daily links: january 2004

Fox News—British Airways cancels DC-bound flight for fear of terrorists
CNN.com—The earth has changed its rate of rotation around the sun in the last five years
Salon.com—Words that should be banned for 2004
Wired News—On the eve of Macworld, iPod and iBook users mull class action lawsuits
C|NET—Creator of the World Wide Web knighted
USA Today—Movie tickets cross the $10 threshhold

Wired News—101 ways to save the internet
CNN.com—Chicago finishes 2003 as the American city with the highest homicide rate
USA Today—The increased reliance on cell phones causes headaches for pollsters
MSNBC—Israeli government stops buying Microsoft software and looks to open source
Fox News—American citizens entering Brazil will now be fingerprinted and photographed in response to a similar policy regarding Brazilians entering the US
Think Secret—Apple will likely introduce inexpensive, lower-capacity iPods at Macworld

LA Times—Selling water rights can earn farmers a lot of immediate cash, but is it good in the long run?
USA Today—Pat Robertson says that God had guaranteed Bush a blowout victory this November. Great—that means all you Republicans can stay at home and not vote on election day. Bush doesn't need you, he's got God!
MSNBC—Illegal music downloads decreasing
Fox News—Latest Mars rover returns first pictures to NASA scientists
ABCnews.com—Woman steals 50 antique glass eyes from hospital display
CNN.com—Britney Spears gets married in Vegas to longtime friend, then has the marriage annuled the next day. I think the breakdown has officially begun.

Fox News—Pete Rose admits that he bet on baseball
BBC News—Three US soldiers discharged for mistreating Iraqi prisoners
USA Today—Mississippi schools lets suspended students attend class via webcam
Wired News—Mars probe sends back 3D panoramic images from the surface of the red planet
CNN.com—Kinks singer Ray Davies shot in New Orleans
ABCnews.com—The internal pressure of the space station is slowly dropping

Wired News—Every American should be concerned about the enactment of Patriot II, yet almost no one knows about it because Bush used the capture of Saddam as a smokescreen the day he signed it into law
ABCnews.com—This year's Superbowl tickets will be printed on glow-in-the-dark paper as an anti-counterfeit measure
CNN.com—Woman claims $162 million lottery jackpot while another woman claims that the ticket is really hers and she lost it in the parking lot
C|NET—Apple introduces credit card sized iPods
Salon.com—DC makes it illegal to hold a cell phone while driving
USA Today—Hugh Hefner wants to date Britney Spears and feature her in the pages of Playboy

CBS News—More proof that Iraq had neither weapons of mass destruction or active programs for creating them
Salon.com—Very few troops currently in Iraq are re-enlisting, despite a $10,000 bonus for doing so
CNN.com—George Harrison's family suing the ex-Beatle's doctor, claiming that the physician forced him to sign autographs on his death bed
Wired News—Microsoft posts several studies claiming that Windows is cheaper than Linux, but critics are skeptical
BBC News—New site lets players in online virtual worlds use real cash to buy in-game currency for their characters
MSNBC—Reclusive Russian mathematician may have solved 100 year old geometry equation

ABCnews.com—Bush will announce plans to send a manned mission to Mars and to establish a permanent human settlement on the moon. Wow. A Bush initiative I'm actually a fan of. Will wonders never cease...
Cowboy Books—Series of drawings made by an artist on LSD
USA Today—U-Haul will no longer rent trailers to owners of Ford Explorers
CNN.com—Woman who claimed she lost $162 million lottery ticket now admits she was lying
CBS News—New study shows that lower-tar cigarettes do not reduce the risk of cancer
MSNBC—Intel is making chips for high-definition projection televisions that will hit the market later this year

Salon.com—Former Treasury Secretary says Bush began laying plans for Iraq war just days after taking office in 2001, many months before the 9.11 attacks that he used to partly justify the invasion of Iraq
Wired News—At the request of goverments and banks, Adobe added secret controls to Photoshop to prevent copying of currency
USA Today—The IRS will separately track taxpayers who file electronically, raising privacy concerns
Ananova—Hacker hijacks wireless frequency of Burger King drive-thru and tells customers they are too fat to order a Whopper
CNN.com—Sony shows off new 1 gig minidisc that can hold up to 45 hours of music
ABCnews.com—Largest Iowa newspaper endorses Edwards

C|NET—The free, open source Apache web server remains far more popular than Microsoft's IIS
LA Weekly—The RIAA is putting shock troops on the streets who mislead people into thinking that they're cops
ESPN.com—Owners of rooftop bleacher seats that overlook Wrigley will now pay 17% of their revenue to the Cubs
ABCnews.com—ACLU defends Rush Limbaugh's right to keep his medical records private
BBC News—Four-wheeled Segway knockoff costs one quarter as much as the original
MSNBC—Michael Jackson's advisors claim that he has plenty of money in the bank, countering speculation that he is nearly bankrupt

ABCnews.com—120 gun sellers are responsible for selling over half of the guns that are used to commit crime, but nothing happens to them
CBS News—Apple teams with HP to sell an HP-branded iPod
New Scientist—Spam made up two thirds of all email sent in December
USA Today—Kodak will no longer sell film cameras in the US and Europe
CNN.com—Screener copy of movie sent to Oscar voter is pirated and posted online
MSNBC—Michael Jackson's advisors claim that he has plenty of money in the bank, countering speculation that he is nearly bankrupt

panoramas.dk—Full screen QTVR of Mars stitched together from pictures taken by the rover
New Scientist—New system will detect when a car has been in a crash and alert the closest emergency services station
USA Today—Review of Ur, the sequel to Myst
Salon.com—Judge sentences drunk driver who killed another motorist must carry the victim's picture with her for five years
CNN.com—FCC chairman wants stiffer fines for on-air obscenities
ABCnews.com—Burger King will offer a bunless burger for Atkins dieters

C|NET—Despite two years of focusing on security in their software, Microsoft's products are still riddled with serious flaws
Enterprise Mission—This guy claims you can see machinery in the recent Mars photos. Uh, they just look like rocks to me, dude.
Fox News—Bush heckled at ceremony to honor MLK
USA Today—Streakers watch as the car with their clothes in it is stolen during their prank
Salon.com—Paris gets its first Starbucks
CNN.com—Playboy receives okay from court to move ahead with lawsuit against Netscape

Salon.com—NASA will have to abandon the Hubble space telescope in order to meet the new objectives set by Bush for the space program
Boblog—Weblog of Bob Mould of Hüsker Dü and Sugar
Wired News—Based on the negative public reactions to the Bush administration's secretiveness, Democratic candidates are promising more transparency in government
LaCie—The first commercially available terabyte external hard drive
Mazda—A Flash piece featuring a new RX-8 turning into a robot, Transformer style. Mesmerizing.
MSNBC—Gillette unveils battery powered disposable razor

ABCnews.com—Kerry, Edwards score points in Iowa
Wired News—Soon camera-equipped cell phones will be able to read bar codes and provide instant product information for consumers
CNN.com—Mysterious figure who celebrates Poe's birthday every year in Baltimore leaves anti-French note
NY Times—Wal-Marts locks its workers in to do overnight restocking and inventory, leaving them helpless in an emergency
New Scientist—Soil collected by the Mars rover could indicate the past presence of salt water
Fox News—Kobe Bryant loses endorsement deal with McDonald's

USA Today—Rolling Stone founder Jann Wenner invests $200,000 in Salon
Wired News—The 2003 varporware awards
ABCnews.com—Is someone trying to kill Stephen Hawking?
New Scientist—Online worlds provide unique new areas of study for scholars
Sports Illustrated—Colorado football player plans to accept skiing endorsements in despite NCAA regulations against it
MSNBC—CBS is planning to air another version of CSI this fall

CNN.com—Congressman says it may be years before we know if Iraq had any WMD
Yahoo! News—Republican students in Colorado launch web site to document supposed "liberal indoctrination" by professors at their university
Salon.com—Hit and run victim dies after being hit by three separate cars over the course of several minutes
BBC News—McDonald's widow to leave 1.5 billion to the Salvation Army
Wired News—Nintendo will launch a dual-screen handheld gaming system later this year
ABCnews.com—The RIAA files over 500 new lawsuits against song swappers

BBC News—Pentagon standing by internet voting system for troops stationed abroad despite serious concerns from experts about security
musicplasma—Visual music search engine
CNN.com—NASA loses contact with the Mars rover
ABCnews.com—Anti-abortion activists call themselves christian terrorists
CBS News—Supreme court rules that EPA can override state officials and order more costly anti-pollution measures for Clean Air Act violators
Fox News—Would-be robber tries to load gun with wrong bullets

Wired News—Bush's chief weapons inspector in Iraq resigns his post, saying that he now believes there never were any stockpiles of chemical or biological weapons as claimed by the administration
CNN.com—Woman inadvertently gets a stun gun and a knife through security at a New York airport. So she wasn't even trying, and she had no trouble getting two weapons onto a plane. Feel safe yet?
Whitehouse.gov—I can't believe this is posted on the White House site
ABCnews.com—Second Mars rover lands safely and starts transmitting data
Fox News—Security guard at chemical plant approaches man in pickup taking pictures and is shot in the arm before the suspicious person speeds off
MSNBC—Man charged with pirating several Oscar screeners

CNN.com—Federal judge finds that part of the Patriot Act is unconstitutional
Salon.com—In the face of mounting evidence that Iraq did not have WMD, the White House is trying to distance itself from their earlier claims that led to the invasion of Iraq
USA Today—Peter Gabriel and Brian Eno launch group to help protect the digital rights of musicians
Wired News—Service will rip your entire CD collection to a digital format for you
Fox News—Yikes. 32 year old polygamist marries his 15 year old cousin, who also happens to be his aunt. Only in Utah. And maybe Arkansas.
MSNBC—ABC to bring back Who Wants to Be a Millionaire with $10 million prize in sweeps month stunt

CNN.com—Kerry wins New Hampshire primary
Wired News—Genetically modified flower could help detect land mines
New Scientist—Scientists mount campaign to save the Hubble
C|NET—Site uses dating service technology to match voters with candidates
ABCnews.com—Connecticut group says that George Washington was not the first president of the US
CBS News—Bill Gates to be knighted

Edmunds.com—Behind the scenes of a car dealership. Long read, but worth the investment.
BBC News—Parrot has vocabulary of nearly 1000 words and even seems to show signs of telepathy with his owner
C|NET—FTC wants all emails with adult content to be appropriately labeled
New Scientist—Study shows that a mother's diet while pregnant can have long-lasting effects on the lifespan of her child
CNN.com—Clinton sent only two emails during his presidency
ABCnews.com—Powerful new laser could be used to help create extra-strong metal parts

ABCnews.com—Dean hires new campaign manager amid speculation that his bid for the presidency is running out of steam and cash
USA Today—Bronze Yoda statue stolen from hotel parking lot
noisydisco—I don't even know what to say about this
Wired News—Study shows that a mother's diet while pregnant can have long-lasting effects on the lifespan of her child
New Scientist—Researchers create new form of matter that could be used to make superconductors
Salon.com—Telemarketers must now display their names on Caller ID

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