daily links: february 2017

USA Today—San Francisco sues Trump, challenging an executive order that withholds federal funds from sanctuary cities
CNN.com—Boy Scouts to start accepting transgender males
ABCnews.com—Democrats boycott votes on two Trump cabinet picks, claiming that the nominees lied to them during the vetting process
Fox News—Airline employee finds $434,000 worth of cocaine stashed in nose gear of plane
NBC News—Oprah Winfrey to join 60 Minutes team
CBS News—Production begins on new Star Trek tv series

USA Today—Trump's HHS pick introduced legislation that benefitted a company he had recently bought stock in
NBC News—Facebook to pay $500 million for theft of intellectual property related to its use of virtual reality
CNN.com—Uber CEO drops out of Trump's business advisory council after negative feedback from his customers
CBS News—Snap (parent company of Snapchat) files for $3 billion IPO
ABCnews.com—Punxatawny Phil predicts six more weeks of winter
Fox News—Hitler's phone going on the auction block; estimated to sell for at least $300,000

CNN.com—Federal judge blocks Trump's immigration ban nationwide
CBS News—Trump spokesperson cites event that never happened to justify immigration ban
BBC News—Amazon spending $1.5 billion to build its own air cargo hub
USA Today—ABC orders pilot for new comedy starring Carol Burnett
NBC News—New device allows completely immobilized ALS patients to communicate with others
Fox News—Trump's personal physician reveals that he takes hair-growth drug Propecia,

CBS News—Trump claims that the media is covering up terrorist attacks. Of course, with absolutely no proof, etc., etc.
Fox News—Starbucks says its mobile ordering app is so popular that it's causing problems for traditional walk-in customers
NBC News—Syrian teen sues Facebook after posts falsely link him to terror activities
BBC News—IMDB to shut down user message boards later this month
CNN.com—More than 111 million people watch Super Bowl LI, which featured the first overtime in Super Bowl history
USA Today—Tom Brady's game jersey stolen after Super Bowl win

NBC News—Tennessee woman charged after police officer dies trying to prevent her from committing suicide
USA Today—Scientists believe they have found evidence of a lost continent under the Indian Ocean
CBS News—Man's pacemaker data used against him in arson case
CNN.com—Facebook giving employees up to 20 paid days of leave to grieve the death of an immediate family member
BBC News—GM's US workers to each get $12,000 bonus
ABCnews.com—Merriam-Webster adds 1000 new words to its dictionary

CNN.com—Trump's press secretary repeatedly references a terror attack in Atlanta that didn't actually happen
ABCnews.com—Judges block North Carolina law that tries to limit the new governor's powers
NBC News—Trump lashes out at Nordstrom after the chain drops his daugher's clothing line
CBS News—Falcons shake up coaching staff after Super Bowl collapse
Fox News—Battlestar Galactica star Richard Hatch dies at 71
USA Today—Domino's announces wedding gift registry for some reason

CNN.com—Appellate court rules against reinstating Trump's immigration ban executive order
BBC News—NBA partnering with video game studio to create e-sports league
NBC News—Mississippi legislators want to bring back executions by firing squad
CBS News—High winds blow truck off the Chesapeake Bay Bridge, killing the driver
USA Today—McDonald's testing new snow crab sandwich
ABCnews.com—Parasite that causes malaria may trigger human body to emit odor that attracts mosquitoes

NBC News—Top federal regulator will resign in April, setting the stage for Trump to reshape the Federal Reserve
USA Today—Ford investing $1 billion over the next five years for startup focused on self-driving car AI
Fox News—Shia LaBeouf's anti-Trump art project shut down by museum hosting it after several incidents of violence between pro- and anti-Trump protestors
CNN.com—FedEx launches new fulfillment network aimed at taking on Amazon for small and medium sized businesses
BBC News—Prince's music coming to streaming services this weekend
CBS News—Disney shares previews of new Star Wars-themed sections of its parks

BBC News—Man sues Uber, claiming that the service's notifications tipped his wife off that he was having an affair
Fox News—Yale will drop name of slavery proponent John Calhoun from one of its residential colleges
CBS News—Mike Ilitch, founder of Little Caesars and owner of Detroit Tigers, dies at 87
CNN.com—Singer Al Jarreau dies at 76
USA Today—Sears and Kmart drop Trump home furnishings line
NBC News—Alec Baldwin hosts SNL for a record 17th time

USA Today—Supernova spotted by astronomers just hours after it exploded
CBS News—Hundreds of Ford Explorer drivers complain of exhaust leaking into passenger cabin
CNN.com—After a year of publishing the magazine with no nude photos, Playboy announces a return to its roots
ABCnews.com—Jerry Sandusky's son arrested on child sex charges
Fox News—Judge orders small Ohio town to pay back $3 million in fines collected from speed camera tickets
NBC News—NYC's Metropolitan Museum digitizes its collection and releases 350,000 high res images online for free

NBC News—Trump appoints a new national security advisor after Flynn ousted for illegal contact with Russia
CNN.com—Uber hires former US Attorney General Eric Holder to lead investigation into sexual harrassment claims made by a female former engineer for the company
ABCnews.com—Microbes entrapped in crystals may be 50,000 years old
CBS News—Delta to bring back free meals on some US flights
USA Today—Ex-Partridge Family star David Cassidy diagnosed with dementia
Fox News—Star Wars: The Last Jedi titled is confirmed to be plural

ABCnews.com—Judge blocks Texas from keeping Medicaid funds from Planned Parenthood
CBS News—Early Walt Whitman novel discovered by docotoral candidate
USA Today—Company that owns Burger King to acquire Popeye's for $1.8 billion
NBC News—Jay-Z starting a venture capital investment fund
CNN.com—Lakers fire their GM and name Magic Johnson their president of basketball operations
BBC News—YouTube to phase out unskippable 30 second ads

USA Today—Trump rolls back transgender student protections
CBS News—Seven Earth-sized planets found orbiting nearby star
NBC News—Federal court rules that military-style assault weapons are not protected by the Second Amendment
CNN.com—Apple's new "spaceship" campus will open in April and will be called Apple Park
BBC News—Jay-Z becomes first rapper to be inducted into songwriters hall of fame
Fox News—Han Solo origin film begins production

NBC News—Chicago principals told not to let ICE agents into their schools
CBS News—MLB announces rule change that will allow an intentional walk to be granted without the pitcher throwing any pitches
CNN.com—Budapest drops bid to host 2024 Olympic games, leaving only two cities still in contention
BBC News—Marathon cheater exposed using data from her fitness tracker
USA Today—Gamer dies while livestreaming a 22 hour marathon session
ABCnews.com—Arsenio Hall drops his lawsuit against Sinead O'Connor

Fox News—Netflix offers Martin Scorsese $105 million for his new gangster movie starring Robert De Niro, The Irishman
USA Today—The Dow closes at a record high for the 11th day in a row
CBS News—Google self-driving car division Waymo accuses rival Uber of theft of intellectual property
CNN.com—Google commits $11.5 million to racial justice efforts
BBC News—Mice on a fasting diet saw restoration of pancreatic fuction, which could lead to a new treatment for diabetes in humans
NBC News—Fatal heroin overdoses quadrupled between 2010 and 2015

USA Today—Best Picture Oscar originally given to wrong film
CNN.com—SpaceX announces plans to fly tourists around the moon as soon as 2018
CBS News—Kansas man shoots two Indian men in a bar after shouting "Get out of my country!", killing one
NBC News—Actor Bill Paxton dies at 61 due to complications from surgery
ABCnews.com—Supreme Court may strike down law that keeps sex offenders from using social media sites
Fox News—World's only known sample of metallic hydrogen disappears

ABCnews.com—White Supremacist couple in Georgia receive long jail sentences for brandishing guns, using racial slurs, and making threats towards black people attending a child's birthday party
NBC News—NFL adding microchips to its footballs, but they won't initially be used to help officials with calls
CNN.com—YouTube launches streaming tv service
USA Today—Massive outage of Amazon Web Services disrupts sites across the internet
CBS News—Woman wins custody battle against NASA over a bag covered in moon dust from the Apollo 11 mission
Fox News—Jerry Seinfeld, Amy Schumer, and Dave Chappelle among comedy greats who have signed deals with Netflix

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