCAA agrees to let college athletes be compensated for the use of their names, images, and likenesses
USA Today—Former defense secretary Donald Rumsfeld dies at 88
ABCnews.com—Spectator who caused a massive crash at the Tour de France arrested by French authorities
NBC News—US to add third gender option to its passports
BBC News—Flying car that uses regular gasoline and can fly hundreds of miles on a single tank completes its first test flight between two airports

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