daily links: january 2002

CNN.com—Church members burn Harry Potter books
ZDNet—States claim Microsoft is stalling. What else is new?
New Scientist—Instructions on how to access semi-secret British sound archive
Wired News—For $48 you can name a star, but it won't be recognized by astronomers
ABCnews.com—Battle for game console dominance will be heated in 2002
BBC News—Iceland could be first country to eliminate fossil fuels and switch solely to hydrogen fuel cells for their energy needs

Salon.com—Hormone in common contraceptive pill cuts ovarian cancer rate
ZDNet—Laid-off Californians will get an increase in their unemployment checks starting next week
CNN.com—AOL filters block admissions emails from Harvard, thinking they were junk mail
Wired News—For $48 you can name a star, but it won't be recognized by astronomers
New Scientist—New internet service lets you return gifts purchased on the internet before they are delivered
Space.com—Small satellite orbiting Uranus fails to gain moon status

Map of Springfield—A scarily detailed map of the Simpsons' hometown
Wired News—Apple is heavily hyping next week's Macworld event, most likely because of the introduction of a flat panel iMac
ZDNet—The number of web sites appears to be shrinking after a disastrous year
BBC News—Man accused of conspiring with 9.11 terrorists refuses to enter a plea at his trial
CNN.com—The Library of Congress begins a 30 year plan to remove acid from millions of books
Reuters—Britain puts information from 1901 census online

Adult Swim—Web site for my new favorite collection of shows on the Cartoon Network
Wired News—A Texas scientist thinks he has come up with a radical new way to extract energy from the Earth's underground heat, but other experts are doubtful
USA Today—CNN's Greta Van Susteren jumps to up-and-coming rival Fox News Channel
Salon.com—Massachusettes governor chooses openly gay running mate for her 2002 re-election bid
Space.com—LA's famed Griffith Observatory to close for 3-year renovation
ZDNet—Already opposed to the system in principle, the ACLU condemns a trial run of face-recognition software that didn't identify a single known criminal but made many false IDs on innocent people

Wired News—Artists are preparing a multimedia exhibit called Carnivore (named for the FBI surveillance project) that shapes raw data hijacked from networks into pieces of art
Salon.com—Teen who stole a plane and crashed it into a building last week supported bin Laden, although he had no official ties to him
CNN.com—Appeals court upholds anti-spam law in California
ZDNet—Making digital copies of our CDs may be well within established law. Does that mean we get to sue the record companies if they employ CD copy protection schemes?
New Scientist—A golf ball with hexagonal dimples will make the ball go farther and straighter
MSNBC—Hundreds of people who bought Microsoft's new Xbox received faulty boxes that sometimes took weeks to replace or repair

New Scientist—Does the new Euro coin prefer heads over tails when it is flipped?
USA Today—FTC investigating whether big drug companies have been illegally filing patent claims in order to keep generic versions of popular drugs from hitting the market
ABCnews.com—California teen made over $1 million on a fraudulent internet investment scheme
ZDNet—Making digital copies of our CDs may be well within established law. Does that mean we get to sue the record companies if they employ CD copy protection schemes?
Wired News—GM unveils first hydrogen fuel cell car and talks about a car whose body can be switched as an owner's needs change
CNN.com—Two idiots—I mean, uh, fans—have already started waiting in line for tickets to the next Star Wars movie

ZDNet—Florida firm claims to have come up with a new lossless compression scheme which is 10 times more powerful than existing codecs
Salon.com—Member of new Afghan government wants to revive the tourism in Afghanistan. Good luck with that.
CNN.com—Congressman wants to override part of the Digital Millenium Copyright Act to allow for legitimate personal uses of digital media
BBC News—Japan is launching a satellite to track the migration patterns of whales, but environmentalists fear it will be used to give an edge to Japan's whaling ships
New Scientist—Researchers release message planned for broadcast to the stars to scientists around the world in order to ensure that the message is easy to decode
MSNBC—DVD extras may be cut back as a result of increasing budgets for DVD production

MSNBC—Virus writers have already discovered security holes that they can exploit in Microsoft's .NET iniative, even though it isn't publicly available yet
The Register—First virus for Flash discovered
Salon.com—Justice Department to investigate criminal behavior in Enron collapse
CNN.com—Sony, Microsoft, release holiday sales figures for game consoles
ZDNet—Microsoft employees may have participated in an organized campaign to rig an online poll in favor of Microsoft
USA Today—2002 will see more movie sequels released than ever before

ZDNet—Man is suing Microsoft, claiming he has a common law trademark on Pocket PC that dates back 17 years
Wired News—Belgian man claims Apple stole his design for the new iMac
CNN.com—Ashcroft recuses himself from Enron probe due to conflict of interest. Shouldn't we have an independent special prosecutor here?
Salon.com—Auditing company for Enron admits that they have destroyed or deleted a large number of documents relating to the company's finances
USA Today—Microsoft did not disclose meetings with lawmakers during settlement talks
BBC News—70,000 year old fragments of artwork found in cave in South Africa

Salon.com—Director Ted Demme collapses and dies after a charity basketball game
CNN.com—Australian network broadcasts portions of a video tape showing al Qaeda terrorists practicing assasinations
ABCnews.com—Lord of the Rings is number one at the box office for fourth week straight
BBC News—New organisms found near thermal vents on floor of Arctic ocean
Space.com—Mars Odyssey craft has finished its braking maneuvers and is ready to begin its mapping mission
C|NET—Internet advertising trade group releases new rules for accurately tabulating online advertising impressions

Brick Testament—Man recreates incredibly detailed scenes from the bible using Legos
The Doorway—CS Jeff sent this to me. Just watch the doorway for about 30 seconds or so. This isn't a trick: keep watching it.
USA Today—Pilot for US Air is detained after he tells airport screeners that he could crash his jet without needing a weapon
CNN.com—I know that Spin just wanted to generate controversy with this article, but really, does anyone seriously think that Nirvana deserves to be ranked higher than the Clash or the Velvet Underground?
MSNBC—Japanese man claims he invented machine similar to the Segway 15 years ago
ABCnews.com—CIA believes that bin Laden is no longer anywhere near Afghanistan

CEO to Cashier—The story of a man who went from dotcom CEO to ringing up customers at a McDonald's
CNN.com—Freeplay, makers of the popular self-powered radios and flashlights, is introducing a system that will help cell phone users keep their batteries charged
Information Week—New technology from company called Brickstream will give retailers the ability to track their foot traffic the same way web sites can track their visitors
Wired News—Because the budget has run out, Galileo will transmit no more pictures to Earth even though it is still functioning
New Scientist—Philips, the inventor of the CD, says that attempts to copy protect CDs in order to thwart digital piracy are doomed to fail
ABCnews.com—A company has invented a gun that can fire a million rounds a minute. Why do we need this again?

The Ben Brown Show—The latest meme from yet another unemployed dotcommer
Classic Novels—A site that delivers classic novels in serial form via email
BBC News—Utah biomedical researcher grows nerve cells in the shape of the Olympic rings
Wired News—The Eden Project, a series of domes enclosing different biological habitats, is quickly becoming one of the UK's premiere attractions
Scientific American—Scientists create microscopic bicycle chain out of silicon
USA Today—Microsoft to focus on security and privacy concerns rather than new features in their products. Well, it's about time.

OpenSecrets.org—A great site that shows who is giving what to the politicians who run our government, including this very thorough examination of Enron's giving over the past 10 years
Wired News—Company creates artificial spider silk out of cells from a cow
ZDNet—Will rising broadband prices drive consumers back to dialup connections?
CNN.com—eBay increases its fees again
New Scientist—Recently discovered city, now submerged, may prove to be the oldest city ever found
USA Today—The X-Files will come to a close at the end of this season

CNN.com—Annual ritual celebrating Poe's birthday carried out by a mysterious stranger
Salon.com—US criticized again for its treatment of detainees in Cuba. You know what, though? These are homicidally dangerous people who would be more than happy to kill themselves if they could take someone with them, and I don't see any other nation stepping up who wants to take responsibility for them.
New Scientist—Monkeys that rank low on the social ladder may be more prone to cocaine addiction
C|NET—Microsoft loses money on every Xbox sold in the hopes that game licenses and sales will eventually make up for it
USA Today—Effort to use laser pointers to create a visible point of light on the moon's surface fails, but uses the web to draw huge numbers of participants
BBC News—Astronomer will attempt to measure the exact distance to the moon, down to the millimeter

Wired News—Nokia launches spinoff company that will make high-end cell phones for the ultra-wealthy
CNN.com—Tijuana's "accidental zoo" made up of confiscated exotic animals
MSNBC—Amazon posts a profit. Kinda.
X-Files Timeline—Detailed overview of the entire series, including spoilers for upcoming episodes
bitforms—Information on multimedia piece titled "Reflection Loop", a wall of Furbies that reacts to viewers
ABCnews.com—Andrea Yates, the mother who killed her five children in Texas last year, claims that she was posessed by the devil

CNN.com—A national standardized driver's license is meeting resistance from both businesses and privacy advocates
Wired News—AT&T is getting out of the 900-number business
ZDNet—Netscape is suing Microsoft for anti-trust violations during the browser wars
New Scientist—Japanese police testing new riot-prevention gun in anticipation of the World Cup and the hooligans that come with it
MSNBC—Free speech advocate is buying "sucks" web sites and giving them away for free
Space.com—Alaskans will get a one-hour look at the sun today, their first sunlight since November

USA Today—Three Amtrak routes in California will offer free wireless web access to riders in a deal with Yahoo! and Compaq
C|NET—California town with large Korean population restricts operating hours of cybercafes after a rash of violence
CNN.com—Kenneth Lay resigns as Enron CEO. Well, isn't that convenient.
ZDNet—Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak announces new wireless company
MSNBC—Yahoo! launches premium pay search service
ABCnews.com—EMI sacrifices $28 million to get out of their contract with falling star Mariah Carey

CNN.com—Irish inventor claims to have found a self-replenishing energy source
ABCnews.com—New technology allows tv stations to "microedit" programs in order to create more time for commercials
New Scientist—Researchers will attempt to reproduce the six degrees of separation experiment on a global scale using email
BBC News—China investing heavily in the development of genetically modified crops
Salon.com—Britney Spears tells British press that Prince William stood her up
Yahoo! News—Police officers refuse to direct traffic for a kid's triathlon sponsored by a YMCA that endorses the Harry Potter books

Dang it. I accidentally erased this day's links, and I don't have a backup copy. Oh well. This one from Wired is the only one I know was on here for sure. I also remember there was a story about a satellite built by Naval Academy students for $50,000 using off-the-shelf components, but I can't relocate the source.

Wired News—This year's Westinghouse scholarship winner has created a glove that interprets sign language hand movements and translates them into text

MSNBC—Tickets for the Winter Olympics in Salt Lake City are scarce at official outlets, but plenty are available on eBay if you've got the cash
CNN.com—Smart shopping carts are currently in development, but do the privacy concerns outweigh the potential convenience?
New Scientist—AIDS will surpass the Black Death as the worst pandemic ever by 2010
C|NET—Marketing materials for new Austin Powers movie pulled after industry panel found that they infringed on trademarks held by MGM
ABCnews.com—Polls show that Bush's ratings remain high, but Enron could still cause trouble down the road
Wired News—Scientist is boring into a glacier to find out what ice worms do during the winter months

MSNBC—Tickets for the Winter Olympics in Salt Lake City are scarce at official outlets, but plenty are available on eBay if you've got the cash
Salon.com—Jeb Bush's daughter charged with trying to illegal obtain prescription drugs
USA Today—Privacy group asks states to examine Microsoft's Passport service, alleging that it does not protect consumers and exposes them to more junk email
Wired News—Shaped skis make it easier to turn, but are they more dangerous at high speeds?
C|NET—New internet game attempts to find unique web sites using the Google search engine
ABCnews.com—Tyson denied Nevade boxing license after latest fiascos

CNN.com—Web site for fake company is set up by the government to teach the public about the dangers of online investing
Salon.com—Georgia company is selling commemorative medallions made of steel recycled from the WTC cleanup
Wired News—Man found guilty of stealing and making a profit on the sex.com domain pleads poverty in an attempt to avoid paying the judgement against him
ZDNet—Sony to offer add-on kit to PS2 that will allow users to run Linux
USA Today—The new D-VHS format is intended to replace regular VHS and compete with DVDs on high-definition televisions
ABCnews.com—Stephen King is considering retirement
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