daily links: november 2016

ABCnews.com—Pope Francis says that women will never be ordained as priests in the Catholic Church
Fox News—Philadelphia transit workers go on strike
USA Today—Toyota to test keyless car sharing system next year
CNN.com—Animated Batman series Caped Crusaders reunites Adam West and Burt Ward
CBS News—Michael Phelps secretly got married before the Rio Olympics
NBC News—Booker Prize awarded to US author for the first time

Fox News—Man develops hepatitis after excessive energy drink consumption
CNN.com—Bono is first man to be included on Glamour's Women of the Year list
CBS News—Amazon has already started its Black Friday sales
USA Today—Microsoft unveils new service to compete with Slack
NBC News—USDA approves the commercial planting of two new strains of GM potatoes
BBC News—Johnny Depp set to star in second Fantastic Beasts film

CNN.com—Just over a week after announcing the reopening of the investigation into Clinton's emails, FBI director James Comey admits that there is no new evidence and closes the inquiry for the second time
CBS News—Woman killed after being shoved in front of oncoming subway train by stranger
ABCnews.com—Janet Reno, the first female US Attorney General, dies at 78
NBC News—New app lets people in different states trade votes
USA Today—Facebook sued over housing and employment bias
Fox News—Dr. Strange earns $85 million in its opening weekend

ABCnews.com—Tesla to end unlimited use of free charging stations for new owners starting January 1, 2017
Fox News—Woman faces potential jail time after selling food on Facebook without a permit
NBC News—Dave Chappelle to host SNL
USA Today—DirecTV to offer free Apple TVs to new subscribers
CNN.com—Toblerone changes the iconic shape of its chocolate bars
CBS News—Thousands of naturally formed snowballs pile up on Siberian beach

CNN.com—Donald Trump is elected President of the United States. Welcome to Idiocracy.
USA Today—Canadian immigration website crashes as Trump's chances of being elected increased
CBS News—Astronaut casts absentee ballot from space
NBC News—Zika vaccines meant to protect unborn fetuses enter the trial stage
Fox News—Disney has its biggest box office take in a single year on the strength of Marvel and Star Wars properties
ABCnews.com—Study finds changes in brain after just one season of youth football

BBC News—Robot solves Rubik's Cube in less than a second
NBC News—Californians start secession movement after Trump elected president
CNN.com—Stocks close at record high for the second day in a row in the wake of Trump's election
CBS News—UK mans finds record-setting earthworm in his garden
USA Today—Upcoming supermoon will be the biggest in 70 years
Fox News—Katy Perry cancels concert in China after Trump victory

CNN.com—Leonard Cohen passes away at 82
NBC News—Amazon must repay $86 million for in-app purchases made by kids
BBC News—Robert Redford says he is getting tired of acting
USA Today—Former Trump campaign manager Corey Lewandowski resigns from CNN after being seen making a visit to Trump Tower
Fox News—IMDB sues California over law that would require the site to remove an actor's actual age
CBS News—More cities passing soda tax on sugary drinks

CNN.com—Trump's initial staff picks indicate that his administration is going to be just as awful as we all fear
ABCnews.com—Marvel's Dr. Strange wins the box office for a second week in a row
CBS News—Delta unveils new bag tracking system that gives flyers real-time updates on the location of their luggage
Fox News—North Carolina tv station censors parts of Dave Chappelle-hosted SNL
USA Today—Nike's Back to the Future-inspired self-lacing shoes will cost $720
NBC News—Study finds that "stand your ground" laws lead to an increase in homicides

USA Today—Video game company teams with FitBit to offer in-game advantages to gamers who meet fitness goals
CBS News—Facebook and Google announce new policies to fight the plague of fake news
Fox News—Man dies after falling into one of Yellowstone Park's acidic thermal springs
NBC News—Snapchat files for IPO
CNN.com—Tidal suing Prince's estate for the rigth to stream his music
ABCnews.com—Carrie Fisher reveals that she and Harrison Ford had an affair while filming the first Star Wars movie

CBS News—Stephen Hawking predicts that humans won't survive another thousand years on Earth
ABCnews.com—Twitter suspends several alt-right accounts
NBC News—Residents of three buildings in NYC successfully petition their landlords to remove the Trump name from the properties
USA Today—Tinder update adds dozens of new gender identity options
Fox News—17 carat pink diamond sells for $18 million at auction
CNN.com—Bob Dylan will not attend the Nobel Prize ceremony

NBC News—Dress that Marilyn Monroe wore when she sang Happy Birthday to Kennedy sells at auction for nearly $5 million
BBC News—Leonard Cohen's manager reveals that the 82 year old singer died in his sleep after a fall
USA Today—Newly discovered oil deposit in Texas is the largest so far in the US
CBS News—Target introducing smaller neighborhood-focused stores
CNN.com—Russian bans LinkedIn
Fox News—Volkswagen to cut 30,000 jobs over the next five years

CBS News—Motley Crue singer Vince Neil says he has been invited to play Trump's inauguration
USA Today—Kanye West says he didn't bother to vote, but that if he had, he would have voted for Trump
NBC News—Drug company says it could develop an insulin pill to replace injections, but it won't because it believes consumers won't pay enough for it to justify the R+D cost
CNN.com—Tesla shareholders approve merger with SolarCity
BBC News—AirBnB will now allow you to book excursions with locals
Fox News—Group wants to build a $200 million stadium for a new MLS team in St. Louis

CNN.com—Video surfaces of alt right conference in DC where crowd members shout Hail Trump! while giving the Nazi salute
CBS News—New Texas bill would force educators to out LGBTQ students to their parents
USA Today—Hillary Clinton's popular vote margin of victory continues to grow, and she now leads trump by more than 1.7 million votes
Fox News—Netflix to release 3 Dave Chappelle specials in 2017
NBC News—Memorial to deceased Beastie Boys member in Brooklyn defaced with swastikas and pro-Trump language
ABC News—Harry Potter spinoff Fantastic Beasts makes $75 million in its opening weekend

ABCnews.com—Eight children sue the government for failing to do more to stop climate change
USA Today—Dow closes above 19,000 for the first time in history
Fox News—NC governor's race still undecided as incumbent files multiple recount petitions, alleging voter fraud
CBS News—The new NHL expansion team in Las Vegas will be called the Golden Knights
CNN.com—Kanye West hospitalized shortly after canceling the remaining dates on his Saint Pablo tour
NBC News—Woman who was the model for the original Gerber Baby turns 90

CBS News—Fidel Castro dies at age 90
USA Today—San Francisco train system held hostage by ransomware
Fox News—Food Network making new episodes of Iron Chef America
CNN.com—Trump falsely claims that he also won the popular vote even though the most recent counts have him more than 2 million votes behind Hillary
NBC News—Brady Bunch mom Florence Henderson dies at 82
ABCnews.com—Trump Tower vandalized on Google Maps

CNN.com—Trump says that anyone who burns the American flag should lose their citizenship. Does he not understand that the country is not a company where the president can fire anyone he doesn't like?
USA Today—Frank Ocean announces first live shows in US since 2014
ABCnews.com—Judge rules that a sperm donor cannot be sued for child support
CBS News—Golfer charged with assault after clubbing a man who moved his ball
Fox News—California wants to reduce methane gas output from dairy cow farms to fight global warming
NBC News—This year's Cyber Monday was biggest online sales day in history

NBC News—Netflix will now let you download shows for offline viewing
Fox News—Vegans upset that Britain's new 5 pound plastic note is partially made using tallow, an animal fat
CNN.com—Creator of the Big Mac dies at 98
CBS News—House Democrats vote to keep Nancy Pelosi as their leader
ABCnews.com—Ohio investing $15 million in major test of smart highway technology
USA Today—Malware infects over 1 million Android phones globally

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