daily links: august 2016

CNN.com—Trump. Just...Trump. When the hell is he going to stop being a story?
USA Today—Epic burst of rain in Maryland ravages historic downtown Ellicott City and leaves two dead
ABCnews.com—Washington State files $100 million lawsuit against Comcast
NBC News—Newly crowned Miss Teen USA, who is from Texas, will keep her crown despite a series of racist tweets
NBC News—Taco Bell testing out Cheetos burrito
Fox News—Shark Tank star marries the dancer he partnered with on Dancing with the Stars

CBS News—Parents arrested after leaving their two year old son home alone so they could go play Pokemon Go
CNN.com—Trump not endorsing John McCain and Paul Ryan in their primary battles even though both have endorsed him
USA Today—Parents of decased Star Trek actor suing Fiat Chrysler after their son was killed by his own Jeep due to a known safety issue
ABCnews.com—Kesha drops sexual assault lawsuit against producer so she can get back to making music
Fox News—Seattle bans conversion theraphy aimed at making gay people straight
BBC News—Channing Tatum to play merman in remake of Splash

CNN.com—Private spaceflight company gets approval from US government to attempt a moon landing
USA Today—Value of Bitcoins drops after revelations of a security breach at a major exchange
NBC News—A series of recent studies finds that flossing does little to protect your teeth and gums
CBS News—Frank Ocean's long-delayed new album will finally be released on Friday
BBC News—Obama commutes the sentences of over 200 prisoners, mostly non-violent drug offenders
Fox News—Jimmy Fallon to host 2017 Golden Globes

CNN.com—Many national polls show Hillary with a commanding lead in the wake of a successful Democratic convention and a week filled with major gaffes by Trump
NBC News—Department of Justice to require changes to how music publishing services collect and pay royalties to artists
ABCnews.com—Florida woman killed in random London knife attack that also injured five others
USA Today—Surveillance camera captures strange light flying near the Gateway Arch in St. Louis
Fox News—Two Norwegian children deface 5,000 year old rock art with the intention of making it more visible
BBC News—Trump Taj Mahal to shut down after Labor Day after years of unprofitability

BBC News—Facebook tweaking its algorithm to suppress clickbait stories in your news feed
NBC News—Traffic to Trump's hotels and resort properties is down nearly 15% in the year since he announced his candidacy for president
Fox News—X-ray scan uncovers hidden portrait in Degas painting
CNN.com—Hermann Göring's infamous golden gun to be sold at auction
USA Today—Overwatch bolsters Activisions quarterly earnings
CBS News—McDonald's opens new store that will serve as a template for its future, including self serve kiosks, table service, and unlimited fries

CBS News—Nike will no longer make golf clubs or ball, but will instead focus on shoes and apparel
NBC News—Amazon building its own branded fleet of cargo planes
CNN.com—Alex Rodriguez to play his final game next Friday
USA Today—Entire Russian contingent banned from the Paralympics
BBC News—Comic book that features debut of Superman sells at auction for nearly $1 million
Fox News—Venus and Serena Williams, who have won the women's doubles gold in tennis in three of the past four Olympics and who were seeded number one in Rio, lose in the first round

Fox News—Global systems failure gounds Delta flights worldwide
NBC News—New Zika vaccine shows promising results when tested on monkeys
ABCnews.com—Suicide Squad has biggest August opening weekend in history despite poor reviews
CBS News—Boy dies while riding world's tallest water slide in Kansas
CNN.com—Walmart buying Jet.com for $3 billion as part of their plan to take on Amazon
USA Today—Hulu will no longer offer a free streaming option

CNN.com—Trump suggests that "second amendment people" should deal with Clinton if she's elected
Fox News—Polygamists petitioning Supreme Court to make plural marriages legal
NBC News—Xavier University installs nation's first pizza ATM
CBS News—Muslim flight attendant sues her employer after she was suspended for refusing to serve alcohol to passengers
USA Today—Boston Red Sox pull David Ortiz bobblehead giveaway because the team president thought the likeness of the player was racially insensitive
BBC News—50 Republican security experts warn that Trump is too reckless to be president

Fox News—Man arrested while trying to climb Trump Tower using suction cups
USA Today—Girl Scouts announce new s'mores cookie
CNN.com—RNC staffers quitting because they cannot support Trump
ABCnews.com—FDA approves release of GMO mosquitos in fight against Zika
NBC News—Apple offering bouty of up to $200,000 for helping to identify security flaws
CBS News—73 year old volunteer shot and killed during police training exercise

CBS News—Upcoming version of Google Chrome will no longer support Flash
BBC News—Arianna Huffington to step away from Huffington Post to focus on lifestyle brand
USA Today—LeBron James signs contract that will keep him in Cleveland for three more years
Fox News—Seagate announces 60 terabyte solid state drive
CNN.com—New Star Trek series to feature female lead
NBC News—Macy's to close 100 stores

Fox News—After vetoing a bill earlier this year that would have allowed guns on public college campuses in Georige, the state's governor approves one that allows stun guns
ABCnews.com—US Olympic swimmers robbed at gunpoint in Rio by men dressed as cops
CNN.com—Comedy Central cancels Larry Wilmore's The Nightly Show
USA Today—Vanderbilt University to repay donation from Daughters of the Confederacy so they can rename a residence hall called Confederate Memorial Hall
NBC News—Man throws homemade Batman-style throwing star at a police car in Seattle
CBS News—Egyptian Olympic athlete who refused to shake his Israeli oppoent's hand after a judo match is sent home by his team

CNN.com—Disgraced former Fox News chief Roger Ailes helping Trump prepare for debates
USA Today—Aetna pulling out of Obamacare exchanges in 11 states
CBS News—120 prominent Republicans send letter to RNC urging that no more funds be spent on Trump's presidential bid
ABCnews.com—Playboy Mansion sold for $100 million
NBC News—Actor Kenny Baker, who brought R2-D2 to life in Star Wars, dies at 81
BBC News—New study links pesticides to decline in bee population

ABCnews.com—Cisco laying off 5500 employees
Fox News—Gawker sold to Univision for $135 million
CNN.com—Trump hires Breitbart head as CEO of his campaign
USA Today—New service plans from AT&T eliminate data overages
CBS News—Ford wants to bring fully autonomous vehicle for the masses to market by 2021
NBC News—Legendary political talk show host John McLaughlin dies at 89

CBS News—Uber customers in Pittsburgh will soon be able to summon self-driving cars
ABCnews.com—Brazil says US swimmers were not robbed at gunpoint as they claimed, but instead were drunk and vandalized a gas station
NBC News—Department of Justice to phase out use of private prisons
Fox News—Amish man charged with driving his buggy while drunk
CNN.com—US women's relay team to get a second chance to make the finals after being obstructed by a runner from the Brazillian team
USA Today—Twitter suspends 235,000 accounts for extremism

CNN.com—After more than a year of delays, Frank Ocean releases "visual album" Endless
CBS News—Trump campaign manager Paul Manafort resigns as part of campaign shakeup
BBC News—Harley-Davidson fined $12 million for selling motorcycle modifications that increased emissions past allowable limits
NBC News—Department of Justice says defendants who are granted bail cannot be held in jail if they don't have the money to pay the bail amount
USA Today—Sales of canned wine on the rise
Fox News—Airbus could start testing airborne taxis as early as 2017

NBC News—Frank Ocean releases
CNN.com—Interracial couple stabbed by white supremacist after kissing in public
USA Today—Child suicide bomber kills 51 at wedding in Turkey
BBC News—Backstreet Boys and NSync creator Lou Pearlman dies at 62 while serving 25 year prison sentence
CBS News—World's largest aircraft makes its first flight
Fox News—Ole Miss will no longer play Dixie at its football games

NBC News—Ryan Lochte loses multiple sponsors after lying about vandalizing a gas station in Rio
CBS News—Latina waitress in Virgina gets racist message from customer instead of a tip
ABCnews.com—Oregon collects $25.5 million in taxes on legal marijuana sales in the first six months of 2016
CNN.com—Melania Trump threatens to sue news outlets which reported that she worked as an escort in the 1990s
Fox News—New high school football stadium in Texas to cost $70 million
USA Today—People carrying Confederate battle flags stage "White Lives Matter" protest outside Houston NAACP office

CNN.com—Cincinnati Zoo deletes its Twitter account after being unable to stop the endless Harambe memes
USA Today—Stanford bans hard alcohol at on-campus parties
Fox News—Pokemon Go loses 10 million users in one month
CBS News—Federal regulators want to ban swimming with dolphins in Hawaii
NBC News—Trump quadrupled the rent he's paying to himself for using Trump Tower as campaign headquarters since starting to use donated money instead of his own funds
BBC News—Ramen noodles overtake cigarettes to become the most valuable currency in US prisons

NBC News—Scientists locate Earth-like planet orbiting Proxima Centauri, the closest star to our solar system
CBS News—US astronaut sets new record for most days in space
USA Today—Chargers announce that they can't come to terms with their first round draft pick Joey Bosa, who was selected third overall
ABCnews.com—Prince's Paisley Park compound, where he lived and recorded his music, to be turned into museum
CNN.com—China opens world's largest glass bridge over their equivalent of the Grand Canyon
BBC News—Tesla introduces new battery that will allow its cars to drive farther than ever on a single charge

Fox News—Iraq to use robot armed with machine gun to battle ISIS
CNN.com—Paperwork oversight almost causes Trump to not be on the ballot in Minnesota
CBS News—British bagpipe player dies after contracting fungal infection from his instrument
USA Today—Amazon introduces car research site
NBC News—WHO says no one contracted Zika during the Olympic games in Rio
BBC News—Driver in Japan playing Pokemon Go runs over and kills pedestrian

CNN.com—Gene Wilder dies at 83
ABCnews.com—82 year old man enrolled at same college as his granddaughter
NBC News—Mylan to launch generic version of EpiPen that will cost half as much
CBS News—Loud noises cause evacuation at LAX
USA Today—Apple hosting event on September 7 to announce new iPhone
Fox News—Apple-1 computer sells for over $800,000 at auction

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