daily links: january 2012

ABCnews.com—Convicted murderer to get new trial after court stenographer loses the transcript of the first trial
CNN.com—Estimates put Google+'s user base at 62 million with over 600,000 new people joining every day. But is anyone actually using it?
CBS News—Boy critically injured by bullet falling from the sky during New Year's celebratory gunfire
MSNBC—PostSecret shuts down iPhone app after users post inappropriate content
USA Today—Ad time sells out for this year's Super Bowl
Fox News—Google, Amazon, and Facebook considering coordinated blackout to protest new internet regulation law under consideration by the US

BBC News—Apple lead designer and British native Jonathan Ive knighted
USA Today—Honda taken to small claims court over MPG claims for its hybrid vehicles
Fox News—Netflix to premiere original series for subscribers only in February
CNN.com—Body of murder victim found on Queen Elizabeth's sprawling country estate
ABCnews.com—Woman claims that cop who gave her speeding ticket later tracked down her home address to ask her for a date
MSNBC—Windows 7 on the verge of overtaking Windows XP

CNN.com—Romney gets narrow win in Iowa and receives endorsement from McCain; Bachmann drops out of the race
MSNBC—Detroit to reduce 24 hour access to police stations to only 8 hours a day
ABCnews.com—Powerball lottery doubles ticket prices
USA Today—PayPal president named new CEO of Yahoo
Fox News—California Republican lawmaker tries to bring loaded handgun onto commercial flight
BBC News—Google buys more patents from IBM

CBS News—Music sales increased last year for the first time since 2004
MSNBC—Geologists say recent quakes in Ohio and Oklahoma can be tied directly to fracking
Fox News—Leap second to be added on June 30
CNN.com—Barnes & Noble may spin off Nook as its own business unit
ABCnews.com—Court to decide whether or not you can be legally compelled to give up your passwords
BBC News—NYC mayor Michael Bloomberg joining Code Year

Fox News—Mississippi governor pardons convicted murderer who was denied parole two weeks earlier
USA Today—Denver ousts Pittsburgh with overtime touchdown
CBS News—Hyundai Elantra named North American Car of the Year
ABCnews.com—Polish prosecutor shoots himself during press conference
CNN.com—Iran sentences American to death for espionage
MSNBC—Barry Larkin elected to baseball Hall of Fame

ABCnews.com—Man accused of running fake college while in prison
CNN.com—Google's search engine to get radical makeover
MSNBC—Salt Lake City named America's gayest city
Fox News—Woman fakes her daughter's death so she could get 2 1/2 weeks off from work for a trip to Costa Rica
CBS News—Israeli bill would make it a crime to criticize people by comparing them to Nazis
USA Today—Romney wins New Hampshire primary

CNN.com—Mississippi judge blocks the release of prisoners pardoned by the outgoing governor, including four convicted murderers
CBS News—Man commits suicide by drowning himself in an industrial whiskey making vat
USA Today—Microsoft passes Yahoo in the search arena
MSNBC—Study finds that smoking pot does not harm lung function
ABCnews.com—Convenience store worker fired the day after being robbed at gunpoint
BBC News—Video appears to show US soldiers urinating on dead Taliban soldiers

Fox News—California man attempting to build car that will go 2,000 miles per hour
CBS News—Man commits suicide by drowning himself in an industrial whiskey making vat
CNN.com—Tucson schools suspend Mexican-American Studies program to be compliant with new state law banning ethnic studies programs
BBC News—X Prize's latest $10 million challenge: a real-life medical tricorder
MSNBC—Conductor halts symphony performance when patron's cell phone repeatedly rang
ABCnews.com—Researcher who touted red wine's health benefits accused of falsifying data

BBC News—Obama asks Congress for power to consolidate federal agencies
USA Today—Paula Deen to reveal that she has diabetes
ABCnews.com—Oxford professor suspected in death of fellow professor
CBS News—Quote inscribed on MLK memorial to be changed after complaints from his family
Fox News—Cruise ship runs aground in Italy, killing at least 3
CNN.com—Gene Hackman hit by car while riding bicycle

CBS News—Saints fan shoots two 49ers fans after New Orleans loses to San Francisco in the playoffs
USA Today—Burger King testing home delivery
CNN.com—Some parts of the US could see gas at $5 a gallon
MSNBC—FDA fines Red Cross nearly $10 million for unsafe blood management practices
BBC News—Public Enemy reuniting to record two new studio albums
Fox News—24 million Zappos accounts hacked

USA Today—MagicJack app gives iPad phone capabilities
CNN.com—Wikipedia and other major internet sites go dark to protest SOPA
MSNBC—Yahoo founder Jerry Yang resigns from the troubled internet company
BBC News—Keystone XL pipeline rejected by US
CBS News—Five year old stabs three people in Virginia during tantrum over juice box
Fox News—Mathematical formula that describes earthquakes and avalanches may also fit killing patterns of serial killers

CNN.com—Kodak files for bankruptcy
USA Today—Rick Perry ends his campaign and endorses Newt
CBS News—Department of Justice web site hacked
ABCnews.com—Georgia mother arrested for allowing 10 year old to get tattoo
MSNBC—Iowa declares Santorum the winner of the state's caucus after recount
BBC News—YouTube sponsoring film festival with Ridley Scott

Fox News—Vote on SOPA internet piracy bill delayed in the wake of massive online protests
CNN.com—Singer Etta James passes away
ABCnews.com—India man discovers an extra $9.8 billion in his bank account
CBS News—Newt Gingrich takes 6 point lead in latest South Carolina polls
USA Today—Ben Roethlisberger settles 2008 case alleging that he raped a casino hostess for undisclosed terms
MSNBC—Garth Brooks suing to get $500,000 donation to hospital back after they decided not to name a new building after his mother

ABCnews.com—Gabrielle Giffords resigns from Congress to work on her recovery
USA Today—Microsoft to launch successor to Xbox 360 in 2013
BBC News—US will not raise interest rates until at least 2014
Fox News—Man awarded $25 million for wrongful murder conviction that put him in jail for nearly 20 years
MSNBC—Ravens' defensive coordinator to be named new head coach of the Colts
CNN.com—University official resigns after making unwanted sexual advances on a male student

USA Today—Bill Gates donates $750 million to fight AIDS, TB, and malaria
CNN.com—ABBA to release their first new song in 18 years. I would have actually guessed it was much longer than that.
MSNBC—Taco Bell to start serving breakfast
ABCnews.com—Facebook to require all users to start using Timeline in the next couple of weeks
Fox News—Google+ lowers age threshold and allows 13 to 17 year olds to join the social network
CBS News—Artist wants to bury intact 727 in the desert and allow visitors to enter it via an underground tunnel

CNN.com—UFC fighter has his personal information posted online by Anonymous after defending his company's support of SOPA
CBS News—Twitter reveals that they now have the ability to censor tweets on a country-by-country basis
BBC News—Intel buys RealNetworks patents for $120 million
Fox News—NASA identifies 26 new planets outside our solar system
MSNBC—Eight sea lions have been found shot to death in the Seattle area in recent weeks
USA Today—Apple making strong push into the corporate market

MSNBC—Herman Cain endorses Newt Gingrich in GOP primary race
Huffington Post—Vassar mistakenly tells dozens of applicants they had been accepted when they were in fact denied
CNN.com—Dense smoke from fires leads to multiple serious auto accidents on Florida highways
Fox News—Symantec warns customers to stop using one of its products after hackers steal the source code
USA Today—MLB commissioner Bud Selig wants to add two more teams to baseball's postseason
ABCnews.com—Teens launch Lego man into space using weather balloons

CNN.com—Judge denies woman right to run for office in Arizona saying that her English is not good enough for the job
CBS News—Jonathan Franzen says serious readers don't read e-books
ABCnews.com—Trump claims to be exploring independent presidential run. Translation: I haven't been in the news enough recently, but I have no intention of running for president.
Fox News—10 year old boy arrested after brandishing toy gun at neighbor
MSNBC—Afghan woman murdered by her husband after giving birth to a daughter instead of the son he wanted
USA Today—Utah bill would charge medicare recipients who use tobacco a higher copayment than non-smokers

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