daily links: december 2016

ABCnews.com—New Texas law will require doctors to hold funerals for fetuses after most abortions
CNN.com—New technique for hollowing out sugar crystals patented by Nestle could reduce calories in chocolate
BBC News—Kellogg's pulls advertising from Breitbart
Fox News—Loretta Lynn reveals that she tried marijuana for the first time at age 84
CBS News—Bob Dylan skips White House ceremony for new Nobel laureates
USA Today—Apple wants to use drones to improve its mapping service

NBC News—Mall of America hires its first black Santa
CBS News—Creator of General Tso's Chicken dies at 98
Fox News—US ban on small, spherical rare earth magnest nicknamed Buckyballs (although they are not really Buckyballs) is overturned by court
USA Today—Study finds that sunlight can help prevent nearsightedness
CNN.com—Buzz Aldrin medically evacuated from the South Pole
ABCnews.com—20 year old live streams high speed driving on Facebook, including his eventual crash into a dump truck

USA Today—Incumbent Republican governor of North Carolina finally concedes the gubernatorial race to his Democratic challenger
ABCnews.com—NYC mayor asks federal government for $35 million to cover additional security costs for Trump
CNN.com—Under Armour inks ten year deal to provide uniforms for MLB teams starting in 2020
NBC News—Advertisers expected to spend more on social media than print by 2020
Fox News—Jimmy Kimmel to host 2017 Academy Awards
CBS News—Energy company estimates that it would cost $7.7 octillion per day to operate the Death Star

NBC News—Ikea to offer four months of paid parental leave to all employees
CBS News—Texas elector announces that he will not cast his vote for Trump
USA Today—Former Heisman Trophy winner found dead of suicide at age 42
CNN.com—Sirus XM in talks to buy Pandora streaming service
Fox News—Judge in Argentina rules that a woman can marry her stepdaughter
BBC News—Sales of vinyl surpassed those of digital downloads last week

BBC News—FitBit buys Pebble in order to acquire its software
CBS News—Original emojis added to MoMA's art collection
CNN.com—Time names Trump its Person of the Year
USA Today—Cruise lines given go-ahead to add Cuba as a port of call
ABCnews.com—Forbes names Johnny Depp the world's most overpaid actor
NBC News—Upcoming Pixar movie about the Day of the Dead will feature an all-Latino cast

CNN.com—Former astronaut and senator John Glenn, the first American to orbit the Earth, dies at 95
USA Today—NFL not likely to take action on Ezekiel Elliott domestic violence accusations before the end of the season
NBC News—Actress Sofia Vergara beings sued by her own frozen embryos
CBS News—Biologists warn that giraffes are at risk of going extinct
Fox News—Google promises that 100% of its energy will come from renewable sources by the end of 2017
ABCnews.com—Apple CEO Tim Cook will give MIT's commencement address next year

ABCnews.com—Dinosaur tail found encased in amber is covered in feathers, shedding new light on the species
USA Today—Coca-Cola CEO to step down next May
Fox News—The NFL will play four games in London next season
CNN.com—Starbucks introduces Pokemon Go Frappuccino at all its stores that are listed as Pokestops
CBS News—Drug overdoses now kill more Americans than guns
NBC News—YouTube star goes back on his word to delete his account if he reached 50 million subscribers

NBC News—What scientists thought was a supernova was actually a black hole tearing apart a star
CNN.com—Trump delays news conference where he was going to explain how he was going to extricate himself from his business interests
CBS News—Mummifed child from 17th century Lithuania offers new insights into the history of smallpox
Fox News—Netflix says Prince was in talks to do a reality show with the streaming service at the time of his death
ABCnews.com—Disney's Moana leads box office for third straight week
USA Today—Rams fire head coach Jeff Fisher after five losing seasons

CBS News—New Jersey judge orders local newspaper to stop reporting on a child custody case
Fox News—Ohio governor vetoes one anti-abortion bill but signs another into law
NBC News—Uber employees accused of using company data to stalk exes and celebrities
ABCnews.com—Cuisinart recalls 8 million food processors
CNN.com—American Express announces that it will give all new parents 20 weeks of paid leave
USA Today—Wake Forest football announcer accused of leaking game plans to opposing teams for the past three years

CNN.com—The Fed rasises interest rates for only the second time in the last decade
CBS News—Department of Energy refuses request from Donald Trump for the names of staff members and contractors who believe in the prevailing theory that climate change is caused by human activity
ABCnews.com—Amazon's drone program makes its first customer delivery
NBC News—US government wants all new cars to be able to talk to one another by 2023
BBC News—Wave in the Atlantic Ocean sets new world record
Fox News—Actor Alan Thicke dies at 69

BBC News—Yahoo reveals that one billion accounts were compromised by hackers
CNN.com—California orders Uber to stop testing self-driving cars on the streets of San Francisco
USA Today—Obama allows bill to become law without his signature
ABCnews.com—John Glenn's body to lie in state at Ohio capitol
CBS News—Walking Dead star cast as one of the leads in the new Star Trek series
NBC News—FDA approves a pink GMO pineapple from Del Monte

CNN.com—Rebublican legislatue attempts power grab in advance of an incoming Democrat governor
USA Today—Rogue One makes $29 million in Thursday "preview" showings
ABCnews.com—Clinics file lawsuit against new Texas law requiring formal burial for fetal tissue
CBS News—Julia Roberts to star in her first television series
Fox News—Chinese navy ship seizes US underwater drone
NBC News—New airport vending machine sells fresh salads

USA Today—Turkish police officer assassinates Russian ambassador to Turkey in art gallery
CNN.com—Study finds that one in six adults in the US are on some form of psychiatric drug
BBC News—Zsa Zsa Gabor dies at 99
CBS News—Merriam-Webster chooses "surreal" as the word of the year for 2016
NBC News—Rogue One makes $155 million in its opening weekend, the second highest total ever for a December release in the US
Fox News—Trailer for Blade Runner sequel released

NBC News—Tupac and Pearl Jam among new Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductees
USA Today—Morgan Freeman to voice Mark Zuckerberg's personal automated assistant nicknamed Jarvis
CBS News—Journalist suffers a seizure after Twitter user intentionally sends him a strobe effect tweet
ABCnews.com—Obama bans drilling in parts of Arctic and Atlantic
CNN.com—Laser activated drug could improve prostate cancer treatment
BBC News—Dick Van Dyke to appear in Mary Poppins sequel

Fox News—Tom Arnold says he has tapes of Trump saying racist things on The Apprentice
CBS News—Mother arrested after second infant in seven years dies while co-sleeping with her
CNN.com—Vote recount in Maine makes marijuana legal in that state
USA Today—Patriots wide receiver had three times the legal blood alcohol limit when he was arrested on suspicion of DUI
NBC News—Dozens killed in fireworks market explosion in Mexico
BBC News—Amniotic fluid can reverse aging in bones

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