daily links: january 2005

USA Today—Lieberman says he won't join Bush cabinet
Wired News—No wild animals found among dead in tsunami disaster, lending creedence to sixth-sense theory
CNN.com—Apple could introduce low-cost iMac this month to capitalize on the success of the iPod
Fox News—Gay couple married in Massachusetts seeks couple benefits in Rhode Island
Salon.com—Elephants used to help clear debris in Thailand
ABCnews.com—Web site allows consumers to swap unwanted gift cards

New Scientist—Physics professor (my physics professor, actually) proposes new calendar starting in 2006
MSNBC—TiVo to allow users to transfer shows to their computers
CBS News—British man arrested for sending emails informing people that their relatives had been killed in the tsunami
Salon.com—Clear Channel criticized after one of its affiliates gives away breast enhancement procedures in contest
ABCnews.com—FBI investigating several cases where lasers have been aimed at the cockpits of commercial airliners, possibly in an attempt to blind the pilots
USA Today—Anaheim Angels (formerly the California Angels) to rename themselves the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim. What?

USA Today—Boggs and Sandberg make it into the Hall of Fame
Salon.com—White House refuses to turn over memos written by attorney general nominee Gonzales in which he alleges tries to justify torute and the abandoning of the Geneva Conventions
Wired News—Quake that triggered tsunami may have knocked Earth slightly off its axis and sped up its rotation
CNN.com—Court rules that web site meant no harm when it called Evel Knievel a pimp
BBC News—Museum curators may use wall of air to protect Michelangelo's David from dirt particles
ABCnews.com—Details of Bush's Social Security overhaul released

BBC News—The Earth's permafrost is starting to thaw
USA Today—Ashlee Simposon booed after Orange Bowl performance
CNN.com—New sheriff fires 27 people, including some high-ranking officers, and uses snipers to watch from the rooftops as they were escorted out of the building
CBS News—Bush wants to limit malpractice liability awards
MSNBC—PS Portable to be released in US in March
ABCnews.com—XM says it doubled its subscriber base last year

ZDNet—Apple sued by customer who claims that the company is violating antitrust laws by allowing tracks downloaded from the iTunes music store to be played only on an iPod
Fox News—Andrea Yates, who drowned her five children, has her murder conviction overturned
USA Today—Randy Johnson to become a Yankee
CBS News—Tucker Carlson fired from Crossfire
MSNBC—Microsoft releases free anti-virus program
CNN.com—Kodak shows off new camera with built-in wireless email

Salon.com—Ohio elections chair, a Bush supporter who is running for governor of the state in 2006, sent out campaign letter seeking illegal contributions
CNN.com—Truck driver disappears with $180,000 in nickels
Wired News—Wired's annual list of most hyped vaporware products
CBS News—Daily Show book banned from libraries in Mississippi
Democracy for Virginia—Virginia state senator would make it a jailable offense for a woman to have a miscarriage and not report it to police within 12 hours
New Scientist—Tomatoes grown organically contain three times as much lycopene as non-organic varieties

BBC News—Man selling space on his forehead as advertising space
Wired News—Verizon's spam filters are blocking all email from europe
Salon.com—Judge says KKK can participate in litter cleanup program that will give them credit for their efforts on a roadside sign
CNN.com—Parents use eBay to raise money for care of sick child
USA Today—Carlos Beltran to sign with NY Mets
MSNBC—MTV renews Real World for five more seasons

CNN.com—Apple introduces $99 iPod and $499 Mac
USA Today—Howard Dean wants to become chair of the DNC
BBC News—IBM will release 500 software patents to the open source community
New Scientist—Hubble produces first direct image of a planet outside our solar system
Salon.com—Newt Gingrich considering 2008 run for the White House
CBS News—FTC shuts down six spammers accused of sending x-rated emails

MSNBC—First images from the surface of Titan suggest the presence of liquids
Salon.com—Demand for KFC soaring in China
Fox News—66 year old woman gives birth
CNN.com—eBay's just-announced fee increases have sellers up in arms
New Scientist—The American force occupying Iraq has caused extensive damage to the ancient ruins of Babylon
ABCnews.com—Catholic archbishop kidnapped in Iraq

CBS News—Google releases photo-organization software
C|NET—Pepsi to sponsor another iTunes giveaway promotion with Apple
Wired News—FBI abandons controversial Carnivore surveillance program
CNN.com—The IRS makes it easier to file electronically
USA Today—Roger Clemens wants more than $22 million to come back to the Astros for another year
MSNBC—ESPN and EA sign deal to co-develop sports video games

MSNBC—Pre-human remains found in Ethiopia could fill in some gaps in evolutionary history of man
BBC News—Support is growing for a space shuttle mission to repair the Hubble
CNN.com—Intelligent design taught for first time in Pennsylvania schools
USA Today—Rolling Stone rejects ad for youth-oriented translation of bible
Fox News—Texas schools consider putting student's body-mass index on report cards
CBS News—Johnny Carson has been secretly supplying David Letterman with jokes for his monologues for years

Apple.com—Fantastic Four trailer
USA Today—Georgia governor proposes law that would make it a felony to send spam
CBS News—Some colleges use unorthodox recruitment tools in the face of an increasingly competitive market
New Scientist—Gladiators may not have fought to the death
ABCnews.com—Man has nearly 1500 credit cards with a combined credit limit of $1.7 million
MSNBC—Brazilian woman gives birth to 17-pound baby

CNN.com—Johnny Carson dies
ZDNet—Firefox still gaining ground against IE
Wired News—The success of Blizzard's MMORPG World of Warcraft has overwhelmed their network and servers
MSNBC—Original Picasso sold through Costco web site
New Scientist—New tool from Google aims to reduce comment spam
CBS News—Army sending robot sharpshooter to Iraq

MSNBC—Bush calls abortion marchers to express support for their protest
CNN.com—Five democrats charged with slashing the tires of republican get-out-the-vote vans on election day
CBS News—New legislation which mandates national standards for driver's licenses could be the first step towards a national ID card
New Scientist—Scientists propose using robots to create solar panels out of moon dust to aid in establishing lunar colony
BBC News—Some scientists think we may have as little as 10 years to reverse global warming and avoid catastrophic climate changes
ABCnews.com—iTunes music sales pass the 250 million download mark

CNN.com—Bill Gates gives $750 million to help get vaccines to children in third world countries
ABCnews.com—Google to introduce new service that will allow users to search television content
New Scientist—Inbreeding among early humans could have made our species more vulnerable to genetic disease
MSNBC—Army plans to maintain current troop levels in Iraq for at least two more years
ZDNet—University sued over student paper posted to web by professor
Wired News—People are using the new Mac Mini as more than just a desktop PC

Fox News—Man who tried to commit suicide by parking his trunk on train tracks causes wreck that kills 10 others
CNN.com—Man spends $17,000 on newspaper ad to beg his wife to take him back
Wired News—Antispam activists plan to get more aggressive in fighting their foes
USA Today—Sirius exec quashes rumors that the company would merge with rival XM
CBS News—Condi confirmed as new secretary of state
C|NET—People will no longer be able to download security updates to Windows unless they have an authorized copy of the OS

Wired News—Congress to enact steep fines for makers and distributors of spyware
CNN.com—Woman convicted of DUI after drinking three glasses of Listerine
CBS News—Sexual touching and fake menstrual blood were used as psychological torture at Guantanamo Bay against muslims, whose faith forbids contact with women other than their wives
ABCnews.com—Amazon adds pictures of locations to local business directory
USA Today—To get around a cockfighting ban, Oklahoma lawmaker proposes putting gloves on the roosters
MSNBC—Chris Rock to host the Oscars

CBS News—Business owner tells employees to stop smoking or they will lose their jobs
USA Today—$9 billion unaccounted for in Iraq spending
Wired News—Teen who wrote Blaster worm sentenced to 18 months in prison
CNN.com—Nazis adopt highway in Oregon town
ZDNet—Google is hiring many of the developers who worked on open-source Mozilla project
C|NET—Apple is best known brand

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