daily links: october 2019

CNN.com—Trump openly encourages China to interfere with our elections during speech
CBS News—TripAdvisor says it will no longer sell tickets to attractions that feature captive whales or dolphins, which include theme parks like SeaWorld as well as some aquariums
USA Today—Fox News analyst says that Trump's remarks during phone call with Ukaine president are both criminal and impeachable
NBC News—Woman says a potential employer refused to hire her and publicly shamed her because of a bikini photo on her Instagram feed
ABCnews.com—MGM Resorts offers $800 million settlement to victims of mass shooting in Las Vegas
BBC News—Microsoft unveils foldable tablet and phone models, but they won't be available until over a year from now (if they ever actually materialize)

ABCnews.com—White House subpoenaed by House investigators after Trump administration refused to voluntarily hand over documents
NBC News—GOP senator confirms story of diplomat who says that Trump was withholding aid to the Ukraine as a quid pro quo for investigations into Biden
CNN.com—Bernie Sanders' campaign admits that the medical issue he was admitted to the hospital for earlier this week was a heart attack
CBS News—PayPal drops out of consortium that supports Facebook's Libra digital currency
USA Today—Trump promises to restore biofuel subsidies to appease farmers, but as usual the plan is short on details
BBC News—Selfie-friendly art museum opens in Vienna

ABCnews.com—Trump White House refusing to cooperate or hand over documents in impeachment investigation
NBC News—Drexel professor spent nearly $190,000 on strip clubs and bar tabs over a ten year period
BBC News—The discovery of 20 new moons around Saturn gives it a total of 82, surpassing Jupiter's 79
CBS News—Blizzard seizes winnings of star Hearthstone competitor and bans him from further competitions for speaking out about the Hong Kong protests
CNN.com—Sony reveals that the PlayStation 5 will launch in time for the 2020 holiday season
NBC News—Hybrid cruise ship hopes to make the cruise industry more environmentally sustainable

CNN.com—Right on schedule, Turkey launches an attack on Syria days after Trump decided to withdraw our troops from the region
CBS News—California utility shutting off power for hundreds of thousands of customers amid heightened wildfire risk
NBC News—German man kills two people at a synagogue on Yom Kippur and livestreams the attack
ABCnews.com—American Airlines says it will resume flying the 737 MAX in January
USA Today—New book details another rape allegation against Matt Lauer, which he denies
BBC News—Man wins $8 billion judgment against Johnson & Johnson after antipsychotic drug causes abnormal breast growth

CNN.com—Trump repeats Turkey's false propaganda talking points about their invasion of Syria
USA Today—Police officer who fatally shot a woman who was in her own home babysitting her nephew resigns from the force
NBC News—Trump administration still trying to collect citizenship information despite a Supreme Court ruling forbidding them from doing so
ABCnews.com—California passes law requiring later start times for public schools, following recommendations from recent research that say this will help the school day more closely align with the natural sleep/wake cycles of the students
BBC News—Video shown to Trump supporters at a fundraiser for his 2020 campaign depicts the president engaging in mass murder of his political rivals and critics in the press
CBS News—Some US cities are banning drive thru windows as a way to help curb emissions

CNN.com—As if there were ever another reason, Trumps withdrawal of the US from Syria is a boon to Putin and Russia
NBC News—Shepard Smith, a Fox News anchor known for his criticism of Trump, resigns from the network
ABCnews.com—Giuliani says he will not comply with a Congressional subpoena
USA Today—Supreme Court won't hear web accessibility case against Domino's Pizza
CBS News—Fortnite goes dark and is unplayable in probable PR stunt to kick off new version
BBC News—Microsoft wants to use AI to mute offensive speech in real time on Xbox voice chat

CNN.com—Congressional leaders say Trump had a meltdown during meeting to discuss the Syria situation
ABCnews.com—Georgia school district backtracks on its promise to let students use bathrooms that align with their gender identity after school board members receive death threats
BBC News—NASA unveils the spacesuit that will be used for the next moon landing
NBC News—New York closes loophole that would allow Trump and his family to avoid prosecution for crimes he may be pardoned for at the federal level
CBS News—Sandy Hook conspiracy theorist ordered to pay $450,000 in damages to father of one of the children who was murdered during the school shooting
USA Today—Pro golfer receives 58 penalty strokes in a single round for repeatedly having her caddie line up her shots for her

ABCnews.com—Congressman Elijah Cummings dies at 68
USA Today—Trump chief of staff admits there was a quid pro quo in the Ukraine conversation, and even more shockingly says that the administration does this all the time. Trying to normalize illegal and immoral activity does not make it legal or moral.
NBC News—Trump chooses one of his own resorts to host the next G-7 conference. Yet another entry on the long list of violations of the emoluments clause of the Constitution by this president.
BBC News—New breed of apple, the Cosmic Crisp, poised to take over supermarket shelves
CNN.com—Paris zoo showcases unusual organism that can solve problems despite lacking a central brain, can heal itself if it is cut in two, and has 720 sexes
CBS News—Italian university to offer a three year degree in being an online influencer

CNN.com—Former Ohio governor and former GOP presidential candidate John Kasich calls for Trump's impeachment
CBS News—Facebook drops out of top 10 most valuable global brands in the wake of a series of scandals
BBC News—NASA astronauts complete first ever all-female spacewalk
ABCnews.com—Hillary Clinton suggests that the Russians are grooming a third party candidate for the 2020 presidential election with the intent of taking votes from the Democratic candidate and keeping Trump in power
USA Today—Reigning NFL MVP suffers knee injury in Thursday night game that will keep him out for at least a few weeks
NBC News—Juul has stopped selling all fruity flavors

USA Today—Trump calls the Constitution's emoluments clause "phony" and mocks its legitimacy. Remember, the main part of his oath of office is to uphold the Constitution.
ABCnews.com—Outbreak of Legionnaire's disease in North Carolina linked to hot tub demo at the state fair
BBC News—A severe tornado hits Dallas
NBC News—Oracle CEO dies at 62
CNN.com—Burger King selling a Ghost Whopper for the Halloween season
CBS News—Reporters discover Mitt Romney's secret Twitter account

CNN.com—In testimony to Congress, top diplomat reconfirms what we already know: there was quid pro quo in the conversations with the Ukraine
USA Today—Tennessee official refers to Pete Buttigieg using a homophobic slur
NBC News—Senior Trump administration official and author of anonymous op-ed about Trump is publishing a full-length book
BBC News—Bezos' Blue Origin spaceflight company to team with four established aerospace companies to design a new moon lander
CBS News—California and NYC sue USPS, accusing the mail service of illegally shipping cigarettes from overseas
ABCnews.com—Under Armour founder steps down from the company's CEO position

CNN.com—GOP members of Congress barge into secure room and disrupt deposition in impeachment hearings. This truly is the party of lawlessness now, up and down the board.
CBS News—Trump's lawyers argue that he is immune from state prosecutions and investigations while he is in office, even in the hypothetical situation of him shooting someone on Fifth Avenue
BBC News—Google says it has developed a quantum processor that can perform a task in 200 seconds that would take the fastest traditional supercomputer 10,000 years to complete
NBC News—Macy's and Bloomingdale's announce that they will no longer sell fur
ABCnews.com—Four flight attendants accused of money laundering
USA Today—Tiffany selling advent calendar for $112,000

BBC News—Trump confirms that he will pull the US out of the Paris climate accord
CBS News—Jimmy Carter released from hospital after fracturing his pelvis from a fall in his home
NBC News—Houston Astros fire executive who taunted female reporters about domestic violence
CNN.com—Bernie Sanders says he will legalize cannabis if he is elected president
ABCnews.com—Trump solemnly proclaims that he is building a border wall in Colorado during speech, then says he was just kidding when it is pointed out that Colorado does not share a border with Mexico
USA Today—Anonymous buyer pays nearly $1 million for a parking space in Hong Kong

CNN.com—Federal judge certifies that the impeachment inquiry against Trump is legal and that the investigating Congressional committees should be allowed access to all of Mueller's materials, including grand jury testimony
BBC News—GM workers approve new contract and end 40 day strike
ABCnews.com—Second largest mall in America, named American Dream, to open in New Jersey, and will feature a rollercoaster, a waterpark, and a 16 story indoor ski slope
USA Today—Bill Gates and Jeff Bezos swap positions on the richest person in the world list, with Gates reclaiming number one
NBC News—Hunter killed after deer he shot attacks him
CBS News—Kanye West releases new gospel-inspired album nearly a month after it was originally promised

CBS News—College student charged with involuntary manslaughter for urging her boyfriend to commit suicide
BBC News—Google mulling bid for FitBit
USA Today—Movie producer Robert Evans dies at 89
NBC News—Body camera footage shows police officer murdering a man who had dropped his weapon as instructed and had his hands up
CNN.com—67 year old Chinese woman gives birth after getting pregnant using traditional herbal fertility remedies
ABCnews.com—Apple unveils AirPods Pro with active noise canceling technology

CNN.com—NCAA will finally allow college athletes to profit from their names, images, and likenesses
CBS News—Alabama's near-total abortion ban blocked by federal judge
ABCnews.com—Police sergeant who was told to "tone down his gayness" by his superiors awarded $20 million in sexual orientation discrimination lawsuit
NBC News—Amazon announces free two hour grocery delivery for Prime members
BBC News—Game of Thrones showrunners abandon their Star Wars trilogy to focus on their megadeal with Netflix
USA Today—Popeye's announces that its chicken sandwich will return Sunday, November 3

CNN.com—Twitter CEO announces that the social media site will ban political ads on its platform
NBC News—The Fed cuts interest rates for the third time this year
BBC News—Google's DeepMind AI has achieved Grandmaster status in Starcraft 2
ABCnews.com—Prisons using AI to monitor inmates behavior and detect illicit activity
CBS News—HBO announces Game of Thrones prequel titled House of the Dragon
USA Today—Former MLB all star and MVP arrested on child abuse charges

CNN.com—Air Force's secret unmanned space plane returns from record 780 days in orbit
BBC News—New studies find that measles virus can make the body forget how to fight infections, creating impacts that last for years
CBS News—Nationals come from behind to win game 7 and bring home their first World Series title
NBC News—Fiat Chrysler and Peugot will merge to form world's fourth largest auto maker
ABCnews.com—Lyft loses nearly $500 million in the third quarter, but claims it will be profitable within two years
USA Today—Gun-shaped toilet paper holder confiscated by TSA

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