daily links: april 2021

ABCnews.com—Biden unveils sweeping infrastructure plan, which Republicans already say they will oppose without seeing any details because it involves taxing corporations
CBS News—S&P 500 closes above 4000 for the first time
USA Today—PayPal will now allow people to use the most popular cryptocurrencies to make purchases
NBC News—Paul Simon sells his entire song catalog to Sony Music
CNN.com—My Bloody Valentine sign to Domino and announce that they are working on two new albums. This is not an April Fools joke.
BBC News—Pharmaceutical companies are developing Covid vaccines for pets. This is also not an April Fools joke.

CBS News—Capitol Police officer dies after man rams into barricade with a car
CNN.com—MLB moving All Star game from Georgia in protest of its racist new voter suppression laws
BBC News—Uber ordered to pay $1.1 million to blind passenger who was consistently refused rides by Uber drivers
NBC News—Teacher who did not realize Zoom was turned on goes on racist rant that students and parents could hear
USA Today—CDC issues revised travel recommendations for vaccinated people
ABCnews.com—The rector of Notre Dame says it will take 15-20 years to fully restore the cathedral

CBS News—Feds considering a ban on foreclosures through 2022
NBC News—Trump website used dark patterns to trick donors into sending more money than they intended
ABCnews.com—Putin signs law that will allow him to serve for two more terms, potentially keeping him in power until 2036
CNN.com—Japan records its earliest cherry blossom bloom in over a millenium that is yet another sign of the impact of climate change
BBC News—Rapper DMX hospitalized and on life support after heart attack
USA Today—Unopened Super Mario cartidge from 1986 sells for $660,000 at auction

CBS News—Amazon owner Jeff Bezos says he supports a higher corporate tax rate
CNN.com—Arkansas bans gender-affirming medical treatment for trans youth under 18 after legislature overrides the governor's veto of the bill
ABCnews.com—California, the first state to go into lockdown in 2020, announces that it will fully reopen by June 15 as long as hospitalization rates and vaccine availability stay on a positive course
NBC News—Almost 80% of teachers and child care workers now have at least one vaccine shot
USA Today—Fast food restaurants facing shortage of ketchup packets
BBC News—Kim Kardashian is now officially a billionaire

CNN.com—In Minnesota, just miles from where the Chauvin trial is taking place, a police officer shoots and kills a black man during a traffic, apparently intending to tase him but instead shooting him with a handgun
BBC News—Workers in Alabama Amazon warehouse vote not to unionize
CBS News—Former MLB great Alex Rodriguez wants to buy the NBA's Minnesota Timberwolves in a partnership with a former Walmart exec
ABCnews.com—New Mexico to legalize recreational cannabis use
NBC News—Microsoft buys speech recognition company Nuance for $16 billion
USA Today—Will Smith announces that he will move the filming of his next movie from Georgia in protest of the new voter suppression laws

CBS News—US will pause distribution of the Johnson & Johnson vaccine after six cases of unusual blood clotting are reported—out of over 7 million vaccines administered so far
ABCnews.com—Officer who shot Daunte Wright and her police chief both announce their resignations
USA Today—Biden wants to withdraw all troops from Afghanistan by September
BBC News—France to ban commercial flights between destinations that are less than 2.5 hours apart by rail
CNN.com—Apple announces event for April 20 in which they are expected to launch new products
NBC News—Venomous viper with no known anti-venom bites zoo employee

CNN.com—26 year police force veteran officer who shot and killed Daunte Wright during a traffic stop to be charged with second degree manslaughter
BBC News—EU proposals aim to limit use of AI in society
USA Today—Atlanta school named after Confederate general will now be renamed to honor Hank Aaron
ABCnews.com—Infamous Ponzi scheme operator Bernie Madoff dies in prison at 82
CBS News—Wall Street investors value cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase at over $100 billion on its first day of being listed on the Nasdaq exchange
NBC News—Texas bill could result in jail time for child abuse for parents who give their transgender children gender-affirming care

ABCnews.com—Biden administration announces sweeping sanctions on Russia over election interference and cyberhacks
CBS News—More and more colleges are requiring that students have a Covid vaccine in order to attend classes in person and live on campus this fall
NBC News—CDC reports that only 5,800 people have been infected with Covid after being fully vaccinated (77 million people in the US have reach full vaccination status), and most of those cases were asymptomatic or mild
USA Today—Japanese officials are still considering holding this summer's Olympics (delayed from last year) without fans, or even canceling the games altogether
CNN.com—Mike Pence undergoes surgery to implant a pacemaker
BBC News—Scientists have successfully injected human stem cells into macaque embryos, creating human/primate hybrids that were destroyed after being studied for 20 days

CNN.com—Raul Castro steps down as leader of Cuba, ending his family's decades-long reign over the island nation
ABCnews.com—Biden backtracks on his promise to allow more immigrants to come to the US and keeps Trump's record low limits in place
CBS News—Oath Keepers member is first to be convicted of crimes related to the Capitol insurrection after agreeing to a plea deal that includes cooperating with other investigations
USA Today—Former employee goes on shooting spree at Indianapolis FedEx facility, killing eight before turning his gun on himself
BBC News—Ultra-white paint reflects 98% of sunlight
NBC News—Liberty University sues former president Jerry Falwell Jr. for millions in the wake of his sex and extortion scandals

BBC News—Over 3 million people have died globally from Covid
USA Today—NASA releases footage of the Ingenuity helicopter's historic first flight on Mars
ABCnews.com—DOJ says Trump associate Roger Stone owes over $2 million in upaid taxes
CBS News—Suspected poacher trampled to death by herd of elephants in South Africa
CNN.com—Walter Mondale dies at 93
NBC News—Right wing social media app Parler, which many Trump supporters used to organize their activities on Jan 6, is reinstated to the Apple App Store after enhancing their moderation policies

CBS News—Derek Chauvin found guilty on all counts for murdering George Floyd
USA Today—Venmo to allow users to buy and sell cryptocurrencies on the app
BBC News—US to advise citizens not to travel to 80% of the world's countries due to the pandemic. I hope they all advise their citizens not to travel to us, as we'll likely continue to be a danger to everyone else for months or years.
NBC News—Apple announces new iPad Pro and new iMacs using their proprietary M1 chip
ABCnews.com—Ohio GOP want to rename a state park after Donald Trump
CNN.com—Taco Bell will start recycling program for its plastic hot sauce packets

BBC News—DOJ opens federal probe into systemic misconduct by the Minneapolis police force
CNN.com—Putin warns other nations not to cross Russia's "red line" as global protests grow over his imprisonment of an opposition leader who he already tried to assassinate by poisoning him
ABCnews.com—Tennessee bill would require women to pay for burials or cremations of aborted fetuses
CBS News—Police officer in Virginia fired after donating to Kyle Rittenhouse's legal defense fund
NBC News—Amazon bringing palm scanning payment system to Whole Foods stores
USA Today—Brewers pitcher makes history by starting the season with 40 strikeouts and no walks

NBC News—Russia orders troops to withdraw from Ukraine border after massive buildup
CNN.com—New Supreme Court ruling will make it easier for judges to sentence juvenile offenders to life sentences without the possibility of parole
ABCnews.com—Kansas governor vetoes bill that would have banned transgender athletes from participating in sports in public schools
CBS News—Studies find that both the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines are safe for pregnant women
BBC News—NASA's Perseverance rover makes oxygen from the carbon dioxide atmosphere on Mars
USA Today—Polaroid unveils the Polaroid Go, a tiny analog instant camera aimed at the selfie crowd

ABCnews.com—CDC panel votes to restart the use of the J&J vaccine in the US
CNN.com—Football great Herschel Walker, with Trump's backing, considering running against Warnock for Senate seat in Georgia
NBC News—SpaceX launches its third crewed mission, and the first to reuse a Dragon capsule that has been on previous flight
CBS News—Houston hospital says it may fire workers who refuse to get their Covid vaccines by June 7
USA Today—Scientists discover small black hole only 1500 lightyears from Earth
BBC News—Trump supporter who stormed to Capitol is identified and arrested after bragging about his seditious behavior on a dating app

CNN.com—Census data shows which states will gain and lose Congressional seats for the next decade
ABCnews.com—Apple announces $430 billion investment in the US that will create 20,000 jobs over the next five years, including a signficant investment in a new campus in North Carolina
USA Today—US to share its doses of the AstraZeneca vaccine—which has not yet been approved for use in the US—with other nations
BBC News—Canadian town loses internet after beavers steal cables for their dam
CBS News—Alaska lawmaker permanently banned from airline for repeated refusals to comply with the mask mandate while flying
NBC News—Kanye West sneakers sell for $1.8 million in a private sale to a sneaker investment company

USA Today—Healthcare CEO fired after being captured on video in an aggressive confrontation with a male high school student who was wearing a dress for his prom
ABCnews.com—CDC issues revised guidance on mask-wearing for people who have been vaccinated
CNN.com—Toyota buys Lyft's self-driving car unit for $550 million
NBC News—Genetically modified mosquitoes to be released in Florida
CBS News—Tesla reports profitable quarter, but it earned more from selling Bitcoin holdings than from selling cars
BBC News—HBO's Game of Thrones prequel series begins production

CNN.com—Federal agents execute search warrants on Giuliani's home and office
CBS News—Pfizer says it hopes to have a pill that would prevent serious symptoms in people who have contracted Covid
ABCnews.com—Federal grand jury indicts three white men on charges of committing a hate crime and attempted kidnapping during the incident that resulted in the fatal shooting of an unarmed black man in Georgia
USA Today—Biden plans to unveil $1.8 trillion plan that includes paid family leave, subsidized childcare, universal pre-K, and free community college
BBC News—Apollo 11 astronaut Michael Collins dies at 90
NBC News—Ohio to allow trans people to change their birth certificate gender, leaving Tennessee as the only state that does not allow this

BBC News—Covid deaths in India pass 200,000
USA Today—NYC mayor Bill De Blasio says he wants to fully reopen the city by July 1
CBS News—Scientists say they know the origin of a 23 million year old meteorite that hit the Earth in 2018
CNN.com—Son of NYC judge found guilty of threatening to assault or murder members of Congress and could serve up to a decade in prison
ABCnews.com—FDA wants to ban menthol cigarettes and flavored cigars
NBC News—Multiple police officers placed on administrative leave after video surfaces of the violent arrest of a 73 year old woman with dementia and the officers laughing about it as they watched it at the station

NBC News—Biden restricting travel from India amidst that country's Covid surge
BBC News—Dozens crushed to death in massive crowd at religious festival in Israel
CBS News—Star of reality show 19 Kids and Counting charged with child pornography offenses
ABCnews.com—Hall of Fame second baseman Roberto Alomar fired by MLB after allegations surface of sexual misconduct
CNN.com—EU accuses Apple of antitrust violations
USA Today—Judge pars Columbus police force from using tear gas, pepper spray, and wooden bullets on peaceful protesters

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