daily links: june 2016

USA Today—Airbnb bans North Carolina host for making racists comments to a black guest
ABCnews.com—Chinese smartphone maker buys a trove of mobile phone patents from Microsoft
CBS News—6 year old calls 911 to report his father for running a red light
CNN.com—Man charged after beating his wife's would-be rapist to death
Fox News—China unveils massive new 98,000 ton shipping vessel
NBC News—Disney reveals cast of Mary Poppins sequel

USA Today—Prince's autopsy reveals that he died of accidental drug overdose
ABCnews.com—Google's AI writes its first song
CNN.com—Iron dagger buried with King Tut was made from a meteorite
BBC News—New species of praying mantis named after Ruth Bader Ginsburg
NBC News—Elon Musk says his SpaceX company will start sending people to Mars in 2024
CBS News—Texas town erects selfie statue

NBC News—Facebook board to vote on removing Zuckerberg's majority share in the company should he decide to step down from the CEO role
USA Today—Walmart partnering with ride sharing services for same-day grocery delivery
Fox News—Soccer testing instant replay use during games
BBC News—Flat lens made of quartz and nanopillars could revolutionize optics
ABCnews.com—Nest CEO leaving the company
CNN.com—Uber gets $3.5 billion investment from Saudis

USA Today—Gravitational waves detected for second time after showing up for the first time earlier this year
CNN.com—Rhapsody is changing its name to Napster, which it bought several years ago
CBS News—FDA warns Whole Foods over unsanitary kitchen conditions
ABCnews.com—Father of victim in Paris terrorist attacks sues social media companies
Fox News—Democratic senator filibusters for 15 hours to force vote in gun control in wake of Orlando massacre
NBC News—Appeals court upholds net neutrality and rules that internet service is a utility

ABCnews.com—Doctors wash their hands far less frequently when they know they're not being monitored
CNN.com—Philadelphia passes soda tax
USA Today—Julia Child's private retreat now listed on Airbnb
Fox News—Country music artist ordered to pay IRS almost $1 million for obstruction an investigation into his taxes
BBC News—VW plans to release 30 all-electric vehicles by 2025
NBC News—J.K. Rowling asks fans who see her new Harry Potter play not to post spoilers

CNN.com—Philadelphia passes soda tax
BBC News—Microsoft release software to aid with distribution and sale of legal marijuana
Fox News—Jimmy Page takes the stand in Stairway to Heaven copyright trial
ABCnews.com—Rolls Royce working on driverless car
NBC News—The race is on to build the first hyperloop
USA Today—Some McDonald's now selling lobser rolls

ABCnews.com—LeBron James leads Cavaliers to win in game 7 and brings sports championship to Cleveland for the first time in more than 50 years
Fox News—Apple is latest company to pull GOP convention sponsorship due to Trump being the nominee
CBS News—Republican controlled Sentate votes down four gun control measures
CNN.com—Netflix unveils new logo
USA Today—Six Flags to open new theme park in Saudi Arabia
NBC News—Star Trek actors dies in freak car accident at his home at age 27

NBC News—New York considering bill that would ban short term Airbnb rentals
Fox News—NASA unveils its electric plane project, the X-57
CBS News—California to shutter its last nuclear power plant
USA Today—Trump fires his campaign manager
CNN.com—Netflix to produce The Office movie spinoff with Ricky Gervais
ABCnews.com—Boeing to sell up to 100 aircraft to Iran

CNN.com—House Democrats stage sit-in at the Capitol to force vote on gun control bill
CBS News—Archaeologists find possible evidence of the Lost Colony in North Carolina
Fox News—Golfer Rory McIlroy says he will not participate in the Rio Olympics because of the Zika virus
ABCnews.com—Darth Vader will make an appearance in the Star Wars spin off movie Rogue One
BBC News—US releases new regulations for commercial drones
USA Today—Amazon introduces new thinner and lighter entry-level Kindle

NBC News—Supreme Court upholds the use of race as a factor in the college admissions process
CBS News—LeBron James says he will not play in the Rio Olympics over Zika concerns
CNN.com—Jury finds that Led Zeppelin did not copy Stairway to Heaven
USA Today—YouTube brings livestreaming to its mobile app to compete with apps like Periscope
ABCnews.com—Some Barnes & Noble stores to start selling beer and wine
BBC News—Apple unencrypts iOS kernel to improve system performance

CNN.com—British citizens vote for the UK to leave the EU
Fox News—Statements from a talkative parrot may be used as evidence in a murder trial
BBC News—Stonewall bar, which gave birth to the gay rights movement in the US, has been designated as a national monument
NBC News—Finding Dory sets record for debut weekend for animated film
CBS News—HBO cancels Vinyl
USA Today—Protester gives Trump Nazi-themed golf balls in Scotland

CNN.com—Supreme Court votes 5-3 to overturn Texas law that would have shuttered most abortion clinics in the state
ABCnews.com—Hubble Space Telescope's mission extended to 2021
Fox News—Netflix may introduce offline viewing option
CBS News—Virginia GOP delegate sues for the right to vote for someone besides Trump at the convention
NBC News—Pepsi to introduce new diet drink using aspartame a year after removing the artificial sweetener from its products
USA Today—George Will leaves the Republican party over Trump

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