daily links: december 2019

CBS News—FBI warns that any app developed in Russia should be considered a potential counterintelligence threat
ABCnews.com—Plane forced to return to its departure airport after woman fakes medical issue in an attempt to get a bigger seat
BBC News—Trump campaign denies press credentials to Bloomberg News
NBC News—Elementary school teacher fired after telling boy with two dads that homosexuality is wrong
CNN.com—McDonald's testing Chick-fil-A-style chicken sandwich
USA Today—After losing to Auburn in the Iron Bowl, Alabama loses any chance of getting a playoff bid this year

CNN.com—Google co-founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin stepping down from their respective roles as CEO and president of the tech giant
CBS News—House Intelligence Committee releases the current findings from its ongoing impeachment investigtation
USA Today—Zuckerberg says Facebook should not censor or vet any political ads, no matter the content or veracity. I mean, we've known for a long time he's a money-grubbing scumbag with no morals, but this kind of seals it.
NBC News—Putin signs law that will require all smart TVs, smartphones, and computers sold in Russia to come preinstalled with unremovable software from the Russian government
BBC News—Researchers develop artificial nerve cells
ABCnews.com—Mitt Romney is seemingly the only GOP politician who is willing to stray from Trump's disinformation talking points and state that there is no evidence that Ukraine meddled in the 2016 elections but that there is ample evidence that Russia did

USA Today—Hundreds of thousands of people set to lose SNAP benefits under more restrictive Trump administration rules
ABCnews.com—Trump and his legal team have no explanation for Giuliani's multiple, lengthy calls with the White House's Office of Management and Budget
NBC News—George Zimmerman is suing the family of Trayvon Martin—the boy he murdered—for $100 million
BBC News—Instagram will now require date of birth as part of sign up process for new accounts
CNN.com—Hedge fund billionaire Steve Cohen is buying the Mets
CBS News—San Francisco 49ers announcer suspended after making a comment about Ravens quarterback Lamar Jackson's dark skin

CNN.com—Pelosi announces that the House is formally moving ahead with articles of impeachment against Trump
ABCnews.com—Two North Carolina towns cancel their Christmas parades over concerns that some of the floats were going to celebrate the Confederacy
NBC News—Long term study finds that climate change is causing bird bodies to get smaller while their wingspans are growing
BBC News—Kerry endorses Biden for 2020
CBS News—Peloton shares lose 15% of their value after ad goes viral on social media and is mocked for being classist, sexist, and for promoting an unhealthy body image
USA Today—KFC selling fried chicken scented firelog at Walmart

BBC News—Prominent Samoan anti-vaxxer arrested for spreading false information the midst of the country's severe measles outbreak, which has killed at least 60 people so far
CBS News—Cincinnati considering new solution to eliminate the need for security deposits for apartment renters
NBC News—Former Playboy model sues Fox News for defamation after the network repeatedly claimed that she tried to blackmail Trump over their affair
CNN.com—Amazon announces plans to open a major new office in NYC by 2021
ABCnews.com—Supreme Court rejects Trump administration plan to resume federal executions
USA Today—Papa John's founder's wife files for divorce

ABCnews.com—Supreme Court inaction keeps in place a Kentucky law that requires women seeking abortions to have an ultrasound first
CNN.com—Global anti-doping agency bans Russia from all major sporting events for four years, including the next Olympics and the next World Cup
CBS News—DOJ internal watchdog group releases report saying that the investigation into Trump's ties to Russia and election meddling in the 2016 election did not have a political bias
NBC News—Google under federal investigation for firing four employees who spoke out about unionization and for other labor violations
USA Today—Washington Nationals star pitcher Steven Strasburg signs $245 million, seven year deal to stay with the team
BBC News—Fourth installment in the acclaimed BioShock series announced

CNN.com—Democrats share the two articles of impeachment they will charge Trump with, abuse of power and obstruction of Congress
ABCnews.com—National Spelling Bee will revise the contest rules in the wake of last year's 8-way tie
CBS News—University of Phoenix to pay out $191 million for deception advertising: $50 million in the form of a fine, and $141 million to pay loan debt for students who were taken in by the false claims
NBC News—Amazon claims Trump interfered in process for $10 billion contract with the Pentagon to get personal revenge on Jeff Bezos
USA Today—Merriam-Webster selects "they" as the word of the year
BBC News—Congressional Dems and White House reach agreement over NAFTA replacement

CBS News—Time names teen climate activist Greta Thunberg its Person of the Year for 2019
CNN.com—House passes defense bill that also includes paid family leave for federal workers
NBC News—Trump signs executive order that will allow Jews to be classified as a race or nationality, not just adherents to a religious belief
USA Today—Nestle selling its US-based ice cream brands for $4 billion
ABCnews.com—Two federal courts block Trump from using funds allocated to the military to construct a border wall
BBC News—Art museum gardner finds Klimt masterpiece that was stolen 22 years ago hidden in a panel covered by ivy growth

CBS News—20 foot tall Christmas trees sell for $6500 in NYC
ABCnews.com—YouTube will no longer allow comments to contain insults based on race, gender, or sexual orientation. So...no more comments then?
NBC News—The Fed announces that it does not intend to raise or lower interest rates until at least the end of 2020
BBC News—Art found on wall of Indonesian cave could be 44,000 years old
USA Today—Home Depot claims the opioid crisis is responsible for a rise in theft in their retail stores
CNN.com—Atlanta Braves will rename their stadium after new name of merged SunTrust and BB&T banks, Truist

CBS News—House Judiciary Committee approves articles of impeachment against Trump
ABCnews.com—Boris Johnson and the Conservative Party win UK elections in a landslide
BBC News—Deepest trench on land discovered under Antarctic ice
CNN.com—The Newseum, a museum dedicated to the history of the First Amendment and the press, is closing after 12 years
NBC News—High school students on out of state trip find cameras hidden in their hotel rooms
USA Today—Pro Bowl cornerback for the NY Giants cut after he insulted someone on Twitter using the word "retard"

CBS News—College enrollments drop despite high demand for students wanting a bachelor's degree
NBC News—Cold case murder from 1980 solved using genetic genealogy
CNN.com—Boeing to halt production on the 737 Max
ABCnews.com—Congress to consider raising the legal age to buy tobacco to 21
BBC News—Amazon's Twitch streaming service sued for billions over claims that it illegally broadcast Premiere League soccer games
USA Today—Perennially troubled wide receiver Josh Gordon suspended indefinitely for violating the NFL's substance abuse policy once again

CBS News—FDA approves reduced nicotine cigarettes for sale
ABCnews.com—Amazon bans its third party sellers from using FedEx for ground deliveries
BBC News—Samsung chairman sentenced to jail for 18 months for anti-union activities
USA Today—Cosmic Crisp apples start arriving in grocery stores
CNN.com—Google's version of iMessage for Android devices is called Chat
NBC News—Microsoft reveals details of its next generation of Xbox consoles

CNN.com—Trump impeached by the House
CBS News—Kansas City will eliminate bus fares in 2020, making public transportation free for everyone
BBC News—Disposable sterile hijabs now available to Muslim healthcare workers
USA Today—Feds bust two illegal streaming sites with content libraries that rival sites like Hulu and Netflix
ABCnews.com—Airbnb guests find spy camera in shower
NBC News—Alexa can now be configured to use Samuel L. Jackson's voice

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