daily links: september 2019

CNN.com—Walmart says it will stop selling ammunition for handguns and assault rifles
CBS News—Picky eater goes blind at 17 after years of eating only french fries, Pringles, and white bread with slices of deli ham
NBC News—Mississippi wedding venue refuses to host interracial couple's ceremony, citing their Christian beliefs
USA Today—Krispy Kreme releasing pumpkin spice glazed doughnut this week
BBC News—Banksy mural painted on back of sign in Paris stolen
ABCnews.com—Catholic school in Nashville bans Harry Potter books

CBS News—Trump rolls back regulation on energy-efficient bulbs
ABCnews.com—US military redirects over $3.5 billion from approved construction projects to fund Trump's pointless border wall
NBC News—US automakers to put technology aimed at preventing hot car deaths in most vehicles by 2025
BBC News—Michigan becomes first state to ban flavored e-cigs as part of effort to curb vaping by young people
CNN.com—Lizzo earns her first number one single with "Truth Hurts"
USA Today—Disney to donate $1 million to Bahamas relief effort in the wake of Hurricane Dorian's destruction

CBS News—Trump updates official NOAA hurricane projection map with a marker to he doesn't have to admit that an earlier tweet of his was wrong. This is technically illegal, but one of the very smallest crimes this president has committed while in office.
NBC News—Town shuts down volunteer fire company after investigation reveals that at least one of their members is associated with the Proud Boys white nationalist group
USA Today—Oakland Raiders say they intend to suspend star WR Antonio Brown after he gets into a heated confrontation with the GM
CNN.com—Nikki Minaj announces her retirement
BBC News—Samsung will relaunch its foldable smartphone this month
ABCnews.com—Utah woman arrested at airport in the Philippines with a six day old baby that wasn't hers hidden in her carryon bag

CNN.com—YouTube fined $170 million by FTC for violating the privacy of children
CBS News—Trump wants to privatize Fannie May and Freddie Mac, which together guarantee half of home loans in the US
USA Today—NYC sues T-Mobile for selling used phones as new
NBC News—Amazon accidentally ships sequel to The Handmaid's Tale days before its official release
BBC News—New study finds that vegans and vegetarians have lower risk of heart disease but higher risk of strokes
ABCnews.com—DNA study of Loch Ness' water leads researcher to surmise that the Loch Ness Monster might be a giant eel

CNN.com—Several blocks in Baltimore evacuated after authorities discover a van packed with one thousand gallons of gasoline
ABCnews.com—Sarah Palin's husband files for divorce
BBC News—Disney to take over England's Pinewood Studios, where James Bond films have traditionally been made
NBC News—Video from another motorist shows Tesla driver asleep at the wheel with Autopilot on
CBS News—Major antitrust investigation into Google launched by 50 state attorney generals
USA Today—Wendy's to roll out breakfast options nationally next year

CNN.com—Trump pushes out John Bolton a day after the two got into a heated argument
ABCnews.com—Apple announces new iPhones, iPads, and Watches
BBC News—Judge removes four year old boy from his parents' custody after they refused to let him undergo chemotherapy to fight his cancer
USA Today—Female swimmer has her win disqualified for wearing a swimsuit showed too much of her backside
NBC News—Couple charged with theft after spending $120,000 that was mistakenly deposited into their bank account
CBS News—Mattel to release Day of the Dead Barbie to celebrate the Mexican holiday that coincides with Halloween

when the walls fell

ABCnews.com—1300 people still unaccounted for in the Bahamas in the wake of Hurricane Dorian
CBS News—Ohio State's attempt to trademark the word "the" is rejected by the US Patent Office
USA Today—UK man has spent $37,000 on lawyers and court filings so far to fight a $120 speeding ticket, with no resolution as of yet
NBC News—SNL adds its first Asian cast member ever for its 45th season
BBC News—Outsider musician and revered cult hero Daniel Johnston dies at 58 from a heart attack
CNN.com—State Department sued by same-sex couple for denying their daughter American citizenship even though they are both American citizens

CNN.com—Felicity Huffman sentenced to two weeks in jail for her part in the college admissions scandal
CBS News—Whole Foods, now owned by Amazon, will no longer provide health care for part-time workers
ABCnews.com—Singer Eddie Money dies at 70 from cancer
NBC News—California bill would ban new contracts with private, for-profit prisons and would phase out their use entirely by 2028
USA Today—Disney CEO steps down from Apple Board of Directors as the two companies prepare to compete in the streaming content arena
BBC News—Bansky mural considered to be a critique of Brexit painted over, likely by the building's owners who were previously blocked from selling one of his works

CNN.com—Cars frontman Ric Ocasek dead at 75
CBS News—Oil prices spike after drone attack on Saudi Arabian oil production facilities
USA Today—OxyContin maker Purdue Pharma files for bankruptcy as part of opioids settlement
NBC News—Some states charging extra registration fees for purchasers of electric vehicles
BBC News—The hole in the ozone layer over Antarctica could be the smaller than it has been in 30 years
ABCnews.com—Newly detected comet is likely from another solar system

CBS News—UAW strike could cost GM $100 million per day
USA Today—Trump wants to block California's ability to enact its own emissions standards for vehicles
CNN.com—Merriam-Webster releases list of new words and phrases being added to its dictionary
NBC News—Pirates pitcher charged with solicitation of a minor
ABCnews.com—US government sues Edward Snowden and his publisher over his new memoir
BBC News—London's Gatwick airport says it will use facial recognition technology to screen all passengers by 2022

CNN.com—Air Force releases official version of leaked video showing jets tracking UFOs, although it does not speculate whether they are extraterrestrial in origin
NBC News—The Fed cuts interest rates for the second time this year, but it's still not enough for Trump
USA Today—American Airlines mechanic accused of trying to sabotage is found to have terrorism ties, although he claims he did it an attempt to get more overtime hours
BBC News—India to ban e-cigs
ABCnews.com—Woman plans to pursue criminal charges against students who beat up her special needs child at school
CBS News—NY judge removed from the bench for posting an image of a noose and a MAGA message to his public Facebook page

CNN.com—Whistleblower in US intelligence community files formal complaint over concerns of off-the-record promises Trump made to a foreign leader
CBS News—Nike severs its relationship with Antonio Brown in wake of rape allegations
BBC News—A drug developed to treat enlarged prostates may slow the advancement of Parkinson's
USA Today—Colt suspending the manufacture of military-style rifles, including the AR-15, for the civilian market
NBC News—Duke student government rejects application of religious group because of their anti-LGBTQ policies
ABCnews.com—Airbnb planning IPO next year

CNN.com—Details emerge about a phone call Trump had with the Ukranian president in July where Trump threatened to withhold aid to the nation unless Ukraine opened a probe into Joe Biden's son
NBC News—California and multiple other states sue to challenge Trump's revocation of their ability to set their own vehicle emission standards
BBC News—Walmart to stop selling e-cigs
ABCnews.com—School bus driver arrested after one of her student passengers calls 911 to report her as being drunk
USA Today—Patriots release Antonio Brown after a single game
CBS News—Seniors will soon have their own simplified, large-print tax form

ABCnews.com—GM strike enters its second week
CNN.com—Trump administration wants UN to drop any references to reproductive health and rights from official documents
BBC News—Medical cannabis product approved for treatment of epilepsy
USA Today—Instagram to age-restrict weight loss and cosmetic surgery ads
CBS News—Apple announces that it will continue to make Mac Pro computers in the US
NBC News—NBC announces new streaming service named Peacock

CBS News—Pelosi announces formal impeachment inquiry of Trump
BBC News—EU's top court says "right to be forgotten" only applies to those within the physical borders of the EU
USA Today—Rare painting worth millions found hanging in woman's kitchen
CNN.com—Lost continent located under Europe
NBC News—Venus may have had Earth-like climate for billions of years
ABCnews.com—Grateful Dead lyricist Robert Hunter dead at 78

CNN.com—There's so much stuff related to the whistleblower complaint and the impeachment inquiry that's happening today that I'm just going to direct you to CNN's page of past and live updates.
ABCnews.com—In White House approved transcript of one of Trump's phone calls with Ukrainian president, there are at least 8 instances of Trump asking a foreign power to interfere with our election process
CBS News—Director of National Intelligence to deliver redacted whistleblower complaint to Congress
USA Today—17 states file suit against Trump administration over changes to the Endangered Species Act
NBC News—Idiots in Trump's White House accidentally send talking points memo for impeachment, Ukraine, whistleblower, etc., to Democrats, then try to use email recall function to cover their mistake
BBC News—Metropolitan Opera severs its 50 year relationship with singer Placido Domingo over several sexual harrassment claims that span multiple decades

CNN.com—Whistleblower complaint alleges that Trump solicited foreign interference in our elections and that key White House officials tried to cover it up
CBS News—Income inequality in the US at its highest levels in more than 50 years
ABCnews.com—Director of National Intelligence testifies before Congress
BBC News—MCU overlord Kevin Feige to develop new Star Wars film
USA Today—McDonald's testing Beyond Meat burger in several locations
NBC News—Amazon announces several new Alexa devices, including AirPods competitors

CNN.com—White House also tried to hide content of Trump's phone calls with Putin and the Saudi Crown Prince
USA Today—Former GOP senator Jeff Flake says at least 35 Republican senators would vote to impeach Trump if the vote was private. Fat lot of good that does us.
CBS News—Door Dash hacked, exposing information in 5 million user accounts
BBC News—Marvel and Sony reach a deal that will keep Spider-Man in the MCU
ABCnews.com—Alexa users can now set their voice recordings to be automatically deleted
NBC News—NBA requires teams to measure exact height of players

CNN.com—Giuliani subpoenaed as part of impeachment inquiry
USA Today—GOP rep resigns amid corruption probe and is expected to plead guilty at a criminal trial for insider trading
NBC News—California passes law that allows student athletes to get paid from endorsement deals in defiance of NCAA bylaws
ABCnews.com—WeWork withdraws its IPO filing
CBS News—NFL suspends linebacker Vontaze Burfict for illegal hit, the most recent in a long string of dirty, dangerous plays
BBC News—CVS joins other major pharmacies in removing Zantac from its shelves over cancer fears

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