daily links: january 2009

CNN.com—State election board will declare Al Franken the winner of Minnesota's disputed Senate race
ESPN—Barry Bonds has hip surgery in anticipation of playing baseball again this season
ABCnews.com—John Travolta's teenage son dies from head injury after suffering a seizure
CBS News—Homicides down in 2008 in many major cities
Fox News—Man kills his 2 year old son because he didn't want to pay child support
USA Today—Ravens beat Dolphins in wildcard playoff game Sunday

ABCnews.com—Appointee for Obama's vacant Senate seat is denied seating in the newly convened Senate
CBS News—Apple's final Macworld appearance yields no blockbuster product announcements
USA Today—Bush to declare the Mariana Trench a national monument
CNN.com—Stooges guitarist found dead
MSNBC—Pacemaker for the brain appears to have positive effects for Parkinson's sufferers
Fox News—4 year old shoots his babysitter with a shotgun

MSNBC—MIT students will work to make the subway card system they hacked more secure
CNN.com—Obama may ask CNN correspondent Sanjay Gupta to be surgeon general
CBS News—Florida representative asks for Congress to be shut down so he can attend college football championship game
BBC News—Apple reaches deal with record labels for variable pricing and DRM-free tracks for the iTunes store
ABCnews.com—Tom Cruise claims Scientology cured him of dyslexia
USA Today—Best Buy to sell refurbished iPhones

USA Today—LG unveils 3G video wrist phone with touch screen
Fox News—Death of man who was shot 35 years before he died ruled a homicide
BBC News—Scientists now believe that the massive black holes at the center of most galaxies formed before the galaxies themselves
MSNBC—Man who donated a kidney to his wife is demanding $1.5 million for the organ now that they are estranged
ABCnews.com—Teen pregnancies and births spike in Palin's Alaska
New Scientist—Comet impacts in 536 triggered famines around the world

MSNBC—Citigroup agrees to allow judges to alter mortgages in order to prevent foreclosures
ABCnews.com—Obama wants to delay digital television transition
CNN.com—Panel recommends that Illinois governor be impeached
BBC News—Some claim UFO damaged wind farm turbine in England
Fox News—Colorado investigating man who has won a lottery jackpot 21 times
CBS News—Our galaxy is larger than we previously thought

USA Today—The Colts' Tony Dungy retires
CBS News—New Prius gets 50 miles to the gallon
CNN.com—Man under investigation for securities violations fakes his death in a plane crash
Fox News—Oscar winner accused of luring actresses to his home for auditions and then sexually assaulting them
MSNBC—Obama preparing to close Gitmo
ABCnews.com—Rickey Henderson elected to baseball hall of fame

CNN.com—Chinese researchers think earliest feathers on dinosaurs were for display only
ABCnews.com—Sony to report $1 billion loss for the fiscal year, its first loss in over a decade
USA Today—More states want to tax online purchases
CBS News—Yahoo seeking new CEO to replace company founder Jerry Yang
MSNBC—YouTube creating special channels for members of Congress
New Scientist—New bacterial enzyme releases hydrogen from water

MSNBC—Washington court says consensual sex between high school teachers and their students who are 18 is not illegal
Fox News—Obama may end "don't ask, don't tell" policy and allow gays to serve openly in the military
CBS News—American Idol sues strip club because of its Stripper Idol contest
ABCnews.com—Apple's Steve Jobs announces six month medical leave of absence
USA Today—Three siblings given names with Nazi connotations taken from their parents and placed into the custody of the state
CNN.com—Military helicopter crashes on campus of Texas A&M

USA Today—Methane plumes on Mars may be another hint of life
CNN.com—US Airways jet with over 150 people on board crash lands into the Hudson River
MSNBC—Six teenagers face child pornography charges after the three girls shared nude photos of themselves with male classmates via cell phone
Fox News—Oklahoma may make English the official language of the state
CBS News—Scientists making progress on invisibility cloak
BBC News—Obama's replacement sworn into Senate

CBS News—Court says Bush administration not preserving presidential records as required by law
Fox News—Obama may end "don't ask, don't tell" policy and allow gays to serve openly in the military
USA Today—Circuit City to close remaining stores
CNN.com—Painter Andrew Wyeth dies
Fox News—Boy George sentenced to 15 months in prison
BBC News—Warner Brothers and 20th Century Fox reach deal on Watchmen film

CNN.com—Obama may use anniversary of Roe v Wade decision to reverse Bush policy that refuses federal funding for family planning groups that discuss abortion as an option for unwanted pregnancies
Newsweek—Sources say Bush will not pardon Scooter Libby
CBS News—Biden's wife accidentally reveals that he was given a choice between VP or Secretary of State
USA Today—Salmonella found in peanut butter cracker made by Kellogg
BBC News—Ancient Persians may have used chemical weapons against Romans
ABCnews.com—Steve Carrell buys a general store

BBC News—Parts of Obama's inauguration speech censored in China
USA Today—Each passenger aboard the plane that crashed into the Hudson will be given $5000 by airline
MSNBC—Obama freezes pay of all White House staffers who make more than $100,000 a year
Fox Business—Toyota beats GM in global sales for the first time in 2008
ABCnews.com—Study finds that higher percentage of Brits died on the Titanic compared to other nationalities because of their good manners
CBS News—10 envelopes containing a white powder sent to offices of Wall Street Journal

CBS News—Israel may have used banned chemical weapon in recent Gaza attacks
ABCnews.com—Newly discovered fault poses earthquake danger for Arkansas
CNN.com—Microsoft could cut up to 5000 jobs
USA Today—New Yahoo CEO freezes salaries
BBC News—Apple beats Wall Street estimates
Fox News—Virginia Tech student decapitated on campus

USA Today—Senate bill would delay digital tv transition to June
CBS News—Feds give go-ahead to stem cell research aimed at helping victims of spinal cord injuries
BBC News—Man murders his estranged wife after she changes her Facebook status to "single"
Fox News—Japanese scientists unveil automated robotic mall cop
MSNBC—A record 29,000 students apply to Harvard for a spot in next year's freshmen class
ABCnews.com—Pope launches his own YouTube channel

BBC News—Proposed changes to Wikipedia's editorial process causes controversy among contributors
ABCnews.com—Google clears up pixelation on Google Earth around the vice president's residence as Cheney exits office
CNN.com—High school football coached indicted on homicide charges in heat exhaustion death of one of his players
USA Today—Obama pushes for higher fuel efficiency standards
Fox News—Basketball coach fired after his team notches a 100-0 victory
MSNBC—Iceland government collapses amid country's financial crisis

MSNBC—Pfizer to buy Wyeth
CBS News—Blagojevich skips own impeachment hearing to do tv interviews in New York
Fox News—Congressional committee subpoenas Karl Rove
CNN.com—Monster truck crushes event promoter at show
ABCnews.com—Basketball coach fired after his team notches a 100-0 victory
USA Today—More than 50,000 combined job cuts announced by several major corporations

ABCnews.com—John Updike dies
USA Today—Amazon set to unveil second generation Kindle
CNN.com—Oklahoma teen finds US military secrets on used MP3 player
Fox News—GM closes Hummer plant for at least 20 weeks as it contemplates the brand's future
CBS News—Starbucks will stop brewing decaf coffee after noon in a cost cutting measure
BBC News—Microsoft makes first release candidate of IE8 available to the public

USA Today—Home delivery of mail may be cut to only five days a week
CNN.com—House passes Obama's $800 billion stimulus package
ABCnews.com—New bill would require camera phones to make a click noise when taking a picture
CBS News—Town passes law banning indoor smoking in condos and apartments, even for the owners
BBC News—Emperor penguins headed for extinction if climate trends continue
MSNBC—House defeats bill that would delay switch to digital tv

MSNBC—Google unveils offline version of its Gmail service
Fox News—Swiss police use Google Earth to find field of marijuana
BBC News—Former Maryland lieutenant governor Michael Steele becomes first African-American chair of the RNC
CNN.com—Girl Scouts downsizing cookies this year
CBS News—Colleges tighten belts as endowments lose value because of stock market downturn
USA Today—DMX sentenced to 90 days in prison on multiple felony charges

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