daily links: march 2016

NBC News—Owners of New York Stock Exchange considering purchase of London Stock Exchange
USA Today—Black college students thrown out of Trump rally being held on their own campus, apparently just for being black
BBC News—Oscars ratings lowest in nearly a decade
CNN.com—Lego has 30% increase in profits thanks to demand for Star Wars and Disney sets
ABCnews.com—Former Friends star Matt LeBlanc joins cast of Top Gear
CBS News—Rolling Stones announce their first-ever show in Cuba

NBC News—Whistleblower in medical kickbacks case to be awarded $51 million
ABCnews.com—Ithaca considering the creation of safe spaces for supervised use of illegal drugs
USA Today—AT&T to launch streaming service to deliver DirecTV content without a dish
Fox News—Trump's Super Tuesday wins lead to spike in "how to move to Canada" on search engines
BBC News—Details of bin Laden's will and $29 million estate released
CBS News—FAA issues definitive rules banning e-cig use on planes

Fox News—Army vet fired from CVS after trying to stop an armed robbery
ABCnews.com—Google engineers working with UNICEF in fight against Zika virus
BBC News—AMC and Carmike merging to become the largest theater chain in the US
USA Today—Chik-fil-A rewarding families who eat their entire meal without using their cell phones
CNN.com—The Force Awakens to be released digitally on April 1
NBC News—First trailer for new Ghostbusters movie released

Fox News—Army vet fired from CVS after trying to stop an armed robbery
CNN.com—Kendrick Lamar releases surprise new album
BBC News—AMC and Carmike merging to become the largest theater chain in the US
Fox News—Samsung teaming with Six Flags to integrate virtual reality headsets into roller coaster rides
CBS News—Costco increases the minimum wage it pays employees
BBC News—Rapist who used Match.com to find his victims is jailed for life

ABCnews.com—Jimmy Carter announces that he is ceasing his cancer treatments and that he is effectively cured
CNN.com—Inventor of email dies at 74
CBS News—Peyton Manning announces his retirement
USA Today—Former first lady Nancy Reagan dies at 94
Fox News—Yale basketball star leaves the school under mysterious circumstances
NBC News—Arnold Schwarzeneggar endorses John Kasich

NBC News—Bloomberg says he won't run for president because it would increase the chances that Trump or Cruz would win
USA Today—New president of Cornell dies from cancer only months after taking office
BBC News—Google hires 4chan creator
CNN.com—Jury awards sports reporter Erin Andrews in her lawsuit against a man who secretly filmed her nude and the hotel that allowed him to book a room next to hers
CBS News—Boeing's self-cleaning plane lavatory uses UV light to kill germs
Fox News—Joseph Gordon-Levitt leaves the Sandman film over creative differences with the studio

CNN.com—Sanders eeks out a win against Clinton in Michigan, giving him back some momentum
USA Today—Beatles producer George Martin dies at 90
CBS News—Steph Curry breaks his own NBA 3-pointer record with a quarter of the season left to play
Fox News—Brink's worker admits that he stole $200,000 in quarters
ABCnews.com—Superstar wide receiver Calvin Johnson announces his retirement from the NFL at age 30
NBC News—Big Hero 6 to be made into television series for Disney XD

CNN.com—Pro-gun activist shot in the back by her four year old son. This happened in Florida, of course.
Fox News—Black protestor at Trump rally in NC punched in the face by white audience member; police tackle the victim instead of the assailant
CBS News—California may raise smoking age from 18 to 21
ABCnews.com—Apple announces March 21 media event
USA Today—Star of reality show Pawn Stars arrested on gun and drug charges
NBC News—Dos Equis retires "Most Interesting Man in the World" ad campaign

Fox News—California's right-to-die law, which will allow terminally ill people to end their lives with a doctor's assistance, will go into effect on June 9
USA Today—CVS launches $50 million anti-smoking campaign
Huffington Post—Second Wachowski sibling comes out as transgendered female
CBS News—Chicago man arrested for using an illegal cell phone jammer on the CTA to get some peace and quiet on his commute
NBC News—Man arrested for sucker punching a protester at a Trump rally expresses no remorse for his actions and says next time the crowd should escalate the violence towards protesters
BBC News—Elvis Presley's estate sues Las Vegas casino

BBC News—Human player finally beats Google's AI in Go
Fox News—Reports that Beetlejuice 2 was in development turn out to be false
NBC News—Uber driver who went on a killing spree says the Uber app took over his mind
ABCnews.com—Airbnb launching feature that will allow neighbors to file complaints
CNN.com—Jerry Seinfeld auctions off 15 Porsches from his extensive collection for $22 million
USA Today—Keith Emerson of Emerson, Lake & Palmer commits suicide at 71

ABCnews.com—Steven Spielberg and Harrison Ford working on fifth Indiana Jones movie
CNN.com—Mother Teresa to be made into saint in September
USA Today—CDC says that doctors should no longer prescribe opiates for chronic pain because of the high risk of addiction
CBS News—DC's Metro subway system to shut down for more than a day for safety inspections
BBC News—Microsoft announces that Xbox One players will soon be able to play online against players on other console systems and PCs
NBC News—Obama decides not to open the Atlantic coast to oil drilling

USA Today—Obama reveals his pick to replace Scalia on the Supreme Court
CNN.com—Frank Sinatra Jr. dies at 72
Fox News—Convicted pedophile and former Subway spokesman Jared Fogle attacked in prison by another inmate
CBS News—Uber driver accused of shooting spree is suing Uber for $10 million
ABCnews.com—Automatic braking to be standard feature in most car models by 2022
NBC News—White Sox veteran Adam LaRoche retires because the team asked him not to bring his son to the clubhouse every day

NBC News—SeaWorld to halt its Orca breeding program
USA Today—Scans reveal two hidden, previously undiscovered rooms in King Tut's tomb
ABCnews.com—Nike to start selling Back to the Future-inspired self-lacing shoes later this year
CBS News—London using flock of racing pigeons to help monitor air quality
CNN.com—Fossilized skeleton of pregnant T. Rex discovered in Montana
BBC News—Study finds that the best way to quit smoking is to go cold turkey

ABCnews.com—Some companies offering employees paid pet bereavement leave
BBC News—Britain's tallest mountain gains an extra meter thanks to new measurement using GPS
CNN.com—Women diagnosed with Alzheimer's slower than men
CBS News—General Mills to start labeling products that contain GMOs
NBC News—One person filed more than 6,500 of the 8,700 noise complaints about Reagan National Airport last year
Fox News—Fabio becomes a US citizen

NBC News—FBI says it may have found a way to unlock terrorist's phone without Apple's help
ABCnews.com—Conservatives in NC want to overturn Charlotte's ordinance on transgender rights
Fox News—Former Intel CEO Andy Grove dead at 79
BBC News—Prince is writing a memoir
USA Today—Former Top Chef winner arrested for assaulting his girlfriend
CNN.com—Jury awards Hulk Hogan an additional $25 million in punitive damages to go alongside the original judgment of $115 million in the former wrestler's lawsuit against Gawker

NBC News—Bombings at subway station and airport in Brussels kill dozens and injure hundreds
BBC News—New 3D X-ray technique used to read previously unreadable ancient scrolls
Fox News—New analysis of bone found in 1903 puts humans in Ireland 2,500 years earlier than previously believed
CBS News—Facebook ending support for BlackBerry devices
CNN.com—Paul McCartney trying to buy back the Beatles' catalog
USA Today—Pokemon designer killed by falling tree at 42

Fox News—MLB legend Joe Garagiola dies at 90
CNN.com—A Tribe Called Quest rapper Phife Dawg dies at 45
NBC News—Disney says it will no longer make movies in Georgia if the state passes a bill that allows businesses to discriminate against the LGBTQ community
CBS News—Alex Rodriguez says he plans to retire after the 2017 season
BBC News—Elijah Wood cast to play Dirk Gently in BBC America's adaptation of the Douglas Adams' books
ABCnews.com—Star going supernova caught on camera for the first time

CNN.com—Gary Shandling dies at 66
BBC News—Scientists find evidence that the moon used to spin on a different axis
Fox News—Pennsylvania coroner says he will now classify heroin overdoses as homicides
USA Today—YouTube to take on Periscope with its own live video app
CBS News—Man arrested because he didn't return a VHS rental in 2002
NBC News—Giant arch to be placed at Chernobyl that will prevent radiation leakage for the next 100 years

USA Today—Larry Flynt invests $100,000 in marijuana company
CNN.com—Google Maps leads demolition crew to the wrong home
NBC News—Shortly before his death, Gary Shandling made a deal to return his iconic Larry Sanders show to HBO's programming lineup
Fox News—New species of spider that walks on water and eats toads named after physicist Brian Greene
CBS News—Netflix admits that it has been throttling video speeds on AT&T's and Verizon's networks
ABCnews.com—Man indicted after pouring boiling water on two gay men

CNN.com—Georgia's Republican governor vetoes "religious liberty" bill that was really just a ploy to legalize discrimination against the LGBTQ community
ABCnews.com—FBI drops case against Apple after it says it found a way to crack an encrypted phone belonging to a terrorist without the company's help
USA Today—California planning to raise minimum wage to $15 an hour by 2022
Fox News—Batman v Superman makes $170 million its opening weekend despite a slew of negative reviews
NBC News—Gunman in custody after firing shots at US capitol building
CBS News—Kiefer Sutherland releasing country music album

USA Today—15 year old female protester groped and then pepper sprayed by crowd members outside Trump rally in Wisconsin
CNN.com—Deadlocked Supreme Court preserves ruling in favor of public sector unions
CBS News—Trump's campaign manager charged with battery after forcefully grabbing a reporter
Fox News—William Shatner sued for $170 million for man claiming to be his son
ABCnews.com—Patty Duke dies at 69
NBC News—Old Spice hit with class action lawsuit due to its products causing rashes

ABCnews.com—Soda consumption in US at lowest level in decades
USA Today—Chipotle planning to open burger chain
CNN.com—Library of Congress to stop using the phrase "illegal alien" to describe undocumented immigrants
CBS News—Measles outbreak shuts down California school with low vaccination rate
NBC News—NASCAR driver arrested in massive tobacco smuggling sting
Fox News—Johns Hopkins begins first organ transplants between HIV positive patients

NBC News—Kylo and Rey become popular baby names in the wake of The Force Awakens
CBS News—300 million year old fossil gives us new clues about the evolution of spiders
ABCnews.com—Child who appeared in anti-gun-violence ad critically injured by stray bullet in his Chicago neighborhood
CNN.com—Math professor wins $700,000 for solving 300 year old equation
Fox News—Discovery announces Deadliest Catch spinoff and its first scripted series
USA Today—Amazon triples the number of Dash instant-order buttons that are available to Prime customers

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