daily links: february 2019

CNN.com—Trump withdrawing the US from the INF nuclear arms treaty with Russia that has been in place since the 80s. Another item checked off of Putin's to-do list by his treasonous puppet!
CBS News—Walmart to offer paid sick leave to its hourly workers
USA Today—Scientists theorize that dark energy may be growing stronger over time
BBC News—New trade regulations in India force Amazon and Walmart to pull online products
ABCnews.com—Study shows that young children in the US are using too much toothpaste
NBC News—Racist photo surfaces from Virginia governor's medical school yearbook

CNN.com—Federal prosecutors subpoena Trump's inaugural committee
BBC News—The unexpected death of cryptocurrency exchange's founder leaves $140 million in virtual currency locked and possibly lost forever
ABCnews.com—Texas judge rules that families of mass shooting victims can sue the store where the killer bought his gun
CBS News—New Jersey becomses fourth state to increase its minimum wage to at least $15 per hour
NBC News—YouTube star pleads guilty to child porn charges
USA Today—Oscar winners will only have 90 seconds to accept their award—including the time to get to the podium—at this year's ceremony

CBS News—NYC considers ban on foie gras
USA Today—New research suggests that the Milky Way is not a flat spiral disc
BBC News—Texas man killed when e-cig explodes in his face
NBC News—Apple's retail chief is leaving the company in April
CNN.com—ABC confirms that the Oscars will not have a host this year
ABCnews.com—Runner survives mountain lion attack by choking the animal to death

CNN.com—House intelligence chair announces sweeping investigations into Trump's finances
NBC News—NYPD want Google to stop revealing drunk driving checkpoints on Waze
CBS News—Woman comes forward with detailed allegations of sexual assault against Virginia's Lt. Goverernor Justin Fairfax
BBC News—US to buy missile defense system from Israel
USA Today—The College Board changes how students register for AP exams, putting pressure on them to sign up early or pay a hefty penalty
ABCnews.com—Israeli biotech company claims that it will be able to cure all cancers cheaply and quickly within a year

NBC News—Predatory pharmaceutical company buys rights to lifesaving drug and now wants to charge $375,000 annually to patients who rely on it to live
CBS News—Frank Robison, MLB Hall of Fame player and the first black manager of a team, dies at 83
CNN.com—Bankruptcy court approves Sears buyout that will keep hundreds of stores open
USA Today—Amazon makes significant investment in Tesla rival Aurora, a self-driving car startup
BBC News—Woody Allen sues Amazon for breaching their contract by refusing to distribute his latest film
ABCnews.com—Delta to start using Airbus A220 featuring wider seats

CNN.com—Jeff Bezos published emails from National Enquirer that show how the tabloid tried to blackmail and extort him to prevent negative coverage in the Washington Post, which is owned by the Amazon founder
NBC News—BB&T merging with SunTrust to create the sixth largest bank in the US
CBS News—Second woman comes forward with sexual assault allegations against Virginia's Lt. Governor
ABCnews.com—Albert Finney dies at 82
USA Today—Coke introduces Orange Vanilla, it's first new flavor in more than a decade
BBC News—Real life raccoon who was the model for Rocket in Guardians of the Galaxy dies at age 10

USA Today—Amazon reconsidering HQ2 in NYC after strong local opposition
BBC News—Fox News host says he hasn't washed his hands in over a decade because he doesn't believe germs exist
CNN.com—The Simpsons renewed for 2 additional seasons, meaning it will be on the air for at least 32 years
CBS News—Cleveland Browns sign running back who was cut by Kansas City after video emerged of him assaulting a woman in a hotel
NBC News—New poll finds that 30% of Americans think white people using blackface is okay for Halloween. Let's be clear: blackface is NEVER okay and that's the likely the same 30% that never wavers in support of our racist president.
ABCnews.com—MIT researchers develop way to deliver insulin orally

CBS News—Puerto Rico planning legal action if Trump tries to divert disaster relief funds for his border wall
ABCnews.com—Notorious drug kingpin El Chapo found guilty on 10 charges and will likely be sentenced to life
NBC News—Tennessee lawmakers pushing bill that would attempt to make gay marriage illegal...four years after the Supreme Court made it legal nationwide
CNN.com—Airline sues passenger for skipping final leg of flight as part of "hidden cities" trick to get a lower fare
USA Today—Minor league ballpark bans peanuts and Cracker Jacks in an effort to go nut-free
BBC News—Marvel announces Howard the Duck animated series

CNN.com—Judge voids Paul Manafort's plea deal, finding that he intentionally lied to the FBI and the special counsel
ABCnews.com—NASA announces that the Mars Opportunity Rover, designed to last for three monhts, is officially dead after 15 years
NBC News—TSA reveals the weirdest things it confiscated at airports in 2018
CNN.com—Airline sues passenger for skipping final leg of flight as part of "hidden cities" trick to get a lower fare
USA Today—Post unveils cereals flavored to taste like maple bacon donuts and chicken and waffles
BBC News—New startup will refund your ticket cost to a sporting event if your favorite player doesn't play in that game

CNN.com—McConnell says Trump will sign a funding bill that will prevent another shutdown, but he will also attempt to declare a national emergency to build his wall
USA Today—Amazon cancels plans to build a new HQ in NYC amid staunch local opposition
CBS News—California governor says consumers should get a digital dividend from the tech companies who resell their personal data
NBC News—Senate confirms William Barr as new attorney general
BBC News—Ryan Adams accused of sexual and emotional abuse by several women, including his former wife Mandy Moore
ABCnews.com—Google to invest $13 billion in new US-based data centers and offices

CNN.com—Trump declares national emergency to secure funds for his border wall, while simultaneously admitting that it's not really an emergency and he knows he's going to face lawsuits
NBC News—Judge issues gag order to Roger Stone in his criminal case related to Russian collusion
USA Today—Philadelphia city council passes bill that requires local business to accept cash as payment
CBS News—The NFL settles with Colin Kaepernick over his collusion lawsuit
ABCnews.com—Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom get engaged
BBC News—Canadian vodka distiller has tons of water melted from icebergs stolen

NBC News—At least 13 states filing lawsuits protesting Trump's declaration of a national emergency
CNN.com—Election worker details her participation in GOP ballot fraud in contested NC election
BBC News—After previously canceling Marvel series Daredevil, Iron Fist, and Luke Cage, Netflix also axes Jessica Jones and The Punisher
CBS News—Discount shoe store PayLess closing all 2100 of its US stores
USA Today—Alabama jury awards $151 million in damages to man who was paralyzed when his Ford Explorer rolled over
ABCnews.com—Massive pileup at Daytona 500 takes out 21 cars

CBS News—Whistleblowers reveal Trump administration plan to share nuclear technology with the Saudis
USA Today—NY Times report reveals secret Vatican rules for priests who father children
CNN.com—New survey of the sky reveals hundreds of thousands of new galaxies
BBC News—NYC bans discrimination on the basis of hairstyle
NBC News—Ariana Grande becomes the first artist to simulatneously hold the top three spots on the Billboard charts since the Beatles in 1964
ABCnews.com—Legendary fashion designer Karl Lagerfeld dies in Paris

CBS News—Whistleblowers reveal Trump administration plan to share nuclear technology with the Saudis
MBC News—Supreme Court imposes new limits on crime-related property seizures by police
BBC News—Russia bans soldiers from using smartphones while on duty
CNN.com—Empire actor charged with felony for filing a false report that he was a victim of a hate crime assault
USA Today—Samsung introduces new foldable smartphone with a $2000 price tag
ABCnews.com—FDA endorses ketamine nasal spray to treat depression

CNN.com—North Carolina elections board votes to hold new election in disputed congressional district
CBS News—Google included a microphone in its Nest home security system without telling the consumers who purchased it
ABCnews.com—Scientists have a theory on why zebras have stripes
BBC News—US Coast Guard officer made kill list of journalists and Democratic politicians
USA Today—Racially insensitive images not hard to find in old college yearbooks
NBC News—Peter Tork of the Monkees dies at 77

CBS News—France proposes adding breakdancing as new Olympic sport at the 2024 games
ABCnews.com—Christian tax preparer refuses to serve legally married same-sex couple
NBC News—R. Kelley charged with multiple accounts of sexual abuse of minors
CNN.com—Patriots owner Robert Kraft caught on video solicitng sex at a massage parlor—twice
USA Today—California legislator proposes that two stretches of highway in the state have no speed limit
NBC News—Michael Jackson's estate sues HBO to block the release of the Leaving Neverland documentary

USA Today—Federal judge rules that male-only military draft is unconstitutional
BBC News—YouTube removes ads (and therefore revenue) from anti-vax videos and channels
CNN.com—FDA proposes new guidelines for sunscreen usage
CBS News—Lime warns that software glitch can cause its scooters to brake unexpectedly under certain conditions
NBC News—Study finds that at-home screening test is as effective as a colonoscopy for detecting colon cancer in patients without unusual risk factors
ABCnews.com—Man plans to live out his retirement years in a Holiday Inn

BBC News—Gene therapy trial in the UK is aimed at stopping the progress of the most common form of blindness
CBS News—Appeals court signs off on $81 billion merger between AT&T and Time Warner
NBC News—Microsoft workers protest the company's sale of technology to the US military for use on the battlefield
USA Today—Ten years after the great recession of 2008, many Americans still reluctant to invest in the stock market
ABCnews.com—Virgin Galactic says its space plane reached space for the second time on its last test flight
CNN.com—Dove is offering $5000 grants to new fathers who do not get paternity leave

CBS News—Former Trump attorney Michael Cohen testifies before Congress in an open hearing
USA Today—Anti vax lawmaker in Texas says we don't need to worry about the measles because we have antibiotics
NBC News—Astronomers name a new champ for a solar system object that is farthest from the sun, which they call FarFarOut
CNN.com—FedEx working with Segway inventor to build deliver robot
ABCnews.com—Couple arrested after delaying flight because they refused to check their luggage
BBC News—Rotten Tomatoes will no longer allow people to comment on a film before it is released

CBS News—Never before released Dr. Suess book coming this fall, 28 years after the author's death
ABCnews.com—Former coal lobbyist is new head of EPA under the increasingly swampy Trump administration
NBC News—American Airlines and Delta fined by FAA for keeping passengers on the tarmac for too long
USA Today—Tesla's long-awaited $35,000 Model 3 is finally available to order
CNN.com—Phillies sign Nationals superstar Bryce Harper to historic $330 million contract
BBC News—Gap announces that it is closing 230 stores and splitting off its Old Navy brand into its own company

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