daily links: september 2016

NBC News—SpaceX rocket explosion also destroys Facebook satellite that was to provide internet to Africa
CBS News—Internet reveals location of Scalia's grave
CNN.com—Google piloting carpooling app in San Francisco
USA Today—Giant pandas are no longer considered an endangered species
Fox News—Samsung suspending all sales of its newly released flagship smartphone, the Galaxy Note 7, due to battery explosions
BBC News—Google cancels modular smartphone project after spending years in development

NBC News—FDA orders soap industry to remove antibacterial agents from products
USA Today—ITT tech shutting down all campuses after US government says it will no longer give the for-profit college access to federal financial aid dollars
Fox News—Daniel Craig reportedly offered $150 million to do two more James Bond films
CBS News—Greta Van Susteren leaving Fox News after 14 years
CNN.com—Members of Mythbusters build team to reunite for Netflix show
ABCnews.com—Chevy Chase enters rehab for alcohol problem

USA Today—Unpublished F. Scott Fitzgerald stories to be released next April
NBC News—$3 million in jewels stolen from Drake's tour bus
CNN.com—Apple announces that the iPhone 7 will not have a headphone jack
Fox News—This year's Miss Missouri is the first openly gay Miss America contestant
CBS News—Kent State opens nation's first gluten free dining hall
ABCnews.com—Dos Equis introduces new Most Interesting Man in the World character

CBS News—Minnesota Democrats sue to have Trump removed from the ballot after his campaign did not follow proper procedures
USA Today—Wells Fargo is fined $185 million and fires 5300 employees after creating millions of unauthorized accounts
CNN.com—Facebook co-founder gives $20 million to help defeat Trump
Fox News—Car catches fire after Galaxy Note 7 explodes while charging
ABCnews.com—Chipotle testing out home delivery using drones
NBC News—House passes bill that would allow the families of 9.11 victims to sue Saudi Arabia

when the walls fell

CNN.com—LinkedIn cofounder pledges to donate $5 million to a veterans group if Trump releases his tax returns before the election
USA Today—Olympic swimmer Ryan Lochte attacked on stage during live Dancing With the Stars premiere
BBC News—Jeff Bezos reveals new reusable rocket from his Blue Origin spaceflight company
NBC News—NCAA moving basketball tournament games from North Carolina due to HB2 anti-transgender law
ABCnews.com—Trump supporter attacks two protestors at rally for the Republican candidate
CBS News—Court rules that Yelp is not responsible for users' star ratings

USA Today—NY AG opens probe into Trump Foundation finances
ABCnews.com—Median income in the US rises for the first time since 2007
CBS News—GM claims the new Chevy Bolt will go more than 230 miles per charge
NBC News—Olive Garden bringing back unlimited pasta pass
CNN.com—SpaceX says it will return to space by November despite explosion that destroyed their last rocket launch and its cargo
Fox News—Cancer overtakes heart disease to become Australia's biggest killer

CNN.com—Colin Powell's leaked personal emails show him referring to Trump as "a national disgrace and an international pariah"
USA Today—The struggling Tidal streaming music service is losing money for Jay-Z
NBC News—Ford plans to move all small car manufacturing to Mexico
Fox News—Turner signs multiyear deal with Disney to be the exclusive basic cable broadcaster for all Star Wars feature films
CBS News—Kindergartner found with 29 packets of heroin in his lunchbox
ABCnews.com—Steelers running back leaves 75 cent tip on $130 bill at pizzeria

USA Today—Bayer buying Monsanto for $66 billion
ABCnews.com—China launches its second space station
NBC News—Democratic Super PAC paying bounties for dirt on Trump
CNN.com—USDA considers letting people use food stamps for online purchases
CBS News—NYC tells people not to use the new Galaxy Note 7 on its public transit systems
Fox News—New Star Trek tv series delayed until May 2017

NBC News—You can submit questions to one of the presidential debates using Facebook
Fox News—Woman commits suicide after private sex tape is posted online
CBS News—Phoenix pastor accused of molesting several girls and impregnating one
BBC News—Hundreds of horseshoe crabs die at spawning grounds in Japan
CNN.com—Playwright Edward Albee dies at 88
USA Today—Steelers star receiver fined over $9,000 for twerking during endzone celebration

CNN.com—NYC bombing suspect captured after shootout with police
USA Today—Seattle Seahawks fined $400,000 and stripped of a draft pick for violating rules regarding physical contact during Organized Team Activities in the offseason
CBS News—First child dies by legal euthanasia in Belgium
ABCnews.com—America's first wave-powered electrical generator goes online off the coast of Hawaii
Fox News—Dutch police training bald eagles to take out drones in flight
NBC News—Leak in Alabama oil pipeline will likely lead to a spike in gas prices in the southeast

CBS News—Unarmed Oklahoma black man fatally shot by police
BBC News—US Army working to modernize the hand grenade
ABCnews.com—Comcast to offer wireless service next year
USA Today—Consumer Reports to undergo major overhaul in a bid to boost online subscriptions
CNN.com—Angelina Jolie files for divorce from Brad Pitt
NBC News—Smoking can permanently damage your DNA

NBC News—Trump says that "stop and frisk" policing should be used to curb violence in black communities despite the fact that this tactic has been ruled unconstitutional
CNN.com—Zuckerberg and his wife plan to invest $3 billion over the next decade to build new tools to fight disease
USA Today—Nike to release self-lacing shoes in November
Fox News—Former driver for Uber and Lyft charged with sexually assaulting several of his female passengers
CBS News—California law targets greenhouse gases emitted by cows and landfills
BBC News—The Fed keeps interest rates steady for now, but hints that it could raise them by the end of the year

CNN.com—Charlotte imposes curfew after two nights of protests over police shooting of black man
USA Today—500 million Yahoo accounts compromised, which could be the biggest breach ever
CBS News—Netflix eventually wants half of its library to be original content
ABCnews.com—Elementary school student in California tests positive for leprosy
Fox News—Most e-cigarette users think it's okay to vape in non-smoking areas
NBC News—Oklahoma policewoman who shot unarmed black man charged with manslaughter

Fox News—Creator of synthetic alcohol says it will get you drunk without a hangover or damage to your body
USA Today—Oculus founder reveals that he gave $10,000 to pro-Trump group
CNN.com—Monty Python's Terry Jones diagnosed with dementia
CBS News—Trump campaign chair in Ohio resigns after tv interview in which she claims that black people who aren't well off have only themselves to blame
ABCnews.com—Seattle Mariners catcher suspended by team after he tweets disparaging comments about Black Lives Matter and Obama
NBC News—Google may be considering bid for Twitter

USA Today—Marlins 24 year old ace pitcher killed in boating accident
Fox News—California passes law allowing actors to request that their age be removed from web sites
NBC News—Shooter murders five people at mall outside Seattle; motive unknown
CNN.com—Arnold Palmer dies at 87
CBS News—Hubble Space Telescope spots plumes of water erupting from Jupiter's moon Europa
BBC News—Colombia signs agreement with rebels ending over half a century of civil war

CBS News—Hillary wins first presidential debate against Trump
USA Today—Law professor who encouraged people to run over Charlotte protesters on Twitter will not be disciplined by the University of Tennessee
NBC News—Former Chris Christie appointee claims that the governor knew about Bridgegate as it was happening
BBC News—Elon Musk details his vision for a colony on Mars
CNN.com—Drake's album Views becomes first on Apple Music to hit one billion streams
ABCnews.com—Pilots and air traffic controllers switching to text messaging for communication at the country's busiest airports

USA Today—Congress approves budget bill to avoid government shutdown through December and fight Zika
ABCnews.com—Image of unknown murder suspect is generated from a sample of his DNA left at the crime scene
CBS News—California eliminates 10 year limit on filing rape charges
CNN.com—Pepe the Frog designated a hate symbol by the Anti-Defamation League
Fox News—Alec Baldwin to play Trump on SNL this season
NBC News—Congress overrides Obama's veto on bill that would allow 9.11 families to sue Saudi Arabia

USA Today—Report finds that Trump violated the Cuba trade embargo in 1998 even as he was simultaneously telling people that he would never spend money in Cuba while Fidel Castro remained in power
CNN.com—Amtrak train crashes into platform at New Jersey stationi, killing one and injuring dozens
Fox News—Monday's presidential debate was the most watched ever with 84 million viewers
ABCnews.com—Mayor of Pennsylvania town called on to resign after posting racist images of Obama and his family to Facebook
CBS News—"Black moon" lunar event to happen on Friday
NBC News—Study reveals that size 16 is the new average for American women, up from size 14

ABCnews.com—Rosetta probe ends its 12 year mission by crashing into the comet it has been used to study
CNN.com—EU ratifies landmark Paris Agreement climate change deal
NBC News—First baby born using DNA from three parents
Fox News—Revamped comic book Wonder Woman will be openly gay
USA Today—Elon Musk unveils plans to colonize Mars in the next century
CBS News—Cyclists break human-powered land speed record

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