daily links: june 2019

CNN.com—The annoying James Holzhauer is finally defeated on Jeopardy, falling just short of Ken Jennings' all time money record
ABCnews.com—School district in New York testing facial recognition software
NBC News—Apple splitting iTunes into three standalone apps for music, tv, and podcasts
USA Today—Baskin-Robbins introducing Stranger Things ice cream in advance of the season 3 premiere on July 4
CBS News—Carnival fined $20 million for illegal pollution by its ships
BBC News—YouTuber faces jail after posting a video of himself pranking a homeless man by giving him an Oreo filled with toothpaste

BBC News—New "living" patch made of stem cells could help repair damage after a heart attack
NBC News—Texas school district fires teacher who tried to report undocumented students to Trump on Twitter
CBS News—Alabama mayor advocates murder of members of the LGBTQ community in Facebook post
ABCnews.com—New York considering ban on cat declawing
CNN.com—Juul could open its own retail vape shops
USA Today—Flower delivery service FTD files for bankruptcy

CNN.com—NC's GOP legislature fails to override Democratic governor's veto of extreme abortion bill
USA Today—SEC sues Canadian company for $100 million for selling unsecured cryptocurrency tokens
NBC News—California man creates giant swastika in his yard, then claims he didn't know it was a hate symbol, then ends the interview when a reporter asks about Nazi symbols on his motorcycle
CBS News—Ohio doctor charged with 25 counts of murder for overprescribing opioids
BBC News—Amazon claims it will be offering drone delivery service within months
ABCnews.com—AMC may stop filming The Walking Dead in Georgia if a new abortion law is allowed to go into effect

CNN.com—Beverly Hills to ban sales of most forms of tobacco
ABCnews.com—FCC will allow telecoms to block robocalls network-wide before they reach customers' phones
CBS News—Tamagotchi return with larger, color screens and Bluetooth capability
USA Today—Uber will offer $200 helicopter flights in NYC this summer
NBC News—Musician Dr. John dies at 77
BBC News—Google shares details about Stadia, its streaming games service that it will launch later this year

CNN.com—FedEx will no longer transport Amazon packages on its planes
CBS News—Texas enacts law making it illegal for local governments to have any kind of contractual relationship with Planned Parenthood and other abortion providers
USA Today—Pope Francis approves changes to the wording of the Lord's Prayer
NBC News—Walmart not only wants to deliver groceries to your house but also wants their workers to enter your house to put them in the fridge
BBC News—NASA to open ISS to wealthy space tourists
ABCnews.com—Trump forbids US embassies from flying a rainbow flag during LQBTQ Pride Month

CNN.com—Microsoft announces new Xbox that will launch in 2020
CBS News—Nearly 200 CEOs back a statement that anti-abortion laws are bad for business
USA Today—Krispy Kreme planning flagship store in Times Square
NBC News—New York bill aims to decriminalize sex work
ABCnews.com—Salesforce buying data visualization software firm Tableau
BBC News—Red Sox legend David Ortiz shot in a nightclub in the Dominican Republic

CBS News—Facebook will pay users for sharing information about which apps they are using on their smartphones
CNN.com—Pampers will install baby changing stations in 5,000 men's restrooms across the US
NBC News—Amazon donates $8 million to fight homelessness in Seattle and Arlington, VA, the locations of its HQs
USA Today—New version of Firefox automatically prevents advertisers from tracking your behavior across multiple websites
ABCnews.com—A group of states including California and New York sue to stop the merger of Sprint and T-Mobile
BBC News—WHO says we should expect more frequent large outbreaks of deadly diseases like Ebola

CNN.com—New Illinois law provides broad protections for abortion access
CBS News—Study finds that many breakfast cereals contain traces of the active ingredient in Roundup weed killer
NBC News—Former Stanford coach gets one day in prison for his role in the college admissions cheating scandal
USA Today—Trump uses executive powers to block the release of census strategy documents as the Supreme Court is poised to rule on adding a citizenship question
ABCnews.com—Judge rules that jails in St. Louis will no longer be allowed to continue to detain inmates simply because they are too poor to afford bail
BBC News—Nick Cave shares lyrics to unreleased song to help fan get past a creative block

ABCnews.com—Study finds that Bitcoin miners are responsible for as much carbon emission as Las Vegas
CNN.com—Congress investigating the spread of deepfake videos as we approach the next presidential election
NBC News—Male student uses Snapchat gender swap filter to pose as teen girl and catches a police officer looking for underage sex
BBC News—Actor Cuba Gooding Jr. charged with forcible touching
USA Today—New study alleges that tech giants like Google and Facebook have stolen billions in revenue and cost tens of thousands of jobs in the news media industry
CBS News—New startup uses algorithms to make casting recommendations for films

CNN.com—Disney to re-release Avengers: Endgame in theaters in the hopes of overtaking Avatar for worldwide gross
CBS News—Florida city pays $600,000 ransom to get back control of its computer systems from hackers
ABCnews.com—7-Eleven launching delivery service to public places like parks and beaches
USA Today—Trump considers ban on all 5G technology made in China
NBC News—Warner Brothers names its first ever female CEO
BBC News—Personally tailored genetic treatment is curing some cancer patients of lymphoma

CNN.com—Man accused of murdering a 24 year old woman slashes his own throat in the courtroom at his trial
CBS News—Google commits $1 billion to build 20,000 new homes in the Bay Area over the next decade
ABCnews.com—San Francisco becomes the first major US city to ban e-cigarettes
USA Today—Mitsubishi will move its North American headquarters from California to Tennessee
NBC News—Illinois legalizes recreational cannabis
BBC News—NASA testing deep space atomic clock

NBC News—FedEx sues US government over new requirement that they screen packages from China
BBC News—Wayfair employees plan walkout to protest their company's contract to provide furniture to border internment camps
CBS News—House panel will subpoena Kellyanne Conway to investigate potential violations of the Hatch act
ABCnews.com—Supreme Court strikes down Tennessee law that required you to live in the state for at least two years before you could obtain a liquor license
USA Today—Netflix will lose The Office, one of its most popular offerings, in 2021
CNN.com—Beth Chapman, wife of Dog the Bounty Hunter, dies after long battle with cancer

CNN.com—In partisan vote, Supreme Court declines to set federal guidelines to prevent overtly political gerrymandering by the states that could get a GOP minority in power for the next decade or more
CBS News—Trump wants to delay census after Supreme Court rules against adding a citizenship question
ABCnews.com—Apple's lead designer Jony Ive is leaving the company
USA Today—Chevy's new Silverado could be first pickup to be priced over $100,000 at retail
NBC News—Reservations for Taco Bell-themed pop up hotel sell out in less than two minutes
BBC News—House Dems approve GOP Senate version of border funding bill after the GOP voted down the Dems' own bill and refused to negotiate on a compromise. Spineless "progressives" let tantrum babies win again!

CNN.com—US Women's soccer team beats host country France to advance to the World Cup semifinals
ABCnews.com—Pregnant Alabama woman charged with manslaughter after her unborn baby dies due to her being shot. That's right, a woman got shot, and the shooting victim is being charged with manslaughter.
BBC News—NASA plans to remote fly a drone helicopter on Titan, one of Saturn's moons, in 2034
USA Today—Radio signal from space traced to another galaxy that is 3.6 billion light years away
NBC News—The Fed holds interest rates steady despite pressure from Trump to lower them
CBS News—Nestle's Toll House develops cookie dough that is safe to consume raw

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