daily links: february 2016

NBC News—Legal pot sales brought in more than $5 billion in 2015 in the US
CNN.com—Cost for networks to air Thursday Night Football NFL games rises from $37.5 million per game to $45 million per game for the 2016 and 2017 seasons
USA Today—Price of shares in Google parent company Alphabet surge after earnings report, making the company more valuable that Apple
CBS News—Middle school cleaning worker who didn't speak English tasered by cops while doing her job
ABCnews.com—Captain Phasma character confirmed to return in the next Star Wars movie
BBC News—Dutch police training eagles to nab drones out of midair

CNN.com—Hillary Clinton barely beats Bernie Sanders in Iowa
CBS News—Top generals say that women should be required to register for the draft since all combat jobs are now open to them
Fox News—Gmail crosses the billion users mark
BBC News—Pro cyclist caught using motorized bike during competition
NBC News—Yahoo to lay off 1700 workers, about 15% of its workforce
USA Today—The Force Awakens to become Lego videogame

USA Today—Trump calls for Iowa do-over, claiming Cruz lied and cheated to win the caucuses in that state
BBC News—Sumner Redstone steps down from CBS board
CNN.com—McDonald's being sued because the cheese in their mozzarella sticks isn't actually mozzarella
NBC News—NHL player suspended 20 games for checking ref
CBS News—Ben & Jerry's introduces four vegan flavors to its ice cream line up
ABCnews.com—Vin Diesel says there will be at least three more Fast & Furious films

BBC News—Newly discovered tarantula species named after Johnny Cash
Fox News—Johnson & Johnson testing cure for Type 1 diabetes
USA Today—Universal Studios Hollywood to start using demand-based pricing model
NBC News—Netflix to bring back Gilmore Girls
CNN.com—Man who voiced Bugs Bunny and Daffy Duck after Mel Blanc dies at 63
ABCnews.com—Comcast loses fewest customers in 8 years

Fox News—US military to start freezing eggs and sperm of soldiers in an effort to keep them from leaving the service to start a family
CNN.com—Warren Buffett investing heavily in oil despite the declines of the past year
BBC News—Twitter shuts down 125,000 ISIS-related accounts
NBC News—Doctors confirm first known case of sexual transmission of the Zika virus
ABCnews.com—Astronaut who was sixth man to walk on the moon dies at 85
USA Today—Doritos to award $50,000 for the best tweet about the Super Bowl

CNN.com—Police officer sues estate of teen he killed for emotional trauma
ABCnews.com—Johns Hopkins gets approval to perform first organ transplants between HIV positive donors and recipients
CBS News—Broncos win Super Bowl 50 and defensive player Von Miller picks up the MVP
Fox News—Some US athletes may not attend the Olympics in Rio over Zika concerns
BBC News—Man arrested after crashing drone into Empire State Building
USA Today—Michigan aboard approves petition to recall the governor over the Flint water crisis

CNN.com—Trump and Sanders win the NH primary
USA Today—UNC coach Roy Williams taken to locker room after collapsing during a game
CBS News—Warner/Chappell Music gives up battle over rights to Happy Birthday and will pay millions back in licensing fees
Fox News—DMX is hospitalized after drug overdose
NBC News—Supreme Court blocks enforcement of new EPA clean air regulations
BBC News—Indian government blocks Facebook app that offered free internet access to core sites

CNN.com—Proposed federal law would set mandatory minimum size standards for airline seats
ABCnews.com—Twitter starts rolling out algorithmic timeline
NBC News—Tesla says it will be profitable in 2016
Fox News—Harvard reports record number of undergraduate applicants
USA Today—Burger King launching grilled hot dogs
BBC News—Google will no longer allow Flash in its ads

CNN.com—Gravity waves finally confirmed to exist after being predicted by Einstein 100 years ago
ABCnews.com—Final holdouts in Oregon wildlife refuge standoff arrested
NBC News—J.K. Rowling announces that new Harry Potter book will be released this year
BBC News—US to grant same legal status to self-driving car systems as human drivers
CBS News—Time buys MySpace
USA Today—Tesla to start accepting orders for its more affordable Model 3

CBS News—Indicted pharmaceutical CEO and all-around obnoxious prick offers to buy Kanye West's new album for $10 million so he can be the only one who hears it
ABCnews.com—Mets pitcher gets lifetime ban from MLB after testing positive for performance-enhancing substances for the third time
CNN.com—Dr. Dre to star in original tv series for Apple
USA Today—AT&T to start testing 5G network, which it says will be up to 100 times faster than 4G LTE
Fox News—Former Penn State president suing university after being fired during the Jerry Sandusky scandal
BBC News—UK's Independent to cease publishing its print edition

CNN.com—Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia found dead at age 79
CBS News—Visa buys major stake in Square
USA Today—400 carat diamond worth up to $14 million found in Africa
ABCnews.com—Tidal music app instantly becomes the number one app in Apple's App Store after Kanye West releases his new album exclusively on the service
BBC News—Three dead in massive traffic accident that involved over 50 vehicles
NBC News—Congress passes permanent ban on states being allowed to tax internet access

ABCnews.com—Judge orders Apple to help break into the iPhone owned by San Bernadino shooters
NBC News—Filming begins on Star Wars Episode VIII
CNN.com—NFL commissioner Roger Goodell receives a pay cut, but with a $34 million salary, he'll still make more than all but one NFL player
USA Today—Carl Icahn reduces his stake in Apple
NBC News—Obama will nominate successor to Scalia despite Republican senators' vow to block any nominee until a new president is elected
CBS News—New Pee Wee Herman film to debut on Netflix

Fox News—9,000 people being forced to relocate from site around China's massive new radio telescope
CNN.com—Hospital pays $17,000 in Bitcoin to stop hackers who had hijacked its systems
NBC News—Aston Martin to develop electric car with Chinese company
ABCnews.com—Nike cuts ties with Manny Pacquiao after he makes negative comments about same sex relationships
USA Today—Fandango buys Rotten Tomatoes and Flixster
CBS News—New Pee Wee Herman film to debut on Netflix

ABCnews.com—Pope Francis calls contraception, traditionally opposed by the Catholic Church, the lesser of two evils in light of the Zika viruses ability to be spread via sexual intercourse
Fox News—Virginia bill would keep names of police officers secret from the public and the media
USA Today—Political campaigns covet AOL email addresses over Gmail ones because AOL account holders are far more likely to donate money
CNN.com—Bill Cosby suing one of his accusers
NBC News—Man plans to eat only potatoes for a year
BBC News—Apple Pay launches in China

CNN.com—Harper Lee dies at 89
CBS News—Amazon will finance Woody Allen's next movie
USA Today—Virgin Galactic unveils new spaceship
ABCnews.com—Yahoo board considers selling the company
Fox News—Drinking coffee may help undo damage to liver from alcohol
NBC News—Man in India may have been killed by meteorite

ABCnews.com—Uber driver goes on shooting spree that leaves six dead
CBS News—Minnesota revokes offensive vanity plate about Muslims
Fox News—Taylor Swift donates $250,000 to Kesha to help with her legal bills
NBC News—Man killed after confronting person who had his stolen cell phone
CNN.com—Lock of John Lennon's hair sells for $35,000 at auction
USA Today—Winemaker Peter Mondavi dies at 101

CNN.com—Toddler accidentally sentenced to life in prison
BBC News—Viacom selling significant stake in Paramount
ABCnews.com—Trump calls Cruz a "weak little baby"
USA Today—David Ortiz announces that he will retire after this season
CBS News—Fidel Castro's brother Ramon dies at 91
Fox News—Deadpool wins box office for second week in a row

CBS News—Romney suggests there is information that would hurt Trump's presidential campaign hidden in the GOP frontrunner's unreleased tax returns
CNN.com—ISIS supporters threaten Facebook and Twitter founders
ABCnews.com—Woman finds rare purple pearl in her oyster at a restaurant
NBC News—Benches on planes are newest idea to cram more passengers onto jetliners
USA Today—Facebook unveils new emojis to give more nuance to the Like button
Fox News—Three Colorado deputies shot while serving eviction notice

USA Today—Former KKK leader David Duke endorses Trump for president
CNN.com—College cancels spring break in order to shorten the semester and save money
CBS News—San Francisco school board votes to distribute free condoms to middle schoolers without parental knowledge or consent
Fox News—US soccer star Hope Solo may skip 2016 Olympics over concerns about the Zika virus
ABCnews.com—New bill in Utah would allow law enforcement officers to shoot down drones
BBC News—Beijing overtakes New York as the billionaire capital of the world

Fox News—Air Force reveals design for a new long-range bomber, the B-21
CBS News—College presidents paid more on average than CEOs
CNN.com—Oprah Winfrey loses $27 million on Weight Watchers investment
NBC News—Mumbai creates no-selfie zones for public safety
USA Today—Boy removed from flight over allergic reaction to service animal brought on board by another passenger
BBC News—Nintendo cuts profit forecast by 50%

CNN.com—Clarence Thomas speaks up during oral arguments for the first time in a decade
NBC News—Leonardo DiCaprio wins his first Oscar after being nominated five times
Fox News—Vermont college bans energy drinks, saying they lead to more high risk sexual encounters
USA Today—McDonald's Happy Meal boxes turn into VR headsets
ABCnews.com—Google self-driving car hits bus
CBS News—New Hampshire considering bill that would criminalize women exposing their breasts in public

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