daily links: january 2011

CBS News—Seattle Seahawks win their division and head to the playoffs despite losing record of 7-9
CNN.com—Orioles pitcher involved in fatal shooting in his native Dominican Republic
ABC News—Study finds that lesbians earn more than heterosexual women
BBC News—$500 million investment in Facebook values the company at $50 billion
MSNBC—Jerry Brown sworn in once again as California's governor, 28 years after leaving the office
USA Today—Law banning non-biodegradable plastic bags goes into effect in Italy

USA Today—Ikea no longer selling incandescent lightbulbs in the US
MSNBC—New version of Huckleberry Finn removes the n-word
CNN.com—Killer could inheirit his victim's estate
BBC News—Canadian girl discovers supernova
Fox News—IRS extends deadline for filing taxes to April 18
CBS News—Man's final photograph captures his killer

CNN.com—Starbucks unveils new logo for 40th anniversary
Fox News—Contractor mistakenly destroys man's home
ABCnews.com—Earth's population to top 7 billion this year
USA Today—San Francisco police shoot man in wheelchair
CBS News—1998 study linking autism to vaccines exposed as a fraud
MSNBC—Facebook tops 600 million users

CNN.com—Two Republican Congressmen violate the Constitution by casting votes after missing swearing-in ceremony
ABCnews.com—Two packages addressed to Maryland governor ignite when opened by mailroom staff
MSNBC—Woman announces suicide on Facebook status, and none of her Facebook friends took it seriously
USA Today—Elizabeth Edwards' will doesn't even mention estranged husband John Edwards
Fox News—Apple launches Mac app store
CBS News—Facebook may be on a path to an IPO in 2012

CBS News—Verizon may announce iPhone availability on Tuesday
USA Today—"app" named word of the year
CNN.com—Evidence surfaces of Chinese stealth fighter jet
Fox News—Chilean researchers working on vaccine for alcoholics
MSNBC—Shift of magnetic north forces Tampa airport to relabel runways for pilots
ABCnews.com—Some restaurants using iPads to display their menus for diners

CNN.com—Gunman opens fire in Arizona, killing six and critically wounding a congresswoman
BBC News—Radiohead give their blessing to fan produced concert DVD
USA Today—Latest expansion for World of Warcraft sells nearly 5 million copies in its first month of release
ABCnews.com—Hugh Hefner buying back shares of Playboy in order to make it a private company again
CBS News—400 volunteer for one way trip to Mars
MSNBC—Ravens player Ed Reed's brother presumed drowned after jumping into river to elude police

MSNBC—New world record for Donkey Kong, which you would totally care about if you had seen the documentary King of Kong
CNN.com—Tom DeLay sentenced to three years in prison for money laundering and conspiracy
CBS News—Arizona lawmakers ban picketing near funerals for victims of Tucson gunman
USA Today—Myspace to lay off nearly half its workforce
ABCnews.com—Dentist develops noise-canceling drill
Fox News—Ian McKellen to reprise his role as Gandalf for The Hobbit

USA Today—Penguins with tracking bands on their fins die sooner than penguins without them, which has skewed some climate change studies
CBS News—Supreme Court considering warrantless searches
Fox News—Illinois raises income tax from 3% to 5%
CNN.com—Judge blocks Freedom of Information request for release of TSA body scan images
MSNBC—Facebook to start issuing Amber Alerts
BBC News—Microsoft opposes Apple's trademark on the phrase "app store"

USA Today—Police could start using unmanned aerial drones for domestic surveillance
MSNBC—Student who hacked Sarah Palin's email account goes to prison
CNN.com—IBM computer beats two former champions in practice round of Jeopardy
CBS News—Kennedy presidential library launches first presidential web archive
BBC News—Sony suing hacker who published security codes for the PS3 that enable users to load their own software onto their devices
Fox News—Cross eyed opossum a web star in Germany

MSNBC—Nearly 20% of girls at a Tennessee high school are pregnant
CBS News—Zodiac signs may be off by a month due to variations in the Earth's axis
ABCnews.com—Steele out as chair of RNC
USA Today—Apple's app store nears 10 billion downloads
Fox News—Pope John Paul II to take step towards sainthood in May
CNN.com—Italian Prime Minister under investigation for having sex with a teenage prostitute

CNN.com—Steve Jobs taking medical leave from Apple, but will remain CEO
MSNBC—Arizona legislators pushing for more expansive gun rights in wake of Tucson tragedy. Huh?
USA Today—Dick Cheney predicts that Obama will be a one term president
Fox News—Conservation group sues to stop solar plant in California desert
ABCnews.com—Strip club waitress files lawsuit against her former employers, saying she was fired simply for being old
Pitchfork—Trent Reznor wins Golden Globe for his The Social Network score

Fox News—FCC approves Comcast's takeover of NBC
USA Today—USDA unveils new label for "green" products
ABCnews.com—Alabama governor denounces non-Christians
CNN.com—Joe Lieberman announces that he will not seek reelection
CBS News—HIV positive Air Force sergeant convicted of assault for not telling his sexual partners about his disease
BBC News—Johnny Marr writing autobiography

CNN.com—Baltimore's "Poe toaster" fails to materialize for the second year in a row after six decades of leaving a tribute on the author's grave on the anniversary of his birthday
ABCnews.com—Scientists trying to clone woolly mammoth
USA Today—FBI sweep leads to more than 100 arrests of organized crime suspects in New York
Fox News—Navy working on revolutionary anti-aircraft laser gun
CBS News—Surveillance video catches mall patron texting while walking and tumbling into a fountain
MSNBC—Netflix removes ability to manage your DVD queue from a streaming Netflix device

ABCnews.com—14 year old's game most popular free iPhone game
USA Today—After more than a decade of delays, Duke Nukem Forever hitting stores on May 3
CNN.com—Keith Olbermann's MSNBC show canceled just days after the FCC approved Comcast's takeover of the network
CBS News—Texas gun activists want public school teachers and administrators to be armed
MSNBC—Google launching Groupon competitor
BBC News—New technology will give expiration date to images posted on the web

USA Today—FDA considering nutritional labels for alcoholic beverages
MSNBC—Apple's app store achieves 10 billion downloads
CBS News—Model train afficianado's collection could sell for tens of millions of dollars
Fox News—Russians to vote on whether to bury Lenin
CNN.com—Angry Birds to become animated series
ABCnews.com—Software company working on online game based on the Grateful Dead

Fox News—Crop circles appear in Indonesia
USA Today—Utah considers making a semiautomatic pistol the official state gun
CNN.com—Postal service to shut down 2,000 locations this year
CBS News—Marvel kills off the Human Torch as it prepares to end the Fantastic Four's run
ABCnews.com—Many schools dropping cursive writing from their curriculum
MSNBC—Next season of Jersey Shore to be filmed in Italy

CBS News—Dennis Kucinich suing congressional cafeteria over pitted olive in his sandwich that cracked a tooth
ABCnews.com—Major UConn donor asks for $3 million back because he wasn't consulted during the hiring of the new football coach
MSNBC—Mexican drug smugglers use catapult to get drugs into US
CNN.com—Flavor Flav opening fried chicken restaurant in Iowa
Fox News—Color coded terror alert warnings coming to an end
USA Today—Hubble spots oldest galaxy yet recorded

USA Today—Amazon sold more e-books than paperbacks last quarter
ABCnews.com—Spanish woman files papers claiming ownership of the sun
CNN.com—LinkedIn files for IPO
CBS News—Co-inventor of the ant farm dies at 97
MSNBC—Spam text message may have detonated Russian suicide bomber's device early, killing her and saving her victims
Fox News—Will Ferrell to guest star on The Office

ABCnews.com—Marijuana soda coming to medical marijuana outlets
Fox News—Egyptians use low-tech devices to get around governmental shutdown of internet
CBS News—TNT apologizes for Tracy Morgan's off-color remark about Sarah Palin during basketball broadcast
BBC News—Intel names will.i.am "director of creativity"
CNN.com—AT&T locks in millions of iPhone customers as rival Verizon prepares to offer the device on its network
USA Today—Sara Lee to split into two companies

ABCnews.com—Unregulated use of genetically modified alfalfa approved by US government
Fox News—Florida judge rules that Obama's healthcare law is unconstitutional
CNN.com—Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg appears on SNL with big screen alter ego Jesse Eisenberg
USA Today—Bill Gates wants to wipe out polio
CBS News—Chinese engineers claim to have created a maglev train that can travel as fast as an airplane
BBC News—British actor to play Superman in next reboot of the movie franchise

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