daily links: august 2019

CNN.com—Issue-plagued Woodstock 50 music festival finally canceled
CBS News—Chick-fil-A named America's favorite fast food chain
ABCnews.com—Burger King to roll out Whopper using the Impossible Burger nationwide
USA Today—Former NFL player and ESPN analyst Merril Hoge suing Monsanto, saying Roundup weed killer caused his cancer
NBC News—Universal Studios announces major new addition to its theme park properties in Orlando
BBC News—Former Boeing worker says that the production line for the troubled 737 Max was not adequately funded

CNN.com—Oakland A's sign baseball fan who threw a ball 96 mph during a pitching challenge game at Coors Field
BBC News—Two patent filings name an AI system as their inventor
USA Today—Four fans kicked out of Baltimore Orioles game for displaying a pro-Trump banner days after the president insulted the city
NBC News—Jeff Bezos sells off $1.8 billion of his Amazon stock
CBS News—Once-cheap brisket is becoming more expensive as demand for barbecue grows
ABCnews.com—Irish teen invents new method to remove microplastics from the ocean

CNN.com—Dow drops over 750 points after China devalues its currency as part of trade war with the US
CBS News—22 dead so far after mass shooting in El Paso on Saturday by an anti-immigrant white supremacist
NBC News—A mass shooting over the weekend in Dayton, Ohio—the second in the US over the weekend—leaves 9 dead
USA Today—Website security firm Cloudflare terminates its service agreement with 8chan, which allows users to promote racist and sexist views and has been linked to multiple mass shootings, including the one in El Paso
BBC News—McDonald's paper straws, which it switched to exclusively in the UK, cannot be recycled
ABCnews.com—Two major news organizations will merge to form the largest newspaper company in the US

CNN.com—FBI treating the Gilroy festival shooting for what it is—an incident of domestic terrorism
BBC News—Hyundai unveils car with solar cells on the roof
ABCnews.com—Writer Toni Morrison, winner of the Pulitzer and Nobel prizes, dies at 88
NBC News—Lego working on plant-based, sustainable version of its building bricks
USA Today—Krispy Kreme to sell Reese's-filled doughnuts
CBS News—Saturn's rings will completely disappear over the next 100 million years

CNN.com—House Dems file suit to force former WH counsel Don McGahn to testify as part of impeachment investigation
ABCnews.com—FedEx officially ending its ground delivery contract with Amazon
BBC News—Tardigrades may now be living on the moon after a crash landing by an Israeli spacecraft
USA Today—Rome now issuing $450 fines for tourists who sit on the Spanish Steps
NBC News—10 Senators call on Google to convert contractors to full-time employees after six months of work
CBS News—Man with history of violent behavior attacks an unsuspecting teen at a county fair for not removing his hat during the national anthem, giving the boy a skull fracture and memory loss

ABCnews.com—ICE arrests 680 undocumented immigrants in Mississippi in one day
CNN.com—Uber posts its biggest loss yet, losing $5.2 billion last quarter
CBS News—Game of Thrones showrunners sign massive $200 million deal with Netflix
BBC News—New Chernobly vodka called Atomik is made from grain and water in the exclusion zone around the site of the 1986 nuclear accident
USA Today—Baseball stadiums are shrinking in tandem with lower attendance by fans
NBC News—Law enforcement in the US increasingly relying on tools provided by Amazon

CNN.com—Huawei reveals its custom OS, Harmony, that will replace Android on its phones
CBS News—Walmart removes promotional materials for violent video games in wake of recent mass shootings, including one that killed 22 people at one of its stores. But they still sell guns and ammo.
BBC News—British museums have three months to come up with funds to match auction bid for Monet masterpiece or it will leave the country
USA Today—Lucky Charms to start selling its marshmallows in bags with no cereal
NBC News—Publisher of neo-Nazi website ordered to pay $14 million in damages after inciting hundreds of people to harass a Jewish real estate agent
ABCnews.com—1000 foot long asteroid will make close pass by Earth this weekend

CNN.com—Trump proposes new rule that would make it even harder for legal immigrants to seek visas and green cards
BBC News—US Navy to replace touchscreens with manual controls on its advanced destroyers
CBS News—Wealthy financier and sex trafficker Jeffrey Epstein commits suicide in his jail cell
USA Today—Trump makes changes to Endangered Species Act that critics say will lead to more extinctions
NBC News—Florida man arrested during traffic stop after he tells officers he has a live grenade in his car
ABCnews.com—Flying umbrella impales teen at Massachusetts beach

BBC News—New UK 50p coins feature Paddington Bear
CBS News—CBS and Viacom, which were once under the same corporate umbrella, are re-merging to form new media conglomerate
CNN.com—Teen Fortnite champion swatted while doing a livestream
USA Today—Tesla Model 3 that was in autopilot mode crashes into truck and explodes
NBC News—Anonymous 4chan user posted about Jeffrey Epstein's death, including specific, accurate details, before it was made public
ABCnews.com—Tennessee legislators considering law that would make abortions illegal once a woman knows she is pregnant. In other words, it would be a complete abortion ban.

CNN.com—Scientists find microplastics in rain
USA Today—Man dies after collapsing in the middle of a taco eating contest at a minor league baseball game
NBC News—Spam will release a pumpkin spice variant this fall
CBS News—Stacey Abrams says she would consider being a VP candidate
BBC News—Fossils show that human-sized penguin once lived in New Zealand
ABCnews.com—Dow drops 800 points, suffering its worst day of the year

CNN.com—Drug tests and background checks are becoming less important to employers as the competition for talent increases
CBS News—IRS budget cuts costing the federal government billions in unenforced tax revenue
ABCnews.com—Judge rules that Georgia must replace its current voting machines prior to the next presidential election
USA Today—July 2019 was the hottest month on record since recordkeeping started in 1880
NBC News—Capital One hacker may have infiltrated 30 other companies as well
BBC News—LGBTQ content creators sue YouTube, claiming discrimination against their community

CNN.com—Sodexo will start selling Impossible Burgers at 1500 college dining halls this fall
CBS News—Youth sports is becoming more biased toward wealthy families
ABCnews.com—Colorado law will require 5% of the vehicles sold in the state to be zero emission
USA Today—New iPhone expected to be announced on Sep 10
NBC News—GE shares plummet after accusations of $33 billion fraud that would be bigger than Enron
BBC News—Jay-Z facing backlash after announcing partnership with the NFL

CNN.com—Man shoots and kills waiter because he didn't get his sandwich fast enough
ABCnews.com—Woman who went to the hospital for kidney stones ends up giving birth to triplets
USA Today—New California law tightens restrictions on when police are allowed to use force
NBC News—Five people injured after dumptruck crashes into Subway restaurant in Seattle
BBC News—Netflix producing anime-style revival of He-Man
CBS News—Funeral homes increasingly offering live streams of memorial services

CNN.com—Keanu Reeves and Carrie Ann Moss to star in fourth Matrix movie that will begin production next year
USA Today—Couple faces six years in prison for stealing sand from an Italian beach
NBC News—Former Mets players arrested after being implicated in running one of the largest drug trafficking rings in the Caribbean
BBC News—Google developing software that will translate sign language hand signals into speech
ABCnews.com—Ransomware attack affects more than 20 local governments in Texas
CBS News—San Francisco airport bans the sale of plastic water bottles at its stores and kiosks

CBS News—Annual US trade deficit expected to top $1 trillion starting next year
CNN.com—Amazon asks FAA for approval of delivery drones
USA Today—Eminem's publisher sues Spotify for lost royalties under the recently enacted Music Modernization Act
NBC News—Group of 18 CEOs want corporate America to focus less on shareholders and more on customers and employees
BBC News—Sony and Marvel can't come to agreement about how to split production costs and profits for future Spider-Man films
ABCnews.com—DOJ sues to stop merger of two major airline booking companies

CBS News—Overstock CEO steps down after it is revealed that he had an affair with a convicted Russian agent
CNN.com—Patriots star Patrick Chung indicted on felony cocaine charge
USA Today—KFC rolling out mac and cheese bowls nationwide next week
NBC News—Trump's former press secretary Sarah Sanders joining Fox News. Shocking, I know.
BBC News—Taylor Swift wants to re-record her old hits so she can own the masters
ABCnews.com—Revised figures show that US has over 500,000 fewer jobs than initially reported

BBC News—Walmart sues Tesla over rooftop solar panels that catch fire
USA Today—The Obamas' film, "American Factory", debuts on Netflix
NBC News—MIT Media Lab researcher quits the research group after it is revealed that the lab took money from Jeff Epstein after he had been convicted of soliciting a minor
CNN.com—Billionaire GOP donor and tea party supporter David Koch dies at 79
ABCnews.com—Walmart to revamp El Paso store that was the scene of a mass shooting where 22 died
CBS News—Illinois increases teacher salaries statewide

CBS News—Judge orders Johnson & Johnson to pay $572 million to Oklahoma for fueling the opioid crisis in the state
CNN.com—Indonesia to build a new capital on Borneo as overcrowded Jakarta sinks into the sea
BBC News—Second Republican says he will challenge Trump for the 2020 Republican nomination
USA Today—Star quarterback Andrew Luck announces his retirement from the game at age 29
NBC News—KFC working with Beyond Meat to create "plant-based poultry" that it will roll out to a single test store in Georgia this week
ABCnews.com—Trump is the only world leader to skip the G7 climate meeting

CNN.com—Air Force's secret X-37B spacecraft sets new record for time in space
ABCnews.com—Judge temporarily blocks Missouri's abortion ban
USA Today—Popeye's announces that it expects to sell out of its new spicy chicken sandwich nationwide by the end of the week
NBC News—Starbucks announces new pumpkin spice cold brew drink as part of its fall menu
BBC News—NASA investigating first allegation of a crime committed in space
CBS News—Marlboro maker and Philip Morris considering re-merger a decade after the two companies split

CNN.com—Shark Tank star Kevin O'Leary involved in boating accident that killed two
CBS News—Trump trying to institute new rule where some children born to US citizens while abroad (even service members) would no longer be granted American citizenship
USA Today—Disney launching 25 pop up stores inside of Target with plans to expand to more stores next year
NBC News—British PM convinces Queen Elizabeth to suspend Parliament for a month in order to push through his Brexit plan
BBC News—Former Google engineer accused of stealing self driving car tech from Google and bringing it to Uber
ABCnews.com—19 year old college student accused of planning a mass shooting as his university

CNN.com—Hundreds of dental offices crippled by ransomware attack
ABCnews.com—New study finds genetic links to same-sex behavior, but warns that there is not a single gene or set of genes that make people gay
NBC News—Uber and Lyft say they support new California proposal to raise the minimum wage to $21 per hour, but only if their drivers get that wage while they are driving a passenger or en route to pick one up
USA Today—Deaths from cars running red lights hits 10 year high
BBC News—Pinterest will funnel searches on its site about vaccines to legitimate health sites to help counter the spread of antivax propaganda
CBS News—8chan users are moving to gaming communications app Discord in the wake of the site being taken offline

CNN.com—James Cameron says the next Terminator movie (the first he's been involved with since T2) could kick off an entirely new trilogy
CBS News—Billionaire founder of Alibaba says that AI and automation should lead to a 12 hour workweek
USA Today—Tesla to offer discount car insurance to owners of its vehicles in California
NBC News—Apple to supply OEM iPhone parts to third party repair shops for the first time
BBC News—Rising sea temperatures mean an even poorer prognosis for the Great Barrier Reef's longterm health
ABCnews.com—Owner of Timberland, Vans, and other clothing brands says it will no longer source its leather from Brazil

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