daily links: may 2019

CNN.com—Ford being investigated for falsifying emissions testing
ABCnews.com—Billionaire donates $30 million to university to study homelessness
NBC News—SmileDirect to open hundreds of kiosk stores inside of existing CVS stores
USA Today—H&R Block Co-founder Henry Bloch dies at 96
BBC News—Facebook unveils privacy-focused changes at developer's conference
CBS News—Consumer protection group warns that Angie's List favors service providers who advertise on their platform

CNN.com—Videos of New Zealand shooting massacre still circulating on social media seven weeks after the attack
ABCnews.com—Cruise ship owned by the Church of Scientology quarantined in port after measles outbreak on board
USA Today—Burger King launches "real mood" meal boxes to counter McDonald's Happy Meals
NBC News—Maker of Oreos, Chips Ahoy, and other cookie brands considering addition of CBD to its products where legal
CBS News—Trump's most recent pick for Fed board withdraws from consideration after sexist views become public
BBC News—Device designed to detect gravitational waves has been triggered five times in the last month

ABCnews.com—North Korea launches multiple short range missiles into the Sea of Japan
CNN.com—$7 million worth of meth accidentally shipped to elderly couple
USA Today—Facebook to launch its own cryptocurrency
NBC News—Ohio Congressional districts declaring unconstitutionally biased by federal court
BBC News—US jobless rate at its lowest level in 40 years
CBS News—Chewbacca actor Peter Mayhew dies at 74

BBC News—US rattling its sabers against Iran by sending carrier group to the Persian Gulf
USA Today—Wireless carriers sued for selling location data without users' consent
ABCnews.com—Win by Kentucky Derby favorite overturned after 20 minute video review determined the jockey had blocked another horse on the final turn
NBC News—Sinclair buying Fox's regional sports networks from Disney for nearly $10 billion
CNN.com—Planet Fitness opening new locations in abandoned Sears and Toys R Us stores
CBS News—Pornhub wants to buy Tumblr and restores the site's original anything goes policies

ABCnews.com—Several people injured in school shooting near Denver
CBS News—Georgia governor signs bill that makes it illegal to get an abortion after six weeks of gestation
CNN.com—Disney sets release dates for three new Star Wars films and four Avatar sequels
USA Today—Couple dies of bubonic plague after eating raw marmot meat
NBC News—White House orders former WH counsel McGahn to refuse to comply with a Congressional subpoena
BBC News—New report recommends weekly basic income in Britain to be paid for by the elimination of various tax dedcutions

CBS News—Stock markets lose more than $1 trillion in value after China imposes new tariffs in retaliation for Trump's tariffs on China
ABCnews.com—Leaked documents show that the NRA is in financial turmoil
BBC News—Jeff Bezos unveils design concept for new lunar lander that he hopes will be in use by 2024
NBC News—Penn State professor who was moonlighting as an Uber driver accused of kidnapping two women
CNN.com—Doris Day dies at 97
USA Today—Oreos introduced five new flavors, including marshmallow and latte

BBC News—Wikipedia blocked in all languages in China
NBC News—Study finds that sales of sugary sodas dropped in Philadelphia after the city imposed a special tax on the beverages
CBS News—Comedian Tim Conway dies at 85
CNN.com—Woman beaten to death with electric scooter on California street
USA Today—Walmart to offer free next day delivery in a bid to challenge Amazon for online orders
ABCnews.com—Donald Trump Jr. agrees to testify to Senate in closed-door session

NBC News—Alabama passes near-total abortion ban that would send doctors who perform the procedure to prison for 99 years
CBS News—San Francisco bans facial recognition technology
CNN.com—Hershey's is changing the look of its signature chocolate bar for the first time in history, replacing its logo with a selection of emojis
ABCnews.com—Georgia governor vetoes bill that would have required elemtary schools to have recess every day
USA Today—White House refuses to turn over documents to Congress, saying that the legislative branch is not allowed to investigate the executive branch
BBC News—US pulls non-critical staff from Iraq

CBS News—Chicago enacts tax aimed at digital services like Netflix and Spotify
CNN.com—Trump administration bans Huawei from selling telecom equipment in the US
ABCnews.com—American Express buys reservation service Resy
NBC News—Trump pardons former media mogul who wrote a flattering biography of him
BBC News—Island in the Indian Ocean engulfed by plastic waste, including an estimated 1 million flip flops
USA Today—New feature allows Uber riders to request a quiet ride from their driver, but only for premium users

ABCnews.com—FDA recalls tattoo inks contaminated with bacteria
BBC News—Amazon invests in Uber Eats competitor Deliveroo
NBC News—Ohio State team doctor accused of sexually abusing 177 male students over the course of two decades
USA Today—Former Gymboree competitor Children's Place has bought the rights to the defunct brand and plans to relaunch it
CBS News—New record for deepest dive by descending to the bottom of the Mariana Trench in a $48 million submersible
CNN.com—Grumpy Cat dies at age 7

CNN.com—Judge upholds Congressional subpoena issued to Trump's accounting firm
CBS News—Michael Cohen testifies that Trump's attorney, Jay Sekulow, instructed him to lie to Congress (which he subsequently did)
USA Today—Billionaire commencement speaker at Morehouse announces during his speech that he will pay off the student loan debt for all 400 graduating seniors
NBC News—New definition of a kilogram goes into effect
BBC News—Google says it will cease doing business with Huawei, meaning the mobile device maker will have to rely on the open source version of Android going forward
ABCnews.com—After a comedian is sworn in as Ukraine's new president, he immediatley dissolves the parliament (and no, this is not a joke)

USA Today—Theresa May resigns as British PM after her continued failure to enact a Brexit plan
BBC News—Facebook to launch its own cryptocurrency early next year
CNN.com—Federal judge blocks Mississippi's "heartbeat" abortion law
ABCnews.com—Parent who pled guilty in college admissions scandal assaulted assaulted by his son
CBS News—Colorado caps insulin prices
NBC News—USPS working with self-driving car company to test driverless delivery trucks

BBC News—WHO officially recognizes gaming addiction as a medical condition
CBS News—Rollout of 5G networks could dramatically impact the accuracy of weather forecasting
ABCnews.com—Facebook says it has removed 3 billion fake accounts in the last six months, twice as many as in the previous six months
CNN.com—Compound found in red wine led to reduction in blood pressure when given to mice in concentrated doses
NBC News—MacKenzie Bezos says she will donate half of the roughly $35 billion she got in her divorce settlement to charity
USA Today—NYC subway to finally start accepting mobile payments starting on May 31

NBC News—Department of Energy refers to natural gas as "freedom gas" in official document. No, we're totally not living in a fascistic propagandizing society right now.
CNN.com—Maine bars residents from opting out of vaccinations for religious or philisophical reasons
USA Today—Federal judge blocks Mississippi's "heartbeat" abortion law
ABCnews.com—Louisiana becomes latest red state to pass "heartbeat" abortion law
BBC News—WHO will no longer classify transgender people as having mental or behavioral disorders
CBS News—Uber will start to ban riders who receive consistently poor ratings from their drivers

USA Today—Disney joins Netflix and other content creators to say that they will no longer film in Georgia if a new abortion law is allowed to go into effect
CBS News—Airline passenger sues Delta and another passenger after being mauled by an emotional support dog that was not properly muzzled or restrained
BBC News—J.K. Rowling to release four new Harry Potter ebooks this summer
CNN.com—White campground employee fired after video surfaces of her threatening a picnicking black couple with a gun
NBC News—R. Kelly charged with 11 new counts of sexual assault and sexual abuse, including 3 charges involving minors
ABCnews.com—New Hampshire sues multiple chemical companies, including 3M and DuPont, over a class of substances used in commercial food packaging

USA Today—Trump announces new tariffs on Mexico over immigration issues
CNN.com—Amazon may be interested in buying Boost Mobile wireless provider
ABCnews.com—At least 11 dead after shooter opens fire at a municipal office building
CBS News—FedEx will now deliver packages 7 days a week
BBC News—Fungus that has been genetically modified to produce spider venom that kills 99% of malaria-carrying mosquitoes
NBC News—Musician Roky Erikson dead at 71

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