daily links: january 2014

ABCnews.com—New Year's twins born in separate years
CNN.com—Intricate and unusual crop circle mowed down by farm owner
CBS News—Newspapers urge Obama to grant clemency to Edward Snowden
NBC News—Banker accussed of faking his own death and stealing $21 million
Fox News—Usernames and phone numbers for 4.6 million Snapchat accounts leaked online
USA Today—Netflix testing new pricing schemes in anticipation of increasing competition from Amazon

ABCnews.com—Former Vikings punter Chris Kluwe says he was released because of his support for gay marriage
USA Today—General Mills to remove genetically modified ingredients from Cheerios
Huffington Post—Alabama fans name their child Krimson Tyde in honor of the school's football team
CNN.com—Alicia Keys' time as creative director at Blackberry comes to an end after one year
NBC News—Duck Dynasty stars launching line of guns
CBS News—Embattled Toronto mayor Rob Ford files to run for reelection despite being stripped of any real power by the city council in his current term

CBS News—Wendy's moves past Burger King to become number 2 fast food chain in the US
USA Today—Blackberry sues maker of new physical keyboard for smartphones
Fox News—Nvidia reveals that it planned crop circle stunt to promote new chip
NBC News—Pebble smartwatch unveils new high-end stainless steel body
CNN.com—SNL has black female castmember for first time in six years
ABCnews.com—Woman hits $90k slots jackpot two days in a row

NBC News—NFL considering adding another team from each conference to the playoffs
CBS News—Intel to rebrand McAfee security software to Intel Security in order to distance the brand from its founder
Fox News—Former Miss Venezuela killed during robbery
USA Today—Kraft running short of Velveeta for unknown reasons
ABCnews.com—Director Michael Bay has meltdown at CES after teleprompter failure
CNN.com—Lindsey Vonn will not ski at Sochi

CBS News—Braves teammates Tom Glavine and Greg Maddux both elected to MLB Hall of Fame
Fox News—Minnesota business owner facing $48 million lawsuit for unsolicited faxes
CNN.com—PS4 outselling Xbox One
NBC News—Insane Clown Posse sues the Justice Department and the FBI over the government's classification of their followers as gang members
USA Today—Macy's to lay off 2500 workers and close stores despite an increase in sales last year
ABCnews.com—Twitter co-founder unveils new social networking site

NBC News—Spike in oil prices makes every Norwegian citizen a theoretical millionaire
CBS News—New IRS rule ends automatic tips for larger parties at restaurants
CNN.com—China's leading online retailer will no longer accept Bitcoin as payment
ABCnews.com—France wants to ban free book deliveries by online retailers like Amazon
USA Today—Google launches private ferry service for its employees
Fox News—PlayStation announces streaming service that will allow users to play classic games

CNN.com—Study finds that the majority of Congress members are millinaires
Fox News—Motorist pursued 15 miles and shot to death by unknown road rage assailant
USA Today—Gmail update lets any Google+ user send you email
NBC News—China passes the US to become the world's number one trader
ABCnews.com—Hitler's Mein Kampf sees surge in ebook sales
CBS News—Shia LaBeouf announces that he is retiring from public life

Fox News—Japanese spirits maker buys Jim Beam
USA Today—Octomom charged with welfare fraud
CNN.com—Study finds that MTV's 16 and Pregnant led to a reduction in the percentage of teen births
CBS News—Google buying Nest for $3.2 billion
ABCnews.com—Southwest pilots land jet at wrong airport
NBC News—Pizza Hut has sold $1 million worth of pizzas through its Xbox app

CBS News—Federal court strikes down FCC's net neutrality regulations
NBC News—Colorado changes Mile 420 highway marker to 419.99 to prevent theft by stoners
ABCnews.com—Defense contractor tried to smuggle F-35 blueprints to Iran
CNN.com—Retired police officer shoots and kills another man for texting during movie previews
USA Today—Beanie Babies creator sentenced to two years probation for tax evasion
Fox News—University bars president from living with a partner she's not married to in campus housing

CBS News—Federal court strikes down FCC's net neutrality regulations
Fox News—FDA issues warning on acetaminophen, the main ingredient in Tylenol
ABCnews.com—Michelle Obama says she hasn't ruled out plastic surgery or botox to improve her looks as she ages
USA Today—AOL sells local news service Patch
CNN.com—Twitter rolling out new design
CBS News—Chicago approves measure that would limit the use of e-cigarettes in the city

Fox News—Google reveals that it is working on prototype contact lens that would help people with diabetes monitor their glucose levels
CNN.com—Man who was subjected to multiple enemas and digital cavity searches by police using an invalid warrant is awarded $1.6 million
CBS News—The actor who played the Professor on Gilligan's Island dies at 89
USA Today—California driver has Google Glass ticket thrown out because the officer could not prove that the device was actually in operation
NBC News—Johnny Knoxvilee's Jackass-style film Bad Grandpa receives two Oscar nominations
BBC News—Man jailed for refusing to give police his password to an encrypted thumb drive

Fox News—US government to sell of stash of $28 million worth of Bitcons seized from Silk Road web site
NBC News—Company behind West Virginia chemical spill that left hundreds of thousands without drinking water files for bankruptcy
ABCnews.com—Budweiser pays Arnold Schwarzenegger $3 million to appear in Super Bowl ad
CNN.com—Hershey's working on 3D chocolate printer
USA Today—Taco Bell rolling out six new drink options at once, including flavors that will only be available at their restaurants
CBS News—New study explores the impact of college rankings

NBC News—Jelly Belly unveils beer-flavored jellybean
IGN.com—Disneyland remodeling Tomorrowland with a Star Wars theme, including elements from the upcoming Star Wars VII
USA Today—Quicken Loans and Warren Buffett offering $1 billion for perfect NCAA tournament bracket
CNN.com—The 85 richest individuals in the world own as much as the poorest 50%
Fox News—NFL considering proposal to eliminate extra point kicks and simply award 7 points for a touchdown
CBS News—Some Las Vegas casinos now accepting Bitcoin

Fox News—Maker of popular Candy Crush Saga mobile game wants to trademark the word "candy"
ABCnews.com—Sacramento Kings to have cheerleaders, announcers, and players use Google Glass during games to give fans a new view of the game
NBC News—Quentin Tarantino abandons plans to shoot new Western after the script is leaked
CNN.com—Headphone maker Beats launches its own streaming music service
USA Today—Investor Icahn wants eBay to spin off PayPal into a separate business
CBS News—Man accused of using Google Glass to illegally record a movie in a theater

Fox News—Some Olympians telling families not to travel to Russia to watch the Sochi games amid security concerns
USA Today—Greg Maddux, who won a World Series and three Cy Young awards for the Atlanta Braves, will go into the Hall of Fame without a team logo
CBS News—Sperm donor to fight court ruling that he must pay child support to a lesbian couple who used his sperm to have a baby
NBC News—Village court in India orders gang rape of woman because she had a boyfriend who was from another village
CNN.com—Arrests made in airport heist that inspired Scorsese's Goodfellas
ABCnews.com—Justin Bieber arrested on DUI charges in Miami

BBC News—Rare Nintendo game goes up for auction and is expected to sell for thousands
CNN.com—Price of first class stamp going up to 49 cents on Sunday, an increase of 3 cents
USA Today—Apple's Macintosh turns 30
NBC News—Bruce Springsteen's son joins New Jersey fire department
CBS News—US Army general says that robots could replace combat soldiers by 2030
Fox News—New pistol sight promises faster, more accurate shots

Fox News—Former Marlboro Man dies from smoking-related causes
CBS News—Arizona GOP censures John McCain for being too liberal
USA Today—Walmart laying off 2300 Sam's Club workers
ABCnews.com—Pope Francis calls the internet a gift from God
CNN.com—Bill Cosby returning to television in new sitcom for NBC
NBC News—Los Angeles restaurant to offer chocolate-flavored fried chicken

CBS News—Southwest to start flying international routes
ABCnews.com—Google buys artificial intelligence firm for $400 million
USA Today—Madden simulation predicts Broncos Super Bowl win
NBC News—Microsoft renames SkyDrive to OneDrive after European trademark challenge
CNN.com—Quentin Tarantino sues Gawker for leaking a script for a movie he hasn't filmed yet
Fox News—Foxconn, the Chinese firm that builds Apple's iPhones, is considering building a plant in the US

CNN.com—College football players trying to form union
USA Today—Hong Kong billionaire offering $130 million dowryto any man who can turn his lesbian daughter straight
ABCnews.com—Congressmann caught on camera threatening to throw reporter off balcony
NBC News—FDA says that Aleve may be safer for your heart than other anti-inflamatories like ibuprofren
Fox News—Baseball's new protective hat for pitchers is panned by players
BBC News—Prince sues fans for posting bootleg videos online

NBC News—Google selling its Motorola hardware business to Lenovo
ABCnews.com—Oscar nomination rescinded due to conflict of interest
Fox News—Unpaid virtual bill escalates conflict in EVE Online, resulting in a battle that cost $300,000 worth of damage in real-world dollars
CBS News—McDonald's employee accused of selling heroin in Happy Meal boxes
USA Today—Republican Party bans MSNBC until it apologizes for a tweet that the political group found to be offensive
CNN.com—New bullet splits into three fragments held together by ballistic fiber

NBC News—Amazon considering price hike for its Prime services
ABCnews.com—New study concludes that traffic cameras issue many false tickets, with an error rate as high as 10%
USA Today—Jos. A. Bank in talks to buy Eddie Bauer
Fox News—Blackberry's share of the smartphone market offcially falls to zero percent
CBS News—Facebook launches new app called Paper meant to compete with Flipbook
CNN.com—Game maker Zynga announces more staff cuts

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