daily links: october 2016

CNN.com—Ultraconservatve Glenn Beck says opposing Trump is the moral, ethical choice, even if it means electing Hillary Clinton
NBC News—Billy Bush suspended from the Today show and could possibly be fired for his part in the 2005 tape where Donald Trump crudely implied that he had committed sexual assault
CBS News—Facebook unveils Workplace, a private social networking site for businesses
ABCnews.com—Rod Stewart knighted by Prince William
Fox News—Rolling Stones announce new album
USA Today—Sheryl Sandberg says she will stay at Facebook even if she is offered a cabinet position in a Hillary Clinton administration

NBC News—Big money GOP donors are asking Trump for their donations back in the wake of his disastrous last week
USA Today—Amazon considering opening brick and mortar convenience stores
ABCnews.com—Samsung sends fireproof boxes to consumers for the return of their recalled Note 7 smartphones
CNN.com—Janet Jackson confirms that she is pregnant for the first time at age 50
Fox News—Zocdoc offering employees an "unsick day" for preventative health appointments and checkups
CBS News—Remastered Fraggle Rock returning to HBO

USA Today—Bob Dylan awarded Nobel Prize for Literature
ABCnews.com—New York Times refuses to acquiesce to Trump's demand for a retraction after the paper publishes a story where two of his victims recount how the Republican presidential candidate sexually assaulted them
CBS News—Amazon adding surge of 120,000 seasonal workers to handle holiday demand
CNN.com—J.K. Rowling says there will be five Fantastic Beasts movies
NBC News—Trump campaign giving up on Virginia
Fox News—Man charged with stealing $160,000 worth of cheese

CBS News—Three right wing domestic terrorists arrested for plotting to kill Muslims the day after the presidential election
ABCnews.com—Trump dismantles teleprompter at rally in NC
CNN.com—FAA bans the recalled Galaxy Note 7 from all US flights
USA Today—Salesforce.com walks away from deal to buy Twitter
Fox News—Boeing says it wants to beat SpaceX to Mars
BBC News—US relaxes rules on importing cigar and rum from Cuba

Fox News—Spiders, who have no eardrums, can "hear" from up to 10 feet away using the hairs on their legs
USA Today—GOP office in North Carolina damaged by firebomb
CNN.com—The Simpsons reaches its 600th episode
CBS News—Tech billionaire Peter Thiel donates $1.25 million to Trump
ABCnews.com—Ohio governor says that state agencies can no longer do business with Wells Fargo
NBC News—World's oldest panda in captivity dies at 38

CBS News—Curt Schilling says he'll run for the Senate against Elizabeth Warren in 2018
NBC News—Hillary Clinton considered Bill Gates and Tim Cook for VP when deciding on her running mate
Fox News—Chuck Berry to release first new studio album since 1979
CNN.com—M&Ms introduce new variant filled with caramel
USA Today—Apple to refresh its desktop and laptop Macs at event next week
ABCnews.com—Two divers found dead in underwater cave system in Florida

NBC News—Nobel Academy says it has not been able to get in touch with Bob Dylan
Fox News—62 year old woman gives birth in Spain
BBC News—Milk from Tasmanian devils could help fight superbugs
USA Today—NFL ratings down 11% compared to last year
ABCnews.com—Garth Brooks chooses Amazon to be first music service to host streams of his albums
CBS News—Man ends up in hospital after eating ghost peppers during a contest

CNN.com—Donald Trump only commits to accepting the results of the election if he wins
CBS News—Mississippi county bans clown costumes until after Halloween
Fox News—Nintendo unveils new Switch gaming system
NBC News—Wobble in the solar system could be evidence of the theorized but as-yet-undiscovered Planet Nine
ABCnews.com—Logan will be the final film to star Hugh Jackman as Wolverine
BBC News—Tesla announces that all future models will include self-driving technology

USA Today—DDoS attacks cripple large portions of the web in the US, including sites like Twitter, Netflix, and Amazon
CBS News—European Mars Lander appears to have crashed during its attempt to land
Fox News—More than one million people are still using the recalled Galaxy Note 7 despite the danger of the battery catching fire or exploding
NBC News—Elon Musk tells Telsa owners that they can only use their vehicles for commercial ridesharing if they do so through the company's soon-to-be-announced service
CNN.com—American Academy of Pediatrics issues new screen time rules for kids
BBC News—Microsoft shares hit record high

CNN.com—Wife of Jared Fogle, convicted pedophile and former Subway spokesperson, sues the sandwich chain
USA Today—Girl Scouts releasing line of cereals based on their cookie flavors
CBS News—AT&T to buy Time Warner for $85 billion
NBC News—Study finds that having more guns on college campuses will not make them safer
Fox News—Carol Burnett returning to television in Amy Poehler-produced sitcom
ABCnews.com—Pete Burns, lead singer of 80s band Dead or Alive, dies at 57 from a heart attack

CNN.com—FBI director James Comey under fire after reopening Clinton email investigation days before the election without providing any specific evidence or information to the public
USA Today—Black people and women pay more on Uber compared to white males
NBC News—Newest MacBook Pro is first Mac without the iconic startup chime
CBS News—Twitter kills off Vine
Fox News—Man legally changes his name to iPhone 7 to win a free device
ABCnews.com—Canary Islands selected as alternate site for giant telescope if the Hawaii site doesn't work out

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