daily links: may 2016

ABCnews.com—J.K. Rowling says she regrets killing off Remus Lupin
NBC News—U2's Edge becomes first rock guitarist to play the Sistine Chapel
CNN.com—Teen accidentally kills himself while taking a selfie
Fox News—Radiohead erases its online presence, likely setting the stage for the release of a new album
USA Today—Leicester City goes from worst to first and wins the Premiere League title a year after almost being removed from the league
CBS News—Woman sues Starbucks for putting too much ice in her iced coffee

CNN.com—Cruz drops his bid for the presidency after losing Indiana to Trump
USA Today—Australian man claims he is the inventor of Bitcoin
CBS News—Large Hadron Collider data gives hints about entirely new particle
NBC News—Google partnering with Chrysler to develop autonomous vehicles
BBC News—Hamilton sets record with 16 Tony nominations
Fox News—Trailer for new Ghostbusters is the most disliked video ever on YouTube

CBS News—Astronomers discover dark matter galaxy by accident due to flaw in lens
CNN.com—Justice Department notifies NC that its discriminatory anti-transgender law violates federal civil rights laws
USA Today—Creators of Titanfall working on new Star Wars game
Fox News—MLB considering canceling series in Puerto Rico out of concerns over Zika virus
NBC News—Anonymous announces 30 day global hacking campaign against the banking industry
BBC News—Chinese court rules that Apple does not own the word iPhone for non-smartphone products sold in that country

Fox News—Researchers develop antibodies that trigger immune system response to cancer cells, destroying the tumors but leaving benign cells unharmed
NBC News—Tesla says it plans to make 500,000 a year by 2018
BBC News—Scientists develop device that uses microwaves to measure blood glucose without pricking the skin to draw blood
USA Today—Ford invests nearly $200 million in tech firm
CNN.com—Ferris Bueller's Day Off returning to theaters to celebrate its 30th anniversary
ABCnews.com—Apple partners with SAP to produce mobile apps for business

CNN.com—Victims of Jerry Sandusky say that Joe Paterno knew about the sexual abuse perpatrated by the coach on young boys as far back as the 1970s
USA Today—London elects its first muslim mayor
BBC News—Space Invaders to be inducted into gaming hall of fame
NBC News—And now from the 1990s...Arsenio Hall sues Sinead O'Connor for $5 million for defamation
ABCnews.com—Family forced off flight due to their son's severe peanut allergy
Fox News—Drone submarine to be named Boaty McBoatface instead of the research vessel that the internet voted should have that moniker. Although really, the name does suit the research vessel awfully well.

NBC News—FDA unveils new food labeling standards
Fox News—Man shot near White House after brandishing a gun and refusing orders to drop it
BBC News—Uber testing driverless cars in Pittsburgh
CBS News—5 year old girl shoots herself with her father's gun while he is in the shower
CNN.com—Tupac's Hummer sells for over $300,000 at auction
ABCnews.com—Misaligned mirrors cause fire at world's largest solar energy plant

Fox News—Baltimore cop cleared of all charges in death of Freddie Gray
CNN.com—New overtime rules for salaried employees take effect
ABCnews.com—India launches prototype for resusable space shuttle
USA Today—Sports Authority going out of business
NBC News—Head of TSA fired after weeks of overly long wait times at airports nationwide
BBC News—Coca-Cola shuts down operations in Venezuela amid sugar and energy shortages

CNN.com—TSA testing new screening procedures in Atlanta aimed at speeding up lines
USA Today—NFL owners vote to expand the use of instant replay during football games
BBC News—Twitter makes changes that allow for longer tweets
NBC News—Weight loss surgery now recommended treatment for Type 2 diabetes
CBS News—Atlanta awarded 2019 Super Bowl
ABCnews.com—Toyota investing in Uber

CBS News—Asian Americans claim that elite colleges discriminate against them during the admission process
NBC News—Facebook and Microsoft building new undersea internet cable across the Atlantic
Fox News—Billionaire founder of PayPal reveals that he funded Hulk Hogan's lawsuit against Gawker
USA Today—Apple considered Time Warner purchase in 2015
CNN.com—Bob Dylan turns 75
BBC News—Johnny Depp's wife files for divorce

USA Today—Doctors urging Brazil to postpone or cancel Olympics in Rio this summer due to Zika virus
CNN.com—96 year old doctor who invented the Heimlich maneuver uses his signature move to save a choking woman
ABCnews.com—UNC says it will not enforce North Carolina's anti-transgender bathroom rules on any of its campuses
NBC News—Superbug gene that is resistant to all forms of antibiotics is found in US patient for first time
Fox News—Archaeologists may have discovered Aristotle's final resting place
CBS News—Tennessee lawmaker urges his constituents to burn traffic citations

Fox News—SiriusXM suspends Glenn Beck's show after guest suggests that Donald Trump be assassinated if he wins the presidency
CBS News—Star Wars: Rogue One forced to do reshoots after Disney not happy with first cut
NBC News—Sam Mendes says he won't direct next James Bond film
CNN.com—Rolling Stones guitarist Ron Wood becomes father to twin girls just as he's about to turn 69
ABCnews.com—FDA approves implant designed to help fight opioid addiction
BBC News—WHO makes push for global unbranded cigarette packaging

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