daily links: july 2019

CBS News—AMA sues North Dakota over its abortion laws, saying the contradict science and best medical practices
NBC News—Facebook says it will remove posts that spread false information about the 2020 US census
CNN.com—15 year old beats Venus Williams in first round Wimbledon match
BBC News—Microsoft announces that people who book ebooks through the company's online store will no longer have access to the content they paid for
ABCnews.com—USPS suspending delivery service to Louisville, KY street that has been the site of numerous dog attacks
USA Today—KFC unveils Cheetos sandwiches

CNN.com—US defeats England to advance to Women's World Cup final
CBS News—Man convicted of attempted murder and assault after he stabbed three people during a road rage incident wears blackface and delivers a tirade during his sentencing hearing
NBC News—The Trump administration to give up its challenges to the census citizenship question and print the 2020 census forms without the question
USA Today—Amazon plans to build 43 story skyscraper in Seattle
BBC News—Virginia officially adds deepfakes to its list of prohibited "revenge porn" crimes
ABCnews.com—Extended warm weather leading to an explosion of the iguana population in south Florida

CNN.com—US Women's soccer team wins second straight World Cup
CBS News—Ancient sculpture of King Tut sells for $6 million at auction despite disputes over ownership
USA Today—Amazon workers plan strike on Prime Day
NBC News—NY state passes law allowing Congress to have access to Trump's state tax returns
BBC News—US music festival reverses pricing policy that would have charged white people double what other attendees paid
ABCnews.com—Canon using crowdfunding to promote its latest consumer-level camera

CNN.com—All of Mississippi's beaches closed due to toxic algae blooms. Who else didn't realize that Mississippi had beaches?
CBS News—Female fighter pilot to challenge Mitch McConnell in next year's election
USA Today—George R.R. Martin shares details about Game of Thrones prequel series
NBC News—Billionaire and former independent presidential candidate Ross Perot dies at 89
BBC News—Study finds that fewer teens use cannabis when it's legal
ABCnews.com—White man in Arizona slits the throat of unsuspecting black teenager because he felt threatened by the rap music the boy was playing in his car

CNN.com—Armored car spills $175,000 in cash onto an Atlanta interstate
CBS News—Fed chair Jerome Powell says he would not step down from his post if Trump tried to fire him
ABCnews.com—Actor Rip Torn dies at 88
BBC News—Man survives Niagara falls plunge
USA Today—Amazon planning MMO game tied in to its Lord of the Rings prequel series
NBC News—Mad Magazine to cease publication after 67 years

CNN.com—Trump gives up on adding citizenship question to the census, but order federal agencies to hand over any data they have about estimated counts of citizens
CBS News—Netflix will lose Friends in 2020, with the show going to WarnerMedia's new HBO Max streaming service
NBC News—Dow closes above 27,000 for the first time in history
USA Today—Jay-Z entering the cannabis industry
BBC News—Google will allow its DeepMind AI to play human players at Starcraft II without revealing they are playing a non-human, but only if they have opted into that possibility
ABCnews.com—Harley-Davidson previews its first electric motorcycle, the LiveWire

CNN.com—White tenant says she was forced to move out of her rental home after her racist landlords saw her host African American guests
CBS News—R. Kelley arrested on federal sex trafficking charges
USA Today—Labor secretary Alexander Acosta resigns in the wake of the Jeffrey Epstein plea bargain scandal
NBC News—Facebook facing $5 billion fine over improper handling of user data
BBC News—VW and Ford to work together to develop self driving and electric car technologies
ABCnews.com—Man beaten to death by crowd after trying to steal a car with three children inside

CNN.com—Alan Turing, noted mathematician and codebreaker, to be the new face of Britain's £50 note
USA Today—NASA and the Smithsonian to project a Saturn V rocket on the Washington Monument to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the moon landing
NBC News—Scientists getting closer to blood test fo Alzheimer's and other forms of dementia
ABCnews.com—Chess grandmaster accused of using a smartphone to cheat during a tournament
BBC News—Inventor of the computer password dies at 93
CBS News—62 Border Patrol employees under investigation for their membership in a private Facebook group that mocks Democratic lawmakers and immigrants

CNN.com—Tech company claims that it can create human-digestible protein flour using only carbon dioxide, water, and electricity
NBC News—Game of Thrones final season earns record number of Emmy nominations
USA Today—Whitney Houston hologram to go on tour in 2020
ABCnews.com—Fossil discovered in the 80s identified as a whole new genus of duckbilled dinosaurs
BBC News—AI bot solves Rubik's Cube in one second
CBS News—Ikea to close its only US factory due to the high cost of raw materials

CNN.com—Feds end their probe into Trump Organization's hush money payments aimed at concealing Trump's affairs prior to the election
CBS News—CVS developing kidney dialysis device meant to be used in the home
NBC News—Largest textbook publisher is abandoning print and going all-digital
USA Today—Former Supreme Court justice John Paul Stevens dies at 99 after suffering a stroke
BBC News—Wonka Bar and Golden Ticket props from original Willy Wonka movie sell for nearly $20,000 at auction
ABCnews.com—Cutting only 300 calories a day can reduce the risk of diabetes and heart disease

CNN.com—House passes bill to raise the national minimum wage to $15 per hour
ABCnews.com—June 2019 was the hottest June on record
USA Today—Two casinos in Pennsylvania now allowed to offered online gambling 24 hours a day
NBC News—Toys R Us hoping to open new stores in time for the holiday season with further expansion planned for 2020
BBC News—Jeffrey Epstein denied bail in sex trafficking case
CBS News—The city of Berkeley CA bans gendered words like "manhole", "manpower", and "fraternity"

CNN.com—The Trump administration wants to revise the test you must pass in order to become a naturalized citizen
CBS News—Britain says that Iran seized two of its oil tankers in the Strait of Hormuz
USA Today—Radically redesigned Corvette will not offer an option for a manual transmission
NBC News—Director of National Intelligence creates a new role to oversee election security
BBC News—Former NFL player dies of heatstroke at 32
ABCnews.com—Study finds that teens who frequently use social media and have a lot of screen time are more likely to be depressed

CNN.com—Musician Art Neville dies at 81
CBS News—Equifax will pay $700 million settlement to the FTC for its massive data breach in 2017
USA Today—House Dems and the White House agree to two year budget deal which will avoid the repeated debt ceiling crises of recent years
NBC News—Christian day care refuses to accept a child whose parents are lesbians
BBC News—Avengers: Endgame overtakes Avatar to become the highest grossing movie of all time
ABCnews.com—Louisiana policeman fired after Facebook post where he advocates for AOC to be shot along with another officer who liked the post

CNN.com—Trump files multiple lawsuits to prevent the release of his tax returns
CBS News—FBI director admits in Congressional testimony that he has not thoroughly read the Mueller report
USA Today—UPS partners with CVS, Advanced Auto Parts, and Michaels for in-store space where customers can ship and receive their packages
NBC News—Mets legend Dwight Gooden arrested for second time in six weeks
BBC News—Drug resistant malaria strain is spreading in southeast Asia
ABCnews.com—DOJ launches antitrust probe of large tech companies which will presumably include Google, Facebook, Apple, and Amazon

CNN.com—Robert Mueller testifies before Congress
CBS News—Blade Runner star Rutger Hauer dies at 75
USA Today—19 year old Hungarian swimmer breaks Michael Phelps' 200 meter butterfly world record, which had stood for 18 years
NBC News—Forever 21 fat shames customers by including diet bars with plus-size orders
ABCnews.com—Texas school district to perform random drug tests on any students who participate in extracurricular activities
BBC News—Rare Nike running shoes from the 70s sell for over $400,000 at auction

CNN.com—Anonymous benefactor steps in to pay school lunch debts for all students after school district threatened that they could be sent to foster care
CBS News—AG Barr, who has quickly taken his spot as one of the top 3 most evil men in our government (alongside Orange Blowfish and Sad Turtle), announces that the federal government will resume executing inmates for the first time since 2003
USA Today—Country band Confederate Railroad losing gigs due to the use of the Confederate flag in their logo
NBC News—16 Marines arrested on charges of human trafficking and drug smuggling
ABCnews.com—First test of gene editing tool CRISPR inside the body will attempt to cure blindness
BBC News—Boeing may halt production on the 737 Max due to canceled orders and the indefinite grounding of the fleet

CBS News—McConnell blocks vote on legislation aimed at securing our election from outside interference and hacking
CNN.com—Australia seizes $1 million in liquid meth that was hidden in snow globes
USA Today—Hampton University, a historically black school, fires 9 school police officers for posting racist and sexist memes on social media
NBC News—33 pound meteorite crashes into rice field in India
BBC News—Four major auto manufacturers agree to a deal with California to lower the emissions of their vehicles despite the Trump administration's push to relax standards
ABCnews.com—Heatwave hits Europe, and Paris has its hottest day on record

CNN.com—Ethiopia plants over 350 million trees in 12 hours
CBS News—Capital One data breach affects over 100 million customers
NBC News—Teenage gamer wins $3 million in Fortnite World Cup
USA Today—Dallas Cowboys sign former Pro Bowl running back amidst holdout by their young star Zeke Elliott
BBC News—Lil Nas X's country rap song "Old Town Road" breaks record for most weeks at number one on the US singles chart
ABCnews.com—TSA finds missile launcher in checked bag

CNN.com—Hotel chains moving away from individual-size toiletries to bulk dispensers in an effort to reduce plastic waste and save money
ABCnews.com—California passes law requiring all presidential candidates to release their tax returns if they wish to appear on the state's ballot
USA Today—Nike announces new running shoe that uses thousands of tiny beads
NBC News—One woman arrested in Capital One breach
BBC News—Apple's overall sales rise but iPhone revenue dips
CBS News—Scammers are already setting up fake Equifax settlement websites

CNN.com—Delta pilot removed from flight and arrested on suspicion of being intoxicated
CBS News—The US has averaged more than one mass shooting PER DAY for 2019 so far
NBC News—The Fed announces first rate cut since 2008
USA Today—The big four broadcast tv networks sue free streaming service that broadcasts their content without permission or compensation
BBC News—Facebook funding experiment to translate brain signals into speech
ABCnews.com—Uber lays off 400 of its marketing staff, one third of their global team

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