daily links: april 2019

CNN.com—Trump fires his terrible DHS director, who will inevitably be replaced by somebody worse and even less qualified
USA Today—Only 17% of Americans think Trump's tax overhaul helped them. That number seems a little high to me...
BBC News—Google shuts down its AI ethics board only a week after launch
NBC News—New study finds that vitamins and other dietary supplements don't help people live longer
CBS News—New guidelines recommend reducing the frequency of mammograms
ABCnews.com—Good Samaritan shot and killed while paying for other customers' meals at a Florida Waffle House

BBC News—China considering ban on cryptocurrency mining on the basis that it contributes to pollution and wastes energy resources
CNN.com—Texas Tech's medical school will no longer consider race as part of its admissions process
USA Today—Walmart plans to use robots to mop floors and do inventory in its stores
ABCnews.com—NYC declares public health emergency due to measles outbreak
CBS News—UVA wins its first NCAA men's basketball national championship
NBC News—Bank of America raising minimum wage for its employees to $20 per hour

CNN.com—Treasury Department fails to meet Congressional deadline for producing Trump's tax returns
NBC News—UK and EU agree to extend Brexit deadline to October 31
USA Today—Scientists reveal first ever photo of a black hole
CBS News—New Jersey high school principal dies after donating bone marrow to a stranger
BBC News—New extinct human species identified in the Phillipines
ABCnews.com—Magic Johnson unexpectedly resigns as president of the Lakers

CBS News—WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange arrested in London and could be extradited to the US
USA Today—Report reveals that Amazon has thousands of workers listening in our conversations overheard by Echo devices, even when the trigger word has not been spoken
NBC News—Democrats introduce bill that would require tech companies to test algorithms for bias
BBC News—Baby born in Greece is first to be created using genetic material from three parents
ABCnews.com—Toddler survives 60 foot fall from apartment by landing on car roof
CNN.com—Amazon considering using empty Sears stores as brick and mortar locations for its burgeoning grocery business

CNN.com—Disney releases the first teaser trailer for Star Wars Episode IX, officially titled The Rise of Skywalker
USA Today—Trump consdiering sending detained immigrants to sanctuary cities as a way of punishing political opponents
BBC News—Georgetown students approve a new student fee that would go to a reparations fund for descendents of slaves sold by the school in the 19th century
ABCnews.com—Study confirms that cats can recognize human words, including their own names
CBS News—Jeopardy contestant sets new record for single-day earnings on the quiz show
NBC News—Automakers under increasing pressure to artificially limit the top speeds of their vehicles

CNN.com—Notre Dame Cathedral suffers heavy damage in fire that still has not been extinguished
ABCnews.com—AG Barr announces that he will release redacted Mueller report on Thursday
CBS News—Tiger Woods wins fifth Masters title, his first major win in over a decade
BBC News—Billionaire owner of Chinese eBay competitor Alibaba pushing for 12 hour a day, 6 day a week workweek
NBC News—EU approves tougher copyright regulations
USA Today—7-Eleven testing upscale menu options like kombucha and fresh tacos

BBC News—At least one Republican plans to challnege Trump for the party's nomination in 2020
ABCnews.com—71 year old Louisiana man charged with 100 counts of rape
CNN.com—Apple and Qualcomm drop all their legal claims against one another
CBS News—Man wins over $1 million by betting on Tiger Woods to win the Masters
NBC News—Russell Wilson signs extenstion that will make him the hightest paid player in the history of the NFL
USA Today—Sony unveils a few details about the upcoming PS5

CBS News—Teen obsessed with Columbine mass shooting found dead after manhunt
BBC News—Makers of Assassin's Creed video game offers to share its detailed 3D model of Notre Dame to aid efforts in rebuilding the cathedral
CNN.com—Researchers restore some brain function to dead pigs
USA Today—Study finds that men's beards hold significant amounts of germs
NBC News—Carl's Jr. to sell burger infused with CBD on April 20
ABCnews.com—Samsung's new foldable smartphones are breaking after minimal use

CNN.com—Redacted Mueller report released to Congress and the public
BBC News—Man apprehended after walking into St. Patrick's Cathedral in NYC with two cans of gasoline, lighter fluid, and lighters
NBC News—McConnell introduces bill to raise the age to purchase tobacco products to 21
CBS News—Amazon announces that it is shutting down its China portal
ABCnews.com—Georgia governor signs medical marijuana bill
USA Today—YouTube to return to Fire TV after Google and Amazon make peace

ABCnews.com—More screen time linked to increased risk of ADHD in preschool children
NBC News—Sears sues several shareholders, including the Treasury secretary and its former CEO, for stripping the company of assets for their personal enrichment
CBS News—Trump administration may soon make it legal for debt collectors to text and email consumers
CNN.com—Amazon and Walmart part of pilot to allow food stamp recipients to order groceries online for home delivery
BBC News—HIV used to create gene therapy process that appears to cure infants with bubble boy disease
USA Today—Study finds that 32% of dishes labeled gluten-free at restaurants actually contain gluten

ABCnews.com—SpaceX crew capsule destroyed in accident during trial run
CBS News—Director John Singleton suffers a stroke
BBC News—Lab grown meat starting to hit the market, albeit at a very premium price
USA Today—Samsung officially delays the launch of its foldable smartphone after severl review units broke after only a day's worth of use
CNN.com—Prince's posthumous memoir to be released this fall
NBC News—Amazon and Disney may be among bidders for NFL streaming rights

CNN.com—Treasury department stalls on deliving Trump's tax returns to Congress
ABCnews.com—Mars lander records first detected quake on Mars
CBS News—24 year old MInnesota man is the sole winner of the $768 million Powerball jackpot
BBC News—Man sues Apple after in-store facial recognition AI leads to false arrest
NBC News—Sacramento Kings head coach accused of sexual assault by female reporter
USA Today—Starting in July, you will be able to return any Amazon purchases to Kohl's stores

CNN.com—Rod Rosenstein, the deputy attorney general who oversaw the Muller investigation, submits his resignation letter
ABCnews.com—Spotify announces that it now has over 100 million paying subscribers
BBC News—Avengers: Endgame rakes in record setting $1.2 billion worldwide in its debut weekend
NBC News—Amazon plans to make one-day free shipping the default option for Prime members
USA Today—Buger King will add vegan Whopper to its menu mationwide by the end of the year
CBS News—Director John Singleton dies at 51 after suffering a stroke

ABCnews.com—Don the Con and his whole crooked family sue banks to stop it from releasing documents to Congress
CBS News—Trump and Congressional Democrats agree on broad strokes of a $2 trillion infrastructure deal
USA Today—Kentucky teacher of the year skips White House visit to protest the Trump administration's attack on public education
NBC News—New study finds that first-time moms have a 30% reduction in pay, while new dads see a slight pay bump
BBC News—Anki, the robotics firm responsible for Vector and Cosmo, announces sudden and surprising closure
CNN.com—FDA approves new electronic device that heats tobacco for inhalation without burning it

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