daily links: october 2017

CNN.com—At least 58 killed and hundreds more injured when lone gunman opens fire on music festival in Las Vegas
ABCnews.com—Tom Petty hospitalized after serious cardiac arrest episode
USA Today—Louisville moves to terminate basketball head coach Rick Pitino
CBS News—GM announces two new electric vehicles as part of plan to have at least 20 electric cars in its lineup by 2023
BBC News—Elon Musk wants to use rockets to fly people between cities in minutes
NBC News—Let's Make a Deal host Monty Hall dead at 96

ABCnews.com—Tom Petty dies at 66
NBC News—NBA announces major changes to format of All-Star Game
BBC News—Jared Leto to star in Hugh Hefner biopic
CBS News—House passes bill banning abortions after the 20th week of pregnancy
CNN.com—Aston Martin making $4 million personal submarine
USA Today—Kate Winslet reunites with director James Cameron for critical role in the Avatar sequels

ABCnews.com—Anti-abortion Republican Congressman Tim Murphy reportedly asked his mistress to terminate a pregnancy that resulted from their affair
CNN.com—NBC reports that Secretary of State Tillerson called Trump a moron and won't retract it despite Trump's demands
USA Today—Two members of Congress want "stealthing"—the act of removing a condom during sex—classified as a form of sexual assault
NBC News—More people have been killed by guns in the US than in all of America's wars combined
BBC News—Michigan woman jailed for refusing to obey judge's order to have her son vaccinated as part of her custody agreement with her ex-husband
CBS News—Newlyweds were born on the same day in the same hospital

ABCnews.com—Washington State sues Trump administration over new health coverage rules that allow employers to deny birth control to female employees
USA Today—Google gets permission to fly balloons over Puerto Rico to restore cell service to the island
CBS News—After being bashed by Trump when announcing his intention to retire, Republican senator calls the White House an "adult day care center"
CNN.com—AOL Instant Messenger will shut down on December 15 after 20 years in service
NBC News—Blade Runner sequel has weaker opening weekend than expected despite strong positive reviews
BBC News—Asphalt may help lithium batteries recharge much more quickly

USA Today—California wildfires have killed at least 15 and continue to spread
CNN.com—After botching the limited return of Szechuan sauce for Rick and Morty fans, McDonald's vows to get it right
CBS News—New Yorker piece accuses Harvey Weinstein of multiple incidents of rape and sexual harrassment
ABCnews.com—Ikea considers using Amazon as online retailer for its goods
BBC News—McDonald's testing vegan burger in Finland
NBC News—Roger Goodell sends memo to NFL teams regarding how to handle anthem protests

CNN.com—Boy Scouts announce that they will start allowing girls to join. Presumably a name change is in the works as well?
BBC News—Trump wants to revise NAFTA to leave out Mexico
ABCnews.com—New trailer for The Last Jedi released
NBC News—Ferrari announces that it will make an SUV
USA Today—Amazon introduces new waterproof Kindle suitable for reading in the tub or the pool
NBC News—Leonardo painting being sold by private collector expected to fetch at least $100 million at auction

NBC News—FDA approves gene therapy treatment for a disease the leads to blindness
CBS News—Trump signs executive order changing healthcare rules
BBC News—Richard Branson invests in Hyperloop One
CNN.com—Southwest to begin flights to Hawaii next year
USA Today—Ezekiel Elliott's six game suspension reinstated
ABCnews.com—Taco Bell launches clothing line

NBC News—Observations of two neutron stars colliding provide first evidence of gravitational waves, originally theorized by Einstein
USA Today—Man steals $1.2 million in fajitas over nine years
ABCnews.com—Remnants of Hurricane Ophelia hit Ireland
NBC News—Mississippi school board pulls To Kill A Mockingbird from eighth grade reading list
BBC News—Recreational drone collides with commercial airplane in Canada
CBS News—Jimmy Buffett building two retirement communities under the Margaritaville brand

CBS News—Senate reachees bipartisan agreement on how to stabilize healthcare markets in the wake of Trump's destabilizing executive order last week
BBC News—Trump's latest travel ban blocked by judge
NBC News—Netflix plans to spend $8 billion on development and production of its own shows next year in an effort to have half its library be original content
ABCnews.com—Han Solo origin film will be titled...Solo
CNN.com—Head of Amazon Studios resigns amid sexual harrassment allegations
USA Today—Trump drops 92 spots in Forbes' richest Americans list

BBC News—AI used to help determine whether breast lesions are cancerous, which could reduce the number of unnecessary surgeries performed
CBS News—Republican nominee for Senate from Alabama claims it's against federal law for people to kneel during the national anthem (it's not)
CNN.com—Google to build futuristic neighborhood in Toronto
NBC News—Leader singer of the Tragically Hip passes away at 53 after long battle with cancer
USA Today—Delta shows off its new Airbus 350, which will become the flagship plane for the airline
ABCnews.com—325 pound woman charged with murder after sitting on a nine year old girl and crushing her to death

NBC News—FDA approves second gene therapy for personalized cancer treatment
ABCnews.com—Oil company based in Houston wants to build an island off the coast of Alaska to facilitate Arctic drilling
CBS News—Google invests $1 billion in Lyft
BBC News—Former member claims that the Pussycat Dolls were a front for a prostitution ring
CNN.com—Nickelodeon fires Loud House creator after he is accused of sexual harrassment by multiple women
USA Today—McDonald's McCafe coffee drinks are slowing down service times at the chain's drive thru windows

CNN.com—Three Richard Spencer supporters show Nazi salutes to protesters before firing a weapon at them after Spencer's speech in Florida
USA Today—Trump signs executive order forcing up to 1,000 former Air Force pilots to return to service
ABCnews.com—Playboy names its first transgender Playmate
NBC News—Richard Branson says his Virgin Galactic spacecraft could send their first astronauts to space within the next few months
BBC News—Poet Pablo Neruda may have been poisoned in the wake of a military coup and not died of cancer as previously believed
CBS News—NOAA says La Nina weather pattern likely this winter

USA Today—Trump orders that thousands of pages of classified documents about the Kennedy assassination be made public
NBC News—EPA prevents three scientists from speaking at climate change event
CNN.com—ESPN ends new sports talk show after one episode
ABCnews.com—Amazon says it received proposals from 238 cities that want to be home to its new second headquarters
CBS News—CBS renews new Star Trek show for a second season, but still has no plans to make it available outside its own streaming service
BBC News—Study finds that pollution plays a role in one out of every six deaths globally

CBS News—Republican senator from Arizona Jeff Flake eviscerates Trump on the Senate floor while announcing that he will retire at the end of his current term in 2018
CNN.com—Drivers of older cars that spew more pollution will soon have to pay $28 just to enter central London
NBC News—Clear solar panels will allow the technology to be installed almost anywhere
ABCnews.com—New York governor signs bill banning e-cigs in the workplace statewide
USA Today—Soap and Benson star Robert Guillaume dies at 89
BBC News—New vaccine for typhoid fever could save hundreds of thousands of lives each year

CNN.com—Two year old, two person firm from Montana with ties to Trump suspiciously wins $300 million infrastructure contract to restore electricity to Puerto Rico
USA Today—NAACP advises black people not to fly on American Airlines
NBC News—Fats Domino dies at 89
ABCnews.com—Note written by Einstein on his theory of happiness sells for $1.3 million at auction
BBC News—Amazon introduces new service that will let delivery drivers access customers' homes
CBS News—Brother of Las Vegas massacre shooter arrested on child pornography charges

NBC News—All passengers on US-bound foreign flights now subject to more rigorous security screenings
CBS News—Twitter says it will not only label political ads going forward but it will also tell you who paid for them
BBC News—Earliest known example of an astrolabe found in shipwreck that was part of Vasco de Gama's fleet
CNN.com—UAW accuses Tesla of firing workers who supported unionization
USA Today—Twitter admits that it has been overstating its user numbers for years
ABCnews.com—Kellogg's to redo cereal box artwork that some say contains racist imagery

CNN.com—A federal grand juty approves the first charges filed as part of the Mueller Russia investigation; the target(s) could be arrested as soon as Monday
USA Today—Doctor uses iPhone with ultrasound accessory to diagnose his own cancer
ABCnews.com—Initial stock of iPhone X sells out in minutes
NBC News—CVS considering purchase of Aetna in attempt to bolster itself in the face of potential competition from Amazon
BBC News—George Michael's second solo album returns to the top of the charts in the UK 27 years after its initial release
CBS News—Woman who disappeared 42 years ago in New York found alive in Massachusetts

CBS News—Mueller Russia investigation leads to arrest of Trump's former campaign manager Paul Manafort
ABCnews.com—Georgia election server intentionally wiped shortly after filing of lawsuit alleging improprieties in the election process
BBC News—Roger Stone permanently suspended from Twitter after obscenity-filled tirade directed at CNN anchor Don Lemon
CNN.com—Jeff Bezos overtakes Bill Gates to become world's richest person
NBC News—Puerto Rico moves to cancel controversial Whitefish power restoration contract
USA Today—University of Florida fires football coach after embarrassing loss to rival Georgia

ABCnews.com—8 dead after terrorist attack in NYC
CBS News—Merger between Sprint and T-Mobile reportedly called off over inability to decide which company would have majority ownership in the new organization
BBC News—Stephen Hawking posts his PhD thesis online
USA Today—Trump likely to nominate current Fed Governor Jerome Powell to be next chairman
CNN.com—New waterproof Kindle Oasis doesn't work well if it actually gets wet
NBC News—Elon Musk boring tunnel under LA

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