daily links: march 2019

CNN.com—Lawsuit alleges that professor stole student's invention and sold it for $1.5 million
USA Today—Kroger expands ban on Visa credit cards
ABCnews.com—YouTube disables comments on most videos that feature children to thwart child predators
CBS News—Lyft files for $100 million IPO
BBC News—Rare fish that lives in the southern hemisphere washes up on California beach
NBC News—Scientists use experimental technique to give mice infrared vision

BBC News—House panel expands probe of obstruction and abuse of powers by Trump
USA Today—FDA accuses 15 national retailers, including Walmart and Walgreens, of selling tobacco to minors
NBC News—OxyContin maker considers filing for bankruptcy in the face of thousands of lawsuits
CNN.com—Actor Luke Perry dies at 52 after suffering a massive stroke
CBS News—Scientists prove that bees can do basic math
ABCnews.com—Johnny Depp sues his ex-wife Amber Heard for $50 million, claiming she defamed him with false allegations of abuse

CBS News—Second man declared cured of HIV after stem cell transplant
BBC News—Kylie Jenner becomes the world's youngest self-made billionaire thanks to her booming cosmetics company
NBC News—Michael Bloomberg says he won't run for president in 2020
ABCnews.com—Papa John's reaches settlement with its disgraced founder
USA Today—Bugatti selling new model for $12.5 million, the most expensive new car ever made
CNN.com—Kohl's is shrinking its stores and leasing out the extra space to Planet Fitness

CBS News—Federal court rules against adding a citizenship question to the 2020 census
ABCnews.com—HBO releases first trailer for the final season of Game of Thrones
BBC News—Senator Martha McSally, the first woman to fly combat missions for the US, reveals that she was raped by a superior office while serving in the Air Force
CNN.com—Longtime Jeopardy host Alex Trebek announces that he has stage 4 pancreatic cancer
USA Today—Only a single Blockbuster store remains in operation in the entire world
NBC News—Goldman Sachs CEO rolls out looser millenial-friendly dress code for the financial firm

ABCnews.com—Maryland legislators approve bill that would allow doctors to help end the lives of terminally ill patients
CNN.com—Michael Cohen sues the Trump Organization for refusing to pay him since he began cooperating with federal investigators
NBC News—In his first sentencing hearing, Paul Manafort is given less than four years in prison, far less than called for by sentencing guidelines
USA Today—Teacher wins $10,000 for reading the fine print on her travel insurance policy
CBS News—Amazon closing all of its US kiosks and pop up stores, but will continue to expand full fledged retail locations
BBC News—Residents of colorful street in Paris want a gate to keep out Instagramers

CBS News—Some states consider opting out of Daylight Saving Time and staying permanently on Standard Time
USA Today—Chelsea Manning jailed for contempt after refusing to testify in Wikileaks investigation
ABCnews.com—Elizabeth Warren wants to break up tech giants like Google, Facebook, and Amazon
CNN.com—The US will soon surpass Saudi Arabia as the world's leading oil exporter
BBC News—US women's soccer sues for equal pay with their male counterparts
NBC News—Kansas doctor sentenced to life in prison after unlawfully prescribing medication that led to an overdose

NBC News—Zuckerberg says he intends to shift Facebook to a privacy-focused platform. HA!
CBS News—New disease is killing millions of olive trees in region of Italy that produces 40% of the country's olive oil
BBC News—Texas woman killed while driving from rock thrown from overpass onto her car
CNN.com—Several airlines ground their 737 MAX 8 planes after the model suffers two failures in its first six months of operation
USA Today—Baseball coach and his wife electrocuted while cleaning up baseball field after hurricane damage
ABCnews.com—Man killed by girlfriend while they were reenacting a movie after getting drunk

CNN.com—Dozens of wealthy Americans, including tv stars and CEOs, charged in massive cheating scandal aimed at getting their underqualified kids into elite colleges
NBC News—Catholic cardinal sentenced to six years in prison for child sex abuse
ABCnews.com—Woman may have cut off her own hand with a circular saw in order to file a false insurance claim
USA Today—Dick's to stop selling guns at 125 of its stores
CBS News—Theresa May's latest Brexit plan once again rejected by Parliament
BBC News—New 50p coin will commemorate Stephen Hawking and features a black hole in its design

ABCnews.com—New Pentagon policy will prevent transgender people from enlisting in the military and affect tens of thousands of currently-enlisted troops
NBC News—Paul Manafort sentenced to an additional 43 months in prison by DC judge and is also hit with 16 new felony charges by Manhattan prosecutors
CNN.com—Trump administration grounds all 737 MAX jets in the US until investigation into crashes is complete
BBC News—IBM accused for scraping Flickr for photos used to train its facial recognition AI without the consent of the owners or the subjects of the photos
USA Today—New Corvette is so powerful that's it's compromising the vehicle's structural integrity at top speeds
CBS News—Verizon to charge an extra $10 per month for access to 5G network

CBS News—Senate approves House bill to override Trump's declaration of a national emergency
NBC News—Court rules that assault rifle manufacturer can be sued over Newtown mass shooting
USA Today—Senate blocks vote on bill that would require Mueller's final report to be made public, despite overwhelming bipartisan support in the House
CNN.com—Federal judge rules that unvaccinated children are not allowed to return to school until after a measles outbreak is over
BBC News—Google engineer sets new record by calculating Pi to 31 trillion digits
ABCnews.com—Students sue colleges implicated in college admissions scandal

ABCnews.com—Homeowner finds burglar dead in his home, crushed by the 900 pound safe he was trying to steal
BBC News—The US is suing Volkswagen over the diesel emissions scandal
USA Today—Atlanta's Hartsfield-Jackson is once again named the world's busiest airport
CBS News—Facebook launches AI tool to identify and remove revenge porn
NBC News—Woman wins lottery 30 times in one day
CNN.com—Disney will officially assume control of Fox on March 20

BBC News—Disney rehires James Gunn to write and direct Guardians of the Galaxy 3
USA Today—Scientists claim that DNA evidence has definitively unmasked the identity of Jack the Ripper
ABCnews.com—Nevada considers bill that would allow police to scan mobile phones for signs of activity before a crash
CNN.com—Trump administration wants to put new limits on student loan borrowing
NBC News—More and more states issuing gender neutral IDs
CBS News—Google working on cloud-based gaming service

ABCnews.com—Native American inmates win the right to keep their long hair in prison
USA Today—Warren Buffett offers his employees $1 million a year for life for a perfect Sweet 16 bracket
CNN.com—USC suspends class registration for students involved in admissions scandal
BBC News—Woman nearly dies after injecting herself with fruit juice
NBC News—FDA approves first drug to treat postpartum depression
CBS News—Disney releases first full trailer for Toy Story 4

ABCnews.com—Idiotic Kentucky governor says he intentionally exposed his children to chicken pox rather than giving them the chicken pox vaccine. They should be able to sue him.
CNN.com—Bill and Ted 3 officially announced with a 2020 release date
USA Today—Starbucks to test recyclable and compostable cups
BBC News—Levi's to once again become a public company after 34 years of private ownership
NBC News—Patriots owner Robert Kraft files motion to prevent video that shows him receiving sexual favors from a prostitute from going public
CBS News—MoviePass reintroduces its unlimited movie plan, but this time you have to pay for a year upfront

NBC News—CVS to start selling cannabis products in eight states that have legalized the drug
USA Today—Trump signs executive order aimed at promoting free speech on college campuses. Translation: he thinks free speech means being able to spew bigoted lies without consequences.
CNN.com—Vaccine misinformation still prevalent on Facebook and Instagram weeks after a promised crackdown by the social media platforms
ABCnews.com—Facebook stored hundreds of millions of user passwords in plain text that was accessible to almost anyone inside the company
BBC News—San Francisco wants to ban e-cigs
CBS News—Baseball star Ichiro Suzuki announces his retirement after playing 19 years in MLB

CNN.com—Mueller concludes his investigation and delivers his final report to AG Barr
BBC News—The Fed says it does not plan to increase interest rates for the remainder of 2019
ABCnews.com—NYC cop indicted after planting a knife on a man he shot
NBC News—Parkland school shooting survivor kills herself
USA Today—Papa John's hires Shaquille O'Neal to be the new face of its brand
CBS News—Chik-fil-A barred from Texas airport due to its record on LGBTQ issues

ABCnews.com—Barr's summary of Mueller's findings quote Mueller sparsely and leave many unanswered questions
CBS News—Michael Avenatti accused of trying to extort $20 million from Nike
BBC News—Autonomous shuttle service to be tested in NYC later this year
CNN.com—Yale rescinds admission to student whose family paid $1.2 million to fraudulently get her in
NBC News—Apple announces new streaming video service with original content
USA Today—High school stage production of Alien goes viral

ABCnews.com—North Carolina hospital using drones to fly blood samples around its campus
BBC News—Pentagon authorizes $1 billion for the construction of border fencing
CBS News—New York county declares state of emergency over measles outbreak
USA Today—M&Ms announces new hazelnut M&Ms (in other words, Nutella M&Ms)
CNN.com—Nike wins copyright lawsuit against photographer who claimed that the company stole his image for its Michael Jordan logo
NBC News—Family that owns Krispy Kreme and Panera reveals that their ancestors were Nazi supporters

BBC News—Weather Channel sued for $125 million after two of its sotrm chasers crash into another car and kill the driver
CNN.com—New study finds that public universities focus their recruiting efforts on wealthy white students
CBS News—McDonald's wants to use AI to get you to order more food
USA Today—NFL owners approve major rule change that will allow coaches to challenge pass interference calls or non-calls
ABCnews.com—Facebook and Instagram announce ban on white nationalism and separatism
NBC News—Fifth grade girl dies from injuries sustained during fight in her elementary school classroom

ABCnews.com—Trump administration continue attempts to undermine the ACA even though the GOP still has no replacement healthcare plan ready
NBC News—New York State targets billionaire family behind the company that makes OxyContin
CNN.com—Wells Fargo CEO stepping down immediately in the wake of multiple scandals
USA Today—Trump's nominee for Fed governance board has unpaid taxes from 2014
CBS News—Starting on May 1, Disney will completely ban cigarettes and e-cigs from all of its US theme parks
BBC News—World's largest salt cave discovered in Israel

NBC News—AP updates its style guide to recommend avoiding euphemisms and just call racists racists
ABCnews.com—US charges Facebook with housing discrimination for allowing landlords to systematically exclude certain demographic groups from seeing ads for apartments
CNN.com—Apple cancels its long-promised AirPower wireless charging mat
BBC News—Evidence of massive asteroid impact found in fossils in North Dakota
USA Today—FTC says it has shut down four groups responsible for billions of robocalls
CBS News—Alex Jones' lawyer claims that he was suffering from a form of psychosis when he was spreading Sandy Hook conspiracy theories

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